Are House Leaders About to Betray Gun Owners?

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Will House GOP Leadership Add Anti-Gun Fix NICS into Omnibus Spending Bill?

Washington, DC -( Are House Leaders on the Verge of Adopting Anti-Gun Agenda?

Dear Friend: I need you to take action right away.

Here’s the treachery that is occurring on Capitol Hill. Republicans are showing, once again, that they are the “stupid party” — now that their leadership is pushing gun control as part of the government funding bill.

Capitol Hill sources — and media outlets — are saying that the House leadership wants to include the anti-gun Fix NICS language in the omnibus. But in doing so, they would be breaking their promise to gun owners.

A vote to pass Fix NICS is a vote to kill Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Last year, the House of Representatives passed the GOA-backed H.R. 1181, which would create due process protections for veterans.

But, if the Fix NICS/Take the Guns First language is slammed through on the omnibus, there is NO chance that H.R. 1181 will see the president’s desk.

Similarly, when the House passed Fix NICS late last year, it coupled it in a combo-bill which also contained concealed carry reciprocity, our highest pro-active legislative priority.

And the leadership promised at the time that it would not consider a Fix NICS provision without reciprocity.

However, if this anti-gun provision is slammed through on the omnibus, reciprocity will be dead for the year.

The reason is that all the impetus to “just do something” and pass some kind of gun legislation will be gone — because of the passage of the anti-gun Fix NICS provision!

Take Action: Call your Representative and the NRA

1) Please call your Representative — at 202-224-3121 — and urge the exclusion of Fix NICS from the omnibus bill. If gun control is included, then urge a vote against the “rule,” which allows the anti-gun omnibus spending bill to even come up for consideration.

The “rule” is sometimes the best way to kill a bill because Democrats almost routinely vote against the rule. Then, coupled with pro-gun Republicans who oppose Fix NICS, it’s possible to get a coalition that will sink the bill.

Gun owners should tell Republican Reps. that a vote to pass Fix NICS is a vote to kill reciprocity.

Anti-gun Democrats can simply be told the omnibus spends too much money, so please vote against the “rule.”

2) And if you are an NRA member, please call the NRA at:

* NRA-ILA: 800-392-8683
* Main NRA Number: 800-672-3888
* Millie Hallow (Managing Director of Executive Operations, and assistant to Wayne LaPierre): 703-267-1077

The NRA has been supportive of the Fix NICS legislation, ever since Sen. John Cornyn introduced it in November.

But as an NRA member — and I am one myself — we can politely urge them to urge that Fix NICS be removed from the bill OR to oppose the “rule” if the anti-gun language is included. Further, encourage them to support the inclusion of reciprocity into the omnibus.

Again, if you need a refresher on the problems with the Fix NICS bill, you can read the article we’ve posted here.

You may have seen that one gun manufacturer backpedaled from their support of Fix NICS within three days, after an outpouring of comments from customers.

This is a reminder that pro-gun supporters can make a huge difference when they let their voices be heard!

Remember, the anti-gun Fix NICS bill has been cosponsored by Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in the Senate.

We need to apply the full-court press to defeat this gun control provision.

Thanks so much for your help.


Tim Macy

P.S. Please make the two phone calls suggested above. We need to pull out the stops to stop gun control and put concealed carry reciprocity back on the agenda.

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Maybe the Senate will find something they don’t like and put it aside like they did reciprocity.


Can’t anyone spell, write in clear concise sentences?

Dave Brown

Betray! Come On, Get Real, Your view is a huge part of what keeps us on the left or the right. Free Your Mind and Be Independent. Course that is what our elected officials need to do, but first they need to get the hands out of Big Money Pockets. Betray, you are simply Complaining about The Complainers, and all in an effort to make a Buck. Before U go off half cocked, me gunner since the age of 12, and that makes for 54 years of shooting and hunting. Yet I think your the narrow minded one.


Don’t forget Trump’s betrayal. I no longer support him. Nancy Pelosi was right when she said “Republicans do not know how to govern.” They hope to lose the House in November. They then can sit back in their House “easy-chairs” with no stress and pretend they support the President’s agenda.

Wild Bill

, What betrayal?


What did Trump do? If your talking about his rhetoric after Parkland then you also have to know he did that to expose the anti gun vote for who they are. There are a lot of snakes in the swamp.

Bill M

Ryan can’t help himself once a ring always a rino untill people in his district wake the hell up

Green nMtn. Boy

Surely you jest,after all we are speaking about the house Republicrats under the leadership of the Speaker Rino,er Ryan.