Bergara Experience Boasts Tremendous Success at the Triple C Shooting Range

Bergara Experience Boasts Tremendous Success at the Triple C Shooting Range
Bergara Experience Boasts Tremendous Success at the Triple C Shooting Range

Lawrenceville, GA-( Bergara Rifles recently hosted the first 2018 Bergara Experience on May 19th in Cresson, Texas. Participants had the opportunity to try out Bergara’s latest line of rifles at ranges from 100-1000 yards with the Bergara staff. As participants signed in, excitement filled the air as the event was attended by folks who traveled from neighboring states, and as far as 7 hours away. After a delicious lunch and safety briefing by Bergara’s Academy instructor, Bart Bartholomew everyone headed to the range. Ken Kocon of Wylie, TX brought his son Hunter, age 11, to give him the experience to shoot over 500 yards. Ken said, “I really, really, want to try out the Bergara HMR Pro today.” He continued, “The Bergara Rifles allow us as a family to chase the quarter inch group for closer to $1500 instead of spending $4000.”

Norm Walker of Fort Worth was singing the praises of the Bergara Customer Service Department. He said, “I called them with something I needed help on last fall and they took care of me in a fast and efficient manner.” He continued with, “I have owned every other brand of rifles in the past; then, I bought a Bergara and this company is fabulous.”

Smiles filled the faces of shooters ringing the steel targets like Phillip Joseph of Lucas, TX. Phillip said, “This was the first time I have ever had an opportunity to shoot over 100 yards and I was able to hit the 1000-yard target. I would recommend this event to any gun owner; it was awesome.” Phillip also said, “There is no comparison to hold a gun in a store than to holding one and shooting it on the range.”

As participants lined up to shoot various models of Bergara’s, Jerry Clayton, (a gun counter associate for a large retailer in Allen, TX) said, “I have shot the Bergara B-14 hunter, but am looking forward to shooting the other models.”

As the day progressed shooters shared comradery, their experiences, and compared notes with each other. When the final shot was fired and participants were getting ready to leave they grinned with their Texas smiles and said, “When are you bringing the Bergara Experience back to Texas?”

Look for other Bergara Experiences this summer in Lake City, MI and Fort Carson, CO.

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