Elevated Silence Releases New Line Of Rifle Suppressors

Elevated Silence 22 Swarm
Elevated Silence 22 Swarm

Florida – -(AmmoLand.com)- Elevated Silence, a premiere suppressor producing company based in North Florida, announced a new line of products aimed at suppressing rifles– the EVOLUTION, EOSS -22LR, EOSTD -22LR Takedown, EOSXL -22LR and 22 Swarm.

“This is a suppressor line like no other,” said Jim Hood, co-owner of Elevated Silence. “After countless hours of research and development, we’re excited to release these to the public and provide the highest-quality, unique products on the market.”


In addition to being the first true cross-platform rifle suppressor on the market, the EVOLUTION is set to be the quietest, most effective and efficient rifle, significantly reducing recoil and minimizing gas blowback all with a near net zero POI (point of impact) from unsuppressed to suppressed.

The EVOLUTION effectively suppresses any caliber rifle from .17 HMR to .300 Win Mag, allowing users the option to purchase only one suppressor for all their rifle suppressing need, which means only one ATF approval process and tax stamp.
EOSS -22LR and EOSTD -22LR

Called the most versatile drop in integral suppressors for the Standard 10/22 and the 10/22 Takedown on the market, this simplistic three-part design barrel upgrade reliably keeps standard and high-velocity ammunition subsonic through its patented design, yielding a dedicated subsonic package with little effect based on ammo.

In addition to a pleasant low tone and excellent decibel reduction, the full-auto rated EOSS -22LR and EOSTD -22LR Takedown remain extremely user-friendly. No machining or

Elevated Silence Set To Release The Premiere Cross Platform Rifle Suppressor

Elevated Silence Silencers
Elevated Silence Silencers

Why isn’t there a suppressor that does it all?

Avid hunter, gun enthusiast and businessman Jim Hood pondered the question as he sat in a tree stand hunting with his son. He had left his suppressor at home and had not re-zeroed his rifle without the suppressor on it.

No point of impact shift. Great decibel reduction. Minimal gas blowback. Works well across all platforms and calibers. Where’s the suppressor that does all of this?

Hood brought the question to his business partner, fellow gun enthusiast and friend, Ron Collinsworth. The two scoured the internet for the perfect suppressor to buy, but they soon realized it did not exist.

So, what did they do? Well, exactly what any redneck would do: if you can’t buy it, then build it.

“We started Elevated Silence together two and a half years ago, focusing on selling firearms, suppressors and accessories on top of offering gunsmithing, holster manufacturing and firearms refinishing services,” said Collinsworth. “But now, with this new product in the works, we’re changing gears and setting our sights on becoming the premier suppressor manufacturer in the nation.”

The Evolution, which is set to be released for purchase on Dec. 1st, 2018, looks to be the quietest, most effective and efficient suppressor on the market. In the course of testing, it reduced recoil considerably, had zero point of impact shift, minimized gas blowback and had a greater decibel reduction compared to other multi-caliber suppressors. When including the three caliber-specific muzzle brakes, it suppresses everything from 17 HMR to .300 Win Mag.

Visit : www.elevatedsilence.com

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Lost in North Tennessee

I’m the same! When I was in Europe and South Africa, if you have any firearms, you had a suppressor! In the U. K. and many other places it’s not polit to not use them. And I could buy them same day!


Until the day comes that the drama of spending hundreds of dollars on a suppressor, paying the requisite $200.00 for a TAX stamp, and beginning the wait to be approved, not knowing when, or if your Form 3 will ever make it out of BATF purgatory, I can’t bring myself to ever again purchase a suppressor, and wait like a starving dog, for the BATF to throw me a scrap of food. It seems that when Obama was in office, he made the DOJ change the process of obtaining a TAX stamp with ease. I don’t understand why Trump, who… Read more »