Catch Brass and Save Cash with TacStar’s Brass Catcher

U.S.A.-( TacStar’s Brass Catcher is the perfect accessory for AR shooters who reload. No more walking around bent over trying to find where your brass flew!

The Brass Catcher simply clamps to the Picatinny rail of flat top AR’s. No firearm modifications are needed. The mounting bracket is adjustable and low profile, so it can be positioned to clear optics or scopes. The heat-resistant catch bag can hold up to 120 .223 cases. When you are ready to empty the bag, simply pull it off of the mounting rail and dump out the shells! The bag also can be unsnapped from its aluminum deflector plate for thorough cleaning.

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  • Clamps to Picatinny rails on flat top AR’s
  • No Modifications needed
  • Shell bag pulls off the mount for easy emptying
  • Low profile and adjustable
  • Holds up to 120 .223 cases
  • Heat resistant bag


  • Brass Catcher with Rail Mount (Part #1081240) MSRP:$34.98 

    Catch Brass and Save Cash with TacStar's Brass Catcher
    Catch Brass and Save Cash with TacStar’s Brass Catcher

About Lyman ProductsLyman

Lyman® Products, founded by avid outdoorsman, William Lyman, has been innovating firearms, reloading accessories and gear for 140 years. Today, using advanced technologies, Lyman is in the forefront of meeting the needs of shooters and reloaders across the world. Whether pioneering the use of digital technology in reloading tools or reintroducing “antique” calibers and bullet molds, Lyman continues to improve and innovate the tools and accessories used by serious shooters and reloaders.

Lyman products and brands are available nationally through firearms and sporting goods dealers and mail order companies. Pachmayr, TacStar, Trius Traps, A-Zoom Precision Snap Caps, Butch’s Gun Care and Targdots are also Lyman brands.

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I have a Caldwell that does pretty much all the things the Lyman does, and has a zipper on the bottom of the bag if you don’t want to dump, or shake them out. Lyman has been around for years, and makes excellent products for the shooting world, as has Caldwell. I can’t say one is better than the other, and the price is exactly the same for either, but I just happened to come across the Caldwell first, but would buy either of them.


Great idea! Are th the e cheaper ones?