AmmoLand Shooting Sports News Celebrates Ten Years of Publishing

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News Ten Year Anniversary
AmmoLand Shooting Sports News Celebrates Ten Years of Publishing

U.S.A. –( AmmoLand Shooting Sports News is proud to report that October 2018 will mark ten years of publishing on the world wide web. Back then we called ourselves the Ammoland News and Business Directory. You can see one of our first posts here that featured the song “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition”, written by Frank Loesser and recorded by Kay Kyser and his Orchestra.

Since that date, we have published over 68,000 articles, 10 to 40 every weekday since 2008 on subjects related to shooting sports, gun rights, hunting, the firearms industry, and the Second Amendment. As our business evolved, we have started publishing on the weekends as our readership has continued to grow.

With your support, we have over 197,000 comments on our articles and trade announcements.

“We owe our loyal readers a great heartfelt thank you for your support and dedication over the last ten years. With your continued comments and encouragement you have helped us to continue to grow to where we now have a million plus readers each month.” said AmmoLand Editor-in-Chief, Fredy Riehl.

Gun Terminology Gone Bad...
Gun Terminology Gone Bad…

Thank you to Brownells as they were one of the first industry supporters of AmmoLand News, with the first Brownells announcement running November 18, 2008, featuring products from Sabre Defense and Daniel Defense. You can see on the link our publishing format is pretty much unchanged today as it was back then, now with better images, videos, and links.

So many people have helped or contributed to the success of AmmoLand News that we apologize in advance that we are unable to name everyone. Top in our book are Tom Mchale, David Codrea, Dean Weingarten and of course Jeff Knox. These gentlemen and Patriots have had our backs since the early days, and they have molded our voice in countless ways.

It is funny to look back at some early articles. From day one you can see why we liked Tom Mchale, his sense of humor was evident from his first post. At one time Tom even provided some of our daily cartoons… doh. David Codrea also has a great sense of humor, but his reporting was and still is the work of a serious reporter with hard-hitting exposés leaving no stones unturned in defense of the right to keep and bear arms.  David’s earliest posts with AmmoLand News were syndication articles from his time at the Examiner, too bad we did not run every post from them back in the day, as the Examiner has deleted much of his important work over time. Dean Weingarten did not work regularly with AmmoLand News until February of 2014, but Dean has since published over 1100 articles in our news outlet and is one of our most prolific activist writers. Jeff Knox is another serious guy. Jeff’s first article on AmmoLand News hit right at the heart of political correctness and in following his Dad’s legacy he has never looked back in defense of our rights.

“Thank you to you guys for all your support as well as the hundreds of others whose voices have made AmmoLand News what it is today. We would be nothing if not for the support all these great friends and activists.” commented Fredy Riehl.

Speaking of contributors, there are a few folks that have passed away over the years that deserve mention. In particular Alan Caruba and Charlie Cutshaw.

M14 Rifle Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Charlie Cutshaw
M14 Rifle Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Charlie Cutshaw
Alan Caruba
Alan Caruba

Charlie Cutshaw was already big name “gun writer” when we first got into the publishing business, but he was always open to working with new outlets and welcomed the chance to publish with “internet guys.” After only a few articles, Charlie suddenly passed away as a result of a fall on June 12th of 2011.  His articles on AmmoLand News including, M14 Rifle – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Bye, Bye M4 Carbine and 1911 Pistol Refuses To Die, are well worth reading as they are timeless discussions of classic firearms.

Our departed friend and fellow New Jersey native, Alan Caruba, was a conservative rock whose weekly Op-Ed’s predicted the rise of a Donald Trump style President, the horror and division of today’s identity politics and the biased reporting and death of real journalism. Alan called it as he saw it and everyone would do well to read many of his prophetic articles.

These folks along with countless other industry partners and organizations have helped to make AmmoLand News a voice for truth, reason and American values.  But most of all, to all the individuals whose continued readership and allegiance gives us purpose; we can not thank you enough. Your dedication is enormously appreciated, and everyone at Ammoland strives to earn your loyalty.

We would love to acknowledge every reader for their love and support, but it would be an impossible task. What we can do is give everyone a chance at winning an exciting long range rifle and scope package.  One lucky reader will be the new owner of this rifle in less than 45 days so please make sure you are a new or existing subscriber to our daily newsletter.

Palmetto State Armory & Vortex Optics 6.5 Creedmoor AR-10 Rifle 2
Palmetto State Armory & Vortex Optics 6.5 Creedmoor AR-10 Rifle 2

We are looking forward to another ten years as we still have many fights to take on and stories to write in defense of our GOD given right to keep and bear arms.

God Bless America!

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I am that:(
“One lucky reader will be the new owner of this rifle in less than 45 days so please make sure you are a new or existing subscriber to our daily newsletter.” So email me already gdmnt! Sorry. (That was my Sam Kinison inner-voice.)
I really like the rifle… honestly! I would care for it and love it. She wants out, she’s out. She will be well fed.


Fredi, It has been a long time since that breakfast in Vegas. Congratulations for all your hard work……Jim/magazine guy–Deb says hi.

Wild Bill

To Freddy and the whole crew,
Salutations, felicitations, and congratulations on ten years of providing a service to the public. Continue to march!

John Crump



Thanks Ammoland, keep up the great work!

Timothy Votaw

Congratulations, Ammoland. We must stay alert and aware of those elements among us in this nation that would destroy what we have created with the blood, sweat and tears of two and a half centuries: A nation founded under the grace of God, and bound by our Constitution. Both are still plenty good enough for this bloodied old Marine warrior.
Another ten years would be just great!


Ten years is a respectful amount of time to pursue something you have put to good use and provide unpresidential information to us. I dare say you were in business before N.J. became one of the liberal campgrounds but you still forge on. I wish you many more years of success.


Congrats on 10 years of standing up for liberty like a boss!

The other Jim

Congratulation and good work. This 1943 song should be played and used more often. The Left would hate it.

To Cor

Congrats! Thoroughly enjoy the daily recap emails


Read it daily, keep it up!


Congratulations AmmoLand!

J.D. Carpanzano

Happy 10th! I look forward to y copy every morning!


First thing I read when I open emails in the morning!!

Joe Dickie

Happy 10th anniversary, Ammoland! Here’s to 100 more!


Congrats on 10 good years! Appreciate your dedication to providing quality articles and defense of the 2nd Amendment.


Thanks you Ammoland!!