CJ Grisham Announces Virtual Wall to End Illegal Immigration, Launches Petition

CJ Grisham for Texas State Representative
CJ Grisham Announces Virtual Wall to End Illegal Immigration, Launches Petition

TEMPLE, TX – -(Ammoland.com)- Republican candidate for state representative CJ Grisham announced on Monday his plan to create a “virtual wall” to address border security and illegal immigration.

“I will work to create a virtual wall between Texas and illegal immigration, and we do that by cutting off 100% of public funds used to support illegal immigration,” said Grisham. “It’s outrageous that our tax dollars are being used to encourage illegal behavior.”

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, illegal immigration costs Texas taxpayers about $12 billion annually.

A petition to “secure our border now” was launched online at CJ4BorderSecurity.com. Campaigners will collect petition signatures throughout Bell County. The petition calls upon President Trump, Governor Abbott, and legislators to “secure our borders, end funding to illegal immigrants, ban sanctuary cities, and to enforce our existing immigration laws.”

“While serving in South and Central America, I identified and neutralized human traffickers, drug cartels, and dangerous gangs to keep them from getting to our border and endangering Americans,” said Grisham. “I know what is coming from the South and Central American countries up to our borders, and it concerns me as an American, as a veteran, and as a Texan that we aren’t doing everything we can to ensure that our borders are secured.”

“As state representative, I will continue fighting to ban sanctuary cities, secure our borders, and end public funding of programs that promote illegal immigration.”

CJ is a retired Army First Sergeant and Counterintelligence Special Agent and founder of Open Carry Texas. For more information, visit CJGrisham.com or call 254-294-5505

CJ Grisham and Family
CJ Grisham and Family
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Brandy Stewart

Illegal immigration must stop. If they want to come to USA they need to do it the right way. They are taking USA jobs than an American should be working. Look at the ones that have been deported and came right back and murdered an American. This is getting way out of line. Democrats would rather shut the government down instead of voting with the republicans. They Mexicans and other countries are sneaking drugs and guns through Mexico. Hello wake up people!!!

Michael Yon

We must stop illegal ‘immigration.’ But who will build the other wall? The wall to keep out Stolen Valor. CJ Grisham was busted out for his Stolen Valor. He lied about his Iraq service, and was caught. Said he wiped out an entire Iraqi squad all alone. All by himself. Using only a grenade and pistol. No witnesses. No statements other than his own. Grisham told this story for years until he was caught. Later, Grisham was sent home from Afghanistan with mental issues. Before that, Grisham had complained about hearing voices in his head. Grisham published by his own… Read more »


I’ve said this before, the dreamers would not be so angry about being deported if it wasn’t for the free stuff they get here. We all know “back home” there would be no freebees. The democrats want to talk about how many dollars they contribute to the tax system and how they are doctors and lawyers and such (Willie Nelson). Save an American life and deport them.

Alan Martin

I always wanted the free stuff to be cut off for all illegals. Start now cutting the freebies and give them a free ride back. These illegals are law breakers and should be deported or in prison. If an American citizen breaks the law we go to jail. Some will still slip in but no freebies so must work to eat. They and their employers will be caught soon and both go to jail. No wall needed…

Brandy Stewart

BUILD TYE WALL!!! The illegal immigrants that have been departed several tines keep coming back to the USA. Democrats wants to gripe about legalizing immigrants when they counting to come back and kill innocent people. The Democratic Party better get some act righty. Screw the illegal dreamers as well. We need to help our own people in the USA. People in the USA needs help with schooling, education in K-12, why do u have to push 1 to speak in English, what? This country is so divided and it started with Obama. He has been the worse president ever.

Inspector John

We definitely need better schools, specializing in written English grammar.

Inspector John

We definitely need better schools, with an emphasis in written English grammar. Spell-check can’t catch everything!

Green Mtn. Boy

Build the Wall,Build it NOW