Sentinel Colorado Editor Dave Perry Can’t Understand Why Guns Save Lives ~ VIDEO

Guns Save Lives
Sentinel Colorado Editor Dave Perry Can’t Understand Why Guns Save Lives

Colorado – -( Dave Perry from the Aurora Sentinel and Laura Carno from FASTER Colorado give two sides of the debate surrounding whether teachers and staff should be armed and trained to help stop school shootings.

Aurora (CO) Sentinel Dave Perry wrote an opinion piece about how bad he thinks the policy of armed school staff is. He slammed the Faster school shooting program and was very disrespectful to those who carry to defend their kids in class.

Laura Carno challenged him (below) to a debate. Jon Caldara asked them to debate it on his show. Mr Perry made a fool of himself.

Watch the entire debate and leave your comments below.


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Laura Carno should have mentioned that the AMA is bias and not an authority on the subject. She akso should have mentioned the two recent cases where an RSO stopped an active shooter and haveq him refute that.

TJ A courageous staff member is better than cowardly SRO’s. This man is so blind it is amazing he can walk without a seeing eye dog.


People like this need to be lobotomized and sent to a lala land facility! My bad, they already are!

Stan VanderWerf

Where guns are regulated, like Chicago, crime is high, especially gun crime. Where guns are not regulated, crime, especially gun crime is low. This is because the criminals know they will eventually have to face a citizen with a gun in an area where guns are easily owned and carried. The evidence for this is overwhelming. So why does this logic hold outside schools, but doesn’t apply inside schools according to Dave Perry.
Dave Perry is mistaken, deeply mistaken, and if he succeeds at keeping guns out of schools, HE will be responsible for getting kids killed.

Jim Macklin

Crime and causes have been researched by John Lott and others and the mathematics are well known. I will list the factors as I understand, but I’m not quoting Dr. Lott just my gut feeling. Crime has to do with the age and mobility of the population. A frontier town or a town with lots of transient population will have more crime than a demographic which has settled and developed strong ties to the location. Where arms are not regulated away from the population those settled people will know that their neighbors are armed as well as being settled and… Read more »


Can’t understand, or won’t as in refuses to understand. There is a hellish large difference between the above mentioned.

Jim Hovater

I’m a teacher and former LEO. I’m trained in ASR. Give ME the tools I need to protect my students, my colleagues, and myself. The decision should be MINE.


Dave Perry has got to be the shining example of what a “doesn’t have a clue” democrap should be. Please someone slap him silly.

L.L. Smith

You are a little late. He is already silly.


If he wasn’t such a poosey he’d be a dyk.


This woman is a poor debater! She barely gave any true opposition to that dave perry moron!


This guy is predictable I almost say his response for him ,they all use the same play book ,its getting kinda old maybe we should update it for them . There’s always an excuse for not having the means to protect yourself with these people but I bet they all have security…..uh


This debate makes an assumption that Law Enforcement Officers (LEO’s) are all equally competent and that the training they, and all LEO’s, receive produces an extremely high level of competence. This is a fallacious assumption. The argument that police firearm discharges result in from 10-30% hit ratios is more useful in predicting how armed and trained teachers will be able to react. And incidentally, although I am not comfortable with the general level of firearms proficiency in the LEO community, I do recognize that these ratios are achieved under high stress situations. The public in this country needs to stop… Read more »


maybe this d-sucker would support pails of rocks, desks to hide behind, and bigger biden death-zone/gun-free signs?

James Andrews

Exactly! The idiot left don’t have a clue about reality!

Bill White

Ok, Not one person in America should listen to this idiot. Planes are not High Schools. Correct. They exponentially more dangerous. A discharge of a firearm on a pressurized plane @ anything over 20,000 Ft could result in the death of everyone on board. He wants to trust the science/ Fine. When an active shooter is met with an armed response, (RSO or civilian) the avg death rate falls from 10 to 2. The CDC completed an extensive and definitive study under Obama. 2,600 time a day in the United States Lawful Firearms in the hands of US citizens stop… Read more »


There are many teachers who do very well at handling a gun, there are many more that are not capable of even shooting a gun. Why would any teacher not want the means to try and defend themself and their students?
As far as I am concerned schools need a big fix! A teachers political views should not be taught in public schools,
but that is another debate.


Both the leftist AMA and appointed police chiefs int.ass.of chiefs of poletzi are against any ownership of guns. The ama gets millions in grants to study how to use medicine /shrinkage to take away our civil rights to avoid poisonous shots for us and our children and to own firearms. Iacp are appointed buttmonkeys parroting the company’s talking points or the mayor removed him. Not a trustworthy group at all. As a former cop, my medical training came from crewing rescue 4 years before changing jobs. I think tactical medical training is a must for anyone. It fits very well… Read more »


There is ONE big problem here. Better than 90% of the teachers ,in the land, vote DEMOCRAT (anti gun in school) How can you protect our kids when the teachers ( not all of them ) will not help?

Jim Hovater

Most of my teacher colleagues are prior military, conservative, and voted for Trump. We occasionally get things ‘right’ in Alabama.

Wild Bill

It is only one example of the greatness of capitalism that a foolish, gutless, worthless person like Perry the fairy could earn a living.


This Dave Perry fellow seems like a good little slave, willing to take orders about how he should live his life, and cannot understand why others aren’t willing to do the same.

These types are a plague to our once extremely free republic.


I commented on this editorial at the Sentinel: Let’s do the impossible – change society into the kinder, gentler, benign population we just know they oughta be! Oh, and no guns! – instead of facing reality: there are people among us that want to do harm to the rest of us, and some of them will go into our schools and kill our children if we don’t start protecting them. Yep, that’s the ticket! Wishful thinking instead of taking action! We lost our “innocence” when it comes to school violence a long time ago, but we’ve stubbornly refused to acknowledge… Read more »

Al Chadir

I wouldn’t worry about what these county Sentinel rags have to say about the 2nd Amendment. Their readers are mostly busy-bodies who love to read how the papers (I still remember the Jefferson County Sentinel) inflame situations even more by combining reporting with acerbic editorializing in the articles they write. For some reason, Leftists LOVE this kind of reporting. I also remember another writer in another place I lived, Carl Hiaasen, who left you no doubt he had a profound hatred for fellow Miamians, especially Cuban-Americans. Ever since a protest at Fort Chafee, AR spoiled Bill Clinton’s chances at an… Read more »


Perry is an insult to my intelligence. I taught school for 20 years and have a Masters degree. I’m also a good shot and have no trouble knowing where the Pointy end of the gun is. Many of my teaching coharts we’re ex military and wouldn’t hesitate to defend themselves and their students. But we weren’t allowed to have a firearm. If I were teaching today I would be armed just keep keep my mouth shut. Those who are willing to be trained should absolutely be allowed to be armed. If even one person had been armed in these last… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Bud, My hat is off to you and the cohorts that you describe. I did not know that any such as those existed. I stand corrected!


We always cherish the AWOWA SENTINEL in these parts. It is so full of BS that it works well shredded as worm compost and the worms grow at a phenomenal rate. Dave appears to be of a worm-like stature in the flesh via the picture. Not too much shape shifting required!!!!!


Dave Perry is stuck at the Aurora Sentinel due to the Peter Principle. He also wrote an editorial telling everyone to get off the highways on the weekends so HE could go skiing. Clueless and self centered in every way, shape and form describes him. I refuse to read his rag even though I have lived in Aurora for decades.


Dave Perry is a deceitful snake. The 300 guns gone missing was a great fairy tail but its the facts about the claim of missing guns that should reveal that this so-called journalist is deliberately trying to craft a narrative that gun owners are not responsible enough to possess guns. The real facts about the 300 guns, well first this incident goes way back to 2003 & 2004 when the FFDO program was just put into place and government rules required that airline pilots off duty must store their firearms in locked containers in their luggage. And it was found… Read more »

Jim Macklin

BTW, did the boat sink? A Ferry is a boat, a fairy tale is a fiction. Airline pilots were sworn in as federal law officers BUT were not allowed to carry their gun. They were not allowed to even load their gun and have it in the cockpit while on the ground. The FAA rules required pilots to stow their gun during the descent for landing. A high stress time in the cockpit which resulted in several airliners with bullet holes going out near the pilots seats. AS far as I know, pilots did carry their gun in their flight… Read more »


What’s even worse is that he stated that 300 were reported lost in 2014! An outright lie.