Virginia Tech Commemorations Focus on Demands for More Helplessness

By David Codrea

If you want to be helpless in a mass shooting situation, who better to consult than an expert? (Everytown Facebook post)
David Codrea in his natural habitat.

USA – -( Sunday was the 10th anniversary of the slaughter at Virginia Tech. In case you’d forgotten that, opportunistic, oath-breaking politicians and the gun-grabber groups were happy to remind you. As the above photo demonstrates, the “Authorized Journalist” media enthusiastically accepted its role as publicist and amplifier.

For their part, gun owner rights advocates continue to properly point out the futility of the citizen disarmament edicts demanded by the blood-dancers, how many of the infringements they now call for were already in effect, and how the others would have made no difference.

The one inescapable fact is Virginia Tech was a “gun-free” campus. Their spokesman, Associate Vice President for University Relations Larry Hincker, had actually rubbed that in everyone’s faces before the carnage.

He was responding to a letter published in The Roanoke Times the year before the massacre by graduate student Bradford Wiles, who had a concealed carry permit but was forbidden to have his gun with him when the school went on lockdown due to an escaped inmate roaming the campus.

“I am qualified and capable of carrying a concealed handgun and urge you to work with me to allow my most basic right of self-defense,” Wiles advocated. After all, if he’s trusted to go armed off campus, what about him would magically change once he crossed an invisible property line?

Hincker positively dripped with ridicule for Wiles’ plea in his rebuttal, using terms like “insane,” and admonishing the student for not feeling safe with “hundreds of highly trained officers armed with high-powered rifles encircling the building and protecting him.

“Guns don’t belong in classrooms,” Hincker concluded. “They never will. Virginia Tech has a very sound policy preventing same.”

Yeah. We saw.

The other point that can’t go unaddressed is professional victim Colin Goddard, making his living (first with the Brady Campaign, and now as “Senior Policy Advisor” for Everytown) off the fact that he was one of eight students in the classroom who survived. At the time of the killings, he was 21, old enough to lawfully carry a concealed handgun, so the only things stopping him were his choices and Hincker’s “very sound policy.”

We know from his own recollection and from phone records he had advance warning a killer was coming his way, and time to call for help:

About a minute later, the blasts were much closer. The teacher cracked the wooden door open to peek out. “This time,” Goddard said, “her expression dropped.” She told everyone to get down and told someone to call for help. Goddard dialed 911 for the first time in his life. When someone picked up, he hurriedly stated, “Norris Hall,” assuming he’d been connected to a local emergency line. But the person had no idea what Norris Hall was. “Norris Hall, Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, Virginia. America!” He tried to stay calm, but he was in complete disbelief of the words about to come out of his own mouth: Someone was shooting a gun in their building. Seconds later, bullets were coming through the door. In the instant before he dove down, he caught a glimpse of a figure — a flash of brown combat boots, khakis and a holster over each shoulder. Goddard dropped down on his right side between two rows of desk chairs. He kept 911 on the line. At this point in his recollection, his words slowed and his voice became somber. “Then he turned down our row.”

That means Goddard had time to take a defensive position and return fire had he been armed and prepared, and had Larry Hincker et al. “allowed” the means to do it. Instead, he has devoted his life to demanding all other students, workers, faculty, and visitors be mandated just as useless at protecting themselves and others as he was – and still is. And expanding such disarmed defenselessness everywhere, to “everytown”…

This is still the only response gun-grabbers will "allow" the victim pool. (“Elementary French class students take cover in Holden Hall room 212.” by William Chase Damiano [edited for clarity by Xiaphias], CC BY-SA 3.0)
This is still the only response gun-grabbers will “allow” the victim pool. (“Elementary French class students take cover in Holden Hall room 212.” by William Chase Damiano [edited for clarity by Xiaphias], CC BY-SA 3.0)
Here’s a thought experiment for gun owners: Imagine, right now, you hear shots. They’re getting closer. You’ve got about a minute and it’s going to be on you, and to leave where you are means exposing yourself to potentially lethal unknowns. What are you prepared to do about it? And what would “voice of experience” Goddard be prepared to do, besides repeat what catastrophically failed him and everyone else the last time?

Back in 2008, The New York Times asked me to participate on a panel discussing Virginia Tech on the one-year anniversary of the murders. I didn’t realize until I’d committed that it was stacked – my lone voice against six prominent antis.  You can read all the posts from this link by picking “next post” in the right sidebar and continuing through all of them.

I’m sure they thought ganging up on one “pro-gun” voice would result in a stomping, so go read the entries – and resulting comments – for yourself and see if you think they were right.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Mike Murray

The anti-gun crowd continues to proselytize for their cult of sheep.

Bill N.

Anyone remember the military Mom who lost a daughter there? I believe she was Air force, Lt. Col. Not long after the incident she went out took a course in gun safety got her Va. permit and then said “Had just one person had a gun this could have been prevented”. She like so many others never realized this kind of thing could ever happen in these United States. Too little too late. Carry one, but be safe. The rocket scientists will never understand this.


I actually heard a hysterical female say on the air, “What good would a gun do for you when he has the drop on you and is going to kill you?” Maybe take him with you and save a bunch of other lives. In the famous words of President Trump in another context, “What do you have to lose?”

Donald L. Cline

Action beats reaction every time. (Unless you are Sammy Davis Jr.)


the answer to that stupidity is simple: don’t wait till HE has the drop on YOU. You hear the shots coming down the hall toward YOUR door, take up a position along the wall where the door is, flip a desk to hide yourself from his first glance in that direction, and as he enters the room you have a clear shot from the side, and he has not yet seen you in order to draw down on YOU. Anyone who carries is already practicing “situational awareness” and has taken action before its too late.


His platform “background checks applied to all firearms” would not have worked in his situation. the killer purchased his firearms legally. The failure was VA T.–no gun zone, the US government laws that don’t allow mental health workers from informing LEO of a dangerous individual that should not be allowed to purchase a firearm.

Donald L. Cline

Robert: It’s is called ‘invasion of privacy’ and ‘defamation of character.’ You need to realize if government can violate the rights of the mentally ill to prevent them from exercising their right to keep and bear arms, then government will claim exercise of the right to keep and bear arms is proof of mental illness. The mentally ill are not the problem. Unarmed victims is the problem. The mentally ill are almost never mentally ill enough to ignore their basic instinct for self-preservation. That’s why they almost never start a massacre where they aren’t going to get off more than… Read more »

Donald L. Cline

Yes, I have, and he didn’t ask. If he had, the correct response is “I consider that an ethical boundary violation and I decline to state. If you can’t stand up to illegal pressure from an illegal government, I’ll find me a doctor who will.” (My doctor owns more AR-15’s than I do.)


All of these “bleeding hearted COWARDS” need to shut their traps and stop spewing hot air. The Second Amendment is really the only PERMIT I legally need to protect Myself, My Family, My Community, My State or My Country. The place of self defense should not matter. It is a SHAME these CONTROL FREAKS do not understand life and have NO COMMON SENSE.

Jim S

Im with you Laddyboy, but Kalifornia has gone the other way and they believe you should wait for LE to show up. Of course you will be dead, but hey, they cant save everyone.

Donald L. Cline

Laddyboy: We are talking past them when we accuse them of having NOCOMMON SENSE. Common sense is a meme THEY use to advance their arguments, but it has nothing to do with their objective. Their average ‘useful idiot’ doesn’t know this, but their handlers and apparatchiks do: Their objective has nothing to with common sense or reducing the crime rate or any of the memes they run up the flagpole in hopes someone will salute. The objective is very simple: No dictatorship in history has ever existed where the victims of it are armed and implacably opposed to dictatorship. We… Read more »

Carlos Perdue

“Colin Goddard was in a French class at Virginia Tech when a gunman opened fire…” CBS Perfect. Too big a sissy to carry a gun, so he assumes everyone else is too. Except cops, who are magically trustworthy at all times. “He could be a model for a J.Crew catalog…people flutter around him.” USA Today This is the kind of genius analysis we get from the gun grabbers. Too bad LaPierre & Cox backed “gun free” zones and sabotaged VCDL’s efforts to end them in Virginia. Otherwise Wiles and others would’ve been armed and many would still be alive, the… Read more »


you mean, sort of like when the two mozzies showed up in Garland Texas to try a mass murder scehe at the art show? And THE PERPS ended up getting shot instead?

I always like a happy ending, and that was a good, happy one.

We learned later that the FBI or some other FedGov agency KNEW those two murderers were en route…. and did.. NOTHING. Thanks, guys.

But a Good Guy with a Gun did, for no compensation, what our overpaid worthless gummit goons failed to do. Nice job, boys.

Donald L. Cline

Weelll … not exactly. The Good Guy with a Gun was a Garland cop working security, which does not lessen the value of his response. It gives rise to the old slaying, “Never bring an AK-47 to a gunfight with a Texas cop.” (Also, I follow these things pretty closely, and I never heard anything about the FBI knowing these two were enroute and did nothing. More likely the FBI were looking into their associations but knew nothing about this plan.)

Donald L. Cline

Too big a sissy to carry a gun, so he assumes everyone else is too.” You have that wrong, Carlos. The reality is he is too big a sissy to carry a gun (and too big a coward to defend his fellow man and woman) so he WANTS everyone else to be unarmed too because he thinks that vindicates his cowardice: If he doesn’t have the cojones to meet his obligations to his fellow man, he doesn’t want anyone else to do the job either because that would reveal him as the coward he is. That’s the primary motivating factor… Read more »

Carlos Perdue

True, but you’ve got it wrong that I’ve got it wrong. Sissy was my shorthand for pretty much what you wrote. Nicely written too.


The best line I ever read was someone who posted this: I carry a gun because I can’t carry a cop.
This too, is why I carry a gun where ever I go. I know the criminal or the crazy can appear at any moment, and though I may not win a gun fight with a seasoned criminal, I will have defended myself. I refuse to be slaughtered like a cow.


They should the importance of dying with dignity.


*learn the

Wild Bill

@Gil the Violence Policy Center shill, show us how! Lead the way, Gil.


Why dont you die with some dignity little girl?


Old Filthy Rich Bill,
You are closer to death than any of us, yet you have no dignity? Please explain.

Wild Bill

@Teen Snot, I have been a lot closer to death before this. You’d understand if you did something with your life. The only danger of death you face is if your parents’ basement collapses. I will be alive for another forty years, easily. I am not even eligible for Social Security, yet! So, get back to work because I have two pension payments that you have to come up with by the first. Did I mention that my wife also gets an Army pension? Now, in case that I have not been clear, a big chunk of your pay is… Read more »

Robert Thomas

Gil the fcuktard back again. Have a bottle of Draino with dinner Gil, we’ll all feel better.

Donald L. Cline

Hey, RT. Even if he is an evil gun banner coward (etc., etc., ad nauseum), that’s uncalled for. We have the high ground, so let’s keep it: “Gil, get used to disappointment or get educated on reality: We will keep our arms and you have nothing to say about it.”

Donald Cline

As opposed to not dying at all, and/or preventing others from dying? Sorry, there isn’t any “dignity” in dying at the hands of some thug or punk or liberal utopian.


Good grief Gil, can you possibly be any more ignorant ? Of course you can, probably with your next post !

Darren P.

Oh Gil, you’re so cute when you’re so obviously wrong.


Fail. I much prefer LIVING with my dignity, thanks ever so much. Since you have no dignity, perhaps its your turn to “take one for the team” and get planted.

Donald L. Cline

One of Arizona’s flaming leftist politicians trotted out this poster boy for helplessness at the State capitol a few years ago. Several news networks were on hand to video his presentation, and so was I. I asked him on video if he had been armed, couldn’t he have stopped Seung-Hui Cho and saved the lives of at least some of the victims. He hemmed and hawed and then said he didn’t like to deal in speculation. Of course he was asking the State Legislature to speculate that making people defenseless would save lives. Upon his response, all the news teams… Read more »


If being shot all of a sudden makes one a gun policy expert, then we have plenty of military vets who are even more qualified than Colin.