Hillary Rodham Clinton: Justice Undone

By Roger J. Katz, Attoney at Law and Stephen L. D'Andrilli

Hillary Clinton ugly
Hillary Rodham Clinton: Justice Undone
Arbalest Quarrel
Arbalest Quarrel

New York, NY  -(Ammoland.com)- “Exaggeration of every kind is as essential to journalism as it is to dramatic art, for the object of journalism is to make events go as far as possible.” Arthur Schopenhauer, German Philosopher

The mainstream media continues to make flamboyant, exaggerated claims about Hillary Clinton, all the while smearing Donald Trump.

The mainstream media insinuates opinion into news stories, and forsakes any pretense of balanced reporting. If Hillary Rodham Clinton–a person who lied to the F.B.I., and whose violation of federal law, involving the handling of classified data, is clear beyond rational disputation–should become the 45th President of the United States, ,,the American People will have the major news organizations to thank for it.

The mainstream news media remains curiously silent on one critical fact. It is one you would think the mainstream media would find worth mentioning. It is critical fact that distinguishes Hillary Clinton from Donald Trump. It is a fact that needs mentioning. But, the mainstream media refuses to mention it.

It is this: the Department of Justice spent millions of dollars and thousands of man hours investigating Hillary Clinton for violations of federal law—serious breaches of federal law—felonies.

This would not have been necessary if Hillary Clinton, who served as Secretary of State, a Cabinet Level position in the Obama Administration—had complied with federal law as one would minimally expect of a high level Government official.

The Department of Justice certainly didn’t investigate Donald Trump. It didn’t have to. It never had to. Donald Trump isn’t a criminal.

The Department of Justice never suspected he was. The Department of Justice had never thought or insinuated that Trump had ever violated federal law. The Department of Justice never had reason to suspect Trump had violated federal law. Moreover, the mainstream media itself never suggested that Donald Trump had violated federal law. It would like to. It can’t. Any mainstream news source that said or intimated that Trump had violated federal law would face a lawsuit for libel. The mainstream media cannot make the same claim of Hillary Rodham Clinton. So it chooses to remain silent on the issue of Clinton's likely criminality, glossing over her likely criminality as if  it never happened.

The mainstream media continues its scurrilous attacks against Trump. Not a day goes by that the mainstream media doesn't attack Trump, repeatedly, repeating ad nauseam the same tired, vacuous remarks and leveling ridiculous, dubious accusation upon accusation upon him.

All the while, the mainstream media ignores the serious criminal charges the Justice Department had leveled against Hillary Rodham Clinton—charges immeasurably more serious than anything the media can throw and does incessantly throw at Trump.

News commentators complain Donald Trump showed “bad taste,” having brought up the Clinton email server scandal during his acceptance speech. Really? The mainstream media suggests that electing the U.S. President is akin to attending an elegant dinner party, where invitees are expected to adhere to proper rules of etiquette and decorum. Yet, most distasteful is the prospect of electing a criminal to serve as President of the United States.

Donald Trump does not face, never faced, and never had to face charges of criminal misconduct—misconduct that jeopardizes the security of this Nation. Hillary Clinton has faced charges of serious misconduct while serving as a Cabinet Level Officer in the Obama Administration. Her misbehavior as Secretary of State is of an order of magnitude far outstripping anything that one might claim of Donald Trump. Indeed, The Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation continues to operate defiantly, most likely, illegally. The mainstream media remains oblivious to the seriousness of Hillary Clinton's obvious criminal conduct–contemptible conduct she will undoubtedly carry with her to the White House. 

Would President Hillary Clinton promulgate U.S. foreign and domestic policy benefitting foreign governments to the detriment of the U.S. because of money pouring into the Foundation? Has the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation influenced Obama’s foreign policies? Would Hillary Clinton conduct U.S. Government business on private servers? Is Hillary Clinton above the law?

Why isn’t the mainstream media asking these questions and delving into these serious matters? What has become of investigative reporting in this Country? What can Congress do to demand accountability by the Executive Branch of Government?

The Director of the F.B.I., James B. Comey, should have recommended indictment of Hillary Clinton. A recommendation of indictment follows consistently and decisively from Comey’s recitation of Clinton’s crimes under the United States Code. But, Comey, mysteriously and oddly, did not indict her.

The Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, should have indicted Hillary Clinton, even absent a recommendation of indictment. For, the Attorney General need not adhere to the Director’s recommendation. But, the Attorney General did not indict Clinton.

Miscarriages of justice happen, true. When they do, that is regrettable, more so if avoidable. The Nation adjusts to miscarriages of justice, although reluctantly. But the American people cannot cavalierly dismiss or ignore some miscarriages of justice. We cannot do so because some criminal conduct of high ranking public officials, if not corrected, can fracture the fabric of a free Republic. These are serious miscarriages of justice. Serious miscarriages of justice cry out for redress. The Hillary Clinton email and Bill and Hillary Clinton foundation scandals are among those miscarriages of justice that this Nation ought not and cannot ignore. They are too large in scale, too many, too serious to shrug off.

Had Clinton to slink off the campaign stage, before the Democratic Party convention, she must still answer for her misdeeds. For Clinton to accept her Party’s nomination is difficult to fathom, too absurd to imagine, singularly bizarre to ponder.

You may like Hillary Clinton or loathe her. You may agree with her or not—inveterate liar as she is. In either case, a likely criminal cannot serve as United States President. The American People cannot allow this to happen. For, the sake of the Republic and the preservation of our Bill of Rights, this must not happen.

The Nation’s Executive Branch will do nothing to stop Clinton’s nomination. This, we have learned. This we know. Indeed, the Executive Branch, under Barack Obama, has a vested interest in a Clinton Presidency. This, too, we know. The mainstream media has acknowledged this. Through a Hillary Clinton Presidency Obama's legacy will be ensured and enshrined and furthered.

The Nation’s Legislative and Judicial Branches of Government can stop the ensuing travesty. The Nation’s Legislative and Judicial Branches can prevent a serious miscarriage of justice. But, if the Legislative and Judicial Branches act, they must act now, not after Hillary Clinton secures the White House.

When the U.S. Department of Justice fails to perform its duties, where does that leave the Nation? Where does the Nation find redress? And, redress this Nation must find.

Impeachment of a President Clinton

What, exactly, can Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court do? If Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court do nothing and if Hillary Clinton wins the election, becoming United States President Hillary Clinton, Congress can immediately impeach Clinton for high crimes and misdemeanors. The U.S. Constitution prescribes a means for removal of a U.S. President and other high ranking Government Officials. Article II, Section 4 sets forth: “The President, Vice President and all Civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Article I, Section 3 says,

“The Senate shall have the sole power to try all impeachments. When sitting for that purpose, they shall be on oath or affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no person shall be convicted without the concurrence of two thirds of the members present.”  Yet, the prospect of impeaching Hillary Clinton the moment she takes the oath of Office will not sit well with many. That will not sit well with Senate and House Democrats. That will not sit well with the mainstream media. That will not sit well with shadowy, sinister power brokers who lurk in the shadows. That will not sit well with a slice of the populace, including among others, illegal immigrants, members of the Muslim community, and those who look forward to a constant influx of welfare checks. The media would stir to a frenzy those members of the populace who seek special favors.

The founders of our Republic apparently felt impeachment a tenable tool for dealing with criminals in Government. If that didn’t work they felt the public could keep them out in the next election. The founders obviously didn’t consider the prospect of voting a criminal into Office. They obviously didn't believe the public could be that naïve. They didn't seriously consider how a free Press would devolve into a tool of secretive power brokers who have their own agenda–one contrary to the well-being of the United States as an independent, sovereign Nation–an agenda antagonistic to the well-being of hard-working honest citizens.

What can be done, assuming Clinton becomes the 45th U.S. President? Apart from instituting—or attempting to institute—impeachment proceedings against Hillary Clinton, the day she’s sworn in–an unlikely scenario–and, given that the Department of Justice refuses to do its duty, can Congress institute an ordinary criminal action against a sitting President, apart from conducting impeachment proceedings or concomitantly with the instituting of impeachment proceedings? This is possible but highly unlikely.

It's Not To Late : Independent Counsel

Congress has another recourse to bring Hillary Clinton to justice–an option more workable than attempting to unseat a sitting President: appointment of independent counsel who can reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton's conduct as Secretary of State and who can bring criminal charges against Clinton before she becomes President of the United States. If Hillary Clinton becomes U.S. President that will be a disastrous outcome for this Country—but it is an outcome that is looking disturbingly and depressingly inevitable. Counsel, outside of Government, unshackled from Government, unbeholden to the President, incorruptible, must investigate Hillary Clinton anew, and outside counsel must proceed to do so at once!

Unfortunately, the United States Constitution–although expressly providing for impeachment of high level Government officials, including and most notably the President of the United States–doesn’t expressly provide for appointment of attorneys outside Government to investigate and prosecute crime and corruption at the highest levels of Government.

The Department of Justice, a component of the Executive Branch, is taxed with the administration of Justice. But, reliance on the Department of Justice to root out corruption and prosecute serious crimes against high ranking public officials—including and particularly, the President, the Vice-President, and Cabinet level Officials remains problematic.

The Attorney General is the Nation’s top prosecutor. The Director of the F.B.I. is the Nation’s top police officer. Both the Attorney General and the Director of the F.B.I. are political appointees. The President of the United States appoints both. They serve at his pleasure. Yes, the two top law enforcement officers of the Nation swear to enforce our Nation’s laws, but to whom do these two top law enforcement officers truly owe their loyalty, their fidelity, ultimately? To the President and his Administration or to the U.S. Constitution and the People of the United States? One cannot but wonder.

Donald Trump
A Trump Department of Justice Could Make Sure She pays for Her Crimes

The Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, won’t indict Hillary Rodham Clinton, notwithstanding substantial damning evidence against her—evidence clearly warranting her indictment on serious criminal charges.  The Director of the F.B.I., James Comey, didn't recommend an indictment of Hillary Clinton, notwithstanding and, curiously, in contradistinction to the damning evidence he cited against her in his unprecedented July 5, 2016 statement to the American People–evidence strongly suggesting the F.B.I. Director's strong desire to recommend indictment of Hillary Clinton. He wouldn't do so. Was he coerced? Americans may never know. We do know that Hillary Clinton should not escape justice. She thinks she has. She thinks she is above the law. If Congress doesn't act, then Hillary Clinton may be right about that.

It is clear that only someone outside of Government, untainted by Government, and beyond the reach of and, therefore, beyond the influence of both the U.S. President and shadowy, powerful interests can and must mete out justice now.

At one time Congress had the answer. At one time in our Nation’s history, Congress had enacted a law and did use that law to demand accountability of the Chief Executive and his officials. But what are the mechanics for meting out justice? It’s complicated. In the next article the Arbalest Quarrel explains the mechanics of the Congressional Act that Congress once used to require integrity of Executive Branch Officials.

It is a Congressional Act that can yet derail Hillary Clinton's aspirations to secure the Nation's highest Office–but only if Congress has the will and courage to reenact it.

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  • 122 thoughts on “Hillary Rodham Clinton: Justice Undone

    1. I have to wonder if Comey didn’t recommend indictment because

      A) he knew Justice wouldn’t prosecute
      and more interestingly

      B) by laying it out and not indicting, he gave the GOP significant ammo against Clinton instead of some less noxious candidate. If only they’d quit their bickering and start slamming her, in spite of all the MSM opposition.

      Clinton would have had to step down if she’d been indicted. ( Most likely. Until the Obama pardon came along so that she could try to be the First Female Felon President.)

      By giving the GOP the “rope” to hang Clinton, he helped to make certain she didn’t become President.

      It will be an interesting September/October as people start to pay attention. Both the attacks on Clinton’s honesty and health and wealth sources as well as the vision for the future with the GOP in office.

    2. It is sad that with all the highly educated people we have in America That we have to make a choice over Hillary or Trump I am not saying Trump is the right one But as A Veteran that serve in the war two times. I can not Vote for Hillary it would be unfair to the Navy Seals that died Because Of Hillary IF YOU VOTE FOR HILLARY THEN YOUR SAYING THAT THE NAVY SEALS Life’s ad no meaning Remember What Hillary said in the hearing She said what deference does make So if you Vote for Hillary you are disrespecting the family’s and the dead Navy Seals Hillary is all about Hillary she really under her breath the hell with everyone else she comes on with a fake smile But look out for the rights you will lose if she wins If Washington stacks the deck and she wins the we will all know that voting in America no longer matters and if Trump wins we will need some one to step up and be a teacher and teach him fast the other countries are watching us very closely WE NEED PEACE IN AMERICA NOT HATE with both candidates we have lots of hate going around

      Back into your out house and shut the door trolls.

    4. I have a question for Ammoland. Why do you post these articles only on this site? You’re preaching, for the most part, to the converted! We gun owners and shooting sports enthusiasts (not “gun nuts”) already are aware that the liberal mainstream media are a biased tool of the democrats and the Clinton gang. Couldn’t you address these to select mainstream periodicals to test the water and see if they will publish them for public consumption? The word needs to get out to the general public who are only fed the pap and pablum the liberal press puts out. We need to get facts to the fence-sitters and the misinformed. Maybe if enough of us threaten to cancel our subscriptions to daily papers and biased magazines, and let them know why we are doing so, they will start to take a different tack. (BTW, I have already cancelled my subscription to the Chicago Tribune and let them know why. Of course I keep getting “We miss you” notes in the mail.) Remember, the media need to sell their product and if enough of us stop buying it, maybe they’ll listen. As an old friend of mine was fond of saying, “Money talks, and bullshit walks.”

      1. David;

        All good points but what you are missing is AmmoLand News is syndicated on many other web properties including Google News, Yahoo News, Facebook Instant articles and many more. We know our regular readers have already made up their minds on who to vote for, to save our country. It for the syndication partners that we publish these articles and to help push back against the anti Trump media. The mainstream periodicals have zero interest in calling out Hillary. We need all our loyal readers to share, like and tweet our articles and help us get the message out across the web.

        Thanks very much for all your support.

    5. Let’s take a look at what Clintons word will look like if she gets her way. When Clinton was serving her internship who
      did she serve under?, a radical. When Clinton had interns serving under her who did she have?, a radical. When Clinton wrote her book who did she refer to?, a radical. She has associated herself with people that do not believe in the American way. Now let’s look at her immigration policy and what she wants to do. She wants a 500 percent increase in immigrants now. Immigrants will turn into votes. look at the people coming in, people that don’t about a constitution or a bill of rights, these are people getting away from a bad place. The other problem is with these people when they get here they don’t know how to handle the freedom, they become very disrespectful to the people that are here and the country. They see kindness as weakness and take advantage of it. Now look at the world Clinton wants and you will see that people like this is exactly what she wants. Throw in the other groups of people that are trying to take the pie and not a piece but the whole pie and it plays into Clinton’s hands. Trump and the republicans do not have a chance or will there ever be a republican party again, Gays, Blacks, Women, Muslims, and now that there is a large number in the US, the Hispanics. She has them in the palm of her hand to rebuild America in a way that in a few short years you will not know it. She does not care that this has been tried before other places and has failed to the point that it can not be fixed. (Venazulia) Look at her book, look at her God Damn book and see what she is. She wants power, more and more power and it has been demonstrated that there is no law that can stop her. She will run wild, destroy the Bill of Right and the Constitution as soon as she is in office. I know about the immigrants, I grew up in Cleveland Ohio in the 40’s and 50’s. I know about the disposition of first generation immigrants. Goodby America

    6. The most serious problem in this country is the brain washed idiots that support the Clintons. They are too stupid to
      see the real facts, only what the liberial media tells them. They cannot think clearly for themselves. Bill sold us out to China, and now Hillary has sold us out to the Terrorist countries where it is OK to rape and kill women and children. If world records would investigate, they would find a new world records for the most scandles by any politician. Hillary is unfit to be an American, much less president. Everything she is involved with turns to crap!

    7. Zionist have worked far too hard, for far too long, to watch it all go away. Everything they have done, in preparation, and to initiate, The Project For The New American Century, and the, Greater Israel Project, is all at risk. If, the masses are exposed to the, lies, deceit, and murder of its own children, controlled by an outside influence of dual-national citizens, it would be in outrage and without a doubt would have a second revolution. If, the great people of this country truly realized, just how invaded the “enemy behind the gate” truly was…..there would be massive revolt. These people know this. They also know, we are waking up to them, faster than they hoped. They have had to speed things up which has exposed them to even more people. Then, comes along a man not playing their game, calling it out to the public, causing more to investigate on their own, and you see the desperation by their work and their die hard commitment to, Hillary Clinton. She, Johnson, and Stein are their only hopes of, furthering the, New American Century agenda, through the world. If, she doesn’t make it, more chances than not, the plan, agenda, and their power and control dies. It appears that, Trump is trying to stop the spread of the, New American Century, within America’s borders, and Putin is trying to stop it in other theaters of the world. She absolutely would finish destabilizing the west. We absolutely would be done. Just my two cents

    8. Wow, I must have struck a nerve. The comments sent to me sound more dangerous than Donald Trump.
      Call Hillary a criminal all you want, but in 30 years of GOP conspiracies, tens of millions of taxpayer money spent, she has never been charged nor convicted of anything.
      Trump on the other hand has been on the losing end of most of his 3,500 lawsuits, including at least 169 Federal lawsuits. He has a Nov 28 court date for Racketeering and Fraud. He’s being investigated for bribery and he has had hundreds of recent lawsuits for stiffing his employees. That’s hard working Republicans just like you find in his base. He has stiffed them. Caused some to go out of business. Many have given up fighting because he has so many lawyers. That’s the truth. East to find out. Use Google. It’s right there. Why anyone would support such a person, I don’t know. Call me a far left loon, but what kind of person would support someone who has damaged so many Americans and lied about everything? Think about it.

    9. What is a BIGOT
      Here is the definition, I guess we are all a little bit of a bigot. As for myself, I cannot be partial to liberals stupid point of view.

      “One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.”

    10. Where are all these demonRAT trolls with their lies, half-truths, distortions and sophistry coming from? Dims hate guns so they must have been sent here to infiltrate this site.

    11. See the book “The Real Lincoln. In The Real Lincoln, author Thomas J. DiLorenzo uncovers a side of Lincoln not told in many history books and overshadowed by the immense Lincoln legend.

      To accomplish his goals, Lincoln subverted the Constitution, trampled states’ rights, and launched a devastating Civil War, whose wounds haunt us still. According to this provacative book, 600,000 American soldiers did not die for the honorable cause of ending slavery but for the dubious agenda of sacrificing the independence of the states to the supremacy of the federal government, which has been tightening its vise grip on our republic to this very day.

      You will discover a side of Lincoln that you were probably never taught in school—a side that calls into question the very myths that surround him and helps explain the true origins of a bloody, and perhaps, unnecessary war.

    12. Liers, cheaters, this is the type of people Clinton attracts. These people love her because they know this is the method she will use to get what they want. She is willing to dump the bill of rights and ignore the constitution to get what she wants, POWER. Clinton hates a uniform, she hates the police and authority and most of all she hates the American way of life. This is exactly what her new base likes, it plays right into their hands. No wonder she wants all t he guns because there will be a total breakdown of law and order under her. She does not want people in uniform in the White House. But still, when she goes outside the secret service has guns to guard her. Wonder if Monica will be back to see Bill. Oh yes, has anyone asked what she will do with the health care plan. You think is is a mess now just wait and see what her plan is. Good by seniors, you are dead. Reserve your place in line for the Crematorium.

    13. WELL:
      I SEE that ALL the paid moronic Hillary fart sniffing trolls have finally managed to land here. MOST of them probably don’t even own a squirt gun, let alone a firearm. They show up and spew their idiocy and trollish nonsense to collect their nickle from old George Soros and the Hillary Foundation (OF CORRUPTION).
      Back to your liberal propaganda press.

      1. I think many of these trolls are the same pimply faced little misfits hiding in their mother’s basement. They just change their names to keep the trolls rolling. Wouldn’t you think Soros would keel over one of these days. He is older than dirt and just as smart.

    14. It is no wonder this country is in such bad shape. You liberials are off your rocker and have been blinded by true facts. Puppets, that is what you are. Hillarys puppets. If you cannot see what is going on with her crooked ways you must be blind

    15. It’s even worse than you say. There is unimpeachable nonpartisan unbiased objective evidence that Hillary is a zombie. There are pictures to prove it. I’m not just saying this because I am desperate to have my worldview validated, even if it means believing that all of our democratic institutions–media, politics, voting, academia–have been taken over by a vast leftwing conspiracy that won’t stop until everyone has become a homosexual po-litically correct gun hating communist atheist. Hillary and other people in the vast leftwing conspiracy that has taken over our schools–and has even pumped pinko-liberal drugs into McDonald’s happy meals–hate our constitution and haven’t even read it. I can read, at least till I get to the 2nd amendment. The fact that Hillary was not convicted and that most of the events surrounding Benghazi are ambiguous enough to insert either a conservative-friendly or current administration-friendly interpretation makes no difference (forget about the constitution here). If the outcome of investigations is not what I’d hoped for, I can simply rationalize it as the result of a liberal conspiracy — in administration, in the CIA and FBI, in the Congress, and especially in the Liberal Mainstream Media — since it is well-proven that the media (except good ole fox) has a leftist slant.

    16. Why is this sh***ty article the most highlighted on in Google news Top stories for the last 3 days? Has NRA hacked Google news? Imbecilic GOPers your dreams will remain dreams, keep watching interracial porn and then go to your superficial churches to repent for your nonexistent sins.

      Allahu Akbar Bitches

      1. @mi, I have an idea. Why don’t you liberal states go your way, and and we conservative states will go ours. Just like a no fault divorce. We can bicker among ourselves over what is the best deer rifle. And you all can bicker with the moslems that want to kill you, the illegal aliens that want welfare, and the Yalees that think wearing brown shoes with a gray suit is stylish. All the while hiLIARy steals you blind and takes your civil rights, too.

        1. Dear Wild ChernoBill,

          Your newly founded union of backward states will ban abortions, allow first cousin marriage, ban elementary education, arm 2 year-olds, ban vaccines, re-institute slavery and plantations, legalize polygamy, reduce the age of consent to 8 years, anoint a patriarch for your pseudo-christian cult, merge the KKK with the NRA, deport blacks, jews, native americans etc and establish religious police and tribunals among other glorious achievements until you nuke yourselves to death or be exterminated by polio.

          Either way I fully agree with your idea, it’s time to put all of you inbred imbeciles together so evolution can take its natural course and eliminate you from human history.

          1. @Mi, I am pretty sure that when Texas goes, then Montana, Utah, the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Wyoming and the old south will also leave. Where did you get all that other stuff? You should write fiction, alternative history, and other novels, you’d make a fortune.

    17. Why aren’t the answers provided by the FBI director, under testimony good enough for the right? They aren’t media spin, it is factual answers to the question of whether or not 100 or so emails, out of 30,000 had any indication of classification,most of them notated/buried farther in the email, and not clearly marked- rose to the threshold of criminal intent. Other prosecutions for this offense show clear criminal intent. Her actions did not clear this threshold.

      I was raised republican, and I have done some serious deep digging on information on both sides, trying to find reasons why I should vote for one or the other, and not just do a vote against.
      Anytime I dig deeper than the surface on any ‘facts’ given by Donald Trump…. I do not find an honest man, who has spend one second of time do anything other than self promotions, and gobs and gobs of evidence to support he will make and break a deal faster than you can say Two All Beef Patties. Give to Charity? only when called on it. Video after video of him, in his own words, with his own mouth, spouting lies right and left.

      I’m not a HRC fan, I think both parties went out of their way to find the worst choices for this election cycle. I’m constantly amazed at the hatred those have for her, and everytime I research it, I find there isn’t really a justifiable reason for it.

      It makes me very sad for the country as a whole, and for HRC Haters in parular, as their hate makes them blind and deny their candidate has all the qualities they find in her.

      Id rather everyone felt like they could get along, but it doesn’t look good no matter what the outcome of this election in November.

      1. Because the FBI director is just as crooked as Hillary. Any other questions? By the way: DISAPPROVAL IS NOT HATE. Grow up.

    18. The House of Representatives has the power RIGHT NOW to impeach Hillary Clinton. civil officers (Secretary of State) can be impeached (Article 2, Section 4 of the Constitution – the impeachment clause) even after leaving office. Secretary of War Balkanp (under President Grant) was impeached after he resigned from office for “…basely prostituting his high office to his lust for private gain.” (graft). I don’t know if there is a term of limitations.

    19. It cracks me up to see the leftist loon comments making excuses for an inept sec of state. Her husband trying to screw anything female that gets close to him and uma ahbodine a Muslim brotherhood patron is her closest assistant. The lies and corruption from the clintons is so obvious is sick. From whitewater through 30 years it’s amazing anyone can sit and listen to jer lie every time she opens her mouth. The media lies and focuses on everything trump says and covers clintons ass. It’s going to be a shock to the leftist, socialist, racist democrats when trump wins. Get out and vote. Like he said be proud and stand up for your country because we are losing it. Trump 2016.

      Trump 2016

    20. Wow! nice propaganda piece of crap writing and I’m laughing out loud at the photoshop image. Ummm yeah, we wouldn’t be in this mess without the work on the GOP and Bush when the whole mess started in Iraq. Thousands of US soldiers dead due to that mess started by Republicans and the mysterious WMDs.

    21. Why would so many liberal commenters descend, all of a sudden, on this Second Amendment Civil Rights supporting forum? This is “The Invasion of the Undercover Trolls” day. Save your energy little trolls, we will not bother to debate you, and you will not change our minds, nor have any impact on us at all. Off to church then the gun show

      1. We certainly have some new posters, whether they have been reading all along or not is hard to say. But millions of conservatives and gun users are forced to accept that Trump is the nominee of the Republican Party and like myself, not going to vote for him. We know that our nation is more important than party affiliation or any single issue. Trump is a loose cannon not to be trusted with America’s future.

    22. Conspiracy theorists are the worst.
      Here are the real facts:
      Hillary Clinton is almost 70 years old. Mainstream modern computers weren’t even publicly available until she was in her mid to late 30s. So the assertion that somehow a 65+ year old individual is some kind of email server mastermind is absurd.

      Also, the idea that a person can accurately recount for their actions involving tens of thousands of email correspondences is ridiculous. There is no way Hillary Clinton even read half those emails herself. It would have been impossible to read them all AND actually do her job AND accurately account for each one so that conspiracy theorists have something to further waste time about.

      I know a few 60+ year old lawyers and they barely know how to “turn the damn thing on”. And have to have their assistants print and transcribe all their emails because they easily get confused and want to make sure the emails get sent out properly–for obvious reasons.

      If the FBI or the US Attorney General had any reason to bring any charges against Hillary Clinton they would have. The same way her then president husband was impeached for lying. The fact is no laws were actually broken and good luck trying to prove that a 65+ year old person, who knows little about computers, knowingly lied about the handling of thousands top secret documents sent to her via email.

      (Just the idea alone that top secret information is even sent to anyone via email is evidence enough: the government is behind the times when it come to technology and security and proper policy. So why is this one person to blame? And why is she being persecuted for breaking laws that weren’t even established yet.)

      1. If a pig had wings, it would fly. Typical, stupid troll non sequitur. The FBI DID have a reason to bring charges against hillary – but you, you illiterate didn’t pay attention to them:

        From Mediaite, a liberal web site (http://www.mediaite.com/online/fbi-hillary-clinton-broke-the-law-we-just-dont-really-care/):

        “By any straightforward interpretation, Hillary Clinton broke the law. The law bans negligently hosting classified information in an unauthorized location. By FBI Director James B. Comey‘s account, Clinton stored information on her private email server that any State employee– let alone the Department head– would have known immediately known was highly-classified top secret information. More to the point, despite Clinton’s frequent protestations to the contrary, he confirmed that some of those emails were indeed marked classified at the time.”

        Comey didn’t even particularly go out of his way to hide Clinton’s guilt, beginning by summarizing the statute in question…

        Our investigation looked at whether there is evidence classified information was improperly stored or transmitted on that personal system, in violation of a federal statute making it a felony to mishandle classified information either intentionally or in a grossly negligent way.

        …only to later say this.

        Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.

        There is absolutely nothing in the law that relates to “intent.” If you’re found with a gun on your person in a gun-free zone, you’ve broken the law. Same is true for just having ONE toip-secret email on an unsecured server.

        There was a willful intent to hide from the State Department her private emails to and from Sidney Blumenthal who is not a government employee.

        The fact that 1,700 emails marked top secret were recovered from the 30,000 Hillary destroyed is plenty of evidence. BUT, they don’t even have to be marked top-secret for the SoS to exercise due diligence in storing and deleting them.

        Do some research instead of pulling this bunk out of your rear end.

        1. Ha! If a pig had wings then it wouldn’t be a pig. Typical illogical conspiracy nut rationale.

          Being charged with something doesn’t mean a conviction or guilt. If someone is alleged to have broken the law they go to jail only if proven beyond a reasonable doubt. It is not a crime to be careless or extremely careless. Learn the law and research the term delusional. Your opinions on the law does not make you a law expert.

          Comey? Chump is in bed with Russia and polishing Putin’s Johnson. And asked his lover to hack the United States…That’s your role model?

          Whatever you think it doesn’t change the fact that Hillary Clinton is going to win the election in November. Chump is an orange disaster. And all Hillary needs to do at this point is say nothing and let Chump hang himself by his own China made necktie.

    23. This election is not about Hillary Clinton (nice Photoshop job). This is about the fact the Republicans have nominated a racist man who is proving himself to be mentally unstable by his own party who won’t even appear with him.

      Sadly, in November Hillary Clinton will be elected President BY DEFAULT because swing voters are rightfully scared of Donald Trump and he can’t unsay what he’s said. This is not Hillary doing, this is not Democrats doing Republican primary voters selected him as nominee and the chips are falling as they did for Sarah Palin, Sharon Engle and others.

      The Republican base has moved so far right (and out of step with most Americans) the candidate they select are not electable by the vast majority of voters. Bash Hillary but it’s her or crazy.

      1. There is a movement of change in this country! We are moving away from the political correctness if the left and the right! We don’t need guns once the threat of evil is put to bed! Positive change for the common good of all the American people is not to be feared but embraced! The change for the last eight years has been negative to say the least. We have destabilized Syria,Lybia and left Iraq only to have those countries fall to control of ISIS!

      2. Well said, you don’t have to like Hillary but if you love America and your family she is the safe bet. She will not start a war over a comment about her hair and she won’t insult the President of Whatever Nation because they disagree with her. Trump is dangerously petulant and egotistical, not to mention he has 0 knowledge of Governance and diplomacy.

        1. JohnC: No, but she would start a war if their were millions of dollars on the line for the Clinton Crime Foundation.

    24. once Hillary is elected…President Clinton with a newly democrat senate ,house within reach, will elect a liberal justice which will make a liberal majority Supreme Court so we can enact gun laws that will have you NRA gun nuts going mad…….cant wait!!!

      1. Who, exactly, is ‘we’? I can’t wait for the pro-freedom firearm owners to TOTALLY IGNORE AS UNCONSTITUTIONAL any Supreme Court rulings that violate the Second Amendment. P.S. How did prohibition work out for the USA?

    25. Oh Man..what sick sick people you are…(writers). And as for that photoshop!!.
      You can see why there is talk of fascists and Nazis in the US. You people certainly fit that bill.
      I have an idea..pack up your beloved guns and your crazy man ”Agent Orange” ..call all your people together and build yourself a little state somewhere in the middle of the US and put walls around yourselves so others don’t have to hear from you or see you . Then you can have shootouts or whatever people with your mindset like to do in your spare time and with a bit of luck maybe in ten years or so you would have wiped yourselves out..

      1. @jartin, I don’t know why you hate so much, but if it continues it will impact your entire life in a negative way. I can only urge you, for health and welfare reasons, to let go of the vitriol and try to enjoy what is left of your time on earth.

      2. I looked for your point and the only one I found was on the top of your head. Precisely why did you enter this discussion? Are you ignorant of the fact that licensed firearms bearers in Texas commit only 20.5 misdemeanors or crimes per 100,000? And in Florida, licensees commit only 12.5 per 100,000? Are you ignorant of the fact that police commit 124 crimes per 100,000 population and the general population commits 3,813 per 100,000? Are you capable of doing the math to deduce that police are between six and ten times as likely to commit crimes than licensed bearers? And are you capable of deducing that your ilk are between 186 and 305 times more likely than licensees to commit crimes? Perhaps you have no other point. If you’re literate, you’ll feel safer with licensees than your leftist friends.

    26. Hillary Clinton sure did broke law and criminal while she was Secertary Of State for 4 years! The problem is “fleas” political correctness! What’s takes so long until she admitted it now. Obama does violates of law and criminal of US Constitutional ! If Hillary Clinton wins election for president and Congress will impeached immediately, It’s waste time ! Why not now Hillary must resign immediately! It’s so shame and failures for political terrible jobs and where is nation leadership? No wondering why Dishonesty and distrust-worthy that hurts our nation of America.

    27. Hillary Clinton is very ill. Do a goggle search for “Shock Video: Hillary Completely Insane “, then you will see who is truly unfit for office. Hillary Clinton Seizures. Hillary Clinton Has A Seizure/Stroke.

    28. Um, wow. As someone with two journalism degrees and 25+ years of experience in the field, I’m pretty shocked that someone would try to pass this biased, badly written, unresearched, unfounded piece of writing as anything other than a poorly informed amateur political attack. (If you want to attack, fine. Don’t pretend to be anything other than a hack. Honesty always trumps, pun intended, deceit.) The writer doesn’t even know the difference between “to” and “too,” which most of us learned in grade school. What’s with all the unnecessary capitalization and the single quote marks, incorrectly used? Why should anyone give credence to this work, or to the incomprehensible, error-filled comments that support it. Also, you seem to have great insight into what Hillary Clinton thinks and believes. On what do you base your assumptions? How about some facts, supported by links to actual statements, rather than baseless accusations? And next time around: Please, find an editor. Your arguments will be way more persuasive if they are literate.

      1. Shel: I’m sure the Huff Post, Reuters, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, or any other leftist opinion outlets have never made a typo, right? And ANYONE that supports Hillary IS anti-American, because she is in line with the “progressive” agenda, and to support the “fundamental transformation” of America, is to go against the Constitution and founding principles of this country.
        This article is perfectly factual for anyone that will admit the truth when they see it. You need to watch “Clinton Cash” on youtube and get a true sense of how corrupt these Clinton’s really are.

        1. @Asrdvark, I am not so sure that two degrees in how to write propaganda and 25 years of making a living tell lies to the American people is something to be proud of.

          1. @Aardvark, Sorry about that misspelling, sir. Apparently I was unusually upset with what “she’ll” wrote. LOL

    29. Hillary Rodham Clinton an arrogant two faced lying piece of sh*t b*tch should be tortured in various ways until she meets death.

    30. “The Department of Justice certainly didn’t investigate Donald Trump. It didn’t have to. It never had to. Donald Trump isn’t a criminal.” Really??
      In October 1973, the Justice Department filed a civil rights case that accused the Trump firm, whose complexes contained 14,000 apartments, of violating the Fair Housing Act of 1968.


    31. Wow, RJK and SLD, I’d like to see things from your point of view but I can’t seem to get my head that far up my a**. -Make America grapes again! There will be HELL toupee!

    32. Total BS Article by A Rracist Bigot so let me talk to you and Trump as all Trump supporters are bigots

      You go do Your white America is alive and well in your bigoted racist imagination
      You’re rhetoric is corrupt
      You spew your regurgitate hate to ur 37%
      Your mouth is a toilet filled of diatribes overflowing with diarrheic hate
      You need a 380 up ur ass to blow the rot out of your hateful racist ass
      You can’t see America
      You’re too fat to see your shoes
      How can see me
      You built a wall around the Tower in NYC
      Man up but you got nada to man up you can’t see it you fat ******
      Talking out ur jock strap down below
      Just a parasitical lip pursing pimp pimping yourself to your 4 car garage with an elevator and outdoor shower at the top of Trump Tower
      Just a gang raping financial whore
      John Dillinger in a Russia’s Trojan Horse
      You love the jews but only your kind
      Like those on wall strret that financially rape their own
      You’re a sycophant to these money whores
      Madoff and the Marker man they’re your friends
      New York values aka screw America over so your kind can win
      America truly screwed like they have always been
      New York values aka stealing America’s streets
      Goldman Sacks running your campaign
      no different than taking the Indian lands 4 ur own
      man they sure don’t make jews like jesus anymore
      Your spin is unhinged …Your mind is unhinged
      You go down
      10 feet down and no one arounf except the devil himself
      you burn in hell\you go down
      Dead or Alive
      dead or alive

      1. Trump will not loose! Your statements are are not factual at all! 30,000 at Trump Youres 500 at Hillary rallies! No the new polls and independent polls show Trump by a landslide!

          1. @jenny, I don’t think that Ronnie’s single typographical error indicates that he can’t read or write. So many negative waves due to an extra o. Babe, it could have been the evil and aggressive spell check. There is only one poll that means anything, and that one is not until November, so don’t get wrapped too tight.

      2. @jj, Apparently your idea of debate is to spew unending hate filled allegations. Why do you hate people so much? Accursed rap music!

      3. Jimmy;
        Did you write that yourself? You really need to get on your Obamaphone and call someone about about a psych evaluation. On second thought, after reading your prose once more, I think you just need to report for straightjacket fitting. I don’t care which side your on that was the nastiest piece of regurgitation I’ve ever been unfortunate enough to read. Your mother must be real proud!

    33. hatred of women humanity beyond ignorance

      no education

      worst mindset here

      fascist journalism doesn’t belong in the united states or anywhere

      trump will lose + be forgotten + so will author of this piece of crap

      pathetic losers
      haters have no place in America
      bad childhood?
      no love from your parents?
      get professional help
      acquire sagacity heart wisdom soul

      Blessings to the Winning Democratic party the best of Republicans + The Green Party


        1. @Sherlock, The original Sherlock Holmes was renown for being intelligence, educated, observant, and logical. You can not even type a complete English sentence. That is not intelligent nor educated. Your observations are deficient at best, nor have you displayed so much as a simple syllogism. Thus I am forced to conclude that you have clearly chosen the wrong name. Maybe you should just stick to Homes?

    34. When I need a Nazi BS load of NRA propaganda and ignorance, I can always rely on Katz the Clown.
      Find a good psychiatrist nutter.

    35. Oh come on, let’s not quarrel Arbalest, you will still be able to buy your ammo and shoot up whatever you like. Don’t exaggerate and get conspiratory, it lets the kenya out in you. By the way Donald is smearing himself, it’s what he does best. It’s all over boys, have a nice day at the supreme court.

    36. Look I am a gun owner and all that. But the main photo is just a pathetic Photoshop with a petty immature caption. No wonder people on the right and left are so far apart on guns.
      No matter how much you rationalize you cannot possibly be happy about the prospect of a President Trump. The man is a tire fire. And his Conservative bona fides are certainly questionable. If RINO ever applied to anyone, it is Trump.
      The situation is as usual. People on teh left are not voting FOR Hillary they are voting against Trump.
      Conversely a lot of people will not vote for Trump, but against Hillary.
      That is not what results in the best leader for our nation.

      1. @Calaverasgrande, Cool, what kind of guns do you own? You know, the thought just occurs to me that voting for hiLIARy will not result in the best leader for our nation either!

    37. 1. Obviously touched up photo to make Hillary, who is nice looking, look bad!
      2. Totally exaggerated accusations. When one follows the whole story about her “great” misdeeds, they simply look like decades of a normal human being’s mistakes as she maneuvered through political world. Use of private emails was common and I hear that everyone did it including recent Republican Sec. of State, because the govt. computer system was poor. Hillary most likely didn’t trust THAT! And 3 unnoticed confidential emails out of 30,000! ..0001 – Wow, so many!!! And in my opinion her responses about this issue don’t sound like lying, they sound honest and – therefore not so smooth.
      3, Benghazi issue is b.s. – the GOP is the one that voted against support funds!!!!
      Dear violence-sellers, Years of repeating lies does not make truth. It is you people who lie.

      1. Excellent comment, Informed and logical. Such objective writing is rare in this Guts First election year. Guts and guns are fear based reactions to change, and without change nothing moves forward.

        1. @rf, You write that “Guts” are a reaction, what ever could that mean? “Guns” are a reaction, can you elucidate, please? And finally, “…without change nothing moves forward.” Is that something that you made up to sound wise? An excellent comment, such psychobable is rare here.

      2. You’re a moron. People are coming in droves to his speeches around the country. Using a private server is and was against the rules of state department. She broke the law and is a felon. She’s done it several times going back to while water. Her husband paid 850.000 to keep a woman quiet for rapping her. These are all facts. You’re a moron and why and how you can defend Clinton is crazy. You obviously don’t have a clue and don’t care for this country. She’s done nothing in 30 years it’s time for a change. And oh by the way if you sign up for a realestate class and you don’t do well it probably because you’re stupid before you took the class. To demand your money back because you don’t become successful how can it be The schools.fault. So if I graduate from Stanford and don t become a doctor I get my money back? Stupid ass.

        1. wow. soooooo many things wrong with this, i wouldn’t know where to start. then again, my comments probably won’t fit in the echo chamber you live in. You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts. Do some homework with ANY credible and respected fact-checking site- the one funded by Regan’s buddy, factcheck.org, or the pulitzer prize winning politifact, and google who lies more.

          1. Well MJ; I’d say you are notably deficient in your mental abilities Because the MOST BLATANT LIES and BULLSHYTE is straight out of the left winger liberal propaganda press and their WARPED opinions and polls .
            I bet you even love Snopes and “poli-fact check.”

      3. Hillary Clinton is very ill. Do a goggle search for “Shock Video: Hillary Completely Insane “, then you will see who is truly unfit for office. Hillary Clinton Seizures. Hillary Clinton Has A Seizure/Stroke.

      4. @Mary, Failing to send warplanes and quick reaction forces to save the the defenders and the embassy staff at Benghazi was not and is not a funding issue. “Normal human mistakes” don’t get people killed and result in billions of dollars in personal wealth. Have your “normal human mistakes” gathered you billions of dollars? “Normal human mistakes” are costly not profitable. That is why they call them mistakes. The very results of her life prove that your defense of hiLIARy are untrue.

    38. Comey has back tracked his accusations. The emails were not legally marked classified as required by law. The US Department of State, former Admiral John Kirby, disputes Comey’s “reckless” charge. There were no regulations against using a private email server at that time. Both Republican predecessors used private email, even the Bush White House operated an unsecured private server that Karl Rove deleted 22 million emails from. Mrs. Clinton did not lie, she did not compromise national security, she did not intentionally committee anything illegal. End of story.

      1. Jr. Not end of story! End of your non story! Clinton always Lies! That’s how she trolls fools like yourself.
        She is not capable of doing whats right. Her life is a compilation of lies, deceit, subterfuge, obfuscation, and
        then more lies!
        If you don’t want to see the truth then you are in the company of a select sect also know as gangsters. Or the other possibility may be that your last lobotomy failed! You best request a refund. I’m sure Hillary would be happy
        to defend you. Call her now before your lobotomy makes you rational!

        1. Difference is you are only speculating on something you clearly know nothing about. The Donald however lies just to lie. Like the NFL sent him a letter, like he knows Putin, or he does not know Putin, like saw people dancing in the streets or he didn’t . I think the Donald can’t remember what lies he has told and in that case he was just kidding.

          1. @Mark S. Trump is a construction contractor. Of course he lies. Didn’t you ever build a house? But he is not oriented at stripping the American people of their Second Amendment Civil Rights, over running the country with illegal aliens and moslems, and doesn’t know how to use the federal government as a cash cow, as opposed to hiLIARy Clintoon.

        2. So…. can you provide any more than your personal opinion? I’m not so much a Hillary fan, but I am a fan of the truth. And the truth in this matter is that she wasn’t in her basement secretly building a server by which to exchange emails as Secretary of State. This server was built and sanctioned by the State Department, and as stated before, was the practice of the State Department in both Republican and Democratic administrations. She had people who were responsible for managing her classified information. The Sec. of State is not a lone wolf in the State Dept. Personally, I appreciate the fact that she took responsibility and didn’t point the finger at those below her. I think there was an element of her not doing her due diligence, but as someone who handles classified information in the military, I certainly see this issue as a partisan fueled attack. At the end of the day, its a lesson learned for the State Dept.

          1. @Jared, Well here is some truth: hiLIARy was the Sec of State thus the State Dept “sanctioned” it because she ordered it. Have you never worked in the bureaucracy? I think that you are claiming to be in the military. If true, then you are the one! The one that everybody has been talking about! The one person in the military that is a hiLIARy supporter.

            1. Yes I’ve served my country for 19 years, but no, I’m voting for Gary Johnson. I hope that more people wake up and do so as well. This is my own personal view, and this view is not a representation of the military.

              You’re entitled to your opinion about how the State Dept. works, but it’s more likely that you simply watch too many government conspiracy movies. I’ll just say the chances of your assertion are next to zero. My opinion is that over time the rules were pretty lax at the State Dept. as a whole on these types of things and nobody took notice of the error until it came out in national medial. Nice spin on the spelling of Hillary BTW.

            2. @ Jared, Thank you for your service. What is your MOS? I hope that you have as interesting career as I had. Just out of curiosity what was the last movie that told the story of a government agency approving of what their boss told them to approve of?

          2. Obviously you missed the briefing, the State Dept never sanctioned the Hillary Clinton private email server, period! That was directly from the State Dept spokesperson. Yes the GWB White House had a private email server that was used for GOP business, that does not make it a Federal server and pretty sure the ability to erase emails being a GOP server was allowed. Yes there were a few times that a few different people accidentally used that email address, that was acknowledged and those were turned over and whatever happened was taken care of legally, if there was punishment it was dealt with then. As I recall there was no lying about it. Not the case with Hillary, she lied about it, erased over 33,000 emails she “claimed ” were private yet the FBI did in fact find multiple classified emails on the erased server. Now after the fix was in for Hillary, with the AG meeting with Bill Clinton, nothing was done to Hillary, then all of a sudden retractions of no classified emails, no recklessness , SMELLS LIKE CRAP is CRAP, as usual Clinton, Obama crap seriously smells.

      2. Another point is…

        Anyone who actually believes that Trump would have done anything different if the roles were reversed and he were Sec. of State, or any other high level public servant, is simply insane. He is so used to being catered to and has such a high degree of exceptionalism and entitlement that there is no shred of doubt that we would have done the same thing. Instead, he simply has the luxury of being able to sit back and point fingers.

        1. @jared, That two points. Both rather dull. The first is pure speculation. The second is no different that hiLIARy.

          1. How is that two points? It’s a very relevant point in my mind for any Trump voter that believes he’s voting for someone who would have done things any differently. But yes, it is speculation, just like everything you and everyone else says on here.

            1. @Jared, “…Trump would have done things differently is …insane.” is one point, and speculative. And ” Instead, he simply has the luxury of being able to…point fingers…” is another point and is no different than hiLIARy.
              Your first point is dull because you are vague and unspecific about the “anything” that he (I think that you mean Trump) would not have done different (sic should be differently because it is a modifier). And when you say, “… no shred of doubt that we would have done the same thing.) How did the rest of us get into your point?
              Finally, your second point is dull and unspecific because you do not detail what the luxury, and finger pointing consist of. Your written work is replete with the loose thinking of street bickering, and is so hazy, fuzzy, blurry, and indeterminate that the majority of your audience on this forum fall into stupefied, comatose boredum Perhaps if you would submit your work to me in the future, I could do a little copy editing for you before you submit it to the rest of the group.

            2. @Wild Bill, doesn’t look like this website will allow me to reply to your last comment. I think my point is clear, how you choose to take it is your right. It’s a simple offering of a way to see the issue as a matter of debate. I have not and will not attack you personally. If your going to critique my English, then it’s time to move on. Pretty funny though. I accidentally misspell he with we, yet you can’t spell boredom and miss periods.

        2. JARED: First of all, anyone who is paying attention knows that Comey was in fear of his life, not just his career. Obama made it clear well ahead of Comey’s press conference that Hillary was not to be indicted. Then Lynch and Bill Clinton doubled down on that warning with their private meeting the week before Comey’s press conference. You think Comey is unaware of all the mysterious “suicides and accidents” that happen to witnesses against the Clintons’? And to me, Benghazi is a much bigger issue. If you are really military, you should be very concerned that the Commander in Chief could be the person that sat on her thumbs while one of our Ambassadors requested additional security repeatedly and was denied by Hillary’s state department, and then did nothing when our people in Benghazi were under attack. To top that off, she lied to all Americans and the loved ones of those murdered in Benghazi, by claiming it was a Youtube video that “caused” the attack. That’s worse than blaming guns for murdering people. If you aren’t afraid of the truth, watch these two videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuWygjWcJL0

          (If it weren’t for the Libyans’, the truth would have been buried in Benghazi, because our State department leader, Hillary, went to bed.)

          Also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LYRUOd_QoM

          (See how the Clinton’s were responsible for Putin buying 20% of American Uranium mining companies, and receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from unfriendly middle eastern countries, and a hell of a lot more.)

          1. You know nothing about Benghazi. While you’re entitled to your views, watching youtube videos does not make you an expert on things you know nothing about.

        3. You stinking low life liberal . In America you are innocent until proven guilty. Unless you are a liberal swine like you. Therefore you are not a real American. Now off to your safe space, snowflake

        1. FLAG ON THE PLAY!

          Personal attack on venue with no added benefit.

          “Gawd” coincides point and is sent to safe space with no dinner!

          1. @Ponti, Bravo, Bravo! This is the high humor point of the morning! Most of us would have said, “Well Gawd, just go away, then.” This, however, was so much better!

        2. You must be have a food stamp card and are getting a welfare check to make a statement like that
          The article is quantity journalism not that bull you get from the brain dead liberal news media

          1. @Pistol Pete – You’ve helped uncovered a historic parallel with your comment. In the last days of the Roman Empire they had ‘Bread and Circuses’. In the last days of the American Empire we have ‘Food Stamps and Football’.

      1. I assume your comment is sarcastic. Trump’s swindling of numerous people through his Trump University scam is a criminal act. He belongs in jail for this. Advocating violence during the convention by having his campaign manager advocate executing Hilary Clinton is another criminal act.

        1. FLAG ON THE PLAY!

          In America, citizens are innocent until proven guilty!

          Assuming violence avocation, reflecting a personal desire to harm those they don’t agree with!

          “e j kelleher” coincides point and should not handle firearms around those they disagree with, without anger management diploma!

        2. How many Americans is Trump responsible for getting killed? The whole Trump U. claim is BS too. If you look at the original claim, that women admitted that she did get value out of the training. How does this even get mentioned as being more despicable than all the crimes and controversies surrounding the Clinton’s? The only reason it is even brought up is because the media and Hollywood are all in for the socialist democrat elites. The Clinton’s want to finish amnesty for tens of millions of illegals. They want to finish off the remaining health care insurers so the government has complete control. They want to welcome middle eastern refugees no matter how many terrorists come with them. They want to leave our borders open to allow even more criminals and terrorists to infiltrate our country. They want to raise taxes on middle class Americans (her own words). They surround themselves with radical Muslims like Obama did. They have accepted hundreds of millions of dollars from radical Islamic regimes, for favors and future favors. Bill is a sexual predator that Hillary enabled and covered for. Hillary deliberately lied to the families of the men killed in Benghazi, after doing NOTHING to help save them.
          I have probably forgotten more of their corruption and crimes than I can remember. Trump could never match their level of corruption if he spent the rest of his life trying.

          1. Here’s the deal: the liberal media, democrats, and the whole Clinton entourage have nothing to pin on, or blame Trump for. Their only viable tactic is to attack his character, which admittedly can be caustic, but sometimes calling a spade a spade is not PC. So what? Grow up, liberals. It’s a dangerous, not very touchy-feely world out there. Liberals love to point fingers at Trump’s marriages but do they really compare to the circus of Bill Clinton’s “indiscretions” followed closely by Hillary’s attacks on the personalities and veracity of the women lodging the complaints against him? And then the recent political ads with Trump sitting along side Letterman discussing where his shirts and ties were made? REALLY?! Whose husband signed NAFTA into law? (Remember Perot’s comment against NAFTA: something like “That big sucking sound you’ll hear are US jobs heading out of the country?”) And now we hear how a trans-Pacific free trade deal is in the making. I suppose it’s OK to send jobs to Asia at our expense if the democrats want to do it. Then they have a problem with the Trump U failure but they carefully neglect to mention conflicts of interest in their own party (eg: Clinton Foundation income, US Postal Service building sales being handled by Diane Feinstein’s husband, Clinton’s complaining about being broke after leaving the WH yet worth $200 million now…) I could go on and on but I’m starting to get myself pissed off.

          2. You did forget to mention that the true underlying reason for her intended mass induction of any illegal alien to our country is so said alien can be directed into the myriad of the U.S.’s government-funded social assistance programs, paid for with OUR taxes…..and to give them the capability to vote with no citizenship required.
            Get them hooked as deeply as possible on as many programs as possible, give them the power to vote, and they’ll continue to elect any Democrat in every election.

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