Homicidal Rhetoric Increasing Likelihood of More Widespread Violence

By David Codrea

Where's the outrage over Nancy Pelosi not condemning this?
David Codrea in his natural habitat.

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- “The Alt-left does not even hide their violent threats against conservatives,” Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit noted Thursday. “Of course, you will never see this reported by the #FakeNews media.”

“The patriot prayer rally is a nazi white supremacist event,” so-called alt-left “leader” Jordan Towers threatened. “I’ll be their [sic] to crush some nazi [sic] skulls.”

Towers deleted the nailed bat photo he posted on Twitter after backlash. Anyone connected with popular culture can’t help but make the connection between what such a weapon is capable of doing and its similarity to the barbed wire-wrapped “Lucille,” sickeningly used by the totalitarian-minded Negan character on “The Walking Dead.”


At the very least this is an instance of what the snowflakes call “cyberbullying,” and an attempt to chill political speech by disouraging attendance at a permitted rally by those he opposes. Seeing the hypocritical for-the-media meltdown the gun-grabbers had over NRA’s Dana Loesch using the words “clenched fist of truth” while calling out “The Violence of Lies,” Towers will be lucky if it’s not considered a terrorist threat. It's certainly a stronger message than the one Democrat Rep. Kathleen Rice had a fake cow over.

But just because he ran away from his tweet, he’s still advocating violence against those he hates on his Twitter feed. And that appears to be anyone he hates and then smears as a Nazi. But he’s doing it letting others take the heat, by retweeting a Huffington Post story titled “Teacher Accused Of Punching Neo-Nazi Says Standing Up To Fascism Isn’t A Crime.”

It is if you’re the one initiating violence. It doesn’t matter if you hate a person and hate their beliefs. Aggressors don’t get to claim “self-defense.”

It’s kind of funny to me, because I can’t help but recall the time the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (formerly the National Coalition to Ban Handguns, but that name didn’t really fit since they want to ban rifles, too) accused me of, well, read it for yourself:

“Quotes from David Codrea: 

“Careful … You’re talking about testing the ultimate last-resort purpose behind the Second Amendment. Some of us armed Americans take our Bill of Rights seriously and will not go gentle into that good night, bundled or by ourselves. You and your fellow travelers are playing a most dangerous game.”

“Source: Codrea responding to a columnist who suggested that “Anyone who shows up armed at a forum where a public official or political candidate is due to appear ought to be detained—and possibly prosecuted.” Guns Magazine, ‘The Most Dangerous Game,’ January 2010”

Here’s the source and that’s what I wrote. But they absolutely “misrepresented” the context.

I was responding directly to lines from “The Guns of August” by statist cheerleader and “political cartoonist” Ted Rall, and my article made that clear. Here’s what he said about armed demonstrators who were breaking no laws:

“These town hall terrorists could be declared enemy combatants and bundled off to Bagram with the stroke of a pen. If ever there were a reason for suspending civil rights, this is it.”

Would you go gently? (Eliza Griswold, “Fair use.”)

Just in case we're still not clear, Rall is saying he wants government enforcers to take gun owners who have committed no violation of any law, but who have peaceably assembled in protest as per our First Amendment-recognized right—to a reported torture camp, without due process, without trial…Jeez, and to think “progressives” ridicule Oath Keepers for saying they wouldn't obey such orders…

What kind of devoid-of-principles coward wouldn't oppose armed enforcers trying to do that to free Americans? And what kind of subversive traitor to every precept of the Republic, not to mention common decency, would hold that against a man and view it as an opportunity for his public condemnation?

The kind who calls Americans who believe in liberty “Nazis,” and threatens to bring spiked bats to political rallies… And you don‘t even have to be at a rally. You can just be wearing a hat some violent Marxist moron doesn’t like and end up getting a beer bottle shoved in your face. Or walking to class.

The “right” is responsible for its share of offenses, some will counter, but don’t stand for that bit of deceptive conflation. Americans who believe in the Constitution of limited government powers and the Bill of Rights can be neither Nazis nor fascists.  And besides, despite what demonstrable liars insist, Hitler “was, at heart, a left-winger.”

Those who identify themselves as authoritarian collectivists exclude themselves from the ranks of those who believe in liberty for all. They’re closer in collectivist ideology to the guy who gloats ”Communism is coming.”

That would be the guy with the spiked bat.

Anybody up for some “common sense gun safety laws”?

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 39 thoughts on “Homicidal Rhetoric Increasing Likelihood of More Widespread Violence

    1. The best argument against gun control is the behavior of its advocates. These antifa communists believe in gun control because they want the public disarmed. They want them disarmed so they can launch mob attacks againsy anyone who opposes their Bolshevik beliefs. They are ultimately wanting to follow in the footsteps of Lenin and Trotsky and take power by force. They cannot do this if the public is armed, and they fully rexognize that.

      AR rifles, AM rifles, glocks, etc are at their cheapest point ever when adjusting for inflation, so now is the time to stock up and be prepared to defend yourself against BLM and antifa terrorists in the future. In the meantime, show as many friends and family members as possible articles like this one over social media.

    2. The conflict’s starting point will be if Trump is impeached. The backlash against the left will be bloody. Set your affairs right with your maker and be ready to crush some Tyrannical A**holes. They can bring their bats, we have nasty stuff to bring also. Just make sure you are mentally prepared.

      1. @Janek – if you can’t hit the broad side of a barn with a bigger gun it is worth ZERO.
        Always remember the three rules of self defense!
        Shot Placement
        Shot Placement
        Shot Placement

    3. The best part of the non-firearm wielder vs the firearm equipped equation is that surprised/shocked/terrified look on the face/s of the party of the first part/POTFP upon realizing that the object of his/her/its/their ire manifestly ISN’T ‘playing fair’ & has the unmitigated GALL to strenuously & EFFECTIVELY reject the POTFP’s contention that the party of the second part/POTSP is a ‘legitimate’ target for physical expressions of ‘moral outrage’ by the POTFP.

      That aforementioned WTF?/OMG! look is priceless & one that I never tire of encountering. However, the all good things eventually end principle is still in effect & therefore be advised that said POTFP has become hip to that game & is now making their own preparations in response to the POTSP’s ‘rudeness’/’incivility’. Remember folks,: CYA helps prevent WIA/KIA.

    4. I don’t believe we are headed toward civil war. The Leftists can’t be controlled by their leaders well enough to accomplish that. If the police start shooting, as they should against these rioting masses, they will quickly stop showing-up. If they attack armed citizens, again, it will not end well for them.

      Citizens will not stand for these Leftists rioting and allow them to control our activities and beliefs, even if some Leftist politicians advocate for them and allow it. Individual safety is paramount. The numbers of new gun owners is staggering. The press is not willing to acknowledge it, but anyone that goes to a range, can see it. Last Saturday, there were three first-time women shooters at the range I go to. I never saw that many in even one month, until recently.

      1. The leftists can not even earn a decent living w/o government help. How, ever, would they conduct a civil war? War is hot, sweaty, dirty work. Let’s all go to the air conditioned primaries or caucuses, and send new candidates to the general elections. It doesn’t even cost anything!

    5. The KKK, BLM, Antifa, OWS and all of these similar groups are birds of a feather. Despite their stated goals, they all want the same thing, to be in power.

      1. I think 5 or 6 people should wear tyvek painters suits and military gas masks and come out up wind of the thugs and start throwing white powder in the air. When they come out the good group should be told to fall back. They should than leave and the group of the good guys should start yelling Anthrax. You all get my drift.

    6. Don’t focus merely on the useful AntiFA idiots. Look at who is funding their operations – those funders are the underlying problem that needs to be addressed.

    7. These clowns make the best case ever for the second amendment. Once they open the door to violence it is a game they cannot win. If Democrats turn a blind eye to this trend I believe they will become irrelevant for the foreseeable future. People have had enough. What on earth do they think the election was about?

    8. So someone please explain to me how a peaceful protester, even a skinhead, deserves to be bashed with a nail embedded bat. Seems to me the one with the bat is the thug and deserves whatever he gets!

    9. All I have to do is see a bat like that raised at me, and the commie won’t go home to mommy. Let’s play who drills better holes. Bet on my Sig for the money payout. I’m amazed there is not a streak of masked ANTIFA dead bodies yet… but it’s inevitable.

      1. That occasion may well be the spark that ignites the great conflagration.

        It’s only a matter of time before they run up on the wrong (from their perspective) person.

        1. Hand in pocket with pistol aimed at BatBoy. Finger on trigger (11 pound pull “safety”), ’cause if he’s jes’ talkin’ with the bat down and 3 paces back, I’m not shooting. If he raises the bat at me, I go forward and under the bat to “hug the belt” while screaming “RACIST!”. 1-2-3 is how long it takes to raise the bat and take steps, as well as to dump 6 rounds in his hip-chest-neck (contact shots if possible). It’s all good, and time to exfiltrate while losing some over-clothing. Your friends with video & light (sporting Authorized Media logo clothing!) are present to document good and bad, right?

          More PT.

          1. @AJ77, For practice, and testing, I shot my Walther PPK while still in my pocket at a close target… the hammer caught on the cloth inside the pocket. Undaunted, shot my Beretta Tomcat from my pocket at a close target… the hammer caught on the cloth inside the pocket. Still undaunted, I shot my NAA .22 from the pocket… it fired and I rechecked. To this day, I have no idea where that little bullet went, but I did not shoot it straight enough to hit a man sized paper target. Still, as yet, undaunted, I shot my striker fired H&K from my pocket, it fired once and the slide caught on the inside cloth. A one shot affair.
            I still have not solved the problem, but I suspect that something with a hammer shroud is the answer. And practice!

    10. God help the young fool who comes at me with something like that bat with nails. It is a deadly weapon and I will respond with deadly force. These young punks (ANTIFA, BLM, etc.) have never experienced real violence and pain; it’s obvious. What kind of 150 pound fool stands in front of a moving vehicle on a highway expecting to win a one-on-one contest with 1/2 ton of steel moving at 40 mph? No one who has ever been hit by a car or who has been in a serious car accident, I can guarantee you that. I can promise you that anyone who has ever been shot, even accidently, will not openly confront an armed individual with a stick or knife or poster or foul mouth; only an ignorant fool would do so. That is the problem with these left-wing radicals; they are ignorant, which can be cured with education, but they don’t want to be educated to the truth, they revel in their ignorance and that makes them mentally ill or stupid. Mental illness can be medicated, but there is no treatment or cure for stupid.

      1. Oh yes there is a cure for stupid. You have your Sig, many of us have our ______________.

        Interesting factoid: the bible has some things to say about “stupid”, and one of them is to define it as morally corrupt. these clowns ARE morally corrupt, as they try and foist their lies upon the innocent and ignorant. I’d encourage everyone to go back up into David’s piece here and click on the link in red, nazis are left wing. Solid stuff, and written by a guy who has some authority to write about such things. I knew from the git-go that the “alt-right” labels did NOT apply to the false labelled white supremacists, nazis, of any other of the rowdies that brouht their ugly mugs to Cnarlittesville from all around the country, paid by a left wing nutjob who is blatantly trying to take over the workd by first bringing it to chaos. THAT man, the soros, er, squeeze me, source, of a good bit of this nonsense, is closer to a nazi than ANY of the two bit edmonstrators that he paid to bus to Charlottesville.

        WHEN will our Department of “justice” begin to follow the many strings he pulls, and find their way back to his lair, then DEAL with him. I can think of quite a number of serious charges that should have this buy in Bagram…… or at least some local Fed GreyBar Hotel.

        1. WB, Good question. They are all followers with few leaders. Follow the money to find out who is calling the shots. I’ve seen one of the so-called leaders/founders of BLM and she’s way too articulate to buy into the crap they spout. I suspect most of ANTIFA are what the Communists in Russia used to refer to as, “Useful Idiots”. We were all passionate when we were young, but we also had morals, ethics, and standards. These fools were raised by parents who had none of those values and so they, in turn, were exposed to none of them and we are seeing the result.

    11. What needs to be understood is that the goal of the Left is indeed Communism in this country. That’s exactly why they promote squashing free speech, free religion, free press, the right of self-defense and the keeping of arms, the right of the presumption of innocence and a trial by jury, etc. They don’t want you to have the right to exercise these rights.

      1. @vab, People do not realize that Rights are absolute and unlimited. Our government has been trying to change the unlimited and absolute character of Rights since, almost, the beginning. Young people do not realize that once the concept of Rights is not absolute then Rights can be chipped away until government has all the power and We the people have none. The Founders intended that Rights be absolute and unlimited. It has taken generations and generations of government elitists to change the character of Rights. And why? Because there is no profit in allowing you to be a free man.

        1. What you have written DIRECTLY APPLIES to the MOST attacked and limited RIGHT in America. This RIGHT that I am referring to is in the Constitution under the Amendments that RESTATE and REAFFIRM the God given RIGHTS of all men(and women). This RIGHT is called the SECOND AMENDMENT. It is the most ATTACKED, LIMITED and MUTILATED RIGHT in OUR Constitution. Once the Second Amendment is “revoked”, ALL of the other God given RIGHTS are up for grab.
          FREEDOM often cost dearly. Especially when a government become TYRANNICAL. Under the last 5 presidents, our RIGHTS have been under CONSTANT ATTACK.
          Americans CANNOT rest and allow OTHERS(career professional politicians) to TELL them what to FEEL or how to ACT. Every American has the FREEDOM to do as they please AS LONG AS their actions are RESPONSIBLE do not HINDER OR HARM another Person.

    12. I am so disgusted with the Left beyond belief. We are destined to some sort of ultimate conflict, no doubt about it folks. Be ready my patriots on the Right.

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