School Administration Only Allows One Side of Gun Debate

School Administration Only Allows One Side of Gun Debate
School Administration Only Allows One Side of Gun Debate

Arizona -( When political activists are attempting to pass a long-term agenda with emotion and fear, they cannot allow dissent. The emotional narrative they are pushing is fragile. Dissent causes people to think. Thinking causes the narrative to collapse.

Andy Dalsin, alone and courageous high school student, stood up to the organized political agenda of the left. He “spoke truth to power”. He was not allowed to protest with others of his school, but was driven off by the school principal, Lonnie Seifert. From, video at link:

Dalsin said principal Lonnie Seifert told him to give up a sign that read “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people” or leave the property, citing district policy.

“I stood in the back,” he said. “I didn’t try and cause a ruckus, but I was seen by the principal and he came and we had our exchange.”

The district said in a statement that “such items must be submitted to and reviewed by school administration at least 24 hours in advance.”

But Dalsin stresses other students also had signs, and told him they didn’t know about the policy either.

“Administration didn’t fairly use their policy across the board,” he said. “I felt like I was singled out unjustly and my constitutional rights and my First Amendment was trampled on.”

The New Prague High School administration put up an explanation of Principal Lonnie Seifert’s actions. They claimed that they have an obligation to enforce their “free speech” policy without regard to political viewpoint. The jarring contradiction is the walkout only had one political viewpoint. Any others were suppressed. The statement from the school is deliciously ironic.  From

Yesterday approximately 100 of our high school students participated in a walkout, as did many of their peers across the country. The walkout was conducted peacefully and without conflict. Since then, attention has been focused on a sign that was present during the walkout.

The District has a policy that such items must be submitted to and reviewed by school administration at least 24-hours in advance. In compliance with the District’s policy “… to protect the exercise of students’ and employees’ free speech rights, [while] taking into consideration the educational objectives and responsibilities of the School District,” the sign was moved to non-school grounds. The District has an obligation to enforce this policy without regard to political viewpoint.

No student was disciplined and law enforcement was not involved with any of the students present during the walkout.

New Prague Area Schools fully respects and recognizes that students have free speech rights. Those rights, however, are to be balanced against the District’s responsibility to maintain a school environment focused on education. The District’s administration has an obligation to enforce the policy, which is known as a “time, place, and manner restriction.” For more information, our policy #505 can be found on our district website at

You have a school deliberately supporting one side of a political debate, and not allowing the other side to participate. The school actively supported one side, and actively suppressed the other side. Then, they have the gall to claim that they did it to support free speech!

This is the sort of thing racist gun control was built on. Rules and laws are passed but only enforced on one side. In the South, the rules were enforced against black people. In the New Prague Area Schools, the rules are enforced against those supporting the Second Amendment.

There are other examples of heavy-handed enforcement of the gun control narrative.  Those who insist on the unilateral disarmament of the population are accused of suspending a teacher who mentioned to her class the political partisanship of school policy in California, an Ohio student was suspended for refusing to participate in an anti-Second Amendment “walkout”.

All of these events were “justified” by school administrations as necessary because of their administrative rules.

That is how fascists have always operated. Use rules to enforce one side of the political debate: the side they favor. Ignore violations of the rules by your side.

When government funded agencies are used to promote one side of the political debate, you don’t have freedom. You have authoritarian rule.

It is not supposed to happen in the United States.

©2018 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.

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About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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James Higginbotham

and i say all this is leading us STRAIGHT TO ANOTHER REVOLUTION, OR CIVIL WAR.


It is becoming apparent that public schools are NOT the choice place to send you kids for an education. They scream about vouchers for private schools but there is a little more control on the teachers. Public teachers, in some cases, are there to work a few months and have a lot of time off. The liberal B.S. that was pounded into their head while they were being educated has been forwarded to the next generation. Voucher is good and creates competition.


So, lets see, the student has a right of free speech only if he gives 24 hrs prior notice? I took an oath, and that oath hasn’t, and won’t expire. We are not far from civil war in this country, and it saddens me deeply. All the wars, and the battles fought, not to mention the number of men, and women that have given their lives for this nation, just to see it flushed down the crapper by bleeding heart progressive liberal communists! I have reached an age that puts me closer to the end than the beginning. In other… Read more »

Edward Weber

Ten thumbs up. I’m on the back side of the power curve myself and feel exactly the same way. With my back and hip problems I’m not sure how much help I would be, but my heart and spirit would be there.
The tree of liberty may if fact need watering again in the future.

Mike in Texas

I don’t have a problem with the article; but I do have a problem with authors writing and not identifying the location of the incident/event. This happened in New Prague, MN according to one of the links. Next time please identify the location in your story!!!

Douglas Kuykendall

It is a good bet that 99% of students walking out,doesn’t even know why they’re out there.They just see it as a chance to get out of school.They are not that smart when it comes to history of America because,#1 they are not taught the real American history,#2 they are not smart enough to realize what the adults behind all this are brainwashing them,#3 they have no common sense.You can be book smart an dumber than hell.They just passed a bill in house that throws 50 million a year for what?Suppose to train students and teachers what to do in… Read more »


What I find myself wondering is HOW is this being so well coordinated across the country and on such short notice. There MUST be some sort of shadow communication system that can so quickly reach and dictate to these control freaks, suddenly getting so many on the same page. School admin denying any kids their free choice to NOT walk out……… preprinted or handwritten signs all across the country , same messages everywhere. Any differing opinion or point of view shut down or threatened. Local police in full support of the pre-determined narrative. School boards all on board and jigging… Read more »

Wild Bill

It constantly amazes me that nice normal parents, form a nice normal family, send their kids to public school, and the kid is, thereafter, never able to think again. I an beginning to think that the “unified school district” is a very poor idea.


I am a Vietnam veteran. I spent several years there. I used the G.I. bill to attend college at Northeastern in MA. I managed to finish in 4 years at night school while I worked full-time days. I am born and raised in CT. Prior to going into the Army, I had visited all the revolutionary war sites. I was in high school and old enough to drive. I walked and stood in places like the Lexington Green. I was in awe and so grateful that I was born in the USA. But now I see and observe that we… Read more »


I am a Vietnam Veteran also and I did spend many years there as well as other locations around the world. I am a retired CSM, 31 years service in uniform. I look around and say to myself “Brothers & Sisters” you died for nothing. Look at what is happening here in The United States? Progressive Democratic Socialist Parasites are taking over and brain-washing our youth. There is no more True American History being taught in public schools. Yes reco29, I agree with you.

Marc Disabled Vet

I do believe there are enough of Us left (viet vets)
that All Think Alike ! We have a bigger Voice than most .
We just need to organize and make our voice heard.
I enlisted at 17 in the corp. Came home to a very ,
different country than when I left. And it’s going Down
Hill faster now than ever. We must act now !

Mario Lepore

Why are we surprised that the school administrators have little or no respect for the 2nd amendment? They are clearly trampling on the 1st amendment as well. It appears that they regard the US Constitution as an outdated collection of guidelines that they can blow the dust off when it suits their needs. In a couple years when these kids are all in college we are going to wonder why they can’t handle dissenting opinions in a debate without retreating to their safe-spaces.


Imagine that, schools that breed this butt hurt generation that needs safe spaces and blocks critical thinking, that inclusion at all cost unless you disagree with what we think then you need to shut up and conform would not allow any real discussion and dissent to be heard.

Jim Macklin

Seems a criminal charge of conspiracy to infringe on civil rights, to wit, school board policy conspires to prevent speech, verbal or visual, on topics.
The ACLU would be involved if they were honestly involved.
But a criminal complaint filed in federal court naming te school principal, the school board members who made the conspiracy and any teacher who who enforced such suppression.


Isn’t it interesting the ACLU only comes running when civil liberties violated agree with their agenda? The scope of this is clearly similar to others where they’ve showed up on tje doorstep with a suit.

Douglas Kuykendall

Need to get a bunch of students to protest an walk out.

2nd Amendment Patriot

NRA needs to step in with a legal letter demanding the resignation of the principle. The student should sue the school for selective enforcement of their policies and denial of his Constitutional RIGHTS. I would donate to the cause if needed.

2nd Amendment Patriot

NRA needs to step in with a legal letter demanding the resignation of tbe principle. The student should sue the school for selective enforcement of their policies and denial of his Cobstitutional RIGHTS. I would donate to the cause if needed.