Post-Election, Are We At Risk Of Losing Ground?


American Suppressor Association Activity
American Suppressor Association Activity

USA – -( Since 2011, the American Suppressor Association has successfully lobbied to legalize suppressor ownership in 3 states and suppressor hunting in 18 states.

The mid-term elections are finally behind us, and the 2019 legislative sessions are nearly here. With the imminent transfer of power to several new anti-suppressor Governors, as well as the swearing-in of eager new legislators, there is a real risk that some of the ground we have gained in the past seven years is at stake.

Despite the fact that suppressors help mitigate hearing damage, and are in no way a threat to public safety (they don’t actually silence a gunshot), the incredibly well funded anti-gun forces are adapting quickly. To be clear, suppressors are now firmly in their crosshairs.

While no one knows exactly what the upcoming legislative sessions will bring, we expect to see attempts to ban suppressors in some states where they are currently legal.

At ASA, our mission is to advocate for the common interests of the suppressor community. Not only will we continue to push for pro-suppressor reform across the country, but we will also do everything in our power to fight any and all anti-suppressor legislation that is introduced.

In order to do so, we need your support! Help us fight for your right to protect your hearing by joining ASA today.


The American Suppressor Association (ASA) is the unified voice of the suppressor industry. Our mission is to unite and advocate for the common interests of the suppressor community. To accomplish our mission, our principal initiatives focus on state lobbying, federal lobbying, public education, and industry outreach.

For more information on how you can join the ASA, and help protect and expand your right to own and use suppressors, please visit

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WE haven’t been fighting back. Remaining passive while the left tear us up is a guarantee we are going to lose! #FightBack

David H Bolin

At some point Conservatives and Second Amendment supporters will have to realize that nominating candidates solely on appeal to the Hard Core is going to do nothing but lose us our Country. Here in Kansas, a good Republican with wide appeal and conservative values lost the primary to a self-aggrandizing and controversial candidate who never addressed the issues that really concerned Kansans. The Democrats ran a fairly moderate former public school teacher who emphasized education and no new taxes, subjects that apparently hit home with voters and she won easily. Let this be the lesson; just because YOU are somewhere… Read more »

Wild Bill

H. Bolin, we could just do what the would-be tyrants of the left do: don’t say what one’s true intentions and goals are and where convenient just lie.


Wrks for me



No Filter

GWD=Godless Wormlike Douchebag, did he mean Trojans? That’s nasty! He likes to watch!


Purple thumbs, paper ballots. It’s the ONLY way!


to The Green Watch Dog :

None of the countries you mentioned are prospering at the same rate as the USA. Giving up rights for the collective good looks fine on paper, trouble is after you’ve given up your rights for the good of the total, the elite ruling minority crushes collective good followers because they have no rights left. Just look at Australia, Canada, the UK.

Lee Himelfarb

The Left has managed the “Disney” and “McDonald’s” approach to eliminating opposition while the Right has focused on Constitutional Legislation to keep a balance. I am soooo glad that I am 67 with no children to worry about! Being the optimist that I am, and looking into the future, we will eventually get back to where we should be when they figure out that it is all based in resources: we have, or we don’t.


Like you, I’m somewhat relieved that I’m 70 – no make that 71, as of today (happy birthday to me) – with no children or grandchildren to worry about. Unlike you, however, I’m of a more pessimistic nature. I don’t see us getting back to where we should be. I only see things continuing to be eaten away at until our Republic has been destroyed. I know that there are a lot of good people in this country, both young and old. Unfortunately, they are being drowned out and marginalized by the crowd. I hope that your view turns out… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

Different schools together. I’m just glad that at this age I won’t have to live, one way or the other, to see what becomes of this country. The Republicans won’t stand up and the Democrats won’t sit down. This is more than a war of attrition, it is cowardice and capitulation on a grand scale.

Wild Bill

All of you gentlemen bring up a good question. That question is: If there were a hot Civil War, how could I contribute? Those with reloading equipment can make ammunition. Those with military skills can train and do planing. Those with radio, … comms. Mechanical skills. etc etc. Those with no skills at all can provide courier services. We hoarders can provide food, and every manner of logistics.


We were at risk long, long ago. It’s 11/16/2018! When will conservatives get it… we will get NO RELIEF from a Marxist takeover in the USA because the US Commiecrats are All In and RINOs are willingly helping.
There is only (1) one way at this point. The US either starts jailng and going after the top Marxists or
The numbers of active duty patriotic Americans has steadily decreased. Armed Forces have detrimentally weakened. The Patriots and the War Vets from our prior wars and conflicts are our ONLY hope!

The Green Watch Dog

That is somewhat over analyzed, but we can see that as a nation we are transforming into a collective society. Where we are all as one. To embrace the new generation that has evolved by our children. I realized the GCP scares many, but if one looks at other nations such as Australia, Canada, the UK; these nations are prospering. You’d be fighting the American born, your neighbor down the street, etc. I really we all have a degree of different ideas, but if must be centered as the good of all the people.


Your reply is nonsensical.

Wild Bill

@GRRangel, his reply would make perfect sense to a communist. He begins his argument with a foundation of lies and then extrapolates from there. The truth is Americans have been supporting the whole world by the hidden foreign aid of bad trade deals. The economies of every country in the world, except America, have already begun to slow down.

James Andrews


The Green Watch Dog

Lets just call this what it is. Another creative means to give gun advocates more say in an all out 2nd amendment. The right to shoot and kill, regardless. Hearing loss? Wear your hearing protection, and bring along your trogins whenever you hunt with you buddies on those cold days and nights while stalking deer. We are dealing with enough right now and need sensible gun control laws in this country!


To the Brown Mountain Demon Turd.
Hey commie a$$wipe. Go wipe!!!… a capitalist’s a$$. Lick first then dive in a$$hat!
Nothing worst than a baby killing, asexual, godless abomination like a pink commie demoncrat.

Wild Bill

@Nottinghill, The Pink Troll Guard is illiterate on so many levels, from spelling (e.g. trogins) to QDM. How could he possibly recognize “sensible”. Apparently he is ignorant of the debates of the men who founded this nation, when they decided what was sensible.
I will not respond to this paid propagandist.

Vietnam Brown Water Veteran

Wild Bill, You sir have the correct approach. Ignore the worm. Replying is counter protective, and only encourages the idiot. Better not to raise his stature by a reply.

Wild Bill

@Vietnam BW Vet, Thank you for your service. I am going to better spend my time back at my secretaries desk writing congratulatory notes to my Senators and House Reps with my advice, of course.


@WB: Yea… Sounds like good advice!


The Red Lap Mutt! Termite go eat at someone else’s foundation.
Termites like roaches and rats are dutifully coprophagic. The MSM and commiecrats.


I bet you love star trek and star wars… the bad, bad empires. Some get more credit than others. Ahhh…the many flaws of Marxiism.
If You Want it Straight (upside your head) by Robert Welch:


And what’s wrong with Star Trek and Star Wars? I watched the original Star Trek series as a young adult and continued following the franchise until CBS hid the latest iteration behind an additional pay wall. I’ve also followed and enjoyed the Star Wars franchise from standing in a long, long line to see the original one to watching the latest ones on DVD. Fantasy entertainment has little to do with 2nd Amendment views. I have my own safe filled with my firearms (as opposed to my husband’s safe filled with his), CCW permits from three states, and live (by… Read more »


Preposterous on its face. Suppressors don’t eliminate sound they lower it to more acceptable levels. And if firearms were not dangerous they would be useless. The Second Amendment is an individual incorporated right in this country. Your post is the sort backward talk we’d expect from the deceitful left. Because the top down leftists agenda is to disallow the Second Amendment.