California DOJ Expanding Application of “Assault Weapon” Regulations

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California DOJ Expanding Application of “Assault Weapon” Regulations

Fairfax, VA – -( On Friday, May 25 2018, the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms (CA DOJ) formally submitted a proposed regulation expanding the application of the definitions for terms relating to “assault weapons” to apply in all circumstances.

The Office of Administrative Law (OAL) will decide whether to approve the regulation on or before July 10, 2018.

As previously reported, the proposed regulation incorporates all the definitions CA DOJ adopted for the registration of newly classified “assault weapons” under Senate Bill No. 880 and Assembly Bill No. 1135. Definitions which CA DOJ originally attempted to improperly apply to the identification of “assault weapons” for enforcement purposes. But because CA DOJ’s regulatory authority was limited to the registration of such firearms, OAL formally rejected CA DOJ’s attempt at applying those regulations to the enforcement of CA “assault weapon” laws.

This latest regulatory action, however, is just another example of CA DOJ overstepping its regulatory authority and avoiding OAL’s formal rejection of their previous attempt at doing so.

As stated in CA DOJ’s Initial Statement of Reasons, “there currently are no definitions of the terms” used to identify “assault weapons.” What CA DOJ conveniently fails to mention, however, is that CA DOJ intentionally repealed prior definitions which had been in place for nearly two decades to make way for their new definitions?

The proposed regulation is also strictly limited to expanding the currently enforceable definitions for registration to apply to enforcement and does not contain any newly proposed definitions. As a result, CA DOJ’s responses to many public comments simply read:

This comment is irrelevant because it is not specifically directed at the agency’s proposed action or to the procedures followed by the agency in proposing or adopting the action. Thus, the Department does not need to provide a response.

In other words, CA DOJ is not interested, nor does it care, if you disagree with the language of any of the definitions which will now apply to the enforcement of CA’s “assault weapon” laws—definitions which you were denied an opportunity to provide comment on.

Continue to check your inbox and the California Stand and Fight web page for updates on issues impacting your Second Amendment rights and hunting heritage in California.

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Joe Jones

Why COMMIEfornia politicians aren’t swinging from short ropes tied to light poles is beyond me,


Why CA politicians are not swinging from short ropes (wrapped around their necks) tied to light poles? Simple — because the majority of the residents of this state have been brainwashed to think that (1) we are all victims and (2) are incapable of fully taking care of ourselves, hence (3) we need a nanny state to take care of us. And of course that state must (4) tax us heavily to do so and (5) the very people who taught us all this [utter nonsense] should be the ones to run the state. The amount of indoctrination going on… Read more »

Wild Bill

@larca, Oh, I thought that you were going to say that the California legislature had banned assault rope, high cap strength rope, or high cap length rope.
As to the Ca. public schools churning out libtards, people that can think critically are too difficult to control. It is better that they be interested in fashion or essential oils!


@wildbill, your are quite right — assault knives, assault rope, assault belt buckles, and assault flowers are all on the docket to become illegal next year. Of course they should also ban assault cell phones (which kill the equivalent of “10 school shootings” [70 kids!] each and every week), assault swimming pools (which drown more people than are killed by firearms), and above all, assault cars & trucks, because those kill more than all the above combined. But you know those won’t be touched, because the Left has to have-’em their cell phones, pools, and cars. It’s only OK to… Read more »

Melvin Harris

The Bill of Rights is the second most important thing man has ever written down. You are fool to think anyone should modify it in any way. You are a bigger fool to not know the number 1 thing man has ever written down. Feigning ignorance of it will not get you out of the lake of fire. Somethings are non negotiable for a reason.


It is only a matter of time (and not much of that, it would appear) before California will be reduced to mot much more than government apparatchiks slopping at the pubic trough, and twenty million illegal foreign invaders vigourously sucking at the same trough. They who have heretofore laboured to FILL that rough with their taxes will long since have departed for less infertile ground. THEN WHAT? Will ol’ Havvie conitnue to work his evil when there is no money behind that piece of paper he gets every two weeks? Will HE be content, as happened not long ago, with… Read more »


During the 1970’s I took a Jurisprudence seminar and a contemporary legal theory seminar at a major California public university. In both the professors stated the following: “in the end the law is simply one more weapon to use in an ideological war against Constitutional practitioners. Contemporary law has nothing to do with justice or equity.”

This is now the dominant theme in leftist public policy nation wide.

Timothy Votaw

THAT is very eye-opening information. We know the so-called “academics” are severely brain-washed, and such statements to students are ugly evidence of lies and manipulation so common now in universities and colleges. This is one means of twisting the truth that is like a leak that must be stopped before a flood of misinformed former students is unleashed upon our already beleaguered society. Before long, the Vote will be of little value, it has been so compromised and corrupted. How we combat this source of lies and propaganda is unclear to me, given how deeply entrenched these teachers and instructors… Read more »

Frank Iannantuono

When will the Fed. DOJ stand up for the good citizens of this country and fight these unconstitutional infringements against our second amendment rights??? When will the Supreme Court TAKE a case to rule on that will protect our right?

Eight years of progressive “transformation” has put our country in grave jeopardy.

Wild Bill

@Rebel VA l, the job of USDOJ has never been to stand up for the citizens of this country. The mission of the USDOJ was to prosecute violations of federal statutes, without prejudice or passion. Barry Soetoro (aka Bayrock Obama), through political appointments and personal direction, made DOJ and every other federal agency into the attack weapons of the DNC. As to the S.CT., they are just as corrupt. I am in no hurry for them to take a a Second Amendment case until the composition of the S. CT changes. All of the bureaucratic and judicial house cleaning depends,… Read more »


That is a good question, and one I have been asking myself for quite some time. The federal government is supposed to be protecting the rights of the people, yet I see them allowing states on both coasts to abuse the Constitution while they sit in Washington and do nothing. If a revolution comes, I’m sure that this inaction will be one part of the equation.

Wild Bill

The federal government, various state governments, county governments, and city governments have forgotten that their job is to protect our Civil Rights. They all think that their job is to regulate people. God forbid the people should make a decision on their own. As to revolution, whomever revolts will lose due to the unlimited logistical resources of the various governments. The guile is to get the libtards to revolt, and volunteer to be the side that is slaughtered. If we can send a whole new Congress of “uncorrupted yet” candidates to Washington, this November, we will be one step closer.… Read more »


When challenging any restriction you go back to the initial reasons for the devices “semi automatic pistol grip high powered calibre rifle”, those being 1. If in the act of self defense you use a low powered caliber hand gun or rifle the assailant can easily get away wounded or if of heavier physically fir build continue the attack bringing the defender back to one on one non weapon physical level or worse ! 2. Second, if the assailant does escape, they will potentially be able to repeat such crimes elsewhere and may last decades before properly apprehended by logical… Read more »

VT Patriot

“to protect your property health and others required to have the right to AND the right to EFFECTIVE weapons against the assailant(s) of a second ammendment.”.

And I’ve hear you can hunt with then also. LOL.


ca is not concerned about law, they make it up as they go. their goal = confiscation, then murder of all opponents. they wipe themselves with the Constitution because they are lie-whores, they know what is best for us.