The Fake News History of the Anti-Gun Media

By John Farnam

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The Fake News History of the Anti-Gun Media
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( “Hypocrisy is the essence of snobbery” ~ Alexander Theroux

A good friend and criminal investigator has pointed out that, from the time he started his career in the 1960s, the media has been relentlessly obsessed with the particular firearm, or group of firearms, used by criminals of the era, or that were used by the perpetrator of a particular violent crime.

Of course, it was always that particular gun that the media subsequently wanted banned, as if banning that particular weapon would cause criminal violence to cease.

In the 1960s, it was the “Saturday-night special,” a non-specific term usually used to refer to a 38Spl snubby revolver. Hyper-ventilating reporters repeatedly referred to them as “the preferred weapon of criminals” (as preposterous as saying, “Fords, the preferred car of drunk drivers”), and they neglected to acknowledge that sunbby revolvers were pretty popular with police of the period then too. Still are with many of us!

Rifles? “Not the problem,” according to the media- back then.

I remember reading an editorial in Time Magazine in the 1970s, entitled “It ’s Time to Ban Handguns.”

In the 1980s and 1990s, it was the “Tech-9″ Only criminals would want one, we were told, again by panting media flunkies, who wouldn’t know a gun from a waffle-iron.

With the turn of the Century, high-capacity 9mm pistols suddenly stole center-stage, the “wonder-nines,” as they were called then. The media immediately wanted them all banned, even as they became pretty standard at police departments.

Now, it is ill-defined “assault rifles” that the media wants banned, for all the same reasons! Rifles suddenly are the problem, we’re assured, all the same ones that were around when we were assured, by the same people, that they weren’t the problem! Today, solemnly declaring autoloading rifles the “preferred weapon of terrorists,” the media (effectively the propaganda-arm of the DNC) oh-so predictably wants them all banned!

.38 Special (+P) Ammunition
The anti gun media doesn’t seem to care much about “Saturday-night specials” any more, do they?

Leftists in the media, who are the media, can’t repent, can never admit they’re wrong, can never confront their own hypocrisy. Their vainglorious personal conceit will not permit it. Their character is flawed. They are not good people. Never have been!

“Hypocrisy may deceive the cleverest man, but a child recognizes it instantly, and is invariably revolted by it, however ingeniously it may be disguised” ~ Leo Tolstoy


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Actually, the guns targetted by liberals have nothing to do with whether they are criminals’ favorites or not. If they are, it’s just coincidence. The gun banners go after whatever they think they can convince to public to dislike, and give it ugly nicknames to aim for that effect. They argue with lies rather than true statistics, and even their arguments that gun owners are more likely to be shot by their own weapons defy logic. Why don’t they try to outlaw private ownership of cars, for instance, since you’re more likely to be killed in it. The same “class”… Read more »

Jim Macklin

After the assassination of JFK there were demands to ban scope sights. After the MLK murder, again the call was for banning something. They banned mail order sales and interstate commerce.
Now they want to ban the “super lethal assault rifle that is too powerful for private users.” Just show some “reporter” a picture like this and ask them to pick out the powerful ammo that is too dangerous.


I actually made a small display that I use with my safety classes. Most people can’t identify the assault puppy killer round (i.e., 5.56).

Bill Mullins

Where did you find that graphic? I’d like to have the legend to it. I think I know what a couple are but it would be nice to confirm.

M.D. Taylor

Do you remember?…..a concealed carry person would be no match for a bad guy because they had more practice!


I can’t remember the source, but one of the pro-rights researchers (Kates maybe?) found that the term “Saturday Night Special” came from “nigger-town Saturday night”. That’s where and when (as was said) many crimes were perpetrated with _cheap_ small handguns, the operative term being cheap. Sort of like the post-Civil War restrictions on firearms for blacks. What was legal were high quality pistols (e.g., Colt Army or Remington Navy) which were out of reach for poor blacks (and others).

jerald Schmaltz

Ironic that the libtards think illegal aliens have rights but us citizen gun owners don’t in the midterm elections we need to remove more commy liberals. We should also support the impeachment of top libtards.


Well here’s Gil “the troll” with a sarcastic snide comment AGAIN. Ok, I want to challenge YOU Gil to a duel as soon as it’s LEGAL again. I hope You brought Your seconds and thirds becuz I’m sure that I’m a better shot than You. Besides, If You KNOW that you have to back up that asinine comment with your life, mayby you’ll crawl back under your rock and leave the rest of u alone. So, OK Lets DO IT! Ten paces, turn and Fire! And bite me, troll !!!

Bill Mullins

I doubt dueling will ever become legal. It wasn’t legal when Burr and Hamilton had their (in)famous set-to and no reason to believe it will be any time soon. It WOULD be interesting to test Robert Heinlein’s dictum that “An armed society would be a polite society.” If publicly insulting someone, or cutting in line or cutting someone off on the freeway could earn you a choice between a public apology, public humiliation or a trip to the dueling sands and possible death, I suspect that after a time we might see fewer instances of public lack of manners. Actually,… Read more »


– Until somebody loads one with a .69 caliber glass marble!

Wild Bill

We would all flood to Washington, DC, the various federal courts, and Congress to take insult at what ever was said. The sales of little leather gloves and dueling pistols would go through roof. Rob Lethum would make a fortune being a paid insultee. Illegal aliens, drug sellers, homosexuals, and Gil would have to leave the country. Hey! Why is dueling not legal?


Actually despite all the idiotic bullshyte of the liberal movie makers about the “Old West”; It was actually a very POLITE society that respected women and children and had far fewer crooks and thugs than the idiots making movies want to admit.
Do you suppose it was due to an ARMED society ?
Actually , YES it was.


Mullins – That sounds safe until someone loads a .69 caliber glass marble into their single shot paintball gun.

Wild Bill

@dj, Actually, the challenger does not get to choose the weapon. The challenged person gets their choice of weapons.


kind of like the ever changing breed of dog that will clamp down and never let go when they turn on their masters. we have been through German shepherds, Dobies, Rottweilers, and pit bulls in my life.

Jim S

I wonder what these people will worry about when suppressors are legalized…


Or what they’ll think when NRA and friends legalize public duelling.




Maybe, if we’re lucky, you will be the first contestant.


Gil, stupid as always, at least you are consistent !


Hey Gil, dueling has been authorized by the Dems in Chicago and Detroit for the longest time. Now that hasn’t been a problem for you has it?

Wild Bill

@Gil, Oh, if only the NRA could legalize things! Oh, if only Gil could spell his own name correctly or express a complete thought in writing.

Wild Bill

@Old, Yeah, I don’t believe that I could get it all done in a day.


Same moronic spew from the same left winger ignorant troll and south end of a north bound donkey.

Bill Mullins

Dueling is never in a public place due to the possibility of missing one’s opponent and, instead, striking one’s opponent. Although I could see the dueling sands in a pit of some sort with stands for viewers up at ground level.

But code duello only ever is observed in civilized countries. Ours is only just sufficiently civilized to allow arms to be kept and borne – and the left is forever attempting to eliminate even that bit of civility.

Robert Thomas


William Harrington

Don’t give them any ideas, they get enough of their own.