Century Arms Announces New Additions to the Red Army Standard Ammo Lineup

Red Army Standard Ammunition 7.62x39 FMJ Boat Tail Round
The new offerings are built on the success of the Red Army Standard Ammunition 7.62×39 FMJ Boat Tail Round.

Delray Beach, Fla. – -(Ammoland.com)- Century Arms, North America’s premier AK manufacturer, has announced the arrival of two new additions to the Red Army Standard ammunition line.

Continuing on with the success of the recently released 7.62×39 FMJ Boat Tail round, Red Army Standard is now offering the same caliber with a Hollow Point Boat Tail as well as bringing back the 5.45×39 FMJ to the line for the AK74 enthusiast.

“We are continuously working on expanding the Red Army Standard Ammunition line to offer a wide variety of desirable calibers and we are very excited to offer these new additions to the consumer market,” said William Sucher the company’s VP of Business Development. “Right now, Red Army Standard Ammunition is imported only in limited quantities as we are focused on maintaining the highest levels of quality while we increase production.”

The new 7.62×39 HPBT (Hollow Point Boat Tail) and 5.45x39mm FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) ammunition are manufactured in Russia in the same factory that produces the recently launched Red Army Standard 7.62×39 FMJBT and .223 Rem FMJBT. This is the first time the 7.62x39mm HPBT will be commercially available for sale in the U.S.A. from this factory as well as the first time that the 5.45×39 FMJ will be available from this same factory in over a year. The 7.62×39 features a 124-grain HPBT bullet with a bimetal jacket and lead core, non-corrosive primers, and a lacquered steel case for smooth feeding and extraction and improved long-term storage properties. The 545×39 FMJ features a 59-grain FMJ bullet with a sealed non-corrosive primer and sealed neck.

The Red Army Standard line continues to provide high quality and consistently accurate ammunition at an affordable price point for the sportsman and AK enthusiast. The 7.62 x 39 HPBT comes packed in 20 round boxes and 1,000 round cases with an MSRP of $4.99 per box and $249.99 per case. The 5.45 x 39 FMJ loading comes packed in 20 round boxes and 1,000 rounds per case with an MSRP of $5.49 per box and $274.99.

For more information on Red Army Standard ammunition and Century Arms complete product line, visit www.CenturyArms.com.

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Century ArmsAbout Century Arms

Born over 50 years ago with its roots in the surplus business, Century Arms has an extensive history of providing unique and affordable products to the American Collector, Hunter, and Target Shooter. That tradition is carried on today, with a state of the art manufacturing facility located in the U.S.A, as the company continues to offer unique, innovative, and quality products to the U.S. Consumer and U.S. Government.

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I’ve purchased over 1,000 rounds of Red Army Standard and knock it if you will, but I’ve had zero malfunctions with this ammo. It would be a big plus to have it available lacquer coated with the necks and primers sealed.
Century International Arms does sell some great products. I for one am a big fan of the new WASR production line. It’s always great to see new offerings from Century.


I thought ALL Red Army Standard was lacquer coated with sealant on the primers and necks? I usually buy my AK ammo from SG Ammo, and they show pics of all of this ammo as being sealed and lacqured?? Thanks!

Kelly Harbeson

The Vympel 5.45 isn’t bad, but that case price isn’t great. When it’s available the Barnaul is a bit cheaper and in spam cans too

Bruce McComas

Not sure what some of these people’s gripe is with Century, after reading as much info as I could find on the different AK’s that are to be had today & shopping around for a few months for my 1st AK, I decided on the Century C39V2, & was not disappointed, fit & finish are excellent, the rifle I got is built like a tank & accuracy isn’t a problem at all, as a matter of fact, after some of the things I read, heard, & expected about AK’s in general, I was actually surprised at how accurate an AK… Read more »


I’ve used the Red Army 7.63×39 and found it to be accurate, more so then any Wolf ammo I’ve tried, so I’ll stay with Red Army out of my Ruger Ranch Rife in 7.62×39.


Why would i want to buy imported commie ammo? Buy American.


When they make some that’s not 500% higher in price then maybe.


Uhhh… Russia is not communist. Russian ammunition is economically priced and usually great quality.


Call me when you see any American made 5.45X39 and I’ll buy it…

Shane S

Stay away from century guns and ammo i own three and i wasted my money. Complete junk and dangerous along with the worst customer service i have ever experienced anywhere. Believe the terrible reviews they are true


^^this dude obviously is a snob$$ and doesnt know a good rifle to begin with. If you put a c39v2 or a wasr 10/63 next to an arsenal and blind folded him, he wouldn’t be able to tell you jack. I’ve started with the hating of the ras47 and I happen to own the Kalashnikov edition with an ALG trigger and recoil spring and buffer and a korden TT brake. The rifles flawless imo. Only thing to go wrong was a double feed and as we all now that’s not the rifle.


Trying saying that again with a straight face after your trunnion cracks. Then again, you sound like the kind of shooter who only goes once every 5-6 months to shoot.

Anywho, Century still imports WASRs and it’s good to see their ammo lineup include 5.45.

Frederick Cheatham

How many rounds in a case of 7.62/39 BT are there,?

Walter Abernathy

Said 1000, at 20 per box that is 50 boxes of 20 rounds.

Andrew Goss

Do you have Military Discounts for 100% Veterans.

Century Firearms

Only for 68% veterans. 100% veterans pay the 100% penalty cost.


Haha love it!! I’m only 99.9% veteran cuz my other 00.1% wanted to get discharged after my first 2 out of 4 years was complete!!

Shane S

Stay away from century guns and ammo i own three and i wasted my money. Complete junk and dangerous along with the worst customer service i have ever experienced anywhere. Believe the terrible reviews they are true.




Amen!other than surplus firearms their builds have not been reliable some are fine some are garbage

Eric Burton

Wasr 10 and 10/63 we’re good rifles, and the npap m70. Got lucky with customer service once.but, the 100% American made AK rifles, I’D STAY AWAY FROM. I’ve never used red army standard ammo. I’ve ran alot of wolf with good results.


+1 Stay away from American AK’s for now.