Crimson Trace Expands Free Batteries for Life Program

Crimson Trace Free Batteries for Life Program
Crimson Trace Free Batteries for Life Program

Wilsonville, OR – -( As firearm owners research and select laser sights and firearms-mounted lights for their home and self-defense needs, one important consideration typically arises: What about batteries?

Crimson Trace has that question covered with its Free Batteries for Life program. Free batteries are available for nearly all the 350-plus laser sights and firearms mounted lights that Crimson Trace manufactures and sells. The company has now expanded its popular Free Batteries for Life program to include batteries for its recently released red dot and battle sights, plus the nearly dozen new riflescopes with illuminated reticles. The program also covers laser sights in all Crimson Trace product categories, such as Lasergrips® laser sights, Rail Master® rail mounted laser sights, Laserguard trigger guard mounted laser sights, and Lightguard trigger guard mounted lights.

“We make it easy for customers to own, use, and feel confident about their laser sight beginning immediately upon purchase by providing batteries right in the box,” said Jason Boyd, Crimson Trace Laser and Light Product Manager.

“Then customers can keep their laser sights in peak working order by obtaining free replacement batteries – they simply follow the guidelines in our Free Batteries for Life program.” Crimson Trace offers laser sights with red or green diodes and numerous lights to fit a wide assortment of firearms from numerous manufacturers.

This industry-leading customer support program can result in a significant cash savings over time—another Crimson Trace advantage when considering which laser sight or light to buy. Full details on the products covered under this offer can be found at

Crimson Trace’s diverse laser sights and firearms-mounted lights are powered by one, two or four standard batteries. The battery style varies by the specific product design, and while the batteries can readily be found in most retail outlets across America, the company will provide a new set of batteries each year when products are registered according to guidelines. Crimson Trace Defender Series laser sights, all Crimson Trace laser sights installed directly by a firearms manufacturer, and specific other products are not covered under this program.

Crimson Trace further leads the laser sight accessory category by offering products through 2,500+ dealers across America. The company’s products can be easily installed without requiring modification of the firearm —or special gunsmith skills. For more information on Crimson Trace products, dealer locations, and to obtain a free copy of the company’s catalog, visit or call 800-442-2406.

Crimson TraceAbout Crimson Trace Corporation

Based in Oregon, Crimson Trace Corporation offers laser sights, tactical lights, red dot sights, and riflescopes focused on the tactical, long range, hunting, and self-defense customer. The company’s riflescopes and red dot sights are engineered to meet the needs of professional users and recreational firearms and outdoor enthusiasts and incorporate numerous performance features including proprietary illuminated reticle designs. The company’s industry-leading laser sight innovations include Lasergrips® laser sights, Laserguard® laser sights, LiNQ® wireless operated laser and light systems, and Lightguard® lights for firearms, each with Instinctive Activation™ firearm laser activation technology. Additional product lines include tactical lights and Defender Series™ and Rail Master® firearms accessories. Full details are available at