Pharmacist Stops Two Robbers Armed with AR15 in Maryland

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Pharmacist Stops Two Robbers Armed with AR15 in Maryland

PRINCESS ANNE, Md.-( When 22-year-olds Cody Allen King and Justin Michael Bull decided to rob a local pharmacy in Maryland they thought that there would be little resistance. Maryland has some of the most draconian gun laws in the country. Statistics show that these gun laws have little to no effect on crime. So, these two would be robbers had nothing to worry about while committing their planned robbery.

Yet, they did have something to worry about in this instance. The alleged robbers entered the Karemore Pharmacy in Princess Anne Maryland with a modern sporting rifle. The two suspects ordered everyone to get down on the ground like a scene out of a movie.

Wasim Amir, the pharmacist on duty, was sitting in his office watching the robbery taking place. He decided he wasn't going to let his customers and co-workers be in danger from two gunmen who could open fire at any time. Amir grabbed his revolver that he kept in his desk and entered the pharmacy.

Amir yelled at the man holding the rifle before firing two shots at the suspects. Upon taking fire from a good guy with a gun, these two would be bad guys with a gun decided to flee the scene rather than be shot.

Amir thwarted the robbery, and he became a hero in the process of possibly saving other people’s lives. The police responded to the scene and determined that Amir did not hit anyone with his shots, but they were enough to chase the robbers away.

Police took King and Bull into custody a short time later. AmmoLand does not have a clear picture of how police were able to identify the suspects and apprehend them. Police are holding both suspects on multiple charges including attempted armed robbery with a firearm. Although our sources confirmed that police are filing other charges against the two men, it is unclear to what those charges are at the time of this writing.

As for Amir, he owned the gun legally, and police have not filed any charges against the pharmacist, and no charges are expected to be filed.

For years, the NRA has been pushing the slogan, “the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Anti-gun rights advocate claim that this statement is a myth, but gun rights advocates say this incident is just one in a long line of examples that gets glossed over in the mainstream media.

In 2017 Stephen Willeford, an NRA instructor with an AR-15, stopped the Sutherland church shooter. They also point to the attempted school shooting at Prince Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia where an armed guard stopped the shooter before he could kill any students.

They point to the fact that even in Maryland, there have been other examples of a good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun. On March 20th of this year, a school shooter at Great Mills High School was stopped by a school resources officer with a firearm. Anti-gun advocates consider these incidents as outliers.

Gun rights advocates also point to the rise in violent crime in Maryland since the state started passing more stringent gun laws. For example, carjackings in Maryland have more than doubles since 2013. Other nearby states have only seen a 4% increase on average.

There is no information to when King and Bull will appear in court.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%'ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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    1. Being Maryland, I expected the story to end with the pharmacist in jail while the two crooks would be given therapy because the mean man scared them.

      1. Touché, bravas :-).

        In CA, the pharmacist would be in jail, all of his family’s firearms would be confiscated, and he’d permanently lose the rest of his 2nd Amendment rights (the ones that haven’t already been stripped by CA law). His family would be given hypnosis therapy to make them forget that they ever owned firearms, ever thought it was a good idea to own them, and to feel revulsion whenever they hear firearms mentioned in the future.

        The perps would be given trauma therapy (as in MD). Plus, if they weren’t already citizens, they would be handed citizenship papers so could vote (blue, along with all other “victims” who need a Big Brother-style gov’t to take care of them), in future elections. And they would be given passes to Disneyland as an apology from the state of CA that they ever had to go through that experience. No one would ever think to confiscate firearms in *their* possession (legal or not).

        OK, so I exaggerate. A little. But it wasn’t until I owned a firearm in recent years that I became aware of just *HOW* draconian CA has become… 🙁

    2. The only reason I need to give for having any weapon or a magazine of any size or any amount of ammunition is that I want to have it.
      Your approval is neither solicited nor required.

    3. I Legally bought and owned a 30 cal Universal Carbine with 4 15 round clips and 5 30 round clips , NEW Jersey banned this type of gun and the lawful punishment was 3 years for people caught with one . I had to take this fine rifle to a Delaware gun shop who paid me $100 for the gun , clips , Sling and all . Also had 800 rounds of 30 Cal ammo I surrendered to the Gun shop owner . Just an example how Vivious NJs Gun Laws are in this Dem O Rat controlled shit hole state . Dont ever move here

      1. That is why I won’t visit New England, Chicago, or the West Coast. Here in Alabama we have “Open Carry”, so I can have my 22 WMR revolver on my gun belt, as well as my hunting knife. The “Lame Stream Media” said “The Streets Will Run Red with Blood” when this law was passed. I’ve never seen or heard of someone open carrying needing to fire their gun. No, I don’t carry in town, or into stores, but neighbors know who they can run to if they need an armed friend to protect them. Go to “heyjackass . com” and see how Chicago did on 8/5, 71 shot over that weekend!

        1. Kansas state law has always allowed open carry but many cities had laws that restricted carrying a loaded gun. ALL that nonsense has been changed. We began with a shall issue carry license in 2006 and some cities banned licensed carry on city property. That was slapped down very quickly in the spring of 2007.
          Kansas now has Constitutional Carry. Knives are unregulated [with a stupid restriction on on sharpened throwing stars ???]
          It is common to see men and women with a gun on their hip at Walmart or Target. Any person who may legally own a gun can chose to carry in any manner they choose. It is “in town” where I feel I need a gun. Kansas is a great place.

        2. New England? I’m in Maine; we have always been an open carry state, and now we are Constitutional carry state. You are thinking about Mass and Connecticut. Those are the Nazi states of New England……Maine and New Hampshire aren’t as draconian.

      2. WOW! You were robbed. I would certainly make an appropriate adjustment in my 2018 NJ State Taxes…

      3. I moved out of there about 35 years ago…I now live in a Constituional Carry State,and we can own AR’s if we choose…Screw Maryland, Jersey, etc! Nazi states!

      4. What a shame! This is the weapon I use for my home defense. You should have brought your rifle, magazines and ammo here to Pennsylvania where you would have gotten more for them!

    4. ladies and gentleman we are better than this name calling get’s us know where. and with that it is sad that these two upstanding examples of human feces were not taken off this earth! God Bless the USA

      1. Amen, @JohnRPyle — name-calling gets us nowhere. (in fact, it only makes *us* look the idiots in the debate, and moves us backward)

    5. Alan.. you mean to tell me that everybody that buy’s a AR with a 30rd. magazine has the intention to kill as many people as possible, as fast as possible.lf that’s the case.. there would be a whole lot of dead people.Do you realize how stupid you sound. You sir are a fucking idiot!!

        1. As a friend of mine loves to say whenever he hears a leftie say “…you need” or any version of the same, it’s not a bill of needs dumb asses, it’s a bill of rights! End of discussion.

      1. @Rich, That is a joke, right. Please tell me that you are not another guy deciding for me what I need. Kind of like the Fat Boy Institute deciding for me which candidate should be my president.

      2. If my life is in danger I want more than just a handgun with 5 or 6 shots. Maybe I’m a bad shot, maybe I panicked and shot off all my ammo, maybe there’s more than one guy as in this case. I would like an arsenal of weapons at my disposal.

        1. You guys need to respect one another. Use if this type of language is not going to solve anything. God bless you all God bless America.Iraq war Veteran.

          1. @Jose: amen! All of us that are pro-2A need to stick together. We all want exactly the same thing. United we stand, divided we fall. We can’t afford to attack each other — we all need to stand up to the real enemy, the oppressive anti-2A forces.

            Believe me (as I see it every day, in a 2A-hostile state), the anti-2A folks are going to vote for Every *Single* Law that comes along to reduce or eliminate our 2A rights. They don’t even care if the law is Constitutional or not (they really don’t!), because they know it will stand for a very long time before it could possibly be overturned. Ssuch laws will have to make it all the way to the Supreme Court to be overturned, because the 2nd and 9th Circuit Courts of Appeal sure won’t strike them down.

      3. My 1911 is single action. My old P85 is double action.

        Colt’s made some 1873 revolvers that were semi-automatic. The grip frame allowed the cylinder frame to recoil, cocking the hammer.

    6. Maybe it was an AirSoft AR? Or maybe stupid robbers listen to Nancy, Hillary and Chuckie and get an AR because they are told that’s what they need.
      Somebody needs to get Mr. Wasim Amir a few boxes of ammo and some range time.

      1. CORRECT JIM!
        If you are going to “carry” make sure you know how to “use” the ‘tool” you have at your disposal. OR if you need some “instruction” there are MANY highly qualified firearms instructors that will point you in the right direction. If there IS a “Next time” the perps just might shoot back.

        1. A pharmacist has to know a lot more than how to count pills. When a Doctor writes a dangerous does, a qualified pharmacist will know enough to call the doctor for clarification.
          Police officers today are trained fairly well, for what they do. But they are not lawyers or teachers.
          Lots of people are excellent “gun handlers” but the citizen who intends to use a gun in social confrontations needs to have skill and knowledge in the Use of Force laws, in personal stress management, and understanding that a gun is always lethal force and you must be willing to take a life to save yourself and others.
          The correct Bible translation is not thou shall not kill. The correct is Thou shall not murder.

    7. I expect this to be used as an excuse for the laws. “See, only bad guys use ARs & a revolver is plenty to defend yourself. That’s all you need.”
      Despite one of the arguments for not arming teachers is that a pistol can’t possibly be used to defend against an AR. They twist the narrative to fit their agenda.
      Just saw yesterday info released says the Parkland killer used 5 round magazines. Of course us logical people would say “see magazine limits make no difference to criminals & mass shooting perpetrators. They only hinder people in self-defense situations.” While the idiots would say, “can you imagine how much worse the carnage would’ve been if he actually had ‘high capacity’ magazines?!”

      1. We have to get rid of the high capacity magazines, PERIOD! They are made for one goal only: To kill as many PEOPLE as possible, in the shortest amount of time. Five rounds is plenty. If you cannot cap somebody’s ass with five rounds, then heaven help you.

        1. Why stop at 5? Why not 3 or, maybe a single shot, since it only takes 1 well placed shot to “cap” a bad guy?
          Wake up! There is no proof that magazine capacity – 5, 10, 20, or 30 rounds would change the outcome of a shooting incident.

        2. @ Alan, I was going to make a well thought out comment, but I do know your type, so I also know it will be a waste of time. So, go ahead and march into the Gas Chamber there sheeple. What do you millennials say? Oh yeah, SMH. We would say in the military, chin to chest.

          1. @TD, I am taking “Millennial as a Second Language” but I have not gotten to SMH, yet. Can you help me out?

            1. SMH = Shaking My Head
              I’m not fluid in Millennial but I know just enuf to be dangerous.
              Hope this helps Bill, and pardon me for buttin’ in.

            2. @Elmo, Thank you, that is a great help. Millennials do not enter my world much because it involves work rather than singular self absorption and personal entertainment. Thanks again and have a great day.

          2. @Alan, it’s quite simple. I’ve read that it takes 3.8 rounds *on target*, on average, to stop an attacker. Let’s call that 4 rounds. Plus a couple of more rounds that miss your target (and that is probably highly conservative). So that’s 6+ rounds per attacker. If you have 3 attackers, you’re going to need *at least* 20 rounds — and probably more, because with 3 attackers the situation will be less focused and likely, fewer rounds will be on-target.

            Where I live, we are limited to 10-round mags in ALL firearms, and that really worries me, should my home ever be invaded. To further complicate things, note that bad guys won’t hesitate to use 17-round mags in handguns and 30-round mags in rifles.

        3. @Alan, Is that the limit of your vision? Do you think everyone lives the same way that you do? If you decide that a magazine of more that some arbitrary number is too much for you that is fine … for you.

          We rural people live in isolation. There is no back up. A call to 911 would bring help about Christmas time.
          It would be very easy for a van full of thugs to make an over whelming attack, and steal everything we have, from cash to cattle, at their leisure. I need magazines that hold more rounds, lots more rounds. I just may need to kill as many people as possible, in the shortest amount of time possible. I have and I will continue to decide what is best for me.

          And what is a high capacity magazine, anyway? Who had the authority to define that? Or are you just passing along non-thought propaganda.

            1. @Jeff, Yep, my supply sergeant issued twenty and thirty round mags. So Yep that is standard. If the Big Green Machine had forty and fifty round mags, then those would be standard, too!

          1. Adding to @WildBill’s comments — even in suburbia, it could *easily* take 10+ minutes for police help to arrive. How are you going to protect your family from intruder(s) during those crucial, life-or-death (for you & yours) minutes? That’s a question to ponder very, very seriously. (even in a very anti-fun area, a deputy sheriff recommended that we get trained and get armed, to protect our family)

            Re magazine sizes — mag sizes range up to 100 rounds or so, for rifles. I can’t believe that there is any discussion about that, at all. With multiple intruders (potentially each armed with 20-round pistol mags), there is clear justification for a homeowner to have a 30-round mag, if she/he wants one. @WildBill makes exactly the right point — no one else, much less the *government* hundreds or thousands of miles away, should judge for each of us what *our* needs are. Only we know, and only we should be the judge of that.

        4. Alan, you are an idiot. Read your history book, that is if you can read. In the 20th century over 110 million (yes that is spelled MILLION) were slaughtered after they were disarmed. Read about what Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Turkey and the Armenian’s to people after they disarmed them. Read your history idiot. “Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.”

          1. May be a tad earlier in history and perhaps not as many, but let’s not forget about the aboriginal Americans too.

        5. Your skinny little brain is stuck on the premise that more than one armed assailant are never involved in any attack. What if a roving gang of ten perps use the passgate for pedestrians and enter your nice “secure” gatelock community and begin a systematic assault on YOUR home? If ypu’re moving about to avoid being hit, and at the same time trying to hit any of them, five rounds aint gonna help for very long.

          Sorry but there are two characteristics common to armed assaults:

          First the victim NEVER gets to select the time or place of the attack

          Second, the victim NEVER gets to determine the rules of engagement.

          So WHY should any of us potential victims be forced to cede so many advantages to out assailants?

          the real world does not reflect the same version of reality as does Hollywood. See it in the movies, that’sstill the movies. Remember… the term “arms” as used in that Second ARticle of Ammendment meant at the time, and still means today, weapons of military usefulness able to be deployed and used by a single individual acting alone. Would you expect our Boys over in the Sandbox to go to war over there packing 1903 Springfield bolt action rifles with five round non-detachable magazines that had to be hand fed in place, instead of slipping out the empty mag and clicking in a full one? Why not? And if that’s “fair” and acceptable for them, how are WE any different? The RIGHT to keep and bear is NOT for government, military, police, private security. Nope. That right is recognised as accruing to THE PEOPLE. That’s all of us. And that right can’t be limited, narrowed, taken away, confined, conditioinal upon paying a feee or performing certain prescribed actions.

        6. Actually the M16 was issued with a 20 round magazine and te M4 was issued with a 30 round magazine because too many defenders were in trouble with just rounds.
          A 30 round magazine is important since the bad guys do not tell you how many or when.
          A defender is handicapped. A killer only needs one shot at a time because te killers get to pick the time and place.

        7. Alan, You lack imagination and understanding. Most likely I can “cap somebody’s ass” with 5 rounds. With your tunnel vision and participation trophy sense of superiority you failed to consider that I may need to cap a whole lot of “somebody’s ass.” Consider a pro-life demonstration or pro-trump rally that gets attacked by hundreds of pantifa faggots throwing rocks, cans, and attacking people with clubs, etc. I my need to cap hundred of “somebody’s ass”. Or, on the same end of the spectrum, what if the federales roll up into my neighborhood to impose martial law as they did in Boston. I will need a lot more than five rounds.Or how about when the state storm troopers in Maryland, California, New York, or any of a number of other shit hole police states, come to take away my arms, or tell me I can’t buy a plastic straw, or buy raw milk, or catch the rainwater on my property.

          Think fool, think! WHile you are struggling to do so I suggest you leave your muslim prayer posture and stand up so as to make it harder for the police state to mount you like a dog.

          1. Don’t have to think only about the bad guy if I need to protect my cattle from predators I want and need the tools to do just that. And of course I will protect my family from anyone or thing.

        8. Alan
          I can tell you have never been in a fire fight. If it happens, I hope not, you will find that the more the merrier is the right amount.

        9. Maybe Alan is bored or had too many Cosmopolitans… he may even have thrown it out just to get us all pissed. Really no need to respond to him directly… maybe he is ANTIFA… or a troll but does anyone really care. I emptied my X-mag 50 round 5.56 mag and my Surefire 60 (which handles Blackout just fine) last night by shooting them at 4″ Clay’s at the short 38 yard range. Both AR types have select fire capability and I run them suppressed because i can.
          I would feel more comfortable with my carry gun, PPQ M2 45 with 14 total rounds and two more 13 round mags on the other hip. Some of you may be quick to say that the 45 PPQ magazines only hold 12 but mine take 13 easily and I’ve been doing it with six different factory mags since they came out.
          Anyway, let’s have less infighting among the choir. Alan is wrong but he doesn’t really matter anyway. He is probably getting a big laugh at the reaction to his Hillary for President statement.

        10. Ignorance can be cured stupidity cannot. Alan, you best hope your never confronted with life or death situation, you will likely loose.

    8. Anti-gunners consider stories like this to be “anecdotes.” They ignore the fact that a collection of anecdotes is called “history.”

    9. You are mistaken. MSRs are banned here in the People’s Republic of Maryland, and as we all know, that prohibition prevents them from being used for nefarious purposes, so your information clearly must be wrong.

      1. IF the liberal philosophy (legal prohibition prevents possession/use) were accurate… then, sir, your logical conclusion is indeed impeccable. LOL

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