Ed Brown Products Add Lightweight CCO to their Line of Custom 1911s

Ed Brown Products Add Lightweight CCO to their Line of Custom 1911s
Ed Brown Products Add Lightweight CCO to their Line of Custom 1911s

Ed Brown ProductsPERRY, MO-(Ammoland.com)- Ed Brown Products, Inc. is excited to introduce the new CCO LW to the expanding line of the World’s Finest Custom 1911s. Known by most firearms enthusiasts as the go-to source for the highest quality, traditional 1911s, this second generation-owned company is continuing in those footsteps, while adding new, innovative and sleek 1911’s to appeal to today’s discriminating custom pistol buyer.

Since the inception of the CCO concept, the most serious users have known that the lightweight CCO is the perfect combination for daily carry, and this new pistol will exceed those demands.

Building severe use pistols for now five decades, the Browns understand what it takes to make a solid performer. With this CCO, like all aluminum framed pistols they build, the feed ramp is reinforced with a steel insert to avoid erosion common to aluminum frames that see continued exposure to hollow-points.

This pistol is adorned with some of the now over 100 custom options that can be chosen when having a pistol custom built. Every feature was carefully thought out for a daily carry pistol. Starting with the compact (Officer’s) sized, lightweight aluminum frame, combined with a round butt housing and concealed carry beavertail for maximum concealability. Perfectly aligned carry cuts added to the slide for easier one hand holstering, a single side safety, and flush-cut slide stop for a no-snag profile for the right-handed shooter. The flush cut and reversed crown barrel protects the rifling.

The Snakeskin treatment on the frontstrap, mainspring housing and slide provides all the grip you want without the harshness of checkering, allowing for pure comfort shooting with no abrasive grabbing of cover garments. Our fixed rear sight and red fiber optic to keep you fighting no matter the lighting conditions. Finally, the sleek, heavy slide chamfer finishes off the slide.

Sales and Marketing Director John May shared with us, “We are just continuing to do what Ed Brown is known for; building the best custom 1911s you can buy. While recognized most for traditional 1911s, keep in mind that Ed Brown invented some of the most innovative and highly imitated designs, such as the Bobtail Kobra Carry, and Snakeskin , so producing cutting edge 1911’s is in our DNA. Our 50th year is almost here and we are going to remind you all of our history.”

For more information on Light-weight CCO or any of our custom 1911s please check with your local Ed Brown Products Dealer or visit www.edbrown.com . Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram . Find informational videos on our firearms by visiting our YouTube channel.

About Ed Brown Products:

Beginning over 50 years ago as a one-man custom shop, Ed Brown Products has evolved into one of the leading custom manufacturers of high-end 1911 handguns and components. The complete line of innovative 1911 parts, and 1911 handguns, represent the pinnacle of engineering, hand craftsmanship, and performance, and come with a lifetime warranty! All Ed Brown products are manufactured in a family-owned and operated facility under the direct supervision of the Brown family, who are entirely focused on raising the bar for custom 1911 excellence. For more information please contact Ed Brown Products at 573-565-3261, or visit www.edbrown.com.