Youtube Censorship Nazi’s Terminate Brownells’ Video Account

Youtube Censorship Nazi's Terminate Brownells' Video Account
Youtube Censorship Nazi's Terminate Brownells' Video Account

USA – -( A sporting goods retailer, very familiar to Ammoland News readers, today had their Youtube video account shut down. Youtube's only reason was “This account has been terminated for violating YouTube's Community Guidelines,” for whatever that means today?

In the last few months, we have reported on YouTube deleting or banning: Spike’s Tactical, AirgunGearShow ,Pyramydair,  Airgunsofarizona and others.

Youtube has been slowly deleting, banning and removing anything that is firearms related or even remotely associated with shooting sports or conservative values for that matter. Yet, we can still go on Youtube and watch murder-inciting videos by hate imams Ahmad Musa Jibril and Abu Haleema, because, you know, that does not violate any terms of service rules…!?

We conducted a review of our YouTube account in March to ensure compliance with YouTube’s new firearm content policy.

We had received no indications that our account was in violation until Saturday Morning, June 9, when we discovered the Brownells account had been terminated.

We will obviously appeal and we’d appreciate the gun community’s support with providing feedback to Google/YouTube. said Ryan Repp, Brownells’ director of content and communications.

From Facebook page:

Pissed that Youtube would side with free speech haters?  Let them know by contacting them at the number below.

Google: 650-253-0000 Option 5 For Youtube M – F

Message Youtube And Google:

  • Https://Twitter.Com/Youtube
  • Https://Twitter.Com/Rkyncl?Lang=En
  • Https://Www.Facebook.Com/Youtube/

Use “Send Feedback” At Bottom Of Your Page To Message Youtube.


Late Sunday night YouTube restored the Brownells Video account. No explanation given. Can social media pressure be the difference?


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    1. Wow! This could be one particular of the most helpful blogs We’ve ever arrive across on this subject. Basically Wonderful. I am also a specialist in this topic so I can understand your effort.

    2. Called You Tube to voice my opinion.
      The woman let me speak.
      At the end she transferred me to a voice mail to leave a message.
      The voicemail states they only respond to members of the press.
      The runaround. I was given the runaround.
      Can’t say I am surprised.

    3. There are, no doubt, other Internet communitaction sites from which to choose. To hell with YouTube and Google too. Oh re this problem, whatever happened to Google’s Do No Harm claim to fame. Success spoiled Rock Hunter. Seems to have had the same effect on Google. Devil take both YouTube and Google. Keep the alternatives in mind, and better yet, try using them instead.

    4. “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power” – Benito Mussolini

      “The definition of fascism is The marriage of corporation and state ” – Benito Mussolini

      Benito Mussolini:

      So the marriage of leftists in online social media and traditional media corporations, with all the control freak leftists infesting all levels of U.S. government, openly coordinating their efforts to effectively deprive Americans of the ability to exercise their constitutional rights, is properly known and defined as FASCISM. The marriage of corporation and state.

      The more you know.

    5. Exactly, take the video to another host, no doubt they pay big money to host all the video content.

    6. My Gmail seems to be getting blocked . The page comes up but no email . I have to go to the internet to get my email anymore .

    7. Terminated my you boob account a year ago. Also terminated all google apps and servics on all devices. You can use gmail without signing into google. There are ways of life without YouTube. You grew up without it, so we can live without them

      1. “Nexdoor” is another social network that will shut you down for mentioning a firearm. I was shut down for discussing home defense during Hurricane Irma when many Florida cities were shut down for many days. The maggots were roaming the streets breaking into homes and looting in my “neighborhood.” Home defense with a firearm is too scary for the Libs. They rather complain about being a victim.

        1. I was reprimanded on Nextdoor for just pointing out the self-contradictory comments of some “liberals” on some topic. I forget what it was now.

          1. I mentioned President Trump and 2A in the same sentence on “Neighborhood”. The loony tune Libs undies got twisted and had Nextdoor shut me down. So I started writing Conservative Editorials for Newspapers. I get rebuttals but no shutdowns. “Nexdoor” screeners work in San Francisco. No 1A there unless it’s their Uber-Lib Lefty agenda.

        2. Next door is from San Francisco what do you expect.A loving greeting,love for all,I don’t think so

    8. Forget BoobeTube. Boycot them. They suck. There are other Free Video Brodcast Streaming services, that are NOT Censored Stazi Style. Try BitChute or Vimeo. Mike Adams the Health Ranger has just Launched his own Video Channel Called RealVideo Go to for info.
      RIP BoobeTube…LMAO

    9. Yes, can’t a 2A friendly retailer start a new channel, like they did at GodTube? The best weapon is competition!!

    10. Yes, they can broadcast dumbass kids eating Tide Pods that can be dangerous and it took them a long time before they took these videos down. I would recommend businesses pulling their ads and money and start their own site where they can be appreciated. We had a local site that was supported by Google and they were forced to take down anything that had to do with firearms. People were pissed about this and pulled their advertisements/money from the site. Two weeks later they created another website that was specific to firearms but was forced to do this per Google’s requirements. What a disgrace that they think we have to conform to their ideology of being anti-2A. We need to ban together within the firearms community to stop this wave of control and censorship.

    11. It’s time to censor YouTube by boycotting them. When channels and viewers go elsewhere they will get the picture.

    12. Conservatives are getting almost as bad as the Liberals with the Nazi name calling. I totally support Brownells, and have for over half a century, but I don’t support “name calling”. You’ve noticed, I hope, that Conservatives haven’t been hurt by the name calling by the Liberals – it just highlights the Liberals lack of knowledge and limited thought processes.

    13. I find Stewtube’s (sic) attitude on firearms a joke. Just what “community standards” are the supporting. I’v restricted my grandson from accessing Stewtube (sic) after he called his sister a MFr and told me he heard the word on Stewtube. I then had him show me a few examples of the smalle kids using language a street thubg would use in NERF wars ans a zombie hunting channel.
      I find those loons to be as hypocritical as all libtards and demonrats are. They have ZERO community standards just a hate for anything conservative or 2A like all so called Social InJustice Warriors. They also function on the public Internet and hold a monopoly on information dissemination so therefor they are RIPE for government oversight and trustbusting action.
      As for Mr. ClarkKent the man of lead, You are offbase by 10000 feet of twisted logic. Those clowns at Stewtube profit from using the public internet and therefore can be regulated.

    14. There are videos of rabid Israeli rabbis calling for the total genocide of the Palestinian People. Also videos of Israeli snipers killing independent reporters & medical first responders. These are the hate mongers that control our government. Despite their best efforts to hide such actions, these videos keep resurfacing showing the truth of these murderers. They are also the architects of gun control in the U.S. with their immense deep pockets greasing our corrupt politicians.

    15. The (a very long) time is NOW… for indictments, prosecutions and jailing. Then let the executions begin for treason, sedition and traitors (top down).

      1. ‘Indictments, prosecutions and jailing’? For determining how a PRIVATE BUSINESS decides what is appropriate? START YOUR OWN INTERNET CHANNEL if you have a problem with YouTube. How old are you; twelve?

        1. @themanoflead: Ever heard of anti-trust. Also they are not in fact private. They are a Public/Private entity which makes them fully accoubtable. Go back to reading your comics littleman.

        2. Youtube and Google have political goals……so they must be politicaly ruled by the people.

        3. I must have missed those link you posted. Could you please put them back? I’d like to see the proof in these videos of which you speak.
          Thank you.

        4. You know, like a bakery declining to bake a cake on religious grounds and the STATE fining them out of business? That kind of private business?

    16. It’s time to hit them in the wallet. Brownell’s needs to move their video content to an alternate platform, such as, Vimeo, or Daily Motion, and we all need to follow. Don’t just yell at Google. Start informing other Youtube channel owners and their sponsors that you will stop watching their videos and buying their products unless and until the censorship is ended.

      1. I just got off the phone with them, and yes, they are looking at several alternates as we speak.

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