Join Maryland Shall Issue this Wednesday, March 8 for Senate Gun Bill Day

Maryland Gun Bill Day
Maryland Gun Bill Day
Maryland Shall Issue (MSI)
Maryland Shall Issue (MSI)

Annapolis, Maryland-( MSI joins with the NRA and other Maryland 2A organizations in urging our members and all who care about the Second Amendment to come out and stand up for your 2A rights!

There are a lot of gun-related bills that will be heard, some bad some good, but there are two especially bad bills for which we need your presence in Annapolis to help fight! We need everyone who is able to come out, numbers matter!

Click here for a full list of all of the bills and our position on each of them. We are focusing on 2 particularly bad bills this session:

SB946: Weapon-Free Higher Education Zones
SB948: Rifles and Shotguns – Secondary Transactions

Weapon-Free Higher Education Zones

This is the “Campus Carry” bill that criminalizes any possession of a firearm on public university property. As most of Maryland’s largest institutions own property not part of the campus facilities, this potentially puts citizens who happen to be on these non-campus locations in jeopardy.

Additionally, this bill bans carry even with possession of a carry permit, including, victims of domestic violence or sexual assault! An amendment to cover this specific provision was already rejected in the house!

The house version of this bill has already been passed! During the hearing on that bill we testified, and the entire video can be seen here.

Read MSI’s President’s Written Testimony on SB946!

Note: This bill will not be included in the hearings in the Senate, as that was done last week. Please talk to your Senators about this bill, though, it is a very bad bill and needs to be defeated!

Rifles and Shotguns – Secondary Transactions

There are so many problems with this bill it is hard to even know where to begin. Simplified you may no longer sell a long gun of any type to anyone without going through a background check, despite the fact, there is no provision for a place one could even bring a long gun in order to transfer it to another person! In addition to banning the private sale, you can’t even lend your firearm to someone unless you are actively “hunting”. If you were to lend it to a friend the day before they went hunting, you’d be guilty of a FELONY.

Hunters, please join us in testifying against this terrible bill!

Schedule of the Day – Start Time End Time Details

  • 9:00 am 10:00 am Arrive and Sign-Up to Testify
  • 10:00 am 12:00 pm Rally on Lawyer’s Mall
  • 1:00 pm Late JPR Hearings and Testimonies

Location: Miller Senate Office Building, 2 East Wing, 11 Bladen St, Annapolis, MD 21411

What to do Before You Arrive

  1. Find out who your legislators are.
  2. Find out in which office they are located.
  3. If you are testifying, please prepare by following these guidelines.

What to do On Wednesday

  • Arrive Early
  • Sign up to Testify outside the Senate Buiding’s Committee Room
  • Submit any written testimony by noon.
  • Visit your legislator in their office before the rally.
  • Attend the Rally
  • Be in the hearing room before 1:00 pm, allowing time to pass through security

If you have any questions or need assistance with anything, please email us! We are here to help!

Thank you!

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More evidence the anti-gun politicians will never be happy. One new law leads to another, then another, & so on until our rights are totally eviscerated. As if they didn’t do enough damage with the 2013 laws. I’m edging closer everyday to moving to a free state. Makes me sick to pay taxes to this state, funding these jerkoffs’ salaries. The refund check I just got from Marxland (not a typo) will be going to the firearms industry & supporters.


Great job MSI (Maryland Shall Issue) in staying on top of those antigun bills and informing us. I’ll be there with you on Wednesday. The DEMONcrats in Maryland need a course correction!