ELEY .22 Ammunition Receives Petersen’s Hunting Editor’s Choice Award

ELEY High Velocity .22 Ammunition
ELEY High Velocity .22 Ammunition


USA -(Ammoland.com)- ELEY Ltd, Inc., the leader in premium rimfire .22LR manufacturing turns heads with Petersen’s Hunting staff and earns the Editor’s Choice Award for their high velocity hollow point ammunition.

A prestigious award that reveals the industry’s top performing ammo, according to Petersen’s Hunting. In order to receive such an award, ELEY high velocity hollow ammunition was tested amongst other competitors in categories such as workmanship, innovation, performance and accuracy.

With almost 190 years of industry experience and documented championships, ELEY knows what it takes to produce superior products. Their .22LR ammunition features a 38 grain hollow point producing average speeds at 1250 feet per second.

It is housed in a sleek black oxidized brass case and delivers match grade performance.

“At ELEY, we take awards such as the Petersen’s Hunting Editor’s Choice Award with honor and great pride. In a crowded category such as ammunition, we have to produce a product that stands out from the crowd.

We will be adding our Lot Analyzer to our product packaging that shows the consumer how the ammo they are purchasing performs from our state of the art product proofing facility to ensure they are purchasing the best ammo for their needs”, states Jamie Corkish, ELEY USA Marketing Director.

For more information or to purchase ELEY ventus pellets please contact 406-314-6249 or visit their website.

About ELEY:

ELEY Ltd., Inc. based in Birmingham, England is the foremost global leader in .22LR ammunition. ELEY provides the most innovative products and services through knowledge and technology to improve performance and enhance the enjoyment of target shooting, thereby ensuring our customers fulfill their competitive sporting ambitions and win at every level of the sport. ELEY is accuracy defined.