Dick’s Sales Drop After Dissing Second Amendment Supporters

Dick's Drops Sales After Dissing Second Amendment Supporters
Dick's Drops Sales After Dissing Second Amendment Supporters

Arizona -(Ammoland.com)- –Dick's Sporting Goods is reaping the results of entering politics as a corporate entity.

The purpose of public corporations is to make money for their stockholders. Fortunately, over half of Americans own stock. If you want some corporate profits, add stocks or an index fund to your 401k or other retirement accounts.

When corporations move away from their basic purpose, and into the political realm, they cannot help by alienate some potential customers. When you reduce potential customers, you reduce profits.

Dick's Sporting Goods decided to alienate a significant number of potential customers. They decided to take sides in an acrimonious political debate. They decided to stop carrying certain rifles in their stores, for purely political reasons. They decided to stop selling rifles and shotguns to an entire age group: 18, 19, and 20-year-old people.

There are about 80-100 million gun owners in the United States. Gun owners, as a group, have somewhat higher incomes than people who do not own guns. The political decision to alienate such a large group of potential customers has taken its toll. From foxbusiness.com:

The embattled sports retailer reported a same-store sales decline of 4 percent compared to the same period one year earlier, or about 1.9 percent when not accounting for the 53rd week in the year. For the full year, Dick’s expects same-store sales to fall by 3 percent to 4 percent, compared to a 0.3 percent decline last year.

“We delivered double digit growth in ecommerce, private brands, and athletic apparel excluding Under Armour, however, as expected, sales were impacted by the strategic decisions we made regarding the slow growth, low margin [hunting] and electronics businesses, which accounted for nearly half of our comp decline,” Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Edward Stack said in a press release.

Dick’s executives had previously warned that the company’s hunting business would suffer as a result of a decision to stop selling assault rifles at stores. The company discontinued sales of rifles and enacted a 21-and-over age limit on all firearm sales after a deadly shooting at a Florida high school left 17 dead last February.

It was bad enough that Dick's stepped into the middle of a heated political debate. But they decided to do so even though a large number of their customers were certain to object to the side they took. There is no evidence that non-gunowners felt particularly strongly about their decision.

It might make sense to pick sides in a political debate if you know that your customers agree with you. When Taurus Firearms offers a free NRA membership with the sale of its firearms, it is likely to attract customers. Smith & Wesson went bankrupt when it picked sides against Second Amendment supporters by cutting a special deal with the Clinton administration.

In general, picking political sides is bad for business. Better to stay neutral and keep focused on your primary purpose: making money.

Second Amendment supporters have long memories. They see evidence everyday of long running efforts to destroy their culture and to disarm them, or failing that, disarming their children or grandchildren.

Second Amendment supporters are organized. They have their own communications networks, publications, and media. It does not pay for major corporations to say they do not care about them.

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About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten 

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

  • 77 thoughts on “Dick’s Sales Drop After Dissing Second Amendment Supporters

    1. Yesterday, I passed by a Dick’s store and thought I would like to see their bows and immediately I remembered how they decided to remove firearms from their stores and their public stand, re Second Amendment.

      I picked up some groceries at Wegman’s and decided to visit a local gun shop that also sold bows. Dick’s doesn’t need my 500-600 dollars if they don’t support me and American freedom

      1. Dicks is 20 miles from me. A family owned gun shop is 40 miles from me. I’ll spend the extra $5 in gas to visit the family store.

    2. I used to work at Dicks……..then I woke up and quit! They over charge for their Chinese junk ! Their hunting boots are made in Vietnam! Go and figure!!!!!!!!

    3. I will occasionally visit Dick’s while the wife shops next door, for the express purpose of visiting the ever-shrinking “hunting” department. Great fun, asking the employees where everything went, why, and how can they justify such high prices on the very limited stock that they do have!! Stammering, followed by exiting to another department or fictitious customer in need of help. Better than shopping dresses! Ha-ha. Karma hurts sometimes!

    4. There are a lot of BIG differences between an AR bought by civilians and the true AR used by the military, The civilian AR is just another automatic rifle that shoots 1 time per trigger pull. It just looks different. The difference in the military AR is the selector switch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      You can’t put the civilian AR on ” ROCK AND ROLL” as you can the military version. I spent 28 years in the U S Army with; the INFANTRY branch.

      Believe me, the civilian version of the AR15 IS NOT AN ASSAULT RIFLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Civilian AR platform is NOT an automatic rifle. It is a Semi-Automatic, requiring the 1 separate trigger pull per round, as you alluded. Words have meaning and consequences.

      2. Are you really sure? Pelosi and her motley crew of Democratic ignoramuses ALWAYS talk about “assault rifles”. So, I kinda figured every piece of iron what shot out them metal thingys was an “assault rifle”. /sarc/
        Thank you for your service.


    5. Well , Some Gun Shops will never learn. The Second Amendment , as some have already agreed with, should be the First Amendment. We already know that, we Legally Registered American Gun Owners could then be used to Protect the Rest of our United States Constitution, It’s Amendments , and our Bill of Rights. God Bless America and our AMERICAN CITIZENS – STAY SAFE . TSgt., USAF Analyst Retired.

      1. I believe in gun control, if you don’t have gun control you can’t hit the target. It really doesn’t matter whether It’s first or second, but the liberals had better take note, there would not be a First Amendment if the Second Amendment was not in place to protect it, and nearly everyone calling for tougher laws on Firearms have around the clock ARMED body guards. Hello hillary how many do you have at TAX PAYERS EXPENCE?

    6. Dicks will never see a dime from me or my son, its as simple as that, I only wish I didn’t drive past the store every day………………….

      1. @RS, Nor mine. Dick’s stock was down 7.1 percent yesterday. The boycott is working, and an example to others. Citibank is also down.

        1. @ Wild Bill

          When Dickheads stock is in the toilet and the going out of business signs go up,then I’ll pull a cork .

        2. Same, I drive by Dickheads daily…Drive BY. As in Goodby. And we now receive full color glossy ads in the NP, showing 22LR Semi-Auto and Pump Shotguns for Sale…..WTF, I thought they said to H with the 2nd? Dicks at Dicks must think we have some type of short memory. RIP you Dicksters….Good Riddance..LMAO

    7. I used to shop there about 3 times a week I first wasn’t happy with them selling a scope I put in lay away and didn’t think nothing of it said it was there last one, totally hot about that, second the don’t support our rights to the 2nd Amendment and for us as citizen’s to even protect ourselves, I totally avoid that store now for a few years, will not ever shop there again, even if they sent me the veri x 3, 4x 9 x 42 I was beat out of.

    8. Any chance I have to snap up dicks advertisements, I do. I throw them all away. It means wasted advertising dollars for them. Every cent ads up. I always mention Academy and the smaller mom-pop shops in town if someone talks guns or ammo…or any sports gear with me. When I’m bored I do walk thru dicks. As soon as an employee asks if they can help me, I point out how slow the business is in the store and mention that they should start looking for a new job too since dicks is on the same slide as Sears.

    9. Was online pricing an item and found a great price but it was at Dicks. No way was I going to give them my business. They lost out of a big sale and I’ll spend that extra somewhere else and stand my ground! What kind of sporting/gun store shoots themself in the foot and doesn’t think it’s going to hurt!

    10. It’s no surprise to me that Dick’s is experiencing limp sales. Maybe they can rename the company Limp Dick’s Sporting Goods store thereto and hitherforward.

    11. Local gun store has a sign that says we sell AR15’s. We’re not dicks. I cut up my membership card and mailed to them with a note explaining that their position on the second amendment was offensive to me.

    12. I drive right on by my local Dicks Sporting Goods Store, on the way to the new, AR-15 selling and young firearm purchasers loving , and very customer aware Academy Outdoors Store where I recently bought a new Ruger AR 556. And over 700 rds of ammo.
      Too bad Dicks, you did it to yourself…..

    13. I just received some Dicks coupons but they went into the trash. I. Outdoor not bring myself going into a progressive fascist retailer

    14. It is worse than the article even mentioned. Dick’s also hired lobbyists to lobby for gun control! So not only did they decide on what to sell and to whom, they decided to go one further by directly attacking the constitutional rights of their customers!

    15. I went to dicks one last time .the cashier said can I help you?
      I said yes.heres your score card.i don’t agree with your gun views and I’ll never come here again.and I haven’t!

    16. Shareholders are mad at management over this. I don’t know what is in their agreement but it is possible the shareholders could sue management for failing to meet their fiduciary responsibility: maximize profits and minimize or mitigate losses.

      Consumers have long memories. I can think of a number of ammo suppliers who, while I do not know if it is true or not, consumers have accused of price gauging when ammo supplies were running short. Consumers are still ragging on them and swearing never to patronize them in the future.

    17. Haven’t spent a dime with them since their decision. I don’t even go on their website anymore. I am not surprised at their decision because of where their corporate headquarters are located. A left coast decision.

    18. Dick’s lost many customers, I will never shop there again either.
      Too many people protesting against our rights, it’s about time to show the power of the pro-gun people, we are way more than they think.

    19. Dick’s opened a new store in McAllen, TX, not far from where I live just before they made their decision about NRA. I was looking forward to visiting their store but have never gone there. They do not want my business!

      1. EXACTLY same thing here in Prosper, TX (Dallas), James. Couldn’t wait until it opened…..ooops….NEVER been in it – never will.

    20. I don’t shop at Dick’s any more and I no longer buy Yeti coolers (I’m a RTIC customer now and I love their coolers).

    21. I have a Dick’s 5 minutes from me. Parking lot is mostly empty at all times. It’s vastly over-priced and staff don’t know a damned thing except reading their phones in the back of the store.

      1. Charlie – I’ve also got a brand-new one 5 minutes from me. I have NO IDEA what their staff does……never been in there – and never will.

    22. I don’t think so! Dick’s stock is plummeting like crazy as people aren’t buying nothing! Soon it will be Junk Bonds at this rate.
      The Markets Really worried Dick’s made a bad decision; instead of going with the Flow.
      Can’t Fix Stupid!

    23. I declined the appointment because they ask
      Questions on an intake form I had while beginning a relationship with a new doctor asked if I had a gun at home. It is none of their Damn business if I had a gun at home. .I haven’t shopped at Dicks or Field andStream since they weny politicial.

    24. Dicks is just following the Leader Ship of K-Mart, Sears, JC Penny’s. they made a conscious effort to down size their sporting goods Department and boy toy departments and enhance the girl toy lines and other non Macho lines in order to turn the Males into Wussy’s!

      1. Sears/K Mart just filed for bankruptcy. Shows that you lead by example. Sears will be down to 400 stores, down from 4,000 several years ago. And Dick’s is following these leaders? Looking forward to the clearance sales.

    25. to begin with every weapon made since man found ways to kill has been called an assault weapon.to think that times or the idiots that think with their heads under water are going to change is asking for Kraft to start mining cheese on the moon.

    26. Parents in survival mode getting gear for kids sport seasons support DSG. I’ve never liked the store because I’ve never been in one where the staff don’t all look suicidal. With that said, they’re 2A position will have minimal impact I predict. Soccer, basketball, football sales vastly exceed firearms. Again, the soccer moms and sport parents could care less. Studies show that convenience tops all other parameters. Sadly.

      1. “For the full year, Dick’s expects same-store sales to fall by 3 percent to 4 percent”.

        Come on soccer moms, your kids each need two more pairs of shoes and more socks.

        “Studies show that convenience tops all other parameters”, Even profits take a back seat to convenience..

      2. I don’t think so! Dick’s stock is plummeting like crazy as people aren’t buying nothing! Soon it will be Junk Bonds at this rate.
        The Markets Really worried Dick’s made a bad decision; instead of going with the Flow.
        Can’t Fix Stupid!

      3. Anyone remember The Sports Authority ? they stopped selling guns and hunting stuff many moons ago, and I assume that they thought the other sports would carry the day, nope-nada, didn’t work. You mess with our Constitution, you do so at your own risk. The left is stupid, thank God, so let them keep on slitting their own throat. You can buy sport stuff on line cheaper that at a store most of the time, but guns, hunting gear, ammo and such you need to be there and have in in your hands.

    27. Dick’s blows monkeys that’s a given. We as 2A supporters must be proactive join the NRA already a member upgrade. Vote only for 2A candidate’s.

    28. I have spent a lot of money at Dick’s in the past but going forward I no longer shop there and I encourage others to do the same,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    29. I’ve been a goof supporter of dick’s sport goods until their comment to not sale certain weapons, I will not support or buy anything from Dick’s sporting goods as long as they are against the second amendment.

    30. There are no Dick’s stores around here. However last week I was shopping for a sporting goods item and Dick’s came up with the best price via Google search. I visited the site and checked the item out. Then I remembered something about Dick’s and the 2nd Amendment from the past. I used their site contact form and let them know that because of their decision I would not even consider making a purchase at Dick’s.

    31. Where I live Dick’s got ride of their gun and ammunition department. I no longer shop there and told their lack of support for the second amendment is why.

    32. Now if we could only get FOX and it’s affiliates to stop using the disingenuous term “assault rifle”. I’ve expensed my digusted ro them on numerous occasions and never got a response.

    33. I’m surprised anyone remembered the deal s&w made with the Clinton’s. Kudos to you Dean Weingarten. Seems like I’m always telling people about that or the lawsuit from Glock they lost.

    34. Dicks can rot in the Leftist quagmire they created for themselves,I will celebrate the dat they have to shutter their doors.

      1. Somewhat accurate updated numbers are a little harder to come by today, since fewer people will respond honestly to a telephone poll asking them about gun ownership, political preferences, favorite TV shows, or any of a number of other topics. In fact, a LOT of people simply hang up on pollsters

        1. Zackley ! BUT, you can guarantee the ownership numbers are FAR higher than 89-100 million. I haven’t been back to Dicks since they turned on us… F- them. I also haven’t visited WalMart since their siding with the anti “assault rifle” idiots… Starbucks no longer exists because of their anti gun stance and not allowing LEGAL carry gun owners on their property. TARGET the same…. Yeah, I turn my back on all socialist, anti American shops. Yeti, KISS MY ASS !
          There should be a list published and updated weekly for the ANTI 2ND shops and sights.

        2. One of the questions on an intake form I had while beginning a relationship with a new doctor asked if I had a gun at home. The answers were
          1) Yes
          2) No
          3) Prefer not to answer

          Answering no# 1 I would be entered into a data base which I prefer not to be. Answering no#3 will make me suspect and put into a data base of a different color. I answered no#2 to protect my freedom. I believe one must lie when freedom is at stake. Other so-called patriots will probably call BS but that is there opinion. I have a disabled son to take care of and privacy on this matter is up to me not someone else.

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