Dicks Sporting Goods to Destroy Unsold Firearms and Accessories

Goodbye, Dick's. And good riddance.
Goodbye, Dick’s. And good riddance.

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Dicks Sporting Goods announced on Monday their plan to destroy all of the unsold firearms that the chain pulled from the shelves of their subsidiaries including Field & Stream.

Dicks Sporting Goods stopped selling modern sporting rifles such as the AR-15 on Feb. 28, 2018, in response to the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. The school shooting took place on Valentine’s day by a deranged former student using an AR-15. Dicks also raised the minimum age to buy a long gun or ammunition in their stores from 18 to 21. They also stopped selling standard capacity magazines even though the shooter only used 10 round magazines.

“Thoughts and prayers are not enough,” the company said in a statement released after the shooting. “We support and respect the Second Amendment, and we recognize and appreciate that the vast majority of gun owners in this country are responsible, law-abiding citizens. But we have to help solve the problem that’s in front of us.”

Dick’s CEO Ed Stack stated that he was worried that the Parkland shooter could have purchased the rifle he used at a Field & Stream store, but he insisted that Dicks Sporting Goods still supported the Second Amendment upon the growing backlash from gun owners as well as a boycott by Second Amendment supporters.

“We’re staunch supporters of the Second Amendment – I’m a gun owner myself,” Stack said on “Good Morning America” after the policy change was announced. “We don’t want to be a part of this story, and we have eliminated these guns permanently.”

This instance was not the first time Dicks have faced a backland from gun owners. In 2012, following the Sandy Hook tragedy, Dicks pulled modern sporting rifles from all Dicks Sporting Goods stores across the country. The rifles were still available for purchase at Field & Stream.

The sporting goods chain could return the unsold firearms to the manufacturers but has chosen not to return the merchandise. According to some Second Amendment supporters, this stance is further evidence of an anti-gun bias at Dicks. It is unclear how many firearms Dicks will be destroyed, or if they plan on writing off those guns as a loss on their taxes.

“We are in the process of destroying all firearms and accessories that are no longer for sale as a result of our February 28th policy change,” a spokesperson from Dick’s Sporting Goods told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “We are destroying the firearms in accordance with federal guidelines and regulations.”

Dicks Sporting Goods has been storing the modern sporting rifles at their distribution centers since they pulled the guns from their shelves. The company will destroy the firearms and send the parts to a salvage company to be recycled.

The company is facing two lawsuits for age discrimination due to their policy of having to be 21 to buy a long gun. These cases are still pending, but the company plans to fight out the suits in court.

Dicks Sporting Goods is the largest sporting goods retailer in the country.

Their stock dropped sharply after the retailer pulled the firearms from the shelf and enacted anti-gun policies. The company claimed the boycott did not effect their stock prices.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnews. John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at www.crumpy.com.

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I have made my last purchase at Dick’s!


It’s funny how they still sell the Ruger Mini 14 though. Same gun but no “scary” looking black stock, or pistol grip. I will never set foot in their stores again. Rather pay more elsewhere than give them my money.

Walkin O'Shea

I don’t care for a company who bows to pressures of the political left. I see it as very unAmerican. So as far as Dick’s Sporting Goods is concerned it’s “Adios muchacho”!



The other Jim

@Wild Bill, this is the time of year most companies have the stockholder meetings. They should put it up on the proxy to see how the shareholders vote, i.e “For, Against, Withhold: No longer sell, and destroy all current inventory of the semi-automatic rifles named at a non-tax deductible and unreimbused loss of $$$$$$$$; this action causing Earning Per Share to drop by $$$$$$$” etc. The Board (and the CEO) recommend this proposal.


Dicks Sporting Goods Inc (NYSE:DKS) stock was having a rough day Tuesday following the release of its earnings report for the fourth quarter of 2017.

A few more bad quarters and there done. We can put them out of business. That you’ll show them.

Whit Philbrick

Sadly that would be acceptable to me.

We think that a store that large will be unaffected by the boycott of only 2-3 million people but when there’s only 350 million people total and gun owners are right in their target market it’s a factor hat they can’t ignore.

Dr. Michael Velsmid

Just sit back and wait for Dick Head’s liquidation sale. Bankruptcy is coming soon. Down the cesspool along with Sports Authority. Stupid is what stupid does. When wifey is looking for her Yoga stretchies do the Dick Heads think Hubby will be looking for the non-existent gun department or looking for a quiche making machine? He will be sitting outside in the car ordering from Bass Pro. Dick’s stock market price (NYSE: DKS) for the past 5 years has been as deflated as a limp Dick. So their Dick Head CEO “had to do something” by destroying inventory. I hope… Read more »


That’s easy. I’m fed up with them. They now have nothing I want and won’t be going there.




They are actually what their name stands for DICKS !!


I wonder how their stockholders feel about this loss?


You have lost my son and I as customers .

Gideon Rockwell

Will never do business with this bunch of Anti Constitution Libertard sell outs.

john sabin

You, as many others NAILED IT!!

William S Murphy

Of course! Why would you expect anything less from a bunch of Dicks…


We have a dicks in cedar park Texas. I have only walked thru it with no purchase. Glad I never did. There is a local gun shop that’s privately owned and I have bought there, as I try and support all small local business. Academy and Bass pro are the only chain stores I shop and that’s for reloading components I don’t want to pay hazmat on. Dicks isn’t following a fad, they are leading a charge to gain steam and favor with the anti 2nd liberal’s. The same liberal’s like Geroge Soros, George Clooney,Rosie O’Donnell and several other’s who… Read more »


Dick’s Sporting Goods can KMA!


So he’s a staunch supporter of the second amendment , Gee i know a senator ,from N.Y. who said the same thing ,and added to it , WITH RESTRICTIONS, This is B.S. .Hope they go down like SPORTS AUTHORITY.

Sam W.

I can’t help but wonder if Bloomberg or Soros shadow owns Dicks Sporting and is just using it too get anti-gun press coverage.


Gee Mr. Stack. At the same time, you could round up any reading material that mentions “Guns” and burn them. You can make a video of the guns being destroyed along with the book burning. You might as well go “All in”. Plus writing off the destroyed guns means less tax money for our government. The video will be a hit with the Socialist and Commies. I know your competitors see you and Walmart as heroes for their increased business.

Harry Edmunds

If Dick’s is determined to punish law-abiding gun owners, why don’t they donate these “terrible” AR15s to small police departments in need of a little more firepower. That would save a lot of small towns money that could be spent on something else like parks or recreation facilities.

Dr Michael Velsmid

By publicly stating that the Dick Heads are going to destroy perfectly good inventory they will try to get a tax write-off. The first whistle blower will get 10% of the fraudulent deduction. Go for it. You get the booty. The Dick heads get fined and/or prison, just like Martha Stewart. Proves you can’t fix stupid.


Time to give Dick’s the “DICK”!

Marc DV .

Is Dicks privately owned ?
If not ! How do they expect to
justify the intentional loss of money
from sales , Let a lone the cost to
them on the purchase of stock to sell .
That was Destroyed on purpose .
Insurance won’t pay for that !
any way !
STUPID is as STUPID Do’es !

Dr Michael Velsmid

Watch Dick’s stock price continue to fall into the toilet. If you invested $500 a year ago, you could get $320 today. I’m sure Dicks suppliers are happy as clams that Dicks is destroying guns rather than returning them for credit. More guns to make. More gunmakers to employ. Stockholders not so happy as they continue to lose their shirts. That’s why the CEO “needs to do something” as he soon will be spending more time with his family as Bass Pro and Academy continue to eat his lunch. BTW anyone notice that long-Guns are going back into WalMart stores?

The other Jim

There is a group in the IRS that reviews newspapers for high profile cases and looks into and audits those businesses or entities for what was noted in the newspapers (ESP Group if I remember right). The Internal Revenue Agent assigned should disallow and tax Dick’s Sporting Goods on any loss related to this deliberately destroyed inventory. The inventory was not obsolete and was highly salable; the inventory was not damaged; the inventory was not stolen; the inventory could have been returned to the wholesaler/manufacturer. With respect to the Financial Accounting Standards and for accounting purposes when the CPA Firm… Read more »

Wild Bill

@ToJ, And for all the reasons that you have clearly and articulately outlined, Dick’s is making a horrible and unsupportable business decision. I would think that the share holders would be quietly and quickly bailing out!

Dr Michael Velsmid

You are correct. They will not be allowed a write-off for destroying perfectly good inventory. This is the same as torching your warehouse and taking a tax deduction for the destroyed building and it’s contents. As Obama would say, “they acted stupidly.” If they were smart they should have given the Ar-15’s and other “scary looking” guns to the police Dept or National Guard; then they would get a tax write-off for the full retail value. Been there, done that with other products. But Dick’s does not seem to be smart.


AR-15s do not have a fire selector switch such as the M-4 or M-16, so I seriously doubt that the National Guard would accept them for they are semi-automatic rifles for use by the civilian population, not assault rifles that are used by our military.


It’s urgent that we pressure ALL FIREARMS MANUFACTURERS AND ACCESORY MAKERS TO IMMEDIATELY CEASE DOING BUSINESS WITH DICKS AND THEIR SUBSIDIARIES. That includes, but is not limited to shotguns and ammo sales to their parent corporation. Dick’s must be driven into bankruptcy.


Dicks is not and never has been a great store. High prices, poor service. Dicks never has a large enough variety to suit me. Now Dicks wants to play politics. I wont be surprised to see Dicks fade away.



Vincent Brady

I know of a better place to stick’m! Don’t buy anything from Dicks.


This latest action goes far and above the symbolic actions of others. This is an affirmative action against innocent, law abiding citizens. While they have every right to operate their business as they see fit we, as consumers, have the same right to make their decisions as financially painful for them as possible. We either care enough to do so or we acquiesce, yet again, because “it’s so convenient to stop in for stuff we need”. We need to explain to our non-gun owning friends how business decisions like this, concerning perfectly legal inanimate objects, can soon migrate to something… Read more »

T. Clark

“We’re staunch supporters of the Second Amendment – I’m a gun owner myself,” Stack said on “Good Morning America” after the policy change was announced. “We don’t want to be a part of this story, and we have eliminated these guns permanently.”” No, they aren’t “staunch” supporters. The 2nd amendment applies to ALL firearms without exception and it doesn’t set an age limit. These so called gun owners that are willing to violate the constitution are bigger threats than the die hard gun control nuts in that they are willing to help these anti-Americans with their gun control schemes which… Read more »

dan niemeyer

Dick’s should donate the ar15’s and parts to the military instead of disposing them. Most parts should be interchangeable to their mil-spec..

Wild Bill

@Dan niemeyer, The US government is precluded, by statute, from accepting gifts. But maybe various sheriffs offices or PDs.


The sheriffs will gladly accept it for something to hold while they watch the next attack at Parkland.


Perfect name for the place, DICKS, they and their off shoot Field and Stream no longer exist in my world. Shithead Stack says he supports the second amendment…………… BULLSHIT ! Ed Stack needs to be removed and replaced with someone that will back 2nd amendment AND has a set of BALLS ! Stack is not only destroying the weapons, he is also effectively destroying the business, he caved to a bunch of paid and prodded anti gun (ANY GUN) whiners, I am DONE dealing with DICKS ! It wasn’t the gun, it was the perp using it that was pushed… Read more »

Harvey Worrell

I will no longer shop at Dick’s. They are opening up an Academy Sports across the street. and a Gander Outdoor next town over. you lost about 1,000 per year hope everyone has same ideaa.

David Schaefer

They lost me and my family as customers.

Roger F. Garner

Their name says it all.

Jacob M. Opperman

They tell all this but they will not lose any money from the lose of the guns or for paying the cost of destroying them. They will just raise the cost on there other products and most prob leave them that just so they will have more profits. I will not shop them cause of there being idiots and mostly because of there inflated prices.

Concerned American

They must “NOT” be allowed to write off on their taxes, the storage of the items to be destroyed, the labor to remove any items from the shelves listed for destruction, the hauling of those items to the destruction facility, and the actual cost of the destruction of said items. DO NOT LET THEM PROFIT FROM THEIR “ILLITERATE” SELF PROCLAIMED ANTI CONSTITUTIONAL HATRED. Guns don’t kill people, Idiot, uneducated liberals do. It seems that all “MASS” shootings are democrats, & immigrants aka Fort Hood Shooter Nidal Hasan .


Dicks turned into a liberal run store,I have bought quite a few items from them in the past but will never step foot into any of their stores again and cut my card up and am closing my account with them

Terry H

Kind of sad they’re using the tragedy for publicity. They make it sound like they are pulling guns from all 610 Dicks stores when it’s really only 35 of their Field and Stream stores. They make it sound like they’re destroying thousands of guns. Each store probably had one AR if that. But whatever gets the snowflakes in to by their badminton sets.


They chose to destroy the guns and should not be able to right them off . I have spent my last cent with them. A gun is like a hammer they can only do harm in the wrong hands and that’s hard to stop , but stop the person not the tool.


Dick’s is just another overpriced store with a poor selection in the firearms area anyway. I see no reason for anyone to shop there with their high prices and so many other options out there. The owner says he’s pro 2nd Amendment? I say BS! Boycott time!

Al Tullis

I see the claim that Dick’s Sporting Goods is the largest sporting goods retailer in North America. We as consumers can change that. Personally, I have never been in a Dicks store.


No more Dicks buys. They are obviously anti-2A, and weak on bowing to mainstream left.
Other choices to buy sporting and hunting gear.
Boycott them now!


“anti-gun bias at Dicks” They chose to do this and we can choose somewhere else to shop!