Accurate 5744 Powder Review – Made & Distributed by Accurate Arms

Reloading expert & author, Bob Shell, give us some history, product review and loads for the Accurate 5744 Powder.
Editors Note : Caution, ammunition reloading can be very dangerous, read our “Reloading Disclaimer“ .

Accurate Arms Powder 5744
Accurate Arms Powder 5744
Bob Shell
Bob Shell

U.S.A.-( Accurate Arms introduced 5744 some years ago advertising it as a good powder for reduced loads in large rifle cases.

It also is used in large magnum pistol ammo with heavy bullets.

I can tell you from experience that Accurate 5744 Powder works well in large capacity rifle cases such as the 45-120. I have used it in such cases as the 11 mm French Gras and the 11×60 Mauser with good results. It does well in the 12.17×44 giving good accuracy and consistency. I have also used it in the 454 Casull with top loads showing its flexibility.

For info on their powder lines you can go to for info. They carry Norma powder and other products as well.

Accurate 5744 Powder

When Keith Anderson who works in the lab at Accurate Arms told me that they were coming out with an improved version, he got my attention. The original is so good I was curious as to how it could be made better. Anyway, he sent me some to see for myself. With that thought in mind I decided to try reduced loads in such cartridges as the 30-06 and 30-40. One challenge I wanted to try was to get a 220 grain Sierra BT HP out at around 1050 FPS in other words a subsonic load that is both consistent and accurate. It, like the older 5744 and meters well in my powder measure which is a plus.

Accurate 5744 Powder Grains
Accurate 5744 Powder Grains : image

With the old guns such as the 11×60 Mauser rifle, it is important to keep the pressures low in order to be safe with them. The 5744 is safe enough for this purpose. While old guns are well made weapons for their day they are not designed for today’s modern high pressure loads. Most of the bolt action rifles have only one locking lug which is generally the bolt handle. I have found that 5744 powder works well in those guns with light loads. Velocities approximate the original loads which is what I desire with these antiques. The 45-120 shoots a 520-grain slug at 1600 FPS which will take down any animal you are likely to encounter. A friend of mine used it to shoot a 1 ton buffalo and one shot did it very effectively. In spite of the airspace the load was consistent using 45 grains. I have tried in in the 38-55 and 45-70 with good results in both. There are a handful of powders that are very flexible for many uses and the Accurate 5744 Powder is definitely one of them.

Caliber: 30-06

The 30-06 is the most flexible rifle round and I have developed many light and cast bullet loads. This is just a sample of the loads that can be used with 5744 powder.

13 grains220 grain Sierra946Consistent
14 grains220 grain Sierra1033Nice
15 grains220 grain Sierra1137Consistent
17 grains220 grain Sierra1229Consistent

One thing I found that even with 13 grains velocities are consistent in the 30-06 case even though there is a lot of airspace. That is one reason why I like 5744 so much. If you want a subsonic load in the 30-06 this might be the powder to use. A 220 grain bullet at 1000 FPS will be deadly at longer ranges up to a couple hundred yards with the only drawback would be drop. With the high sectional density of a 220 grain it would penetrate even at low velocities. You could use a 250 grain if desired. I have found that accuracy is good at those speeds.

Caliber: 30-40 Krag

The 30-40 Krag Rifle was the US military rifle from 1893 to 1903 when the 30-03 replaced it. The Krag action only has one locking lug so warm loads should be avoided. The Krag responds well to reduced loads and with the flexibility of 5744 it is a natural in this gun.

15 grains165 grain cast1467ok

Caliber: 7.62×54 Russian

The 7.62 X 54 Russian has been around since 1891 and still sees some limited service making it the longest serving military rifle. Like most military rifles from that period it responds to reduced loads well and is flexible to the handloader.

LoadBulletVelocity Comment
20 grains150 grain Hornady1614Nice
The 7.62 X 54 Russian is one of the many rounds that 5744 works in. Shown are cases and dies.
The 7.62 X 54 Russian is one of the many rounds that Accurate 5744 Powder works in. Shown are 7.62 X 54 Russian cases and dies.

Caliber: 35 Remington

Another old timer cartridge is the 35 Remington. It has been around for over 100 years and is still being manufactured to an extent. Due to its ability to utilize 38 caliber handgun bullets flexibility is one of its virtues. There are many reduced load possibilities with Accurate 5744 Powder and other powders.

15 grains210 grain cast1259OK

Caliber: 327 Federal Mag

In the 327 Federal mag 5744 Powder really shines with the heavy bullets. It does ok with 100 grain but 125 and 150 grainers really bring out the best using this powder. They are heavier then normal bullets but I wanted to try them for possible silhouette loads.

12 grains125 grain soft point1126OK
12.5 grains125 grain soft point1235Nice
11 grains125 grain cast1134OK
12.5 grains125 grain cast1265Consistent
10 grains150 grain cast1061OK

Caliber: 7.62×39

I am working with an SKS rifle and wanted a subsonic load with a 180 and 220 grain bullets. The object was to have it launched between 1050 and 1100 FPS. The Accurate 5744 was a success as it gave the desired results with consistent velocities.

Note the difference with just 1 grain of powder difference. Working with this powder I am amazed at it versatility.

Even the 8 grain load worked though the ES was high as a result of a load that is too light. This test reveals that this powder can function at loads much lower than normal. I have observed this behavior with other guns and it is amazing on how low a charge you can use and still get a bullet to exit the muzzle. Of course the real light loads produce high standard deviations and incomplete ignition but that is normal.

19 grainsHornady HP1925Nice
15 grains125 grain cast1469OK
18 grains125 grain cast1822Very Consistent
11 grains180 grain Speer RN1076Consistent
12 grains180 grain Speer RN1201Nice
8 grains220 grain cast791Light
11 grains220 grain cast1094OK
12 grains220 grain cast1212Very Nice
SKS loaded with 7.62x39
SKS loaded with 7.62×39

Caliber: 9.3×57 Straight

9.3 X 57 Straight a drilling that was fairly popular in Europe at one time. It is a short version of the 9.3 X 74. The case is very long and thin having the same diameter as a 30-30 case. Cases and ammo are available on a spotty basis from Sellier & Belliot. The 9.3 X 74 case can be trimmed for the 9.3 X 57.

20 grains193 DKT Jacketed1443Mild

Caliber: 38-55

The 38-55 is a straight case from the black powder era. It was a favored target round and used for some hunting. In a modern gun ammo can be made powerful enough for deer and black bear hunting. There are a few bullets available and Starline produces the brass.

24 grains220 grain Hornady1827Nice
The 38-55 is an old timer and with a cast 270 grain black powder ballistics can be duplicated
The 38-55 is an old timer and with a cast 270 grain black powder ballistics can be duplicated.

Caliber: 10.4 Swiss

The 10.4 Swiss originally was brought out as a rimfire rifle for the Swiss military. It was one of the earlier bolt action rifles and being a rimfire made it somewhat odd as most military rounds were centerfire. Later a centerfire was brought out and there is a conversion set up for the rimfire which is easy to do. Cases are made from 348 brass and the bullet is a heeled bullet which are available but would take some looking. Bob Hayley 940-888-3352 produces both the brass and bullets.

21 grains325 grain 1148 (Short Barrel)Consistent
21 grains325 grain1192 (Long Barrel)Consistent
22 grains310 grain 1261 (different gun)Nice

Caliber: 45 Martini Henry / 45-70

The 45 caliber Martini Henry is an odd round closely resembling the 45-70 therefore many cast bullets can be used to an advantage.

25 grains300 grain HB Cast1094Mild

Caliber: 11×60 Mauser

The 11×60 Mauser was brought out in 1871 by Germany and was their service rifle until 1888 when the 8×57 Commission rifle replaced it. It was the first of many Mauser designs and is a black powder design though smokeless loads can be used if you are cautious. This load is close to the military round and is safe in a gun that is in good shape.

30 grains370 grain cast1415Accurate

Caliber: 11mm French Gras

The 11 mm French Gras closely resembles the Mauser round though they are not interchangeable. Like the Mauser it was originally a black powder round but cautious users can load smokeless propellants. This load is close to the military round and it like the Mauser can be used on large game.

33 grains370 grain cast1446Accurate
Loading these oldies with 5744 duplicates BP loads with safe pressures From L 43 Mauser, 11 mm Gras, 43 Spanish, and the 11 mm Reformado
Loading these oldies with Accurate 5744 Powder duplicates BP loads with safe pressures From L 43 Mauser, 11 mm Gras, 43 Spanish, and the 11 mm Reformado

Caliber: 11mm Short

This 11 mm short on a straight pull model 95 action may be one of a kind. It was originally an 8 X 56 R but someone re-barreled it with an 11 mm barrel. The case is a trimmed 8 X 56 and the bullets were 45 caliber swaged to .446 and they shot fine. It is a low powered round good for target or small game. If something different appeals to you then this is your gun.

20 grains230 grain cast1214OK
25 grains230 grain cast1455Nice Load

Caliber: 43 Spanish

A rolling block in 43 Spanish is a very desirable rifle. The action is strong enough to use smokeless loads though caution should be used. The bullet diameter is .439 but you can swage down larger bullets such as the .446 if the .439’s are not available. These loads are very similar to the military ballistics.

30 grains370 grain cast1511Accurate
29 grains385 grain cast1460Nice

Caliber: 12.17×44

One of my older rifles is a rolling block in 12.17×44. It was available in rimfire as well as the centerfire version. The rimfire was adopted by the military. My rifle looks rough and has been in a fire but in spite of that and some pitting in the rifling it still is accurate. The cases have to be made from 348 rounds and the bullet diameter is .502 so some cast bullets for the 500 S & W can work. The round resembles a 50-70 but is slightly smaller. I found that bullets in the 300 to 350 grain range work the best. With Accurate 5744 Powder, accuracy is outstanding and at 50 yards, they can be put into the same hole with some enlargement.

25 grains300 grain cast1140Light
30 grains300 grain cast1351Nice

The 25-grain load shot fairly well but left some unburned powder behind indicating a light load. The 30 grain burned cleaner. As a note, I tried 325-grain Berry bullet with a different powder and it did ok.

It is amazing how versatile Accurate 5744 Powder is.

It seems to work well with high intensity rounds such as the 327 Federal and 454 Casull or an old 43 Spanish. I can’t imagine not having some 5744 Powder on the reloading shelf. I wanted to show the versatility of the powder that is why I listed a lot of calibers rather than a few with a lot of loads for each. I have other rounds with this powder but to save space left them out. I have others such as the 12.17 X 44 where this powder is my favorite.

Accurate 5744 Powder is available for sale online including from the fine folks at Brownells.

Western Powders 2016 Ammunition Loading Guide  (reloading can be dangerous : Reloading Disclaimer )

About Bob Shell:

A Custom Reloader of Obsolete and Antique Ammo, Bob Shell, writes about the subject of Guns, Ammo, Shooting and Related Subjects. Visit:

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Charles E Musser

Thank you for an informative article.
Would A 5744 be appropriate for the 460 Weatherby with light bullets ie. 190 gr muzzelloading bullets? Have you had any experience with the 460 with 500gr cast bullets with this powder.
Chuck Musser

Kenton Dilley

Need a load for a 40-50 sharps straight with 300 go and 385.

Kermit Hoke

I need load for 38-55


Any suggestions on this powder in an 8x58r with a 190 grain cast bullet? 20-25 grains would seem about right from what I read.

Dennis Taylor

I use 5744 in my 45-120 Shiloh Sharps and a Uberti 50-95 express and accuracy is better than anything else I have tried,its about as consistent a powder there is but its expensive.

Ken F.

38.0 gr. will get you a nice mid range load in the 460S&W , 1600fps. 28 gr. will give you 1200+ fps with 230 to 255 gr. cast or jacketed ….

Graham Brown

What about the 248 winchester


What about a 30/30?

Bob Shell

It works well in the 30-30 & there will be a publication in a future date


Also works nicely in the 300 AAC/BLK.