Assume Morrissey’s Lethal Hatred Extends to Trump Supporters

How many Trump-supporitng “vermin” would Morrissey be willing to blow up “for the sake of humanity”? (Morrissey Official Facebook)

U.S.A. –-( “Since he has been in power, [President Donald Trump] has exhausted the world,” English singer and “frontman” Morrissey told the German weekly Der Spiegel in an interview synopsized Saturday by Spin. “He is not a leader. He is a vermin.”

It’s telling to note a German magazine spreading the characterization of a human being as “vermin.” We’ve seen that before from German national socialists, making Morrissey’s admiration for American national socialist Bernie Sanders all the more revealing.

And what do you do with vermin?

“When asked hypothetically: ‘If there was a button here that would kill the president instantly, would you push it or not?,’ Morrissey, to the surprise of no one who’s been watching him closely in recent months, plainly answered: ‘I would, for the safety of humanity. It has nothing to do with my personal opinion of his face or his family, but in the interest of humanity, I would push.’”

For the sake of humanity, vermin must be exterminated. 

Nothing like a “progressive” returning to his roots.

What about the people who enthusiastically voted for Donald Trump, not because of “his face or his family,” but because the issues he campaigned on mirrored their core beliefs? What about the people who believe in putting their country first, and not allowing suicidal forced immigration to erase and replace a culture their ancestors died to create? What about people who voted for Trump because he promised he would safeguard the Second Amendment through laws he would sign and federal judges he would nominate?

After all, we're talking about someone who said the Norway massacre was “nothing” compared to what McDonalds and KFC do. What did fellow animal adjusted environmental case Ingrid Newkirk say?

“A Rat Is a Pig Is a Dog Is a Boy.”

Besides, what would be the point of just eradicating the “frontman” who is essentially an avatar?

When some national socialist sympathizer calls for the death of Donald Trump, we need to ask ourselves what it is about the man Morrissey hates so much. The answer is the policies Trump says he stands for. That means Morrissey hates those who agree with those policies. Trump is the symbol for all those who chose the vision of America he articulated over what Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders offered.

And if he could push a button to eradicate such “vermin”?

“For the safety of humanity,” right?

Since for “progressives”, every day is Opposite Day, it’s no surprise that Morrissey also hates the idea of the most egalitarian form of power-sharing established to date, an armed citizenry.

He canceled an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel because he would not share the stage with guests from “Duck Dynasty.” He dissed  Donald Trump for blaming the gay community following the Orlando massacre because the president dared to express support for such victims being able to defend themselves.

It’s hardly a surprise that Morrissey prefers a state monopoly of violence when you consider that term was coined by German political economist, sociologist and philosopher Max Weber. Among his other advocacy “achievements,” Weber also championed approving Article 48 into the Weimar constitution, establishing “emergency powers” to bypass Reichstag consent, allowing Adolf Hitler's rise to unchallenged power.

And is anyone really surprised that after enabling an all-powerful state, Morrissey doesn’t like the way TSA physically treated him when passing through San Francisco International Airport? Like a typical collectivist elitist, what’s SOP for the proletariat is “sexual assault” when it happens to him.

The real question here is, since Morrissey has established himself as wanting to kill our president (and by extension other “vermin” who believe in the same thing): How does it advance the purposes and objectives of the Preamble to the Constitution to allow a demonstrable foreign enemy to even be here?

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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    1. This “gentleman” lives in the most crime ridden,dangerous country in Europe and he has the gall to criticize our President. Everyone see his level of intelligence?

    2. I knew this guy was bad, but not this bad. Sadly, he’s just one of many who view us like this. I will admit, though, that I get a certain amount of satisfaction anytime a pretentious British celebrity gets all huffy about America and it’s politics. People like this need to talk about their opinions as often as possible. We need to know who hates us.

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