Barry’s Marital Vow-Breaking Consistent with Her Oath-Breaking Hypocrisy on Guns

Barry proudly did her part with the Tennessee DNC delegation to inflict another oath-breaking gun-grabber on her countrymen. (Mayor Megan Barry/Facebook)

USA – -( “People that we admire can also be flawed humans, and I’m flawed, and I’m incredibly sad and sorry for the disappointment that I will see in those little girls’ faces,” Nashville Mayor Megan Barry told The Tennessean Wednesday.  She was talking about being caught in an extramarital affair with the head of her security detail, a situation coinciding with his “retirement” while she still tries to keep her place at the public trough.

Tellingly, her self-serving mea culpa lets slip that she considers herself admired.

Why she should see disappointment in the faces of any little girls remains unexplained. Time was adults sheltered small children from salacious sexual details, but then again, we’re dealing with a “progressive.” Bringing that up though, along with talk of “forgiveness” and “regaining trust,” should resonate with the sob sister constituency. It should also divert attention from concerns about potential criminal conduct, questionable overtime, and solo trips with her lover — including seven days in Athens.

“But, what I hope they can also see is that people make mistakes, and you move on from those,” Barry further equivocated.  Sorry, but a mistake is when you add numbers and forget to carry over to the next column, or read the label wrong and set the oven at 350 instead of 375. Breaking your vows and betraying trust, deliberately, repeatedly and with premeditation, is a choice, and one she knew was hurtful and wrong, yet did anyway.

But it’s not the broken vows gun owners should be outraged over, except as an indicator of a petty tyrant who demands control over others yet will not exercise it over herself. What we should be concerned about is her oath, and repeatedly breaking it is also no “mistake.”

Article. VI. of “the supreme Law of the Land” mandates:

“[A]ll executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution.”

Barry took that pledge as freely as when she promised “I do.”

But while enjoying the benefits of a taxpayer-funded “four-person team in charge of keeping the mayor safe and transporting her to various functions,” Barry was an outspoken citizen disarmament zealot.

Among the infringements she’s publicly called for: Ending private sales, overturning preemption to allow a patchwork quilt of urban (Democrat) bans, opposing open carry, and keeping teachers disarmed so that schools will remain “gun-free” predator-empowerment zones.

It’s no surprise that the husband Barry cheated on for two years is also anti-gun. While he appeared to try and straddle the issue in a recent editorial, it’s clear his sentiments are with the side that disparages the “political and personal liberty” view of the Second Amendment:

“[T]he rest of us see it as a grotesque desecration of the very idea of a free and civilized society.”


If there’s any doubt how he really feels, a recent tweet, complete with blame-apportioning to NRA for school shootings ought to clear things up:

How can you feel sorry for the guy?

It’s ironic, but hardly surprising to observers of “progressive” cognitive dissonance, that when an anti-gun “feminist” made a conscious decision to reject one man and couple with another, she chose the one who is capable of protecting her – with a gun.

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About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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in regard to Barry, I read in last night’s paper that she and her buddy did not use any tax dollars for their little trips to different motel rooms. I wonder how her hubby likes his new title as a cuckold.


Thanks, Tomcat, that’s interesting…

I wonder whether the lovebirds avoided using tax dollars simply in an attempt to hide their financial trail, or whether they were (even barely) smart enough to attempt to avoid criminal charges for embezzlement…

You’re quite right about cuckold hubby… seems he has some decisions to make.

duh duh

Medical profession has not worked out the details on how to use a ” tow truck ” to a progressive’s HEAD OUT.

The Revelator

You know, it is quite interesting to see an article on Ammoland Highlighting “Hypocrisy vs Consistency”, when that has been an active and engaging topic in the comments section of another recent article here..

Spread the word, Consistency matters.. ACTA NON VERBA

Rev, Out…

Neptune Steel

Is she pregnant? Hot beef injection.


I heard this a few days ago but I had voiced my opinion before that parts of Tn. were getting quite liberal. I don’t live close to Nashville but can see the effects of this. By the way, where is the Tennessee Gun Association in all this. It seems like they would be stirring things up since she is anti gun.


Right on the money again David. Mrs. Barry obviously went for a more manly man. She likely grew tired of her pansy-ass husband’s bone-smuggling ways. Regardless, it is so sad to see yet another great American city lose its way to the left.

Terence Colligan

Only a moron would blame drunk driving on cars.


Moron? You just described the liberal Left, in its entirety.



Nashville Native

Thanks David for bringing this to light. Mayor Megan Barry has lost the trust of Nashville in many ways. This Hillary Lite lady from Southern California is turning Nashville into a little Chicago. She has taken the Nashville fairgrounds where we had auto racing, flea markets, state fairs, and gun shows and building a professional soccer stadium, which she bought using Nashville tax dollars. Now she wants to build a multi-billion dollar transportation system to replace the one no one uses now, again using new Nashville tax dollars. People from California and Chicago are flocking here. Nashville residents are moving… Read more »

Wild Bill

@NN, She will not resign. The voters of Nashville will have to defeat her in an election. Hoping that idiots like her will resign, die, or decide not to run is no plan. If her success continues, she will seek higher office, more power, and do more damage. Get your friends and family together and vote.

Marc Disabled Vet

Problem is More and More Rich, (Artist’s & Actors) Democrats
are moving in and feeding the coffers of these Leftist thinkers
The common Folk can’t afford the Fight ahead.

Wild Bill

@MDV, the golden rule, hug? Well, flooding the primary elections or township caucuses is just word of mouth agreements to show up, and does not cost much.

The Revelator

Disabled Vet

The problem isn’t finances. The problem is putting up consistent trustworthy people who don’t turn around and do the same things they campaigned against in the first place. The “common folk” vote gladly for people like that. Sadly, because of people pushing the idea of “A winning candidate” we all to often get stuck with people like Mitch McConnell.


Correct, Rev… The problem is not finances… it is actually character (or lack thereof). Any human being’s personal integrity and honesty are determined by a complicated real-world combination of genetic and environmental influences, usually over a long period of time. A political campaign intentionally paints its candidate in the best possible public-relations light, hoping that the public will be persuaded to pre-judge (or at least, estimate) the candidate’s character to be good enough to justify being elected. But that candidate’s true character, good or bad, can only be proven to the public AFTER stepping into office… which may indeed be… Read more »

The Revelator

@JoeU Sooner Excellent points, though today that is becoming a much harder reality. Obama, as new and as fresh as he was had a traceable history. Even if you go back to his first instance in politics. His Career was practically launched by William Ayers in Ayers own house.. If that isn’t a red flag in itself…… However, your assertion of the vetting process after election is whole heartedly correct. The problem we run into there though is an entirely different issue. Morons who don’t educate themselves vote too, and they normally vote for the name or letter they recognize…… Read more »

The Revelator

@Wild Bill

Just remember, the Progressive Golden Rule is “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Wild Bill

@Rev, I was thinking of “Those that have the gold, make the rules.”, but “Do as I say… ” is also true of lib/soc/progs.

The Revelator

Wild Bill

They haven’t had Gold for years. Printing presses on the other hand………

I understood what you were saying, Its just that Trying to talk about Progressives and rules do not mix. There is no rule created that they are not prepared to violate.


then the locals who care, if there are enough of them, must mount a recall election and take out the trash. Its been done before. That would look good on her sorry little self.


If the affair happened on his and her time no big deal. But they did it on company time and he was enriched with overtime. Game over for both


She had to make sure he got overtime for such arduous duty.

Green Mtn. Boy

So she is a hypocrite in her marriage as well as her political life.

The Rifleman

No question or doubts about that Green mtn. Boy You got that absolutely right. A hypocrite in every sense of the word! I believe adding gold digging monetary whore to the description would be fitting as well.