Not So Pretty Little Liar Spreads Bloomberg’s Sexist, Due Process-Denying Gun Grab

By David Codrea

Nepotism beneficiary Troian Bellisario’s Facebook cover photo selfie pretty much reflects the soundness of her male disarmament arguments.
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -( “Pretty Little Liars star Troian Bellisario is using her platform to speak out against gun violence,” Teen Vogue gushes in a free advertising piece masked as news.

“In a video PSA created in collaboration with ATTN: and the gun safety grassroots organization Everytown for Gun Safety, Troian breaks down the problems with the so-called ‘boyfriend loophole.’” (Click below to watch the video, after our gun advertising, doh..AmmoLand Editor.)

“Grassroots”? Everytown?

That must be why Bloomberg’s Magical Misery Tour had to keep locations of its planned bus stops close to the vest, lest they be outnumbered by gun owner rights activists who could only find out at the last minute. That must be why he and his cadre of fellow One Percenters had to reportedly spend $20 million on Question 1 in Nevada and still barely managed to squeak out a less than 1% “win” carrying only Clark County. And that was so ineptly written Attorney General Adam Laxalt declared it unenforceable.

Troian Bellisario & Everytown Imaginary Boyfriend Loophole
Troian Bellisario & Everytown Imaginary Boyfriend Loophole

Still, if we can’t trust Teen Vogue (the anti-gun, anti-Trump purveyor of all things “progressive” and incubator of tomorrow’s indignant pussy hat marchers) to indoctrinate our daughters on the virtues of male disarmament, who can we trust?

How about Troian Bellisario, or, as many would no doubt ask, “Who?”

“Troian Bellisario, daughter of producers Donald P. Bellisario and Deborah Pratt, made her film debut at the age of 3,” the Internet Movie Database documents. “She made several TV and movie appearances in her teens (most of the TV appearances were in shows produced by her father)…”

Hey, at least we’re talking about someone who’s paid her dues. Either that or signed the chit and let Daddy pay. And if we’re to take our lead on how to formulate real world political opinions from insulated, celebrity stage props, who better to heed than Hollywood Royalty?

So what kind of vacuous crap is the Pretty Little Lemming spewing?

“I was shocked when I learned that 50 American women are shot and killed every month by intimate partners like husbands or boyfriends,” she parroted (seriously, “parroted.”). “This violence against women is entirely preventable. I’m proud to speak out to help close the loopholes in our gun laws that put women at risk.”

How it would be “entirely preventable” is left unsaid. The gun-grabbers never talk about their end game, preferring to mask the infringement du jour under the guise of “common sense gun safety.”

A good start that ought to cut numbers down significantly might be to not get into superficial rutting relationships with career thugs who are already “prohibited persons,” and instead be selective and choose responsible and committed partners. Notice the confiscationists never tell us how many of the five million NRA members, arguably the most heavily armed population on the planet, are represented in that monthly tally.

She also, no doubt in order to maintain necessary “progressive standards,” leaves another inconvenient truth unspoken:

But experts in the field say that one set of victims — black women — is at a far greater risk to experience the grimmest of all domestic violence statistics: They are about three times more likely to die at the hands of a partner or ex-partner than members of other racial groups. Intimate-partner homicide is also among the leading causes of death for black women ages 15 to 35.

That’s OK, Troian. The Big Boss wants people to forget about that because pulling that thread might expose him as the racist he's already proved to be:

Pressure from Michael Bloomberg has caused the Aspen Institute and Grassroots TV to spike distribution of a video of his speech in which he advocated for cities to bar minority males up to age 25 from having guns, The Aspen Times reported Friday. The decision not to make the footage available for broadcast and distribution was made at the request of Bloomberg “representatives.”

He and those joining in this campaign are also sexist (or I should say “misandrist,” even though lying and/or delusional Prozis will tell you there’s no such thing while simultaneously “wishing” for it). That’s not just for discouraging women from the best means of defense as an equalizer against stronger males.

Why call it the “boyfriend” loophole? After all, even though women admittedly only commit 14.7% of homicides, with much of that no doubt due to their weaker physical stature, even anti-gun “researcher” Arthur L. Kellerman admits:

In contrast to men, who killed nonintimate acquaintances, strangers, or victims of undetermined relationship in 80% of cases, women killed their spouse, an intimate acquaintance, or a family member in 60% of cases. When men killed with a gun, they most commonly shot a stranger or a non-family acquaintance.

No matter – when “progressives” are on a roll, what they want is all that matters. Why should the unconstitutional tyranny of imposing prior restraint punishments without due process on male gun owners (especially the evil white ones who belong to NRA and own “assault weapons” with “30 magazine clips” and “shoulder things that go up”) trump feelings?

No matter that “boyfriend” is hardly a fixed legal term, nor is “date.” There’s also the “Hell hath no fury” factor, along with just finding out you’ve let a confused and hostile bipolar head case vampire cross your threshold, and now you just want them out.

Instead, legislate to ensure revenge-motivated accusations über alles, and your rights be damned…?

How about if someone commits a criminal act they get prosecuted, pronounced guilty by a fully-informed jury of their peers and convicted before a just and appropriate sentence is meted out? Or is that something only extremist haters ask for?

It must be, because 12 states and the District of Columbia have some form of Troian’s Law on the books, and the plan is to impose them on all the rest, in every state and in Everytown where “Pretty Little Liars” airs.

Not that big, ugly liars bent on citizen disarmament intend to stop there.


David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 37 thoughts on “Not So Pretty Little Liar Spreads Bloomberg’s Sexist, Due Process-Denying Gun Grab

    1. I really cannot remember how many years that I have been reading David Codrea’s work. But one thing that I can say is that when he hits the nail on the head, usually the anti freedom and liberty heads explodes.

      The comments by his detractors expose them for what they are. Proponents of cherry picking what parts of our founding documents that they like while at the same time ignoring others. I also did some quick (so probably not conclusive) research, and found that male on female domestic homicide rarely approaches the numbers cited. Even if it did on a regular basis, as terrible as that would be, in a population as large as ours is..? Statistically would barely even be a blip. So, the answer is supposed to be more ex post facto laws, or taking away rights without due process?

      Strong work David, keep it up Sir!

    2. DUMBER THAN A BOX OF ROCKS !!!!! And that’s giving her a 100 pts. Boycott STUPIDWOOD !!!!!! WE DO NOT NEED THEM !!!!! WE’RE THEY’RE MEAL TICKET.

    3. Jim S says, I can’t agree with you more, violence attacks on woman is mental problems. If not a gun it would be any tool one find handy and if no tool probably a strangle would do. American need do more work at finding solutions to attack mental illnesses rather than gun control. Now the other problem with common sense gun laws, we can’t look at Washington to legislate this because common sense in Washington is non existent. If nothing is broken then do not fix it need be Washington’s approach, keeping in mind the 2 amendment is not broken. I am 67 years old and have learned through my years that more Washington fixing the more it need fixed.

      1. Dear Spritzer Pantey: If you’re such a literary critic, explain what’s so horribly written about it. Or maybe it’s “horrible” because you hate the message, you would censor the article like a good liberal if you could, you want to shoot the messenger, but you’re another airhead celeb worshiper incapable of making a compelling case.

    4. It is interesting to note which side of the argument immediately resorts to what, in polite society, is regarded as vulgar language to try to shove their “superior” intellect and opinion down someone’s throat.. And in this case it is a self-professed “professional” doing so in a run-on sentence.

    5. well, theres a ‘young lady’ with a fantastic future ahead. I can see her and Shannon Watts (whats ?) hooking together and taking all of bloomy’s money. Talk about brainwashed liberals and snowflakes, this one tops the charts.

    6. And young ladies like Troian is why I tell my 21 year old son to double wrap before he finishes his 1 night stand. She is all body and no mind. I bet her parents are just as clueless about the real world.

    7. The issue is their assumptions are flawed. I dont know what the statistics are on “violence against women” but any is clearly wrong. However, if guns were gone the individuals would resort to using knives or hammers or other tools. The issue isnt GUN violence, its just violence. These people would score points with me if they could articulate their messages better and maybe actually think of the issues rather than parroting the gun control nuts.

    8. First of all, get a fucking proof reader; I’m a professional, I’ll give you my card. Second, “Not So Pretty Little Liar” (!!!) I assume that you were hatched from an egg, like a super sexist egg.

      1. Ah, the dreaded “isms” come out to play. Troian certainly has a lot of easily-butthurt fangurlz. Anyone care to debate her issue on the merits?

        And, “Professional.” Who reads “Teen Vogue.” Snort.

      2. Professionals do not use that seven letter word in the second phrase above when writing to the general public. You write like the apparent trash you claim to protect.

        As to “not so pretty ilttle liar”, as I read the lede and quickly scanned the wretched photo, I thought “no doubt he has the first part correct, so let’s see about the “liar” bit.” Mr. Codrea has a solid reputation for consistency. Having now READ the article, and learning of her association with the BloomingIdiotBurg, her history and upbringing, it is now abundantly clear Mr. Codrea has the right of it on both counts.

        I read and research a LOT concerning firearms and particularly the continual attemts of certain political/immoral factions to reach “Mr. And Mrs. America, Turn them ALL in!!”, and I’ve never heard that “fifty American women a month are shot by their partners” statistic. I suppose those numbers ciould easily be reduced in precisely the manner cited by Mr. Codrea. If “intimate partner” were restriced so as to only incude long term committed relationships, and exclude incidents of casual, fleeting, recreational “intimacy” that number, even if correct, would quickly plunge. He raises an exceppent point.

    9. Well lets see… in order to purchase a firearm in ANY state you have to go through a background check. A domestic violence conviction automatically fails that check. This is not about “gun control” its about control. Please get the facts straight. Besides it has been proven that Everytown for gun safety makes up the numbers they use.. Either by cooking the books (a school shooting if it happens within a mile of the school) or just making them up.

    10. Donald P. Bellisario is a very talented producer; he met his wife on one of his TV shows. Maybe it was Magnum or Airwolf. Apparently he did not teach his daughter the value of freedom.

      Troian seems oblivious to the racist roots of gun control. To the prohibitionists there is always another so-called loophole.

    11. First off Troian Bellisario is not a daddy’s girl. She worked hard to get to where she’s at now. Bringing that up was completely irrelevant, unprofessional of you. Maybe if you see what she does on social media, you would know she does everything by herself. You’re just mad because she talks about things that actually matter in the world. I can give you over a 1,000 examples about her being the most inspirational women. Focus on the fact she’s trying to help the world. You must be a Donald Trump supporter. Stop trying to bring women down, let us speak out mind. This is a free country and according to the constitution the first amendment clearly states , “freedom of speech”. This article was totally unnecessary and I hope you get fired and your website will be taking down.

      1. @Cheray, I am a Donald Trump supporter. He is the President. As for Troian B, she sounds like she really goes after the facts in an issue. Does she know that we need to jealously guard all of our civil rights, especially our second enumerated civil right?

      2. Freedom of speech is not freedom from criticism, and the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

        You claim you can provide 1,000 examples of this woman being “most inspirational”. Feel free to educate us by providing one here.

      3. Cheray, please note:
        from the article
        “I was shocked when I learned that 50 American women are shot and killed every month by intimate partners like husbands or boyfriends,” she parroted (seriously, “parroted.”). “This violence against women is entirely preventable. I’m proud to speak out to help close the loopholes in our gun laws that put women at risk.”
        How it would be “entirely preventable” is left unsaid. The gun-grabbers never talk about their end game, preferring to mask the infringement du jour under the guise of “common sense gun safety.”

        Do any of your 1000 examples include ways of making this “entirely preventable”. It’s left unsaid….

        Rather than “simply” paraphrasing the US Constitution, perhaps spending some time reading and researching it’s content and meaning. While you’re at it, please take into consideration the Declaration of Independence. I’m certain the entire Bill of Rights will become clearer to you once you do.

        And… while I’m sure your heart is in the right place, no one here is trying to take you or any other woman down nor would we attempt to prevent you from exercising your opinion in this forum. However, your “hope” that the author gets fired AND the website taken down seems a bit contradictory! Don’t you think?

        Now for the requisite condescension. You have bleeted your opinion and been properly shorn! Hopefully you will heed the above advice, for your own survival or, you can return bah bah back to the progressive sheep pen you escaped from!! Just saying’…

        1. Raised by extremely liberal parents, schooled in an extremely liberal school, surrounded by liberals all her life, give jobs by her father all her life. Who’s to blame and really, what do we expect? Garbage in, spoiled, mush filled little liberals out.

      4. First off, Trojan Bellisario is an airhead with a script. Complete with the mandatory Beverly Hills “I’m so worldly” gravel voice. I hope you stop voting with your vagina.

        Obvioulsy you and the Bellisarios don’t give a crap that 50 gays were murdered in Orlando in 10 minutes because they DIDN’T have guns.

        Thanks to NRA also for that by the way. NRA wrote that “gun free” zone into Florida law and have done NOTHING to undo their own subversion.

    12. It would have been nice if somewhere in this article the reporter had taken the time to insert a sentence explaining exactly what restrictions the actress was stumping for. “Something about boyfriends and something about dates” isn’t very informative. Instead, it appears I will have to add to Teen Vogue’s click-through totals to find out.

      1. It’s sponsored by Everytown, so it’s undoubtedly just a repeat of one or more of their existing talking points and not anything new or innovative. Most likely it’s one or both of these two.

        – “Universal” background checks (that only the already law-abiding will obey)
        – Mandatory firearm confiscation upon issuance of a TRO or similar (in violation of the 5th Amendment)

        Of course, Everytown and their latest spokesperson will completely ignore tragedies like that of Carol Bowne – stabbed to death on her own property by her abusive ex-boyfriend (against whom she had a protective order) while awaiting permission from the state of New Jersey to purchase a handgun for protection.

      2. Did you take the time to listen to their video that the author posted above as part of the article? Adam is right. They want universal registration checks and confiscation. Prohibited person status, de facto criminal punishment without trial by jury as required for criminal punishment.

      3. I’d written this with the intention of embedding the video to provide a more detailed explanation. Unfortunately, there was a technical issue because when the url of this article is posted on Facebook, it routes people to YouTube instead. We couldn’t leave the article in draft form and figure out a workaround, so were forced to go “live” without the video and embed it after initial publication.

        Now I see in spite of that, the video that once worked on this site no longer does, so it has been removed. [Feb. 20 UPDATE — and now I see it’s back .] It’s fair to speculate if that’s possibly due to a preemptive action by Everytown as damage control. It’s still on the ATTN YouTube site:

        Interestingly, for all Bloomberg’s “grassroots” support, including a popular TV star and plenty of free “press” publicity, it’s only totaled 1,600+ views so far. Hopefully, if enough people become aware of this article and it’s follow-up on gun-menacing “fan girl” @MyQueenTroian,” this will turn out to be yet another waste of Everytown Astroturf.

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