National Concealed Handgun Carry Reciprocity: the Senate Must Act Now


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National Concealed Handgun Carry Reciprocity: the Senate Must Act Now

New York – -( We have less than two weeks left before the Senate adjourns for the Christmas Holiday.

If the Senate fails to act on national concealed handgun carry reciprocity within the next two weeks, any chance that this measure will be taken up anew and that it will become a reality when the House of Representatives seats a Democratic Party majority in 2019 will be virtually nil.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has been sitting on the bill that was sent to Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, last December 2017, when it passed the Republican-controlled House. The version of national concealed handgun carry reciprocity that passed the House is designated, 115 H.R. 38, “Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017.” Once Senator McConnell received it, he sent it immediately to the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Charles Grassley, for action. No work was done on it, and a year has gone by since the Judiciary Committee had received it.

It is imperative we get the House version of the bill onto the Floor of the Senate for an immediate roll-call vote.

This Matter Requires The Concerted Effort Of Each Of Us.

The Arbalest Quarrel has been on the forefront of National Concealed Carry Reciprocity. We have written numerous articles on this subject. Interested readers are encouraged to read our articles by visiting our website.

Our articles have also been published by Ammoland Shooting Sports News  See our article, National ‘Right To Carry’ For Self-Defense Needs Your Help – Take Action.” And, we have recently posted our article on the website, The Truth About Guns. As a regular guest on “LockNLoadRadio,” hosted by Bill Frady, we have discussed the issue of national right to carry, at length.

We have been getting positive responses to our articles. Many pro-Second Amendment groups, organizations, radio, respected news sources, and social media, have joined us to mount a grassroots effort to strengthen our sacred Second Amendment right.

We know that, as you have gotten the message, you are doing your part to get the Senate to move on national concealed handgun carry reciprocity. Once the Senate passes the bill, it will be sent directly and immediately to the President for his signature. And, do not doubt this, President Trump will sign it. He has made very clear both during his campaign for the Republican Party nomination and during his successful run against the Democratic Party nominee, Hillary Clinton, that he avidly supports the natural, fundamental, unalienable right of the people to keep and bear arms.

It is time to urge Congress to act to strengthen our natural rights and liberties, not weaken them. We must have national concealed handgun carry reciprocity enacted into law now.

For those of you who have not added your voice to this critical effort, there is still time.

Important Contact Information:

Senator McConnell may be reached at 202/ 224-2541, but he does not provide a personal response, and he will not take messages at this time. However, there is a referral to Senator McConnell's online email.

Senator Grassley can be reached at 202/ 224-3744. The Senator provides a personal response to your message, and your message will be relayed directly to the Senator.

Your Senate Delegation can be reached at 202/ 224-3121. The switchboard will provide you the phone numbers for the Senators of your State.

You can reach the White House at 202/ 456-1414. At the prompt, you can leave a message for President Trump.

The NRA can be reached at 800/ 392-8683. You can leave a message, but be aware there may be a lengthy wait. You can also leave a message for the nra-ila.

With your active assistance, we can turn the tide and see national concealed handgun carry reciprocity a reality. Please join us in this critical, timely cause. Time is of the essence. We must get the Senate to act immediately on this.

Arbalest Quarrel

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  • 44 thoughts on “National Concealed Handgun Carry Reciprocity: the Senate Must Act Now

    1. I moved here to Mo 2 years ago, I had a conceal carry permit in Pa for over 20 years, no credit for that or military, had to take the coarse $100 then pay for the 2 little tabs to the sheriff and state police another $110 then I got the card that I carry between states to prove that I have one, oh and the card doesn’t even have a picture of me on it, a picture of Mo is on it !!! You don’t need a conceal to carry in the state but if you travel between states you have to pay to play !!! In Pa I got my credit for military, back ground check, finger printed for one charge of $25 every 5 years, with a picture of me on the card !!!! I’m not really complaining but to go to a class is fine, if you have never had any training, it also gives you an in depth look of the responsibility of carrying, We had an attorney at our class to explain about that, although I was pinned several times by the attorney as to thoughts on use of a concealed weapon and about when it would prompt that use. Safe training should be used at all times and add in there put commonsense in there also!!!!!!!

    2. If I live in a “deep blue” state, with two Democratic Senators who would rather die than support any form of concealed carry, what are my options? I would love to help move this bill forward, but there is no way in Hades that my Senators will listen to *anything* I have to say on this subject. I ask this question seriously: what, other that contribute to pro-2A organizations, can I possibly do to move this forward? I really hope there *is* something I can do…

      1. Go to the GOA website and join their E-mail writing campaign to get Sen Cornyn to add the national reciprocity bill as an amendment to the prison reform bill, which Democrats want badly, and which WILL be voted on before the Xmas recess.

      2. I suggest you move to a state that respects the Constitution because dems don’t know anything about firearms except they hate them as much as they hate us.

      3. @ larca Here in Tennessee it is required to go through a class to carry concealed. That class includes class time and range time. Even the local 2 year college has a program with a cost of, usually, $75.00 to go through it. I took it a few years ago when it became mandatory but I found it to be a refresher course from military training and covered about the same stuff. There were a number of guys and older women that had never had any training and I hope they left with enough knowledge to keep them out of trouble.

        1. I know someone in CA (who lives outside the major metro areas), who was able to get a concealed carry permit. It took a 16-hour course, about 6 months of paperwork back-and-forth, and over $1000, before he had a CCW permit in his hands.

          …And he’s one of the lucky few who have a CCW. Almost NO ONE in the metro areas (SF Bay, San Diego,and LA) can get one AT ALL. The sheriffs there just flat-out deny them, and they don’t need any reason to deny them, either (because CA is a “may-issue” state).

    3. We claim to be responsible but continue to use pictures like this idiot muzzling herself in manufacturer’s and 2A ads. This is not a responsible person and should not appear in our literature. When you see this kind of un-safe practice in print write to the advertiser and point it out. That, along with supporting the 2A is part of your duty and responsibility as a gun owner.

    4. The Senate has already said IT IS NOT EVEN ON A PRIORTY FOR A VOTE I have been hearing this since the election in November, but Trump has signed an order to ban Bump-stocks and other things that increase the rate of fire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. If you’re a Democrat and you are for restricting sporting rifles, you’re an enemy of the second ammendment. They will be banned again by this next wave of congress.

    6. The first comment by Harvey W. shows he is lying and does NOT support the second amendment by his following statement…” I’m a rare breed, a Democrat that owns guns and supports the 2nd…but with common sense limited restrictions. NO AR-15 style assault weapons for private citizens. NO bump stocks. NO high-capacity magazines.”

      What part of “shall NOT be infringed” does this complete idiot and moron not understand… Common sense is “code” for let’s restrict lawful gun owners rights and they fully understand the criminals will NOT obey ANY “common sense” gun laws!!!

    7. I’m a rare breed, a Democrat that owns guns and supports the 2nd…but with common sense limited restrictions. NO AR-15 style assault weapons for private citizens. NO bump stocks. NO high-capacity magazines.

      Timothy Sinischo made the ONLY comment above that is void of the emotion-filled hyperbole that many 2nd supporters frequently engage in. TRAINING!!!!! Police officers must go through hours and hours of training before they are certified to carry. They must re-qualify periodically in order to maintain and keep that certification.

      I fear that if we allow concealed carry, with no training and periodic qualification process, we’re going to end up with circular firing squads in public venues where well-intentioned citizens get involved with their weapons. Let’s think this through fully before opening the flood gates of ccw.

      1. Another blue 2A supporter here.

        Harvey, come visit me in Vermont. We have a high rate of gun ownership, no gun permits, and a low rate of violent crime.

        Also, we’ve got a ton of AR’s. Do you know what an AR is? It’s a semi auto rifle (and sometimes a pistol), just like all the other semi auto rifles that aren’t in the news that function exactly the same.

        Oh, one more thing. Police firearms training is a joke in my experience. I’ve been at the range while they’re qualifying and as a casual shooter I’m a better shot than some of these cops who ONLY shoot when it’s time to recertify.

        I’m living in the world you’re concerned will be a warzone and it’s quite the opposite.

      2. Reciprocity passing has nothing to do with the amount of licenses that will be out there. In other words, no flood gates. I am not a criminal in my state with my firearm and I will not become a criminal in your state with my firearm. Crossing state lines does not change a person.

      3. Show me where the Constitution stipulates required training (mandated or otherwise) in order for citizens to exercise ANY (God-given, natural, and constitutionally-guaranteed) rights. Speech (including journalism), religion, guns, public assembly, petition for redress, etc etc etc.
        Which of those 4 words (“… shall not be infringed…”) do you not understand? Which of those words are outside your vocabulary?

    8. What’s the point? Bitch McConnel is a coward and will never let the National Reciprocity Act come to a vote. Old “Turtle Head” is just a RINO who hates Conservatives.

      1. Yup! Why do we want Congress to pass a law for a law that already exists? The 2A is already our national reciprocity….let the states work this so we all don’t end up looking like CA or CN.

    9. I’m a Democrat that’s sick and tired of the Democratic party screwing up my second ammendment rights and those of all law abiding citizens. Get SB #446 passed like yesterday stop stalling and get it moved forward and into a bill.

    10. “President Trump will sign it. He has made very clear both during his campaign for the Republican Party nomination and during his successful run against the Democratic Party nominee, Hillary Clinton, that he avidly supports the natural, fundamental, unalienable right of the people to keep and bear arms.”

      No, no he never did make it clear his stance on firearms. He clearly stated it was not a problem to deny firearms to folks on the no fly list during a debate with Hillary. Plus, it appears he’s against 3D printing and making firearms as well.

      He’s been in office for nearly 2 years now. What’s he done for our gun rights, to either protect or expand them? So far Obama’s presidency has done more for gun rights then Trump has…

      Furthermore, I wouldn’t infer Trump saying he can get away with shooting someone as support for the 2nd amendment.

      The Republicans have had complete control of the House, Senate and Presidency for practically 2 years now. What 2nd amendment issues have they been able to pass or for that matter treat fairly? In fact, my 2nd amendment rights have been severly restricted in a lot of states the past 2 years.

      I thought at the very least this concealed carry reciprocity bill and the hearing safe bill would be given a fair shake. Instead, it looks like both those bills are dead, were ignored and left to rot and die…

      (How has so little been accomplished the past 2 years? The Republicans had a complete lock on all 3 branches of government and plenty of states as well. There weren’t even enough Democrats to stop or even slow down the Republicans)

      1. I agree with u that the Republicans had control of House and Senate for almost 2 yrs and nothing been done as far as gun rights. But you seemed to forget that Trump did put 2 Pro Second Amendment Serpreme Court Judges on the panel! U said Obama Presidency did more for gun rights…ah no way! Anyway the Senate needs to get this National Reprocity Concealed carry done before it’s to late!

      2. 60 votes! It takes 60 votes in the Senate to end the debate on legislation.

        The more people are informed about how our government actually works, the less they fall for con mans, like President Trump, and scam artists, like the NRA. It requires an actual legislative agenda and strategy to pass legislation. President Trump just has a big mouth, that’s it.

        It is amazing to see that people in the gun community blame Mitch McConnell. This bill is still in the Senate Judiciary Committee. It will die there.

    11. I am a Democrat and possess a ccw in my state of MO before the law changed, I got it so I can carry my sidearm when I travel.

      The change I mentioned is that you don’t need a permit for in state concealed carry. I sometimes lleave the state and my permit is good in most of them. No IL, OR, CA,NY, and a few other states.

      1. The 2A is our national reciprocity. Keep Congress out of the picture and let the states work this otherwise the Repubs will cave to the Dems wants and needs to pass a bill.

    12. I want this bill to pass, but unfortunately it wont because the gutless senate and congress fear the anti gun lobbyists and want to keep there cushy jobs. We dont matter to them.

    13. SB 446 deserves, at the least, to be brought to the US Senate floor for discussion and then for a vote!
      I believe that ignoring SB 446 will only cause anger and further distrust with those who are – supposed – to represent the actions of the people.
      It only takes a few minutes to make a call. The #’s have been provided. If you haven’t done so already don’t join the crowd of nay sayers who will complain but didn’t call!

        1. Driving a car is NOT a “right.” It is a government-granted (and revocable) privilege. Owning/using a firearm IS a “right.” One that is constitutionally-guaranteed to all citizens. Your analogy is therefore flawed, and any such comparison is invalid..

          1. @ Timothy Sinischo There are so many training people around you could hit one with a stick, unless you live in a sick blue state. Besides, if you do not have the common sense or ability to control your mind then you should never touch a gun or knife or hammer or car.

            1. @Tomcat — I live in a screaming screaming-bright-florescent-blue portion 🙁 of a “sick blue state” and you are right, training is hard to come by here. It took my wife and I about 6 months to even line up a NRA basic pistol course. Then it took me about 18 months to line up the Home Defense course (we could probably have done that in 6-12 months, but I could only find one instructor and there were scheduling conflicts). I’d like to get more training, but there just isn’t much around here.

              I have no problem with lots of folks owning firearms; we do all have a RIGHT to self-defense (whereas, there is no right to drive a car). But I’m a lot more comfortable with broad ownership if those owning them have had at least a few hours of basic training with a qualified instructor. “Going to the range with a buddy” isn’t usually enough.

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