Gun-Grabbers Purposely Vague when Exploiting Latest School Shooting

By David Codrea

No, we don’t. And some of us refuse to, no matter what rights the merchants of handwringing helplessness and fear would con the ignorant and the emotion-driven into surrendering.
David Codrea in his natural habitat.

USA – -( “Educators should not have to fear being shot at work. Parents should not have to fear their children not returning home from school,” Michael Bloomberg’s oxymoronically-named Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America bleated in a blood-dancing post exploiting Monday’s murders and suicide at North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino. “And, in the most dangerous country in the developed world when it comes to gun violence against women, no one should have to live in fear of armed domestic abusers.”

They’re selling helplessness and fear. And lies, of course, as relatively high rates in domestic urban pockets with high criminal populations are used to taint the entire national pool. And the “developed world” canard is based on selective ‘data” that purposely omits countries like Mexico and Russia, with higher gross domestic products, economic complexity and literacy rates than many “included” countries – along with higher murder rates and more “gun controls” than the U.S.

“Our volunteers and gun violence survivors will not rest until our leaders put our children’s safety first and help to change the culture of gun violence in this country,” the post assures us.

Note what it didn’t say? What additional laws they want. They’re intentionally vague because they know they can offer no specifics, especially when you consider the murders happened in a “gun-free zone” in “top-rated” California. And they’re not ready to take off the mask and admit what they really want is a total state monopoly of violence.

Because what else could they want that’s not already in place there?

“Domestic violence” gun bans? They’re in effect, both at the federal and state levels. Ditto for restraining orders, to include “former dating partners” who may or may not have been jilted and have an axe to grind, and due process be damned. About all that’s left is to add rejected Facebook friends to the list of eligible disgruntled snitches.

So-called “assault weapon” bans? California’s got ‘em. And magazine limitations and bans. And ammo control. And an approved handgun list. And one-gun-a-month. And background checks. And safety certificates. And waiting periods. And registration. And no open carry. And ”may issue” concealed carry at the discretion of the sheriff or police chief who must agree there is “good cause”, which in most urban areas still means “may not” (unless the applicant is connected).

See for yourself.

MILMs (Moms I’d Like to Mock)

But the MILMs know they can get away with being vague, because their useful idiot followers have all swallowed the helpless fear hook, and are reliably reacting with emotion instead of knowledge.

Thus we see inane comments like:

  • “Every time I instruct my students through an intruder drill, I want to vomit.” Maybe someone ought to tell this “teacher” the Illinois State Police have already suggested that as a defensive strategy.
  • “Picket gun stores in your neighborhoods if you know that they are selling guns illegally,” another cud-chewer offers, clearly ignorant as to what an FFL needs to do to demonstrate compliance, and stay in business and out of jail. If stores are letting guns “walk,” historically ATF has been calling the shots.
  • Another “progressive” moron (but I repeat myself) was quick to put his kneejerk prejudice on display before any facts were in and blame “white males.” When it was pointed out the killer and his wife were black, rather than doing the honorable thing and admitting he had hit the wrong target, he simply deleted his comment to hide his tracks.

There are plenty more stupid inputs, moderated of course to amplify the PR firm-maufactured narrative, but the bottom line is, Bloomberg’s Moms, the Bradys, Gun-Grabby Gabby and the lot are relying on spooked herds in order to get away with their sleight of mind con job. Who else would be ignorant enough to let a billionaire control freak (whose armed bodyguards accompany him to places where even police don’t have guns) swindle them out of their fundamental rights – and make them “feel” like he’s doing it for them?

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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HMLA-167 Warrior

“If stores are letting guns “walk,” historically ATF has been calling the shots.”

LOL. Perfect. Statement of the month.


Laws only apply to honest people, you can not legislate what is inside the mind of an
individual who wants to harm you or anyone else.

If he did not kill her in the classroom he would have done it in the parking lot.

Gun free zones and restraining orders or orders of protection are useless because criminals ignore them.

Clark Kent

If you think a restraining order protects you then you must also believe walking in a marked crosswalk prevents you from being run over by a vehicle.



Thoughtful column, but for reasons I don’t understand, you left out what I thought was important: he used a .357 revolver and he had time to reload. This makes it problematic for gun control activists to use their usual false narratives regarding ‘assault weapons’ and so forth.

Also, why wasn’t he a ‘prohibited person’ — not that this designation would have stopped him.

See this:

There’s really a whole lot more here.

Wild Bill

@Tionico, You do not seem to be your usual self. When you say, “To commit such a crime, three things MUST be in place, and these are necessary to prove in any court of law to convict of a crime: means, opportunity, and intent.” , I am sure that you meant that the prosecutor must prove each and every element of each and every charge alleged.


Let’s suppose DieFue and HillaryBillary had got their way and sunndlt, mysteriously, Mr and Mrs America DID “turn them all in”? And this monster contrlo freak decided he had a score to settle. HOW could he arrange that? One simple way, all but certain to work, would be to put on a pair of shorts and jersey from some baseball team, pick up a glove, ball, and a nice big bat, and “come a calling” on his putative victim. With such ordinary and benign “assault weapons” who would challenge him? To commit such a crime, three things MUST be in… Read more »


Our hearts go out to the children and adults that had to witness this senseless incident. But what happened to the security system. Were there no Metal Detectors? Again, California-one of the most anti-gun state, full of anti-gun laws, in the west coast and this happened. HOW! Somebody at the school’s security dept was asleep or was buddy buddies with the shooter? Teacher should’ve said something when she came in in the morning. Even if there were no guns in the State, this evil person would’ve found a way. Bet you it was a ‘Gun Free Zone’, and now the… Read more »

Pastor Glock

Why isnt anyone talking about how easy it was for him to get on the campus? The high school i graduated from 20yrs ago in commifornia had only 1 way onto the campus when school had started. You had to go directly through front office. Past school personnel, past the school police office. Once the bells had rang the school was effectively locked down. Why aren’t more schools taking this approach? Hmmmmmmm maybe because that would make sense and limit the lefts abilities to attack law abiding gun owners.

Wild Bill

@Pastor Glock, It sounds like you went to high school at the California Youth Authority. Lock down? So if a child wants to exercise their liberty to leave after the school was locked down, wouldn’t that be kidnapping or unlawful detainer or false arrest under color of authority?

Mike B in WI

Dear Pastor,

He got past the school office because he was known to the staff and he said he wanted to see or talk to his (estranged) wife. It was not a security breech, but a social engineering job not unlike a computer hacker getting login credentials by pretending to be a support person.
It is amazing what one can get away with if one merely appears confident and seems to know what they are doing.

Roy D.

Sometimes you have to go looking for the answers. Read this article, it answers your questions.

Roy D.

The reason “gun grabbers” act this way is because the truth is not in them.

Craig Alstott

Since Sandy Hoax, the entirely fake School shooting, I don’t believe any reports of shootings. I live in Florida. The Pulse nightclub affair was an elaborate hoax as well. The corruption exists vertically from the Federal level and tentacles down through corrupt communities with an agenda. Orlando has an agenda. In the case of San Bernadino they already pulled off a hoax, why not another. Since The Trump election however, the False Flags will occur in heavily controlled and corrupt areas. That is the definition of California. Controlled by fools and corrupt. There was an epidemic of gun grab hoaxes… Read more »

Clark Kent

‘I don’t believe any reports of shootings’. Right there you lost any and all credibility. Go buy more tinfoil for your hat.


Californacte, and Chitcargo, & New Jerksey politicians are all made of the same ill-informed, ignorant socialist material. Unfortunately that mind set puts us in danger. Oh yes their contributors and they them selves can get carry permits, and their kids don’t go to public schools but we peons are denied that RIGHT by those hypocrites.

Rich in Mo

Love the “musket-grabber” pic!

James Bailey

Wild Bill, Well, you got it mostly right! Hillary is indeed not the president! It is indeed going to be a beautiful day weather wise! While my grandmother’s side of the family comes from Texas (Blue Ridge) and I have distant family in Odessa, I could never live in the Flatlands of the great state of Texas! I live in the most beautiful state in the Union: the Cowboy state of Wyoming: where we have the great Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone National Park, the Wind River range, and much much more about which to be both proud, and to go out… Read more »

James Bailey

Hard morning, this morning David, but reading your superb article makes it considerably less difficult! Butts draggin, body’s complaining, mind needs a lot more caffeine, but after reading your article things are considerably better! Why? Simply put, the delineation of pure hardcore facts, concerning the fascist State of California gun laws proves that there is literally nothing that could have been done to stop the murder suicide from happening; at least not for more gun control laws! The only thing that could have possibly stopped what happened, is to have had armed teachers in that building. The sad fact remains,… Read more »

Wild Bill

@JAMES Bailey, This will perk you right up: 1. Hillary is not president; God has seen fit to give us another beautiful day; and 3. We live in Texas.

Clark Kent

You struck out with the Texas comment. ‘If I owned Texas and Hell I would rent out Texas and live in Hell’ – General William Tecumseh Sherman. ‘Nuff said.

Heed the Call-up

Sherman, a Northerner, known best for two things: one, the rout of Union forces at First Manassas, or Northerners call the First Battle of Bull Run; and two, destruction of the farms of poor Southerners, taking their crops and livestock, leaving them starving, while burning his way through the South on his “March to the Sea”. He also promoted putting Native Americans on reservations, and killing those that didn’t. He also recommended killing all the buffalo. As you stated, “‘Nuff said.”

Wild Bill

@Heed, and don’t forget Sherman’s near mental collapse.

Wild Bill

@Clark Kent, You just keep thinking that, Clark.

Heed the Call_up

Wild Bill, I concur, except for number 3; I live in Virginia. I dare say our gun laws are more liberal than yours.

Wild Bill

@Heed, I just love Charlottesville. Yes, I admit it. I was a Cavalier!


There is ONE solution that would have prevented this, but it is so onerous no one has the guts to impose it. If every gummit finded skewl in the nation were to impose TSA type security at the entrances to the school grounds (yes, out in the car park and bus lanes) then a guy like this could not ignore all the “you can’t hav a gun in here because it scares us” meme and get his gun inside the building. The only remaining opeion woul d be to take up a distance position with a rifle (and no, the… Read more »


Wait, what? You mean there is no such thing as “arrow violence” – I’m shocked, shocked I tell ya! I bet Custer and his boys would disagree.
Oh wait, never mind, the Indians were actually better armed (lever actions) than the cavalry was. Hmmm, perhaps one possible answer is to have the teachers/staff better armed than the killers.