Oregon: Anti-Gun Group Gathering Signatures for Assault Weapons Ban

Assault Weapons Ban
Assault Weapons

Ashland, Oregon-(Ammoland.com)-The mainstream media refers to anti-gun groups like “March for Our Lives” and “Moms Demand” as grassroots groups, but these groups are anything but grassroots.

Ceasefire Oregon is one of these so-called grassroots groups, and they are going on the road in Oregon to hold classes to teach people tricks to get other people to sign up to support Initiative Petition 43. This past Saturday in Ashland, Oregon they held their first class. They plan on repeating the course across the state.

Initiative Petition 43 would put a so-called “assault weapons” ban on the Oregon ballot in November. The ban would outlaw the sale or transfer of any semi-automatic rifle or pistol that has a detachable magazine that can hold more than ten rounds.

All rifles under the proposal would have to be over 30 inches long. The rifles would not be allowed to have a pistol grip or thumbhole stock. The rifles also would not be allowed to have a barrel shroud, flash suppressor or muzzle break, or a bayonet mount or grenade/flare launcher. Collapsible and foldable stocks will also be banned if the initiative becomes law.

Pistols would not be allowed to have a secondary grip or barrel cover. The ability to accept an ammunition magazine in any other location than into the grip and a threaded barrel would also be illegal. The initiative would prohibit a pistol from having a folding, telescoping, or thumbhole stock. The NFA already bans most of those features on a pistol. For example, putting a stock on a pistol turns it into a short-barreled rifle. This oversight shows that writers of the initiative have not educated themselves on current gun laws. That opens up to the question of where this proposal comes from?

Shotguns would not be allowed to have a pistol or thumbhole grip combined with a folding or telescoping stock. The proposal would also prevent shotguns from holding more than ten rounds. Shotguns that take an external magazine or a revolving cylinder magazine would also be illegal.

The petition will need to have received 88,164 verified signatures by July 6th to appear on the November ballot. Ceasefire Oregon seems to think they will be able to hit that goal. They are working overtime with other anti-liberty groups to hit their target by training people in the art of persuading others to sign a petition.

Not only is Ceasefire Oregon holding classes in person to teach people how to trick people into signing their petition in support of Initiative Petition 43, but they have also launched a website to educate people how to properly gather signatures.

Lift Every Voice Oregon is the group that is doing the training in the state. The interesting thing is that Lift Every Voice Oregon is not another grassroots group as their website would lead you to believe. Lift Every Voice Oregon is really Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundation. Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundation is really Ceasefire Oregon. Ceasefire Oregon is really Oregonians Against Gun Violence (OAGV).

The exchange of money and people make it hard to tell what group is doing what. One thing we do know is that Ceasefire Oregon is being funded and helped by Moms Demand Action, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, and Gun Owners for Responsible Ownership. Some analyst might categorize the group as AstroTurf.

These anti-gun groups cannot collect signatures until the Oregon Supreme Court rules on a challenge of the ballot measure title. In Oregon, a ballot title cannot be misleading, argumentative, or deceptive.

Gun rights advocate Roger Beyer claims that Initiative Petition 43 is all three of the above. He claims the measure “uses the politically charged and emotionally laden words, ‘assault weapons,' and ‘large capacity magazines.' The description is also misleading, argumentative, and deceptive because it implies the measure applies only to a limited and belligerent group of ‘assault weapons' gun owners.”

The court ruling should be in no later than June 30th. This deadline will leave the anti-gun groups only a few days to gather signatures. Their plan is to collect most signatures at churches, mosques, and synagogues this upcoming weekend. If the measure doesn't make the 2018 ballot, Ceasefire Oregon intends to get it added to the 2020 vote.

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  • 11 thoughts on “Oregon: Anti-Gun Group Gathering Signatures for Assault Weapons Ban

    1. As a Gun Dealer whom is about to F off to ATF and to the State , You would think ATF would stick with Gun Owner but as they stand we are all suspect of something, Oregon is a waste land because of the bleeding hearts, Whats next Pump Shot Guns, Last 2 have been that.

    2. I am a third generation Oregonian. What the liberal Left and the gullibles who permit them a foothold in Oregon have done to this state politically and culturally over the past decade is beyond the grasp of most, thereby allowing that foothold to become a stranglehold on both the national delegation as well as the State Legislature. With deeply-liberal politicians like Sens. Wyden and Merkley, Reps. Blumenauer and DeFazio, we are under siege by liberal California migrants, protected illegal immigrants, and are outvoted continually by the heavily biased Leftwing masses in the Portland metro, Willamette Valley population centers, and bastions like Ashland and Bend.

      Consequently, there is a damned good possibility we, the true Oregonians, will lose ground against this Second Amendment onslaught in the near future. I am deadly serious. So, what are WE prepared to do, Oregon? We are part of a three state Deep State regional entity, surrounded by an even more challenged Washington, and an out-of-control California at either of our borders. That sweeping influence sets us up for a hell of a battle to maintain our rights, with confiscation as an eventual outcome. I can tell you clearly, this retired Marine, a combat-wounded warrior, will not surrender my rights or yours, which were implicit in my Oath. I have no fear now of tyranny, but I fear for my country, two different things. If challenged, my response will not be mistaken; it will be to defend this nation, it’s people, and the Constitution which, until now, has bound us together. Those who seek to abandon and destroy it, and by extension, us, are domestic enemies, as defined therein. I am sworn to defend and resist them. Period. I hope, when and if that time comes, there will be others like me.


    3. the outrageous thing about this whole law, where it came from and how, is that the group behind it are “religious” leaders mostly in the Portland area… some rabbi, a few “christian” pastors who do NOT know their scriptures….. they seem to think they are on a mission from God… but that’s not the God of the scriptures they are talking about.

      Goood job by the court that saw through this bill of rotten goods and quashed it. I read part of the opinion/ruling.. they came down hard, fast, and continuously on the language of the bill.

      Dead. Now lets hope we can bury it sufficiently deep it cannot be “resurrected”.

    4. @WB, There is just so much ground to cover just to bring adults up to speed with 7th grade Civics Classes and CITIZENS RIGHTS 101? It’s exhausting teaching tje simple fundamentals to citizens that are not aware of the true federal as well as THIER STATE constitutional powers THEY have in maintaining their government officials that GUARANTEES THEM their FREEDOM AND LIBERTY?

    5. Happy to tell everyone IP43 is officially dead. It was killed in the court system, thanks to the OFF and NRA. Now we will await the anti-gun bill to come from the liberal State legislature, which is sure to come very soon. MY opinion, they knew the people of Oregon would not approve such a bill if proposed on a ballot, so plan B will have to do. Hopefully we vote in a new Governor this fall who will veto anything of this nature.

      1. Oregonians need to file Notice and Demand against ALL legislators that are in violation of those Oath of Office and get Grand Jury Indictments BEFORE ELECTIONS!

    6. “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.” (Marbury vs.Madison, 1803.)

      I could go on and on and on and on…. But will it ever educate the dumbasses that are signing the petition?

      1. @GR, No, you won’t educate the “fashion focused” crowd, the soccer moms, or the hard core America haters, but there are many with a burning desire to know. Your correct recitations of the law and where it can be found sets their feet on the right path, so that they don’t soak up the internet misinformation. And seeing an accurate narration is, somehow, personally comforting.

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