Guns for Me but Not for Thee


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Guns for Me but Not for Thee

Ft Collins, CO –-( Hoi Polloi (AKA: “The Unwashed,” “Peons,” “Riffraff”)

In the wake of last week’s terrible event in FL, gun-prohibition advocates are predictably wasting no time in shrieking for additional “reasonable restrictions” on our Second Amendment rights. Like leftists everywhere, they never get into inconvenient details of course, but insist we have to “do something.”

Many are advocating for the forcible confiscation of all perpetually undefined “assault weapons,” of overturning our Second Amendment. As noted above, they ever fail to tell us exactly how all this could be done!

Curiously, among these shrill voices are many big-city mayors and police chiefs, often referred to as the “guns-for-me-but-not-for-thee” crowd!

Even more curiously, not a single one of these public officials is advocating for additional restrictions upon themselves, but they adamantly insist that the “hoi polloi” (a group of citizens which evidently doesn’t include them) don’t “need” guns.

Dreadful new gun restrictions they postulate are desperately needed (but that will apply only to the “hoi polloi”), will never apply to them personally. They will, of course, be exempted, just as they predictably exempt themselves from most other laws and “rules” they so piously, so self-righteously inflict upon the “Great Unwashed.”

I hope they understand that we wretched members of the “hoi polloi” are more than a little skeptical with regard to their true motives!

We fail to understand how ripping guns from the hands of everyone who hasn’t committed a crime will somehow prevent violent criminals from victimizing us newly unarmed, and we’re frankly unconvinced that “guns-for-me-but-not-for-thee” politicians even care!

“Roper: So, now you give the Devil himself the benefit of law?

Sir Thomas More: Yes! What would you do? Cut a great road through the law, to get after the Devil?

Roper: Yes, I'd cut down every law in England to do that!

Sir Thomas More: Oh? And when the last law is down, and the Devil turns around on you, where will you hide then, the laws all being flat?

This country is planted thick with laws, from coast to coast, Man's laws, not God's! And when you cut them down, and you're just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that will blow then?

Yes, I'll give the Devil himself benefit of law, for my own safety's sake!” ~ From the 1966 feature film, “A Man for all Seasons,” starring Paul Scofield


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Defense Training International, Inc

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  • 7 thoughts on “Guns for Me but Not for Thee

    1. @DaveBrown You would give up all your guns and, I suppose, all your Rights too in order to save one of your grandchildren. Well, I suppose that would be the prevailing thought for most of us but really, what would it accomplish? Nothing and, in the long term it would cause so much harm that your entire family and those of many others might well perish. When asked “isn’t it worth it if it saves just one life?”, the answer is always no, because that one life saved is always followed by the loss of so many more, as we’ve seen whenever we’ve tried to substitute security for freedom and, predictably, wound up with neither.

    2. I say yes We Have To Do Something, but What? Gun regulations, maybe, and please remember our FFL system is gun control, like it or not. Me, been there and done that at age 65. We have had lots of gun restrictions, and mags, and even ammo over the years. None of those every really hurt me. Did they work? I will say No they did not work. Now that you are confused as to who I am, Good, see we are not all alike. I will guess I would rank in the top 1% if rated by the number of firearms I own today, so what. I would give them all up to save One of my Grand Buds. So What do we do? I kid, a young lady student at the school in FL said, what we are doing now ain’t working. I agree. Now to sound just plain nuts, I have started a little movement. I say lets train our kids starting at age 5 in Self Defense. That way they might just Make A Move on a Bad Evil Person trying to Kill Them. That beats the heck out of standing there saying, Mom, Dad, Help Me………………. Get It, I sure Hope WE Do, Grandpa Dave PS: I have been blessed with a whole lot of guns, ammo, and shooting time, thus I know just a little about what I speak. I am ready and willing to try anything, and yes that includes my time and money. I an thinking the NRA could step up in a training program starting at Age 5.

    3. MEANS, OPPORTUNITY, INTENT. The time honoured recipe for any crime or perpetration of evil upon another.

      Remove the gun, as has been done in most of England, France, Australia, Germany, Norway, when someone has INTENT he will invent or discover OPPORTUNITY, Once those two are in place, MEANS can be any of a number of things. As mentioned, explosives (the supposed solo act of Tim McVeigh involved a rented truck and some fertiliser. Anyone with a little curiosity and internet access can learn how. Cheap untraceable items can be very pwerful and lethal. Boston Bombers are alledged to have used a pressure cooker. A determined pervert in New York simply rented a truck fro Home Depot. On a lower key level, how about an “angelic choirboy” the like of T. Martin simply walking about on his own school campus, before or after he got kicked out, with a common baseball bat. A big strong ripped dude like him could do in feew dozen before he might be subdued. A line drive type hit to the side of the head would be lethal in most cases. Certain readily available from the grocery store items, without raising the least bit of suspicion, combined with a bit of knowledge will als be lethal to signficant numbers in an enclosed space like an assembly hall. Unarmed school bus drivers could be an easy target for a hijacking. The way gummit uffishuls have been trained to concede to the demands of criminals would make that far easier than most would admit.

      As always, its NEVER the “arrow”, (the tool or device employed) its ALWAYS the ‘indian”, the one employing it. No one ever would have suspected commercial airliners could be used to destroy large buildings, nor that they could be commandeered with simple and cheap box cutters. We can lock up or regulate whatever “arrow” is the “fleche-du-jour” and someone with evil intent will simply ad-lib and find.make something else. When Cain rose up against his brother to murder him, we don’t really know what he used, but it was likely a club or rock, perhaps an edged tool used for something else. God did not ban rocks, clubs, sharp edges. No, He banished Cain.

    4. I also notice another correlation. Those big city mayors and police chiefs, who call for the most restrictive of gun laws, up to and including confiscation, are the same people who are continually calling for ever increasing surveillance of their citizens. NY, Balt., Wash. D.C. etc. are installing cameras and various surveillance methods at a rate unthinkable 20 years ago. Your life and movement, truly, is not your own, yet they have no duty to protect you all while denying you the Right to defend yourself. And we let them…..

    5. Those in Power Have The CCW Permits , They Also
      Got The Armed Security Guards . Us .. We Don’t Need ,
      Those Things We Don’t Matter. We’re Not Important .
      Take It Away From Them.. Whooo Boy , Listen to Them
      Howl and Cry. The Hill Would Be Empty . Ya Know Like ,
      Un-Safe . Nobody Would Work (as if they do now) . Safe
      Spaces Would Crumble From Over- Crowding .

    6. Why is it that every time someone else brakes the law me a law abiding citizen who has done nothing wrong have to pay for the crime committed? A new law will not work because they will not enforce the old ones on the books!

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