Blue Alpha Gear MOLLE Double Belt Rig – VIDEO Review

U.S.A.-( The Blue Alpha Gear Double Belt has become one of my go-to range tools since my first double belt was gifted to me by Kurt of Blue Alpha Gear last year. Yes, the belt was a gift that they had no idea that I intended on reviewing but it was too good to not talk about.

The belt that I selected was the Multicam MOLLE compatible belt for no other reason than it was the stiffest possible option that Blue Alpha Gear offered at the time. Since I planned on using the belt for shooting on the range only and not as a “battle belt” the stiffest option seemed to be the right decision to make.

The Double Belt Explained:

The inner belt is compact and easy to store in a range bag.

Why would I want two belts when one belt can hold all my pouches and holsters? Because I only have to set the Double Belt up once and don’t have to mess with getting my pouches in the right spot. While it might not be the best possible option for guys kicking in doors and delivering freedom, it sure as heck seems to work for me on the range.

The inner belt is where all the magic is. The loop covered inner belt is easy to put on and Blue Alpha Gear even offers a low profile double thickness one that can double as an EDC belt when you aren’t using it as an inner belt.

The Double Belt Features:

The EDC double thickness belt flexes less and can be uncomfortable under the outer belt.

My Double Belt is the MOLLE compatible version and as a result, has two strips of webbing that act as PALS slots. Blue Alpha Gear does offer a version that is “slick side” that has no PALS webbing for those that prefer belt loop attachments for everything.

The Belt uses an Austria Alpin Cobra buckle like most tactical style belts on the market. I opted for the model with the slightly larger buckle that incorporates a D ring into the buckle for no other reason than I would rather have it and not need it rather than wish I had it at a later date. I don’t currently use the D ring but could see it being very useful for some end users who might have a need to secure themselves to a tether or hang something from it.

Once you get the belt adjusted you are left with a tail that needs to be secured. Blue Alpha Gear includes a nice elastic band that keeps that tail nice and stowed without the need for tape.

How I Set My Belt Up:

My belt was optioned with the D ring belt buckle.

My belt set up had one goal, to accommodate as many different pistols as possible. This was to be my test belt and would be used any time I had a pistol in for review.

The Safariland 578 Pro-Fit holster is normally mounted to a Safariland Mid-Ride Universal Belt Loop adaptor with a QLS adaptor to facilitate quickly swapping out holsters when needed. An added benefit of the QLS adaptor is the offset that it gives the holster allowing for a smoother draw stroke.

The mag pouches are a mixture of Esstac KWYI pouches and a single Safariland 771 magazine pouch set at a 45-degree angle. The only other thing on my belt currently is a Safariland hook to hole ear protection when not in use. At some point in the future, I will add a roll up dump pouch for admin style tasks like holding extra mags, a water bottle, or whatever else I might need.

My Experiences:

PALS webbing makes attaching pouches easy.

Overall I have to say that my time with the Blue Alpha Gear Double Belt has been overwhelmingly positive. The material that Blue Alpha Gear uses for the belt’s construction is rather stiff and does a wonderful job of supporting the mags and pistol when wearing it.

Since I received the belt with both the double thickness EDC low profile inner belt and the single layer inner belt I was able to test them both at the range. I found that I highly preferred the thinner inner belt even though it provided less rigidity. While that might sound insane, the thicker belt doesn’t conform to the body under the outer belt as well and creates a hot spot in the front for me. Other users may not experience this though.

Sizing for the belts is pretty cool, all you have to do is order the same size that your pants are. If you weren’t aware pant sizing has changed over the years and does not reflect actual measurements. For example, if you wear a size 34 pant, you may need a 38″ belt from other manufacturers. Blue Alpha Gear has taken the guesswork out of things and made it to where if you wear a size 34 pant you just order a size 34 belt.

Where To Get One:

You can order your own from Blue Alpha Gear’s website or you can browse their other offerings on Amazon. The base MSRP for the slick side Blue Alpha Double Belt is $99.97 and the MOLLE Double Belt starts at $129.97. The MSRP for the belt as tested is $151.97.

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