Critical Update: Major Blow to Iowa RKBA Amendment Efforts

Epic Fail Failure
Critical Update: Major Blow to Iowa RKBA Amendment Efforts

USA – -( My fellow Iowans, I have unexpected and bad news to report.

A short time ago, I learned that all progress to add your Right to Keep and Bear Arms to the Iowa Constitution appears to have been undone. Amending the Iowa Constitution is an extremely long and challenging task. The process to do this is laid out in Article 10 of the state constitution and among those requirements is a mandate for public notification.

Less than 48 hours ago, I learned that last year Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate’s office failed to uphold their duty for legal publication of our constitutional amendment. In matters such as ours, the constitution requires a public notification for a minimum of 3 months prior to the election of a new General Assembly of the Iowa legislature. This responsibility rests with the Iowa Secretary of State’s office and it is with extreme frustration that I must report this constitutionally mandated requirement was not fulfilled.

Because of this failure, last year's vote and all of our work leading up to an amendmet saying the people of Iowa have a Right to Keep and Bear Arms in this state appears to have been undone.

In summary:
When you try to amend the state constitution there several requirements that must be met. Including a formal public notification. The Secretary of State’s office is responsible for this notification. Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate failed to meet this requirement, and as a result, it appears that last year's vote and all of our work has been wiped away. Because of the Secretary of State’s complete failure, we must now go back to square one of the constitutional amendment process.

Make no mistake; there are a lot, A LOT of people in Des Moines right now who do not want to see this made public. Not right now. Not like this. But I believe firmly in transparency and honesty in leadership. There are a tremendous number of you who are reading this who’ve sacrificed your time and your money, pouring yourselves and your resources into this endeavor. We’ve worked for years to put the pieces in place to make this amendment happen. Knowing all of that has been undone due to a technicality and an elected official's failure to act makes me sick and that is why I’ve chosen to share this information as soon as possible.

Each of you reading this has been wronged, and you deserve to be made aware of it. Those of you who’ve contributed to our efforts deserve a public apology from the Secretary of State.

Earlier this evening Secretary Pate contacted me to offer his most sincere apologies and accept full responsibility while also reiterating his personal support for this amendment. The Secretary of State's office is reviewing all legal means to potentially right this ship, but options appear to be limited. IFC is conducting its own independent review. IFC has made our frustration and disappointment abundantly clear to the Secretary of State’s office and requested a public apology be made to IFC members.

To be clear, I bear some responsibility in all of this. I failed to check to see that the Secretary of State completed his legally required responsibility. This fact is particularly tough to swallow as Paul Pate has stood alongside us, speaking directly to IFC members proclaiming his support for our cause, claiming to be “right there with you making sure that your voice is heard.” With those words and actions in mind, I took for granted that the simple task of publishing our amendment would get done and failed to provide the necessary oversight. For that, I apologize.

I believe it’s critically important that you hear this message straight from us. The Iowa Firearms Coalition proudly claims the mantle of Iowa’s leading Second Amendment advocacy group. We work extremely hard to do things the right way.

Other groups, other gun owners talk a big game, but IFC leads (our list of pro-gun owner victories bears this out). IFC members are the first to hear this news, and by breaking this story, we’ve shown ourselves once again to be the leaders on all things 2A related in Iowa. Whether it’s good news and cause for celebration or bad news about a monumental setback you deserve honest and timely communication about what's going on and that’s what we provide.

With that established it is vital that you recognize a few critical facts as we move forward.

First, the need for an RKBA amendment remains. This apparent setback does not change the fact that there is nothing in the Iowa Constitution saying the People of Iowa have a Right to Keep and Bear Arms in this state. IFC will fight to enshrine your rights in the state constitution in the weeks, months, and years to come, for a long as it takes, regardless of any setback or false start. What we're trying to accomplish will have an impact on Iowans not just now but for generations to come. And it is for this reason that we must do this is the right way. We must go about our business such a manner that there cannot be a single doubt about our intentions or any reason to call into question the validity of our work.

In addition to this massive undertaking, the Iowa Firearms Coalition will once again be pushing an aggressive agenda during the 2019 legislative session. Expect to see bills addressing the permitting process and how and where you may carry in Iowa.

Every day, far too many Iowans – parents, workers, lawful citizens – risk felony charges merely because they crossed some imaginary line outside a school or workplace while choosing to carry protection for themselves and their loved ones legally. Expect to see these items addressed in 2019.

And as always plan to see plenty of drama and hand-wringing from our opposition.

In closing I’d like to reiterate, we’ve suffered what appears to be a significant setback. This undertaking and our cause in general, has always been a contentious matter. To have years of work negated by an elected official’s failure to perform his job has taken everyone by surprise. But let it be known the Iowa Firearms Coalition remains steadfast in our desire to enshrine your God-given, natural Right to Keep and Bear Arms in the Iowa Constitution and we will not waiver from our goal. What should have taken four years will now take longer. As frustrating as this is we cannot, and we will not stop. Our cause is too great to give up on.

At this point, if you're still reading this and you're upset and looking for something to do, this is what we need from you. Contact your legislator now and make sure they understand that Iowans want, need and deserve this RKBA Amendment. They didn't screw this process up, but the fact of the matter is we need them to act on this matter. Please helps us drive home this fact.

I take a tremendous amount of pride in what we do and everything we have accomplished together. Thank you all for your support and commitment to our cause, both now and in the future.

Kurt Liske
President, Iowa Firearms Coalition

Iowa Firearms Coalition

About Iowa Firearms Coalition:

Iowa Firearms Coalition (IFC) is an entirely volunteer, grassroots, Second Amendment advocacy group. Responsible for bringing uniformity to Iowa’s Concealed Weapons Permitting process, IFC’s members work to protect and enhance Second Amendment rights in Iowa. An affiliate of the National Rifle Association, the IFC actively seeks to foster and promote the shooting sports.

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  • 17 thoughts on “Critical Update: Major Blow to Iowa RKBA Amendment Efforts

      1. That’s exactly what I was thinking as I read the story. And I was also thinking that the reason there is no RKBA clause in the Iowa Constitution is simply because that matter is very well covered in the US Constitution, which is superior to any State Constitution. And the US Constitution makes it very clear that no State shall have any provision in their State Constitutions that does not conform to the US Constitution. The US Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, its that simple. No one has to get permission to KEep and Bear Arms from any of these tin pot bureaucrats who forgot who they work for and who pays their salaries, most of whom are TRAITOROUS pieces of crap who have sold their souls for a few shekels. Ask any Damn one of them what happens if they don’t sign the “pledge” to a foreign country, Israel to wit, that they must sign or their campaign funding dries up and they are out the door. Ask ex Senator Cynthia McKinney about it, since she was the one who blew the whistle on it while all the rest never bothered to say a word, simply because they were bought off. All of this anti gun legislation is being funded and spearheaded by the likes of Bloomberg, Soros, Schumer, Feinstein, Wineberg…and they all got one thing in common. They are all soldiers for the Khazarian Mafia, taking their orders straight from the Synagogue of Satan. Not a single one of you in any state who is a law abiding citizen of the US needs any permission from these pusillanimous finks. Your ancestors and the Founding Fathers made that exceedingly clear well over 200 years ago. How dare they be so presumptuous…, they should be charged with TREASON and if found guilty be given a proper tar & feathering and a rail ride down to the hanging tree. The whole damn lot of them who would insist that we need their stink in’ permission.

      2. Don’t be so quick to absolve Mr. Pate in his failure. Every day you see other politicians (any elected official) switch sides to better position themselves or pander to a new voting block in hopes of re-election/staying in power. It is despicable and sadly carries no formal penalty beyond alienation of a former supporting body. I do not know the man nor his record. I’m simply stating facts for consideration.

    1. Elected officials can be recalled- at which point they lose all retirement benefits and privileges. It’s the only accountability which has teeth.

    2. I have never declared myself any kind of political follower until GUN CONTROL became an issue. I never realized I was more GOP then Independent as I professed. I remain confused as to all the rhetoric about gun control, a wall for protecting the CITIZENS of the USA. To me, it seems like Common Sense. It is impossible to understand what comes from the mouths of those wanting gun control ‘THINKING'( Yes, I know. Are they thinking?) that will decrease crime! The same for a defense system, wall, maybe, to keep out gang members, terrorists and those that like freedom and to get all the FREE STUFF the Left is willing to give them.
      This sentence, “add your Right to Keep and Bear Arms to the Iowa Constitution” threw me. I was under the impression if the CONSTITUTION OF THE USofA has it, how, or why, is there a question about adding or subtracting it from any state constitution?
      I can only imagine this to be because the USA is a Sovereignty?
      In the words of Vinnie Barbarino, ” I AM SO CONFUSED”! Is there anyone out there willing to help me understand?

    3. It was supposed to be public for three months prior to last November’s election, and no one noticed it wasn’t until now?

      1. Yeah, the TRAITORS are going to make sure that obscure State law is adhered to, but ignore the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND, which is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Isn’t that just perfect ! Article Six of the Constitution, the Supremacy Clause, says that all laws must conform to the US Constitution or else they are NULL AND VOID from inception and no one has a duty to ENFORCE OR OBEY it. These people are paid off TRAITORS ! They need to be recalled, then charged with TREASON, and hung from their scrawny necks if found guilty. And I would suggest that they be given Military Tribunals and dispatched quickly. IMHO, they are waging war against the people of the USA and their Suoreme Law. Their agenda is obvious. They did the same thing in other countries in the 1900’s. They incrementally disarmed the people, then proceeded to murder them by the tens of millions. The only thing slowing them down here is the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights. The 2A is the big rock smack dab in the middle of their road to hell. And they continue to chip away at it with their illegal laws, and propaganda that makes you think that THEY are the bosses and we must get their stinking permission to exercise our God Given Rights that our Founders codified for us. They can only get away with it if we allow them. Expect them to import a foreign army to go door to door. They probably will arrive in caravans disguised as poor downtrodden refugees, but you will notice that 95% of them are military age males, just like what happened to Europe. The Khazarian Mafia Bolsheviks (Bloomberg, Soros, Schumer, Feinstein, et al ) have piles of cash to pay the politicians and their imported army, so expect the times ahead to be difficult. But not if the military steps up and recognizes them as the treasonous pieces of human excrement they are, and orders Military Tribunals for them.

    4. Well since every state, including Iowa continually violates the US constitution as well a their state constitutions, just tell them to ignore the mandate and make a public announcement. Use common core as the excuse since the amount of time “required” seems to be the issue. Say that using common core you still have a lot more time, (till the end of time) to make the announcement. See? Simple, problem solved.

    5. Exhactly, if the secratary accepts full responsibility its no big deal if there is no price to pay. Shouldn’t this person be fired? Ever stop to think that this was done intetionally to circumvent the peoples decision. In a way it is kind of silly to make a law in a state constitution that is a duplicate of federal constitution and it’s really sad that we need a law at all determining how, when or where we can protect ourselves.

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