Michigan Open Carry Files Freedom Of Information Act Suit Over Gun Ban

City of Harbor Beach
Michigan Open Carry Files Freedom Of Information Act Suit Over Gun Ban
Michigan Open Carry
Michigan Open Carry

Michigan –-(Ammoland.com)- Seeking access to public information, Michigan Open Carry, Inc. has filed a complaint under Michigan’s Freedom Of Information Act against the City of Harbor Beach, in the Huron County Circuit Court.

Read the complaint HERE.

Back in September, the Harbor Beach City Council, citing “liability” and “insurance” issues, voted to prohibit open carry, in addition to concealed carry, for their employees after a local crossing guard inquired about the City’s policy.

At the same time, the City declined to provide any documentation supporting their concerns and even attempted to intimidate a local resident who requested the information by telling her they would have to “charge a lot” if she filed a FOIA request.

This is where Michigan Open Carry (MOC) stepped in. Not being ones to back down in the face of government bullying, we submitted a request seeking any documentation used by the City Council to support their concerns that the lack of such a ban would result in higher insurance rates or a loss of coverage.

Our intent was to have the information for a later meeting where the City said they would revisit the topic in more detail. That meeting came, our members attended, and yet the City still did not provide the requested info.

Instead of giving us the information we asked for, and which they are required by law to provide, the City of Harbor Beach has instead spent more time attempting to charge ridiculous and unlawful fees, than it would take them to actually produce the documents.

We have gone back and forth with the City, no less than 4 separate times, each time urging them to seek legal counsel and read the law. We even submitted a lengthy appeal explaining in detail their numerous violations, which they have since ignored, again against the law.

Understand that when the Court finds in our favor, it won’t be the second or even third strike for Harbor Beach, it will be the 6th strike. If this is allowed to go on any longer, we are going to need more innings.

If you would like to help us find out what Harbor Beach is hiding, you may do so by donating to our Legal Fund. Legal action such as this is not cheap and every donation helps us stay at forefront in the fight to defend our freedoms.

Tom Lambert
Michigan Open Carry, Inc.
[email protected]

Michigan Open Carry, Inc is a Not-For-Profit organization that depends on our dues paying members to continue our operation. We are an all-volunteer organization. As such, no one is paid a salary and very few of the personal expenses of our officers are reimbursed. Won’t you consider joining us or renewing as a dues paying member today? If you need technical help with the process, please email [email protected] www.miopencarry.org

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Ross Campbell

What are their consequences, make them personally a countable, $$$.


After Sessions, the new AG of the US gets confirmed, someone should send him a letter about Harbor Springs and see what happens.

Wayne Clark

There is one law that should be highlighted for Harbour Beach…& that is the second amendment! By banning both concealed & open carry, they are thumbing their noses at the Constitution & the rights guaranteed by the 2A. This is one time when the Federal government SHOULD stick their noses in & hold accountable those refusing to abide by the freedoms & inalienable rights inherent in the Constitution & granted by God.

Jeff Turner

The Feds,” Obama ?”, stepping in ?
Sell this joke to Comedy Central !!!

Wayne Clark

Jeff, not necessarily meaning Obama. He’s on his way out & this is a last ditch effort on the left side to pull a fast one but, yes…the feds! The Constitution is a federal mandate written for the sovereignty of not only the states, but of the nation. To go against it, is going against the law of the land…which is treason.
This…joke…of turning a blind eye to the consequences that should be imposed on states that pull this crap…as well as the so-called, “Sanctuary Cities”, is what needs to be sold to Comedy Central. Maybe you could host it!


This is a thank you from all the Low life’s out there. Now they know no one is packing. This place is ripe for the picking’s.