Status of Unlicensed Carry in the Texas Legislature

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Unlicensed Carry in Texas Legislature

Texas State Rifle AssociationTexas-( HB 375 was reported to be in good shape until two hours before the hearing when the bill author brought the committee a complete committee substitute. The first change was to lower the age for a person to carry a handgun without a license from 21 to 18 and the second change would allow unlicensed carry on college campuses.

You may remember that Campus Carry which passed last session has not even taken effect for community and junior colleges which will begin in August of 2017.

See the link below listing State Representatives who signed onto HB 375 and HB 1911 in support. You’ll notice some signed onto both with a goal to move the issue.

Read Rep. Stickland’s bill lay-out, meaning explanation, for committee members below. The report was written by Texas Legislative Service:

“H.B. 375 is a constitutional carry bill that allows for the carrying of a handgun without a license (LTC). Rep. Stickland said 11 other states have a constitutional law, and the bill would not be an expansion of who can possess a gun, it would not be an expansion of where a person could carry, and it would not eliminate the LTC. Stickland said the bill would allow a person who can legally possess a handgun to carry it; the minimum age to possess a gun is 18, this bill would lower the minimum age to carry to 18. The substitute concerns TABC signage and gun holsters. Stickland said the bill would not hurt the state’s revenue from the LTC.”

Proponents for HB 375 are still working on the committee substitute. This is the reason the bill has not voted out of committee.

HB 1911 by East Texas Republican State Representative White, tracts components of our handgun license with two exceptions, no campus carry at this time and the person must be 21.

In Texas there are currently about 200 under the age of 21, active or retired, military with an active handgun license, out of the 1.2 million licensees. This group has always received a discounted fee.

HB 1911 was voted out one week after the March 28th hearing because it didn’t require changes although those will certainly be attempted on the House floor in the form of amendments, good or bad.

Kudo’s still go to the patience of Chairman Phil King and staff.

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Joe Duque

If Bill 375 is not yet law when will the Texas Legislators vote on the bill? If citizens protect themselves until help arrives many lives could be save. If a person has a clean record and up right person he should be able to carry, permit or no permit.

Joe Duque

Will the bill LTC without a permit be coming soon. Does anybody know. I know we can carry a weapon in our automobile without a license just in case. Just like having a weapon in your own house.

Ken Thompson

Not passing HB1911 may very well lead to unnecessary deaths and certainly wrongful arrests during the time between now and when it is finally passed. How about some special actions to remedy this possibility?


I went to and passed the “TLC and gun range course” which was $50 and my instructor who was a active Police Officer talked about the bill that would reduce the LTC cost from $140 to $40, maybe this coming September. Then HB 1911 passed one committee after I submitted my LTC application. I have no issues regarding this law, with the exception of how does law enforcement no you are a lawful person or not? I do not feel like getting “jammed” up because I am executing my rights to conceal carry a weapon that I bought legally because… Read more »

Joel Mayfield

There are just over 5 days left in the session. Please pass HB1911. Please do it this session! don’t make us wait until 2019 to try again!

Victor Stacke

I have tried to make a post 2-3 times,Its never posted,but here it goes again..These Lawmakers in this Great state of Texas need to have there head examined,that or have daily drug testing..They know dam well that criminals that intent in there hearts to hurt,rape or kill law abiding peacefull Texas have not and never will abide by laws,any Laws !! Its our GOD GIVEN RIGHT to be able to carry..You don’t need a piece of worthless paper with your mug on it..CARRY THAT WEAPON,B/c with the way the world is right now,and its going to worse..Soon or later you… Read more »

Marcus Cato

Delaying a bill that would allow unlicensed carry (concealed or not) due to concerns over its effect on state revenue from LTC is an example of MONSTROUS, sociopathic behavior by ANY legislator who fails to resist such a delay both publicly and privately. I recommend that we ALL stop defending the 2nd Amendment and focus on the FACT that it has NOTHING to do with any of our BILLIONS of rights. Even if the Constitution had never been written, harmless, responsible adults would STILL have the right (and duty) to be armed. Do we or do we not understand AND… Read more »


This bill needs to have full support. Options shouldn’t confuse the main issue. Get er done, Texas!


TEXAS should have been on the forefront of constitutional carry! I hope everybody gets on the same page and gets this passed and reinstate our constitutional rights! This has been a long time coming !!


Let’s get a constitutional carry bill passed this session. Please don’t get hung up because you have more than one choice. Pick one and get it passed!!!