SWORD International Introduces MK-18 Rifle

SWORD International MK-18 Rifle Grip
SWORD International MK-18 Rifle Grip

Sparks, Nevada – -(AmmoLand.com)- SWORD International has now made the MK-18 rifle available to the civilian market.

This semi-automatic sniper rifle, built on the AR-15 platform, was previously only available to the military. The MK-18 includes a number of innovative and proprietary design features, such as its self-regulating piston system. This system removes carbon fouling from the upper receiver and bolt carrier assembly.

Additional innovative features include an ambi-bolt catch/release pad located near the lower-front portion of the trigger well. This feature allows the shooter to easily lock or release the bolt with their trigger finger from a more natural shooting position. The SWORD MK-18 is further enhanced by the fold-down side charging handle, which gives the operator a much wider range of options when it comes to mounting optics. Additionally, the side charging handle makes running the rifle smoother and more instinctive than what standard AR-15 charging handle designs allow.

The SWORD MK-18 rifle is available in .338 Lapua Mag., .338 Norma Mag., and .300 Norma Mag. Now available nationwide, this rifle has an MSRP of $6,995.00.

Reliable, innovative and accurate at any range, the MK-18 rifle from SWORD International is a great choice for the avid hunter, long-range enthusiast, and competition shooter.



SWORD International

About SWORD International:

Based in Sparks, Nevada, SWORD International manufactures cutting-edge small arms for the military, law enforcement, and civilian markets. This veteran-owned company proudly manufactures its products in the United States to the highest standards required by its defense customers. Never cutting corners, SWORD International utilizes the most advanced materials and manufacturing processes to deliver accurate, reliable and durable firearms that won’t let you down. Find out more atwww.sword-int.com.

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Rick Campbell

I agree that accurate and well made LR rifles are extremely expensive and that combined with limited places to fire and enjoy them make them unreachable for most people. It is not easy to find a range that has a target distance over 100 yards for most people so LR rifles this expensive and the difficulties find convenient ranges capable of 500 to 2000 yard shots make them more ridiculous for purchase consideration. I would love to have several LR weapons but other than shooting them at 100 yards they would be wasted to collect dust. Also very willing to… Read more »

roger g.

and just how many can drop that kind of money on a gun ?

James Russell Bailey

Another useless article about an Out Of Reach weapon, that 90% of those reading Ammoland will never ever be able to purchase. Further, the article does not even bother to articulate the basic specifications of the weapon being presented: no Barrel length, no twist rate, what type of barrel, no information on receiver material, nothing. Just fluff. Whoever took the time to write this, just flat wasted their time, and now the time of everyone who took the time, to read the fluff. I’m a published author, and wrote regularly (paid for writing) for an online magazine, and the article… Read more »

J Stockwell

Looks absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to put it through some trials! Thank you in advance for making this available to the public.


Donations needed for the purchase of a S.W.O.R.D. Int’l Rifle in .300 Norma Mag. Please serious replies only!
To any marxists reading this post it’s satire. Not unless I really get donations from socialists because I deserve it free and paid by someone other than myself.

Put a US Optics or Tangent Theta on her would get it done.