NRA Announces Cordova as Preferred Vendor & Official Licensed Coolers

Cordova Coolers Can-Am Camping IMG: Tom Claycomb
Cordova Coolers, Can-Am and Idaho Camping go great together. ~ IMG: Tom Claycomb

FAIRFAX, Va. -( The National Rifle Association proudly announces Cordova as the official licensed cooler and preferred vendor of the NRA. The Idaho-based company with the slogan “2A Is In Our DNA” offers high-performance coolers that are made in the U.S. and built for the real-world functionality that NRA Members expect in their outdoors products and lifestyles.


Cordova’s combination of innovative features with the highest possible material and production standards have raised the bar in cooler performance and customer expectations.

With a lifetime warranty, higher cooling efficiencies, lighter weight and other industry-leading features, Cordova’s coolers are reasonably priced and designed to meet every need—from grab-and-go soft-side coolers and rotomolded hard-side coolers to chest coolers, cooler backpacks and tumblers.

“This is an exciting new partnership for us,” said NRA Executive Director for Advancement Tyler Schropp. “Cordova is a company that has an unrelenting commitment to the Second Amendment and respect for our freedoms. They build a quality American-made product that stands up to the needs and the lifestyles of our members.”

“We have always stood firmly for the Second Amendment and our collective rights to firearm ownership in defense of ourselves, our families and those in need, as well as our right to pursue recreational activities involving firearms,” Cordova owner Doug McMaster said.

“Being selected by the NRA to become the official licensed cooler and preferred vendor of this vital organization is a great honor to all of us at Cordova, and we look forward to helping advance the NRA’s mission to ensure those rights remain intact for future generations of patriotic Americans.”

To learn more about Cordova coolers, visit

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About NRA

Established in 1871, the National Rifle Association is America’s oldest civil rights and sportsmen’s group. 5.5 million members strong, NRA continues its mission to uphold Second Amendment rights and is the leader in firearm education and training for law-abiding gun owners, law enforcement and the military. Visit

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John Caffrey

I agree with the Made in the USA comments, it also “chaps my hide” a real polite version of my true feelings, when you get to the bottom of an item description and it says IMPORTED, I loose interest real fast.


Richard Davis

I agree also. While it’s great to have a “free” kinfe ect., I’d rather have a simple pen made in the US than a knife made in China.

Ansel Hazen

The NRA should take a cue from this new partnership and start insisting that EVERYTHING that is genuine authorized NRA product be made in the USA.

It disgusts me to see them giving out cheap chicom swag as party favors for membership renewals. Keep all the money in the US!!!

Phil in TX

I concur 100%, Ansel. I have a lot of that Chicom junk stored in a drawer. It really chaps my hide to see the NRA giving away crap for “freebies”. I would rather they just not send me any of it.

Phil in TX