I May be a Dumb Gun Dealer But,,, a New S&W Shield Has to be Coming Soon

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Pistol
Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Pistol
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USA – -(Ammoland.com)- The Smith & Wesson Shield will be replaced in 90 days. That is my prediction. No question about it. Too much stuff going on for it not to happen, here is why.

Imagine running a large firearm company. Not just any company, but running the storied Smith and Wesson company. Could it get any better than that?

You are surrounded by firearm Engineers, new designs, interacting with the gun community, privy to what law enforcement departments are buying, new product development, attending SHOT Show, Distributor Shows, Dealer Shows, going to the range, and all-around living the dream.

Sounds great, right? Maybe not so much.

We always forget that the large public companies have to answer to the shareholders. Shareholders are a fickle bunch and they pay for performance. Especially when it comes to having their money go south.

When big companies aren’t making product and shipping guns, they aren’t making money. When they sit on inventory, it costs them money. So they have to keep machines running and shipping product. Cover the overhead!

Hand Gun Counter
Start promoting to get rid of inventory. Come out with your own “Buy 6 and Get 1 Free AND get 7 magazines free”. Blow out your inventory.

The firearms category has softened a little bit as Trump won and we are in the summer slowdown. Or the “new normal” as some are calling it.

What do guns shops do?

If you lay off workers, you lose opportunity for the future. Sure, you fire a couple of folks you don’t like, but you have to keep the folks that make the place run. But you need to keep them busy and productive.

Start promoting to get rid of inventory. Watch what Ruger does with their wholesale “Buy 5 and Get 1 Free” promo to the retailer. Come out with your own “Buy 6 and Get 1 Free AND get 7 magazines free”. Blow out your inventory.

But you know you can’t do it forever, because now your products are discounted so heavily, who will ever pay full price? Heck, a consumer can buy a Shield for $200 after rebate, that’s tough to beat! Will a consumer ever pay $329 or more? Never.

Smith and Wesson folks aren’t dumb. They just launched the 2.0 for other handguns. Even though there is nothing new in there, they called it “new” It’s a bunch of marketing gobbledegook, and it works because it’s “new” And “new” sells.

So what to do about the S&W Shield in inventory? Dump inventory and prep for a “Shield 2.0”. Every Shield we buy and sell to a consumer will be obsolete or old by Thanksgiving time. Online gun sellers are already kicking them out the door cheap.

Smith & Wesson Rebate Banner
Current Smith & Wesson Rebate on the web…

They will likely roll out the new sku just in time for Christmas. This has played out at various companies over the last 30 years in the industry. We see it time and time again.

And for those of you that are sucking up these obsolete pistols, you are getting what you paid for. A cheap inexpensive no-frills gun that you’ll regret owning within 6 months. Come and get them.

We don’t make much selling them either, we’d almost prefer you buy online so we can charge you the transfer fee. We make more that way as we don’t make much on S&W.

But it’s easy money for us and we know the new one is coming. Now you do too.

Signed ~ Industry Insider….

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I think this guy’s point is that as a dealer, he sold alot of the old Shields at a hot price.
Now S&W has made “upgrades” and the price went up significantly.
S&W “obsoleted” the old one by bringing out the new one.
He is talking as a retailer and we are responding like consumers.
He was actually correct in saying a new one had to be coming.

Some of the folks responding seem to be the jaded and grumpy ones.
My Chevy Biscayne still drives and my Colt SA goes bang.
Obsolete? Not to me, but to a Retailer….yep.


O heck Ya!
The Shield 2.0 is great! S&W added stippling, smoothed the trigger, double the price and….and……
What? No rail, ambi mag release, no fiber optic sights?

Ya people who bought the 1.0 version were real suckers! I mean how much does a hogue grip and polishing the action with Emory cloth cost $100…$200?
Signed a sucker who bought a 1.0 for $200… half the price of the current 2.0 model with nary an upgrade.

John Evans

Shield 2.0 announced today to dealers.

Stone Dragon

I bought a Shield when it first came out and was still a unicorn. It has been drawn twice in defensive situations and thankfully did not have to be fired, but in the unfortunate event I would have had to pull the trigger I know it’s a quality pistol and would have done just fine. To call the Shield outdated is a bit over the top. I bought an M&P 2.0 FDE long slide and I do love the changes that the 2.0 line brings to the table. I also was able to compare a 2.0 Compacr with a Gen… Read more »

Gun Insider

2.0 Shields are on the way, despite what S&W says. S&W’s model number for the 9mm w/ safety is 11806, and the .40 is 11812.


Don’t know how this cranky old fart ever managed to get his article published because he’s clearly a puttz!

I own and carry an “outdated” shield .40 (it does kick like a mule but it’s manageable) that I brought 5 years ago and have never had an issue with it!

If someone can point me to where I can get my hands on another “outdated” Shield 9mm for anywhere south of $250 I’d buy it today(maybe even two)! – even if S&W was going to release a “new” model tomorrow!

Moral of the story – S&W makes great guns, period

Don L. Bailey

PineAppleTree83, If you can get your hands on a S&W Shield in 9mm or 40cal, in the price point you want, grab it because you will be very satisfied that you did. I now have the the S&W Shield in 9mm and love to shoot it. I also have a S&W in 40cal. that I like, but have difficulty concealing it for it’s sheer size. Despite all of the different perspectives about 9mm’s, 40’s, and 45’s, –my favorite is still the 40cal. because of all of the different performance attributes it has to offer. Yes, my hand and wrist are… Read more »

John Evans

The Shield 2.0 has just been released.
May be you are the putz


This guys last sentence makes himself sound like a old Jaded Dick. Yes; you get what you pay for, the shied is called a VALUE. It’s not like this is some heirloom piece… it’s an inexpensive, reliable, workhorse of a carry gun that you’ll likely never have a problem with…. and if you do… it’s backed-by one of the best warranties in the biz. At these blowout price points, why would anyone have the need to sell in 6 months… Just buy another. Oh and if you don’t like retail… than find a new income stream, because you’ve clearly run… Read more »

Don L. Bailey

When you start throwing words in there like, “reliable”, “dependable”, you know you are bound to get someone’s attention. That is why I keep going back to Smith & Wesson because they are in deed, a good value, a good reliable and dependable firearm that is not an exaggeration in any stretch.


Shields are nice but they’re not very refined. You can see thru the thing and overall it just looks chintzy. I have one and it shoots really nice though but dust and debris getting into the gun could be an issue. Maybe the next revision won’t have cracks that you can see through. You get what you pay for I suppose. My HK P2000sk is like a work of art and worth the extra 350.00 I paid for it.

Tom S.

There may be a new version coming but I was told by someone in the industry was the reason for the extreme measures to get rid of them was because they had overproduced on a massive scale . They, like many others, were sure Hilary was going to win and she was going to be the second best gun salesperson in history .
They had ramped up production in anticipation.
When it didn’t happen gun sales fell off a cliff and they had wharehouses full.


I enjoy my new .45 shield as well as my M&P 9 .40 and 45 full size police trade used guns from BUD’s.

Hardy Spires

If the gun goes bang when you need it why does it matter if it is an old model or the most recent one that will be coming out later? I don’t think it matters if the bullet comes out of a gun that cost $200 or a gun that costs $400. If I am looking for a gun to carry and it is affordable what is the big deal about it?


So you don’t use a Taurus bcos regardless of price, it may not go bang when you need it to?

I have a recall Taurus, that is the case, just wanted to throw a joke in there. (it was the first and worst gun i’ve ever purchased)

M Reyna

I shoot a Shield 40 and a Springfield 45 xds
Neither is a problem to shoot. I make consistent head shots at 25 yards with both. Neither have failed to fire
Or eject. Very dependable. Oh and I’m 68 years young


68 years young and making consistent head shots.

So you’re the reason black people are all up in arms about other black criminals getting shot.

F U Aryan

Hey Pete, you Aryan prick, hope you get raped in prison by those same black criminals when you inevitably end up there. You pussy Internet racist.

Robert Sheeley

I have a Shield in 9mm and a full size M&P in 9mm. I don’t regret buying either. This article was a waste of electrons.


Just sold my mp shield 9mm 1.0 for 290, paid 399 plus tax when i bought new , didnt like it from the time i bought it trigger pull was gritty cheap feeling and hard but i also have a slight issue with my hand but you get what you pay for i guess love my ruger src9 and it looks like a much higher quality gun with an excellent trigger looking for something with lighter trigger pull and nice trigger to replace shield any one have any ideas .

Timothy J

Was waiting for a few more funds to go get a Glock 43 when my email dinged with a $214.00 (after rebate) Shield 9mm offer from Palmetto called a buddy who had paid $389.00 cause he couldn’t control the new gun jitters a few years ago. All he could do was rave on his so I took a chance ordered the non safety versions paid my FFL $25.00 and drove to the woods with it. The gun was awesome love it so much I ordered another one for the Mrs. was very easy to shoot and her and I are… Read more »

Don Bailey

My M&P Shield 9 has proven to be a great value, easy to conceal, and a small pistol that I don’t mind taking to the range. I’m just not in that big of a hurry to find something to replace it, given the time and effort I went through to find one that would fit my requirements. My other CC handgun was S&W in 40 cal. that was not that much fun to shoot after running fifty rounds through it at the range, not to mention that it was rather large to conceal. The M&P Shield in 9mm is a… Read more »

HMLA-167 Warrior

“And for those of you that are sucking up these obsolete pistols, you are getting what you paid for. A cheap inexpensive no-frills gun that you’ll regret owning within 6 months. Come and get them.” Sounds like the writer is just bitter to me. Obsolete? “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” Getting what we paid for? Far from it pal. I got mine for a song and it was worth far more even before the $75 rebate goes through. I got much more than I paid for mine. A cheap… Read more »


So I guess an S&W revolver purchased over 40 years ago is ‘totally’ obsolete since it is both a wheel gun and really old? Umm, NOPE.
The writer may very well be correct regarding a newer and ‘improved’ version is on the near horizon but a bargain on a current model is still a bargain, especially if it meets a persons individual needs. Period

Don L. Bailey

No sir Mr. Gomez, your S&W revolver is about the most reliable handgun out there. Clean the barrel and the cylinder and it is still going to function reliably forty years from now, just like it did forty years ago. Also, you don’t need to worry about a whole host other reasons too, not mention that a revolver is about the safest handgun you can own. Sounds like your revolver has worked just fine for you.

Mark Brown

Well said, Inigo. 😉

Hardy Spires

The no frills gun argument that the writer certainly didn’t make me feel bad about purchasing a M and P Bodyguard with a thumb safety and laser sight. I got mine for $229. I went to a local gun show last weekend and the cheapest one that I saw was $289. It didn’t have a laser on it either. I figure I came out $60 cheaper and also got the laser sight. I am laughing my cheapskate butt off.


I have two Shields in 9mm; both very comfortable to shoot. I have a full size M&P in 45; after shooting it, no way will I go to a Shield in 45 – the full size is a handful in terms of recoil; the Shield would be uncontrollable. As for the Shield being obsolete, not hardily. That’s like saying the revolver is obsolete. As long as it does the intended job, it is not obsolete. Now, will S&W introduce a “new and improved” Shield? Most likely; firearms manufacturers have to turn out new stuff to remain competitive. I own several… Read more »

Charlie Sunderlin

The Shield 45 is surprisingly comfortable to shoot. Accurate too.


I haven’t shot a Shield .45 but I know folks who would agree with you. The ones I have heard ‘complain’ were about the .40 – and they traded for either the 9mm or .45…………..I’ve only shot the 9 so all I know is what I hear…………

Jim Small

I have no complaints with my .40 Shield. In fact, that’s the gun I carry more often than others I own. It’s 100% reliable, and it’s easy to shoot. I always hit what I’m aiming for. How can it get any better than that. I also have a M & P 9C, a full-size M & P M2.0, and a .40 M & P M2.0. Absolutely reliable guns in all cases, so I can’t complain. I’m an M & P guy!


I’m 78, 79 in October and I just bought a Shield .45 ACP. I paid $317, INCLUDING shipping to FFL, BEFORE the $75 rebate. My FFL charged me $20. I also have a Colt 1911 Gov’t Model Mark IV Series 80 stainless steel.
YES, the Shield is a handful but, to me, it kicks about the same as my 1911 and BOTH are manageable for me.

Tom S.

Mine is on it’s way from PSA. It was $274.99 with a coupon and then minus the $75 rebate it will be $199.99.
Free shipping . My local pawn shop / FFL charges $25 for the transfer.

How much were they before the election?


Not to continue off the subject but how is the Shield .45 so punishing at 20.5 oz while 21.5 oz XDS .45 is an easy shooter? Hell, I shoot my .45 better than my son’s 9 XDS.


I am a S&W fan, have been for years. Have owned an N frame .357 6 inch stainless steel 6 shooter for approx 34yrs. Never failed. Also purchased a M&P Sport AR15 in .223/nato a year ago. Nice shooter this rifle. Just recently purchased the M&P Shield in 9mm, and my opinion, the money I paid was well spent. Trigger is light, recoil is very manageable, and it’s a good conceal gun. I own other makes, but my S&W’s are my go to guns. Just my opinion.


The author is incorrect in his “nothing new” statement about the M2.0. I have had two LEO handgun instructors shoot mine and both were impressed enough to say they would recommend them to their departments as the 2.0 is a big improvement over the original M&P.

Otherwise, he’s probably right, a Shield 2.0 is around the corner. But this, like his, is merely an opinion.


You can ALREADY get an improved 2.0 Shield in 9mm, .40 S&W AND .45 ACP. It is called the Performance Center version. It has an improved trigger, sights and a ported barrel and PRICED FOR MUCH LESS additional $s compared to adding the improvements, yourself, to your original first model Shield.


Through the purchasing deals that S&W made with the online retailers, not only have they thumbed their noses at their local gun shop dealers who can’t even source a Shield for what the online retailers are selling them for, but they have decimated the Shield image to make it comparable to a SCCY. It is a sad day when a Shield costs less than a SCCY. The author is correct, it is getting to the point that a local dealer makes more money off of doing the transfers than selling the guns themselves. My local gun shop owner literally walked… Read more »

SGM Gunsmithing

Too bad for your dealer, S&W produces a full line of very popular products and it will be the dealer’s loss for not carrying the line. Stubbornness will cause a loss in customers!

gerald brennan

Recoil no bother in 9mm. Silly objection.
Trigger sucks. I understand 2.0 has better trigger? Or is this marketing hype too?
I went from single-action guns to this for concealed. I still don’t have good trigger pull on striker-fired guns. Low and left. Grrrrrrrrr…

Matt in Oklahoma

They are experiencing jams and slide lockups so be aware


I have a 9mm Shield as my EDC. Great gun that doesn’t have that much recoil. Yes in 45 it would be a handful and more. Just don’t knock all Shields. Perfect gun for concealed carry.


The local Sportsman’s Warehouse is dumping them already…. feedback has been that due to their light weight, they are brutal to shoot and you feel like someone hit your hand with a hammer. But, what can you expect from a gun that weighs approx. 20 oz? Only someone who likes pain would want a .45 ACP pistol that is as light as a toy air pistol…. oh wait, my Sig Air Pistol is heavier. Save your money and don’t waste it on the Shield.