California Hate Crime Gun Bill another Incremental Disarmament Tactic

By David Codrea

The new witch trials: Accuse, conflate, smear, disarm. A “hater” is whoever the Cultural Marxists accuse of being one. (The Betsy Riot/Facebook)
David Codrea in his natural habitat.

USA – -( California State Legislature sends Governor Brown a bill to disarm hate crimes,” a media advisory from Democrat Assemblymember Byron Jones-Sawyer, Sr. announced Monday. “After receiving no ‘no’ votes in both houses, AB 785, the Disarm Hate Act, will close the loophole that exists within our gun control laws by adding hate crimes to the list of misdemeanors that result in a ban on the right to possess a firearm for ten years from the date of conviction.”

No “no” votes? So much for any Republicans having the guts to not be intimidated by a “progressive” narrative that’s long on virtue signaling and devoid of proportionality. Especially when considering the evisceration of the most fundamental of rights.

“Existing law makes it a misdemeanor to, by force or threat of force, interfere with another person’s free exercise of any constitutional right or privilege because of the other person’s actual or perceived race, religion, national origin, disability, gender, or sexual orientation,” the bill’s overview explains. In the case of the Second Amendment, the State means to do more than just “interfere.”


Like saying “fist of truth”?

Isn’t the whole charge often subjective, and something a person of lesser means might not have the wherewithal to effectively fight and appeal? And haven’t we seen evidence of manipulated reports to gin up public outrage by those with ve$ted intere$t$?

Haven’t we seen outright fraud?

But isn’t “hate” bad?

Of course it is.  And there are laws to deal with those acting on it, against threats, assault and murder…

But the thing is, “progressives” are always adding to the list of what qualifies as “hate.” We see daily accusations that Donald Trump and his supporters are racists, and fascists who shouldn’t be allowed to speak because “hate speech is not free speech.” Conservatives become fair game “for some Nazi pounding.”

No hate there, right? Ideological cleansing doesn't count.

Who remembers being told by some useful idiot that the only reason you didn’t vote for Obama is because he’s black?

And guess what Shannon Watts means by “Disarm Hate.”

The other thing is, we’re talking about a misdemeanor. There has been no evidence presented that a newly-prohibited person has been a danger to himself or others, and thus no disarmament based on a compelling state interest. So much for strict scrutiny when a Bill of Rights entitlement is being stripped.

And it’s not just California.

“[S]ix other states already have a law like this in place: Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Oregon,” Sacramento’s KXTV ABC 10 reported. And at the national level, H.R.2841, the so-called “Disarm Hate Act” (sponsored entirely by Democrats), was “referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations” in July.

BFFs: “Strong supporter of the Second Amendment” Bob Casey and ally in citizen disarmament Chuck Schumer. (Bob Casey/Twitter)

And that’s not the half of it. Back in June of last year I reported on phony “Strong supporter of the Second Amendment” Senator Bob Casey, a “Republican,” Democrat who wants to:

“[P]rohibit the sale of firearms to anyone reasonably suspected to be guilty of a misdemeanor hate crime.”

Let that sink in.

And not to be outdone by anyone when it comes to abandoning all pretext of believing in due process, last month the American Bar Association House of Delegates approved a resolution recommending disarming American citizens based on accusations of “hate crimes” and being a threat.

So the disarmament bar moves from felony conviction to misdemeanor to accusation, and you’re supposed to roll over and take it. And if you do put up a squawk, why, that must make you a hater, meaning you need to be disarmed.


About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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    1. Someone essentially helped me to create seriously great observations based on these articles I would need to say. Here is the very first time that I frequented your webpage and thus far? I impressed with the research you made to make this particular published work so extraordinary. Excellent job!

    2. So great that someone’s talking about this. That said, I thought I was the first when I started stumbled across and began to read about moral marketing. It’s better to have company and your insights here have helped me grow as well. Thanks!

    3. I agree Ca is lost the more truth screams the more they pass ruleings to quiet us first our guns then our cars then our children and private property all so they can keep thier place in the pallice and the sheeple round themselves up for the promise of a free lunch It’s time to load up your Bible and Guns and move to a front where we can still hope to win Don’t look back on Cali for you might be turned to a pillar of Salt. Let’s hope it’s not too late for America

      1. Pass a federal law that makes anyone from Mexifornia from owning or purchasing a firearm. Then go back and grandfather in those that legally own weapons but must show proof and only then will they be allowed to purchase such. And if they move to a different state this should follow and be noted on any legal state drivers license and would prohibit them from ever owning or purchasing a weapon because they are from Mexifornia. Only legally documented citizens on state driver’s license, SS and other Federally recognized documents.

    4. I am unclear as to why there are so many comparisons of Capitalist Trump to Socialist Hitler. Hitler’s party was called Nazi, short for National Socialist. He was a great speaker and held big rallies to cement his power. He rode into power by blaming all of the country’s problems on the former weak administration and all the rich (Jewish) bankers and businessmen. He promised healthcare for all. He printed trillions of dollars (marks) of paper money backed by nothing and doubled the national debt. He nationalized the auto industry and ordered the production of small cars. He nationalized the police and the result was the Gestapo. He ignored the legislative body and ran the country by issuing his own orders. He would stick it to The Jews at every opportunity. They collected all the guns and then hired thugs to intimidate and protest all political opponents. Sounds more like Obama and the Democrats to me

    5. You can bet the NRA is already of the registered list of organizations practicing hate speech. Membership automatically makes you suspect. Antifa & BLM will be listed as patriotic defenders of human rights.

      1. This should not even be an issue.All its doing is punishing honest citizens.When somebody commits a crime? Punish them. execute if it is warranted. No stays…There are over 200 on death row in Ca. alone..Pathetic it is .

      1. How about comipornia secede and then there will be no Cali porn I a! They’ve already made it known to the nation that they don’t want the constitution being the law of the land! Let them break away and don’t give them any American tax dollars for their national disasters! Let them become North Mexico being they want to allow illegals to stay and have more rights than American citizens. Allow more of Arizona to have water front property

    6. To underscore what this Bill isn’t saying I will include this reference from an article “Free Speech for Thee (but not for Me?) by Rick Swenson

      “Did you know that there are places in this world where you cannot stand on the corner of a street and protest the president without being taken away by authorities and even thrown into a prison? I think the fellow who stands up on his soap box and says stupid, vile, contemptible things should be permitted to do so. I might listen to him for a few minutes, but decide he is an idiot and that I do not agree with his opinion……and I will walk away and ignore him.”

      Students nodded their heads.

      “But if you will allow the State to determine he is a fool, or bigot, or racist, and then allow the State to take him away, well you have now also made it possible for the patriot or the genius with his grand and inspiring ideas to be taken away as he speaks on a different corner. And then his ideas – ideas which you might adore – can be silenced too.”

      “There are places in this world where you dare speak your mind with great fear. There are places where the powerful State will interrupt or silence you, perhaps put a bullet in the back of your head after daring to contest the way things are. And this is the price you will pay when you prohibit Free Speech of new ideas, or old ideas, or nonsense ideas…or golden ideas.”

      “I say let the idiot or fool speak his mind, and you and I can ignore him and walk away. But if you will silence the bad, you may also silence the good.”

      So in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia it has come to this when this bill passes. The State will determine on the basis of what some little pissant said (either because they didn’t like your message, the way you dressed or some other such B.S.) whether or not you’re guilty of a hate crime, or speech. Then they will take away your right to defend yourself by confiscating your firearms. Once they have all the firearms confiscated then it is only another small leap to the “bullet in the back of the head”. That would come under the guise of cost cutting measures i.e. its too expensive to incarcerate you so now we’ve just decided to go ahead and execute all haters.

      1. California is practicing “transference” where you blame someone else for trying to do what you already do. They say “stop fascism” when that is exactly what they practice.

    7. I suppose, failing to have managed their “representatives” sufficiently, the next step (how long will we wait?) will be for a lawsuit coming from a violated innocent swept up in a riot in Berserkeley that spilled over onto the victim’s lawn will be charged with a hate crime for breathing within five miles of the IC campus there…. and lose his firearms to the corrupt coppers. He will sue on the correct basis that he’s been denied due process of a trial as a precondition to his loss of his gun rights. And liberty. It will go all the way to SCOTUS and become a “landmark” decision… one way or the other.

      California signed on to the same Constiotutioin the rest of us have over us….. time they are forced to rejoin the Union or break entirely. .

    8. Jerry Brown and all the a**-hat politicians in Sacramento need to be kicked in the private parts and woken up, they work for all Californians(except the invading illegal aliens), not the other way around.. Stand tall and fight on my conservative brothers and sisters.

    9. If it works like other “Hate Crime” prosecutions, it will be 98% White males who will be charged. A misdemeanors now will be the basis for taking your guns and rights away in California. It was bad enough when the liberals made it possible for a pissed off ex-wife to lie to a judge and have you banned from purchasing a firearm without due process. Now, in California, any BLM or ANTIFA member, or any minority who doesn’t like you for whatever reason (wearing a pro-Trump hat or t-shirt) can cost you your firearms and rights by lying to authorities. California, obviously is a lost cause, as are the coastal cities of Oregon and Washington. Let us hope this “disease” does not spread outside of California and the West Coast.

      1. “[P]rohibit the sale of firearms to anyone reasonably suspected to be guilty of a misdemeanor hate crime.”
        Due process of law is a protection afforded only to illegal aliens. Where in our Constitution does it say Rights are to be afforded to anyone other than citizens?

        1. @DC, I would like to point out that it is not much of an error as there is not much difference between those two political parties.
          Great article in Rights Watch (Nov issue). They keep me subscribing to Guns magazine (there has to be a joke in that somewhere. Gun’s magazine maybe).

    10. this isn’t gun control, this is yet another incremental step to completely nullifying RKBA and open the door for genocide against the American people (it doesn’t matter what “side” you are on, we will all be potential targets). This is why this fight is more important than ever to expose the insanity of the PC and anti-freedom and liberty-for-ALL nonsense….

      Patrick Henry knew what he was talking about…… our liberty and rights must be maintained and fought for or we will lose it all.

    11. Where are all the “supposed” Conservative California citizens? You folks folks need to get off your keister’s and start voting these ‘demo-idiots” out of office. You start at the School Board level, then local city councils; county next . Get the picture? If not, we can import N. Korean communists to complete your conversion!

      1. If there were enough Conservatives in CA to vote them out it would have been done long ago. Despite protestations to the contrary I’ll say, once again, what I’ve been saying for some time. CA is a lost State. The populous centers are died in the wool blue and will not change.

        You have two choices, move, when possible, or stay and continue to eat this cow pie. Surrounding States take note, these ultra Liberals are getting fed up with the taxes they voted for and are looking for other places to take their Liberal lifestyle and beliefs. Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado are becoming prime targets. Utah has, for the most part, been spared because Libs don’t like the liquor laws so they keep on going.

        1. Vanns, I don’t think you can define this threat in terms of “conservative” and “liberal” states. I am coming to realize that that’s the sort of thinking that allowed this cancer to spread. The problem for conservatives and libertarians is that we’re still conducting ourselves according to the rule of law, conscience, and moral limits, while the leftists have never done so. You may remember that my family is trying to relocate, and have been looking at Idaho, supposedly one of the freeest states in the Union and a part of the Great Redoubt. It only took me ten minutes of browsing the websites of their larger cities, Boise and Coeur d’Alene, to find it. Agenda 21/2030, completely embedded. In the case of Boise, I had to double check that I hadn’t accidentally landed on Seattle’s website. A brief browse of the “community” supporters reveals a who’s who of leftist corporate astroturf.

          I’m finding this everywhere I bother to look now, including Texas. At the same time, there are several counties in Northern California, the Sheriffs of which are vocal members of the Constitutional Sheriffs And Peace Officers Association. The regions of Eastern Washington and Oregon, two other states that are “lost”, are also considered a part of the Great Redoubt, and buck their state governments constantly. I think state borders are ceasing to matter.

          We’ve been politely debating, campaigning, voting, donating, arguing in court to protect our rights and republic, following civilized conduct and the Constitution. The leftists meanwhile have been engaging in lies, election fraud, bribery, intimidation, character assassination, assault, vandalism, arson, theft, terrorism and murder to achieve their agenda, supported by a lot of international (much of it illegal) money. It’s no mystery why, until very, very recently, when real Americans finally began to wake up to the fact that we’re in a knife fight, we’ve been getting our teeth kicked out.

          We’re still going to try to relocate, but i’ve dispensed with the idea that we can move someplace “better.” I’ve also dispensed with any attempt to be civil, or even civilized, where these new Bolsheviks are concerned.

          1. John, I couldn’t agree more. If you look at a map of all the counties that Hillary carried in the election, they match up perfectly with the places you do not want to live if you believe in the Constitution and are a conservative. It isn’t restricted to just one area, but every state has its bastions of liberalism.

          2. John: I agree with the general premise, however, you can’t start a revolt in an area that has already been taken. That’s using resources to fight a lost war. Better to make a stand in a State where you can beat them back by any means necessary. If you think I play “nice” you should have seen me address the Norfolk, VA City Council where I told them if they passed a proposed law they would be responsible for the rape and murder of women in the City. I did it in front of TV cameras and so infuriated them that two of them walked out in the middle, one while muttering an expletive under his breath. They didn’t pass the legislation.

            I will call them out every single time they show their heads. I don’t sugarcoat it and I don’t care if they are so angry that they foam at the mouth. The only thing I look for is a TV camera or a reporter(s) so that the public can see exactly what their elected officials are really doing to them and what the effects will be.

            These people thrive on conducting their nefarious business in private or under the guise of “public safety”. I call it exactly what it is, more laws that allow the rape, robbery, assault and murder of law abiding citizens while doing nothing to curb criminals.

            1. Vanns, thanx for the comment. Is their a link available to see this rebuttal to the state of VA? I’d love to watch it.

            2. Perhaps, but I can’t help but notice how effective our opponents have been in taking it from us to begin with. What has been taken, can be retaken – with a willingness to use effective tactics, even if the idea is distasteful. The Nazis never amounted to more than 2% of the German population, and look at how much damage the did (and are still doing. It can be argued that they actually won WWII. Look up Operation Paperclip).

              I also would have liked to see your performance at that city council meeting. That’s the ticket, sunlight and brass knuckles.

      2. We’re here, and we vote. But are totally overrun. Pols in Sacramento don’t care, they do whatever they want. The ‘takers’ have overrun the ‘givers’..

      3. I am not at all a fan of the DRNK, but I do not see any way that North Korea could make things any worse by invading or even nuking the entire left coast. In fact they could show these wannabe socialists what real communism is.KWANservatives and demonCRAPS alike would be lined UP AGAINST THE WALL!!!

    12. Being liberal is a sickness and is is taking the country and will destroy it. I am not KKK, I am not neonizi, but I am NRA! Maybe if these liverials joined NRA they could learn not to point a toy gun at a cop or anyone else.

    13. So simply being accused of a crime is now a crime, thus your rights can be stripped from you without due process. Sounds like we are one giant step closer to the concept of “total criminality.” This goes far beyond gun rights, guys and gals–way far beyond. Do I hear warning bells at 200 db?

    14. This is why we conservative Americans who believe in the Constitution, God, liberty, and our natural God given rights have reached that place where the line must be drawn in the sand. We cannot retreat any further, nor can we ever compromise with the left. They have constantly wheedled and whined their way into getting what they want. The politicians of both parties have proven themselves to be enemies of freedom only interested in their own pockets. Our backs are to the wall and we have reached the tipping point … will we remain a free people or will we sink into some kind of PC Socialistic subservience to the all powerful elites? I can never consent to live on my knees as a slave. I was born a free man, and that is the way I’ll die. Shannon Watts and the rest of the gun-grabbing ilk be damned.

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