State Investigator Concluded Bloomberg Mayor Ed Murray Sexually Abused Foster Son

By David Codrea

Disarm Haters : The true agenda here is "Disarm You." (Ed Murray/Facebook)
Disarm Haters : The true agenda here is “Disarm You.” (Ed Murray/Facebook)
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USA – -( “An Oregon child-welfare investigator concluded that Ed Murray sexually abused his foster son in the early 1980s, leading state officials to assert that ‘under no circumstances should Mr. Murray be certified’ as a foster parent in the future,” The Seattle Times reported Sunday.  “The investigation by Oregon Child Protective Services (CPS) of Jeff Simpson’s allegations determined them to be valid — meaning the agency believed Murray sexually abused Simpson, the records show.”

The May 1984 assessment by CPS caseworker Judy Butler concludes the foster son was abused, and despite Murray’s protestation “that prosecutors had decided decades ago not to charge him,” the reasons behind that are hardly compelling. Per Deputy District Attorney Mary Burns Tomlinson:

The DA made a point of saying Murray’s denials did not “clear” him.

An earlier report notes another teenage boy alleges he was victimized by Murray and provides more details of the abuse.  His paid spokesman dismisses that, points the finger at a predictable target, and in doing so misrepresents the DA’s frustrated admission:

 “The two older accusations were promoted by extreme right-wing antigay activists in the midst of the marriage equality campaign,” spokesman Jeff Reading said, “and were thoroughly investigated and dismissed by both law enforcement authorities and the media.”

Blaming and demonizing political opponents to divert and rechannel attention in such cases is an old trick, making this another example of how for “progressives,” every day is Opposite Day.

Mayor Murray joins Mayors Against Illegal Guns : Known by the company they keep...
Mayor Murray joins Mayors Against Illegal Guns : Known by the company they keep…

Murray is a proud member of Michael Bloomberg’s coalition of mayors demanding gun owner controls. He joined, among others, the Demanding Moms (and reportedly, the National Rifle Association) in denying the right to keep and bear arms to citizens who have been accused, but not convicted, of criminal actions — exactly as he has been.

And his solution to used Seattle Police guns is to melt them down.

Murray is the latest in a long list of Bloomberg mayors accused over the years of crimes that have resulted in numerous convictions. In his case, it’s reminiscent of former Portland Mayor Sam Adams, who exploited a “mentor” relationship with a teenage male for personal sexual gratification.

It’s curious how those who can’t – or more likely won’t – control themselves are so bent on controlling everybody else. It’s also curious how the “progressive” community continually rewards victimizers of one of their major constituencies with political support, and reserves special outraged hostility for those who advocate for refusing to be a victim in the first place.

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About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Isn’t it interesting how many of these gun banners also are sexual assaulters? Maybe that is why they want to disarm potential victims and family members – these sociopaths want to monopolize all of the power. No wonder they got into politics!


While I don’t support Murray or his political agenda, he was never charged or convicted.

Wild Bill

, Some people never get what is coming to them, especially the politically connected elitists. Some are just too slick for our criminal justice system. That is why the Star Chamber was suggested. If even one child were saved it would be worth it.


this is Seattle and this is the bluest state in the west ……….this kind of crap will not get front page reporting here until the statue of limitations has run out ……then we find out this stuff happens so often here it is not news anymore……


Executing pedophiles sounds like something ISIS would do. Yes indeed they are bottom feeders and do not deserve to breath good air, however we should restrain ourselves least we become more monstrous than they are. It should be enough to remove them from society permanently so they can not harm more innocent children, ever again.


Why would a city the size of Seattle vote a perp in as mayor? Oh ya, it is in very left, liberal country. Doesn’t God’s commandments make any difference in this age of anything goes?

Clark Kent

‘Liberal country’? Did you mean liberal COUNTY?


Sorry, I should have said a liberal AREA of the country. Our country is not liberal and I do not want to see the day it could ever be. If anything, liberal could disappear into the Pacific and the Atlantic and I think both bodies of water would be big enough to handle the pollution that would cause.


The refusal of the Main Stream Media to address the pedophilia issue in America will soon elevate it to pandemic levels, and anyone with so much as a “smidgeon” of common sense will easily assign blame to the morons of the Progressive/Leftist mentality. The levels to which it has grown during the past decade would, if the facts were known, shock the very conscience of the World!


It’s time that someone resurrected the “Star Chamber” (1983 movie) concept and put these mutts out of their misery. You’d think that they’d learn by now that opposing a popular platform will involve closer scrutiny of their own actions. You can say that gun control is a major issue but having child abusers run rampant in our communities is a far bigger problem. Since he is a Democrat I’m sure that he’ll blame everyone but himself for his actions, a popular escape route for those finally caught and confronted with their unacceptable behavior.

Wild Bill

, Why execute the pedophiles in secret? Execute the pedophiles in public, and innocent children will be safe from those perverts. If just one child could be saved it would be worth it.


I don’t think that we’d have to make a production out of it. Just having them disappear will cause fear and consternation to others in their network. As more and more disappear they will have no clue as to where the retribution is coming from and when their time is up — butt they will know that they are a potential target. Just getting them to look over their shoulders while trying to go about their business should be just as effective. Fear of the unknown is a great motivator. I am truly sorry and sympathetic for the thousands of… Read more »


Tom Horn was a gunman of the wild west. He was hired by a Wyoming cattlemen’s association to convince farmers to move away from the land that their cattle had been grazing. A movie was made to Tom and it almost succeeded. In that movie he warned each farmer that he was coming to “talk” to him – then he killed him. In the book that was the basis for the movie he was reported to have stated that he always shot from cover, with no warning. He further explained that by doing so the other farmers would fear to… Read more »