Dana Loesch’s Critics Curiously Not Outraged by George Takei’s Clenched Fist

By David Codrea

If the gun-grabbers are offended and outraged by clenched fists of truth, what’s this about?
David Codrea in his natural habitat.

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- “In ad FOR THE NRA, @DLoesch accuses left of ‘violence of lies’ & calls for fighting back with ‘clenched fist of truth.’ Just wow,” MSNBC anchor (self-described as “America’s second favorite cable news lesbian” Sally Kohn tweeted. “At least ad falls short of directly on gun owners to take up arms against left. But sure comes close.”

Really? National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch calling out “The Violence of Lies” in NRA’s “Freedom’s Safest Place” campaign seems more like a long overdue self defense response, but then again it’s no surprise that “progressives” routinely smear self defense as “vigilantism.” And Kohn is hardly alone, with the Bradys and the Bloombergians making it clear who they side with.

Joining the billionaire-funded Astroturfers is Black Lives Matter, which evidently blames NRA, Republicans and racism for violence committed in “progressive”-ruled communities and promises “the raised black fist of resistance” as a response.

This fist is not intended to threaten?

That raised fist was the logo for the Industrial Workers of the World, an early 20th Century experiment in Chicago-style “community organizing” founded by “socialists, anarchists, Marxists (primarily members of the Socialist Party of America and Socialist Labor Party) [and] radical trade unionists,” the ideological forebears of Antifa and the like. With a rose addendum, it is the logo for the Democrat Socialists of America, the group with ties to Bernie Sanders-founded Congressional Progressive Caucus that tried to hide its “songs of solidarity” promising the “bourgeoisie”:

“And when the revolution comes

We’ll kill you all with knives and guns”

But Dana Loesch is supposed to be a violence agitator? And isn’t it curious how Marxists always seem to reject true egalitarian power-sharing that can only be attained through an armed citizenry?

Oh my!

The feigned outrage doesn’t seem to extend to the fist representing One Pulse for America. That’s a new effort reportedly founded by George Takei of Star Trek and Jonah Falcon fame (you probably don’t want to look that last affiliation up). He evidently started the group as a way to respond to the murderous actions of a reportedly sexually-conflicted Islamist extremist who shot up a “gun-free” gay nightclub. So naturally his number one target is the NRA.

How Takei intends to become a force to be reckoned with is unclear, as the One Pulse website (registered through a proxy) is currently inactive. To help with the buzz, Takei has retained the services of the always over-the-top Ladd Everitt, late of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Efforts appear restricted to a closed Facebook group (that will brook no dissent and boot out “heretics”) and a Twitter page that so far has amassed fewer than 5,000 followers.

Who else owns one?

Where Takei’s Pulsators get their funding from is unclear as the organization does not yet appear on nonprofit-listing websites like Guidestar. They’re selling fist logo merchandise, so a funding structure will probably be revealed if they take in enough to require a nonprofit tax return, an uncertainty with no comments and only one share on their big t-shirt sale announcement.

It may seem counterintuitive at first, but the best course of action for gun owner rights advocates just might be to help spread the word. Right now, the most effective opposition group threatening the right to keep and bear arms is the one with the most money, Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown/Criminal Mayors/Demanding Moms syndicate. Ever since he came on the scene, he appears to have muscled the dinosaur Brady Campaign out of much of the significance they enjoyed when they were the number one player. The Bradys also appear to have taken a significant gravitas hit from Mark Kelly’s and Gabby Gifford’s insider connections.

Other national players that come to mind, notably Violence Policy Center and CSGV, are comparatively minor league and historically have proven incapable of inspiring much in the way of passion. It may actually serve gun owner interests to direct those incapable of feigning moderation to Takei’s group as a way to siphon off support from the real threats.

All that aside, if you found yourself in a similar situation a Tennessee homeowner found himself in recently, who would you rather have by your side? Dana Loesch or George Takei?

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Where did the good old “peace-sign” go? Maybe when more agitators get calmed down by using playtime marijuana it will come back into popularity. Even ISIS has stolen the “We’re Number One” hand signal for their (misguided) ideological purposes!


I wouldn’t mind having guns at a gay bar. If it means protecting me from homophobes when I leave the bar, I say, “So be it.” Guys want to start something. Shoot them in the balls. Damn straight I’d do something. I have pepper spray but I might not always have the best aim

Roy D.

Phylicia, like Blacks, you have the most to fear from your own kind.


You would do well to protect yourself from the Homophiliacs!

Roy D.

I think the multi hued fist is quite appropriate as there will undoubtedly be some “fisting” going on in their group. As for George Takei, he is just another old Queen.


Taeki is a disgrace to mankind. At one time he was a popular hero in Star Wars now he is just a misguided big mouth with nothing to say. If he ever saw a clenched fist he would quiver in his boots. There is more I could say about his kind but it wouldn’t get posted.

Silence Dogood

tomcat, you need a new definition of “hero.”
A angry, violent, over the top GAY…nothing new there.


angry, violent, GAY

Now this is rich…. one of those words, in its long standing tradtioinal meaning, does NOT fit with the otehr two.

Perhaps a less ambiguous term for the third, above, would be sodomite. It is accurate, and only means one thing. And yes, most are angry and violent.


A minor disagreement… Star Trek, not Star Wars. If Sulu had indeed inhabited the Star Wars universe, Yoda probably would have punched him in the face… multiple times.

/this posting is for amusement only.

VE Veteran _ Old Man's Club

I believe that a raised white fist is called a knuckle massage on a leftist’s face. Other than that if they want for us on the right to call for breaking out the artillery … they’ve already opened the ball on that one with the Virginia shooting of Scalise. I think it might come to a shooting match sooner or later, but we have more marksmen and combat vets than they do. We know other ways to hurt people that they don’t. Plus we are fighting for a moral right … which is something they’re not doing. Its good vs.… Read more »

Jim Macklin

The problem with hand gestures is that most have been used already. As pointed out “That raised fist was the logo for the Industrial Workers of the World, an early 20th Century experiment in Chicago-style “community organizing” founded by “socialists, anarchists, Marxists (primarily members of the Socialist Party of America and Socialist Labor Party) [and] radical trade unionists,” the ideological forebears of Antifa ” the clenched fist isn’t truth. The raised hand, palm open was taken by Hitler. The hand of truth is the bent elbow, palm on your choice of good book. I prefer a bound copy of the… Read more »


Hitler took the raised extended open-palm salute from our school children reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance”. He should have been called out on that!


The hypocrisy of the Leftist is old news, to everyone but them.

Kenny Burch

Bunch of ignorant people. I don’t think we are created to be gay, but Jesus loves all of us exactly the same, so I thank him that it is not our job to judge one another, but only to LOVE as he did & does love us.


Sometimes the best way to love someone is to call them into compliance with God’s laws for moral behaviour. Pushing your own way upon others is counter to His definition of love.


Jesus’ exhortation to sinners includes the phrase “and sin no more”!!!


I say give them all their own country. Once they run out of money, tough!!


they’ll pretty quickly breed themselves out of existence. When a population reproduces at a rate less than about 2.3 new children per woman of childbearing age, the population WILL decline. So they’ll end up either fading away, or having to import new folks….. if you want to know what that looks like today, have a look at France, Germany, Sweden. Putting them all in their own patch of dirt would be the best thing all round…. they’d be happy because they’d not have any guns walking about on the streets, we’d be happy cause they’d shut up and go away,… Read more »


I’ll take Loesch everytime… Takei and the word PULSE together is enough. He may be into being in a roomful of pulsating rainbow members, I am NOT.

Paul Tudor

The raised fist is a sign of protest, of solidarity, of power. The black one was used, often interpretted, as a symbol of black power. Now a rainbow fist to represent the LGBT community. Now what would a white one be? Racism?

Silence Dogood

Paul Tudor, now, don’t be labeling “whites” as being racist. The Commie/Fascist Left does that all the time. You don’t need to chime in.


Where in that post did I say whites were racist?