Big Change in the Las Vegas Shooting Timeline

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

Dean Weingarten

Arizona -( Previously, the reported timeline was the security guard, Jesus Campos, was shot and wounded in the leg, by the Las Vegas mass murderer at about 10:17- 10:19, 10 minutes *after* he started shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival attendees.

In the revised time-line, authorities are saying Campos was shot and wounded in the leg at 9:59 p.m., as he approached the door of suite 135, on the 32nd floor. *before* the shooting on the crowd started.

There are many changes in possible scenarios that come with this revelation, and many questions.

The security guard is reported as responding to a “door ajar” alarm on another room.  Why was he shot? Sheriff Lombardo says Campos reported the shooting immediately, but the police did not know about it until they discovered him on the 32nd floor, wounded, about 18 minutes later.  From

On Monday, Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo announced a change to the sequence of events that occurred on Oct. 1, saying a security guard who encountered Paddock was actually shot at 9:59 p.m. local time, minutes before the 64-year-old unleashed a hail of gunfire on unsuspecting concertgoers.

Previously, authorities had said that the security guard, Jesus Campos, was shot after Paddock had opened fire on the crowd below.

Lombardo said Campos immediately reported to hotel security that he had been shot. However, responding officers did not know Campos had been shot until they arrived on the 32nd floor and encountered him, Lombardo said.

According to the new time-line, the shooting on the crowd did not happen for another 6+ minutes. That is a long time for no action to be taken on the shooting of a security guard. The mass killer may have panicked at the vision of the security guard. It may have peempted his plans, precipitating an attack before he was completely ready.

More details will come out in the weeks and months to come. We are already hearing the killer was depressed and in pain. That could lead to suicidal planning, which is common in mass public killers.

The timeline change reinforces the understanding that seconds are precious in responding to these events.

It is pure speculation, but I wonder if hotel policy might be different, or delayed, for those at the highest level. Might there have been previous shootings where someone was wounded by other high level guests, where everything was covered up for a price?  Perhaps “accidents” where the hotel did not want the bad publicity?

All the hotel management knew, from the above scenario, before the mass killer opened up on the crowd, was that someone in suite 135 had shot through a door and hit a security guard in the leg. The guard was mobile. The wound did not appear life-threatening. Making this a police matter may have seemed premature. Maybe the on duty management was trying to determine the best approach to take.

The answers to those questions may come over time. I have not heard an ambulance was called for Campos, the security guard.  If 911 was called, there will be a record.

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Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

  • 17 thoughts on “Big Change in the Las Vegas Shooting Timeline

    1. to tell me their hall security cameras couldnt see what was going on…this whole thing is getting fishier and fishier as time goes on….

    2. The thing that get me about this old guy working alone is how many trips did he have to make to get all the guns, and ammo, up to that room ?? With that much fire power, what did he have a fork lift or something ??

    3. In any event like this, there is a bunch of incorrect information.
      I recently took another look at the Sandy Hook Massacre. I found that much that the
      many conspiracy theories is based on is incorrect or misinterpreted information. I also quickly
      realized that the investigative authorities also report many things which are inaccurate, or incorrect.
      I decided that I had to limit my own review to just the provable facts, such as 911 Logs, and Police
      Dispatch Logs which are timed stamped, and to what’s shown in the crime scene photos, all of
      which in themselves offer a bunch serious unanswered questions.
      The Authorities are still at a loss to explain why Paddock committed the massacre. If have just heard
      that he began acquiring the weapons he used either 9 or 12 months ago.
      The single big event about 12 months ago, was the Presidential Election. The single big event 9 months
      ago was the inauguration of President Trump. We hear that in the mid 1980s Paddock who was
      living in Florida at the time, was a registered Democrat.
      Is it possible that a psychotic response to his medications were focused by the Liberal Media’s
      hourly vitriol toward the President into a demented obsession to strike back at society?

    4. Stop listening and start reasoning people. I’m not saying jump to conclusions but there are bits and pieces of info both out there now and also missing. We can wait, like dutiful sheep, for the “professionals” to investigate but that’s not the point of all of this. The point is to distract you with things like how many weapons and how much ammo; explosives and more weapons in his vehicle; scoping out other venues in other cities. Bump stocks? Please… those of you who heard some of the audio know full well that there were far more than 30 rounds in some of those bursts. Those rounds were consistently timed to a full auto cyclic rate. There is no way ANYONE from that distance using that attachment could achieve that consistent rate of fire AND control the weapon well enough to score that many hits much less kills. The rounds heard I. The distance aren’t echoes either! Red herrings all!
      We should be sick to death over this and be planning resistance for what is being revealed as a well financed takeover!! Oh I’m sorry, I jumped to a conclusion….
      God bless the victims and their families. They and Paddock were sacrificed for an agenda. The first part of which is to get your guns. After that, use your reasoning and stop listening!!

    5. The sheriff was getting getting very defencive in his news release yesterday. I don’t think they have a very good handle on what happened or when it happened. Too much confusion.

    6. Hotels will cover up anything that may effect thier brand image negatively especially if it involves “VIP” guest
      Question, does the Mandalay Bay have armed security?

      1. Very few hotels have armed security. They perceive it as a liability and image risk, and they often provide “customer service ambassadors” rather than true security officers. Few hotel security persons have quality training and experience. This hotel should have had a protocol for screening and restricting all persons (even staff) using the elevators and stairwells. They should have had restricted access stairwells, cameras that were actually monitored 24/7, elevator security checkpoints, etc. With proper security screening (few hotels invest in it), the Vegas wacko should have stood out and been very obvious, before he even became so confident and comfortable.
        Comment: In this era of global terrorism, when will we as a nation get saavy and stop having and attending outdoor events with perfect and accessible vantage points for mentally impaired, evil, wacko
        From…NRA member and former hotel security director.

    7. No video footage around the scene. No clear footage of how those long rifles came to where it be. I suspect a set up, somebody working in the hotel has done inside job. Every employee and guest in the hotel needs to be investigated. I don’t believe a lone 64 year old man with no established reason or motive whatsoever could pull up something that will require months of planning.

      1. @Gil. I totally agree. As I mentioned previously
        This doesn’t pass the smell test. Plus an unarmed
        Security Guard is an oxymoron. If he’s unarmed he is only a watchman

        1. Back in the ’80s & early ’90s I worked at 5 star hotels in Philadelphia. To the best of my knowledge security was unarmed. That seems pretty normal, Perhaps casinos have an armed squad near the money but they wouldn’t arm all of their security people.

    8. Every thing about this horrible incident is suspect.
      Something is very wrong here. Nothing about this
      Story passes the smell test.

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