Reshaping America to Foreign Ideologies, an Attack on Guns & Freedom

Mark Kelly and GabbyGiffords look on approvingly as Ilhan Omar explains how Americans can be made just as helpless and dependent on others as the people she left behind when her family fled murderous factions in Somalia. (Ilhan Omar for Congress Facebook photo)

U.S.A. – -( “Ilhan Omar will be sworn into the U.S. House of Representatives at a time when liberal-leaning newcomers like her are pushing for more influence in shaping the party’s agenda,” the Star Tribune reports. The Congressional Progressive Caucus, “the largest voting bloc among House Democrats,” is turning up the pressure to wield more power and advance its agenda via committee assignments.

That should surprise no one. For all its phony egalitarian posturing, the overtly socialist wing of the Democrat party rejects the ultimate political power-sharing that can only be possible with an armed citizenry. As such, they embrace gun bans and due process-denying prior restraints. And that’s just what they admit to.

They have close ties to the Democratic Socialists of America, the domestic arm of Socialist International, which doesn’t reveal all of its cards, either. Case in point, they’d just as soon you not see their songs of solidarity (now only available via the Internet Archive) that include such inclusive lyrics as:

And when the revolution comes,
We'll kill you all with knives and guns

So it’s also no surprise that “gun control legislation” is a priority for Omar. The Founders considered a citizen militia to be the one thing “necessary to the security of a free State.” She wants to render those citizens disarmed and thus incapable.

Some might find that curious considering Omar and her family were admitted to this country as refugees from Somalia. Rather than embracing the freedom that made America a place to run to, she’s intent on reshaping the Republic into something alien where all one can do against murderous factions is flee from them or die.

And she’s allegedly not above playing fast and loose with the rules to make the changes happen. Still unresolved are accusations of “us[ing] state resources and state staff time to conduct her private business activities” and reports of bigamy (with her brother) and immigration fraud, which she refuses to discuss and tries to dismiss by accusing those calling for answers of being racists and anti-Islamic.

Omar has been able to exploit manipulated demographic changes to obtain political power and thus puts a face on the ideological and cultural transformation that will ultimately prove to be the greatest threat against gun owner rights. Most in the “gun community leadership” ignore that and some even deny that observation, but none will present verifiable facts to refute it.

It’s not bigotry or xenophobia to observe that importing dependent populations with foreign political beliefs and making them “voting citizens” benefits disarmament-demanding political factions. It’s also self-evident that the Founders intended the Constitution “to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,” with all that implies about who gets admitted and what the expectations for them should be.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regular featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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    1. Everyone who votes based on the Second Amendment needs to understand that restricting mass immigration and gun rights are two sides of the same coin. All of the gun banners seem to recognize this, but hardly any of the pro gun types do – with codrea being an exception.

      Spread this article far and wide to all of your pro gun friends on social media!

    2. This has been happening since the 1840’s when hordes of Irish and Germans invaded our shores. We should have closed the borders to all immigration in 1800. All immigration has been harmful to the freedoms our Founders left to their posterity.

      “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

    3. I think the group depicted in the photograph symbolizes our tasks ahead. Look at it again, closely, person by person. Each one is representative of a social, ethnic or religious element in our country, whether the fraught Gabbie Gifford, her astronaut husband gone looney, or the other individuals shown.
      For each of those radical-Left groups and organizations, we must develop a counter, as in counter-balance. Failure to meet, match, or exceed their zeal with our own Constitutional strengths and adherence to the principles behind the existence of a Republic will constitute a loss of ground for us, and this nation. It matters not whether we fight with the electoral system (deadbeat voters notwithstanding), the courts (so many corrupted), the court of public opinion (where the media spin and sell their lies), or the ultimate and final resort, a fight in the truest sense of the word, a stand against tyranny, and the invocation of our Oath by those who took it.
      I am among that last category, and as I have noted in comments before here, I took that Oath twice, once as a Marine warfighter with the wounds to prove it, and then a federal officer, with 30 years of eyes-on observations working for and within that system. When Obama came to pass, I gave it one year, to see what he brought. It didn’t take that long to realize we were in for a “Change”, all right, but one that was going to bring liberal Leftist policies and programs to the table. So, I retired, and began to prepare precisely for what we see today, 10 years later. No crystal ball back then, just my eyes and ears wide open. I suggest that position for everyone who wants to see this Republic survive. No more sleeping at the wheel, or sitting out elections and giving us up to the opposition. We fight with civility now, or with desperation later.

      1. For each of those radical-Left groups and organizations, we must develop a counter, as in counter-balance. Failure to meet, match, or exceed their zeal with our own Constitutional strengths and adherence to the principles behind the existence of a Republic will constitute a loss of ground for us, and this nation”

        So how about we keep them the fuck out of the nation to begin with?

        What is that NEVER an option that is talked about?

        1. We must develop…..its a little too late for that now. There is no voting our way out of this. How long will it take to get orgs. Up and running to counter the commies? Like the decades they have spent tearing it all down. The only way they will be stopped is by force. Nothing else. TINVOWOOT! The sooner that is realized the better.

          1. Sadly, your are absolutely correct. Our only option to save this Constitutional Republic (and our grandchildren’s futures) is with outright force. Interestingly, our Founders saw this problem coming, and assured us that the “Tree of Liberty must, from time to time, be refreshed with the blood of tyrants and patriots.” Another instance of that time is drawing inevitably nearer.

            The current “tyrants” and their supporters have proven themselves (by demanding to change this country to a socialist regime) to BE classic “domestic enemies” of America. Luckily for conservatives, political liberals – although there are, of course, some exceptions – hate 1) the 2nd Amendment generally, and 2) firearms specifically. That begs the question, “What will anti-gunners bring to the gunfight?”

            My liberal in-laws deny that civil war will repeat… insisting that democracy (mob rule) will somehow, magically, prevent it. They’ve never been in the military, and have no idea what veterans, who swore an oath to defend America from foreign and domestic enemies (there are currently 17.8 million veterans under the age of 70) are capable of…

    4. I want to be able to say you are all nuts and David should know better than to write this stuff, but I am not able to do so. What bothers me even more is that I am disabled and won’t be much help in the fight. I am heartbroken that when my country needs me most I am unable to come to her aid. All I can do is pray you are all wrong and that God will somehow save this country short of an open rebellion.

      God Help Us All

      1. Mark, we have all been praying that same prayer (diligently!), but miracles are not common… and God intentionally put us here – in this place, time, situation, circumstance – as our life, to be lived to the very best that our honor, character, and intellect can manage (with His help, of course). This coming Civil War may indeed be our formal Test – which we must be prepared to pass, if we want our Constitutional Republic to continue. We must take responsibility for something in this life, or there is no point in living. “God Help Us All,” indeed!

    5. The democrat party comes directly from the jacobins. A commie group that all the socialist parties grew out of as they were around at the founding of this country. Hitler used their ideology. Now, we have a massive push from foreign governments and other entities that are trying to get the us to become socialist as well. This is a coordinated effort from multiple types like soros, the un, the car, tri laterals,etc… go ahead and think I am a loon, but it is out in the public domain, all you have to do is look. They want owg…. and our guns and freedoms are in their way.

    6. so if this creature IS involved in the “nice activities” mentioned in this article, WHY has not someone brought that up for legal action? If she’s cheated on her campaign financing, is/was illegally “married” to her brother, or whatever else, she cannot hold office. She’s already broken her oath to uphold the COnstitution.

      1. @Tio Omar provides the perfect case for a Trump appointed special counsel. Trump should appoint one every time a house member says the word impeachment.

    7. This has been the plan all along. Many are just waking up to the facts of the case. Starting with the Immigration Act of 1965 the intent has been to “diversify” the American population and dilute Western European populations and values. This has been the game plan. As one of my leftist professors at SF State termed it (1977) the intent is to create a “coffee colored America devoid of Western European ideals.” And here we are. Funny how the Republican party has never attempted to convey this message to voters while at the same time radical leftists in the Social Democrat party run rampant.

      1. It was 120 years too late in 1965. The borders should have been slammed closed before the hordes of Irish and Germans invaded our shores in the 1840’s.

        1. Last I checked the Germans were the only ones with the foresight to expel and fight the commies. You could do allot worse than them (Germans) or most other Western European peoples (atleast up until post WW2). Beyond those facts.. Anglo-Saxon is Germanic. For a guy with a French surname you sure seem uppity with your fellow Americans of similar lineage. Maybe stick to bitching about the 1965 immigration act and not your fellow European American.

          Just my ‘2 pence’ mi lord

    8. They swore an oath before the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY to defend the constitution and America from all enemies…yet they are in open rebellion of it. This is sedition and tyranny. There is a price for both. As for can’t make a deal with people who are sworn before their gods and or prophets to kill you. Yes they say they want peace. Their peace is everyone is Islamic or dead. I guess it’s coming. Arm up, carry on.

      1. @DB, Sedition is criticism of the government, legal in the US. Violation of their oaths of office has no penalty. Haji groups in America is very troubling. I see a potential answer in getting the democratic national socialists, their useful libtard idiots, and the Haji patrols to rebel first, so that we can ” help the government restore law and order”.

    9. Good article, David. It is almost not believable that a person with a table cloth on their head is elected to the congress of the United States and she will be able to wear her head gear while there. Congress has been depleted to a third world bunch of anti Constitutionalist and as it digress into the gutter it takes our sovernaty with it. Where the hell do these people think they are going to gain anything by taking our freedoms away? They don’t think because they are not capable of it. They grew up in the toilet and that is what they want to do to us. California is the best example available. Tent cities, human waste in the streets and drug needles all over. If the changes in America are as the 3d world idiots want the who country will look like california.

      1. @All true, but what are we going to do about it? I think that to get back to the Constitution, we either have to stick together (and stop bickering), or reduce the number of democratic national socialist voters. I think that sticking together and turning out the vote will be the easier and cheaper of the two options.

    10. The death of America will be from within because of all the rights we have and many that have been subverted by politicians that were elected by uninformed voters and not held to task for violating the constitution which they pledged to uphold and defend as elected officials.

    11. So, will 2A community reach out to the legal immigrant community to properly educate them on their rights in this country and to shape future pro-2A voters, or will the 2A community continue to pander to anti legal immigrant sentiment and drive these future voters into the open arms of the Democrat party. One thing is for sure, legal immigrants don’t have to assimilate when becoming Democrats as they can just import the anti-2A agendas of their home countries. Long forgotten are the pictures of Koreatown in LA during the 1992 riots.

      Our legal immigration system has been long overdue for an overhaul, as it is completely broken. People we don’t want in this country get to stay indefinitely, while people we do want leave in droves. Both, Democrats and Republicans, are to blame as they both support the status quo. It is easy not to do anything and blame the other party for it.

      1. So, will 2A community reach out to the legal immigrant community to properly educate them on their rights in this country and to shape future pro-2A voters, or will the 2A community continue to pander to anti legal immigrant sentiment and drive these future voters into the open arms of the Democrat party. One thing is for sure, legal immigrants don’t have to assimilate when becoming Democrats as they can just import the anti-2A agendas of their home countries. Long forgotten are the pictures of Koreatown in LA during the 1992 riots.”

        Well maybe we should just keep them out to begin with?

        1. LOL: “or will the 2A community continue to pander to anti legal immigrant sentiment and drive these future voters into the open arms of the Democrat party”

          I assume you have a MSc or PhD in the STEM fields? If not, STFU! A significant part of our economy is driven by legal immigrants with advanced degrees. Keeping them out just means making America small again.

          1. Yeah the whole “without cheap labor America will fail” lies has been exposed, stop shilling for the Internationalists.

    12. Hitler’s “common sense” gun control worked efficiently for the national “socialist” worker’s party; just ask the european Jews.

    13. Question, When over 5 million of their people were murdered ,during the second world war, WHY DO THEY still vote DEMOCRAT? (those who want to disarm us) Hitler did the same thing. Have they not learned anything? TO BE QUITE SURE, I HAVE NOT SAID THIS BEFORE………….

    14. Question, When over 5 million of their people were murdered ,during the second world war, WHY DO THEY still vote DEMOCRAT? (those who want to disarm us) Hitler did the same thing. Have they not learned anything?

    15. It seems apparent that the left and their minions want to bend us to their will and disarm us for our own good. Sorry, I don’t bend and you will find it difficult to break me. I’m an American! A;d , you can take tha5 to the freaking bank!
      “Know guns, Know freedom. No guns, no freedom!” The choice is simple.

    16. “The historical reality of the Second Amendments
      protection of the right to keep and bear arms is not that it protects the right
      to shoot deer. It protects the right to shoot tyrants, and it protects the right
      to shoot at them effectively, with the same instruments they would use upon us.”
      –Judge Andrew Napolitano

      1. @Will Flatt, I don’t think that war is coming because war is a lot of work. We can’t even get people, that think like us, to go vote once every couple of years, much less group up and go to war. We have no logistics, organization, leadership, secure communications, or even a plan.

        1. Not sure things are quite that dark, Bill. And outright war is not necessarily the only option – although it would be the least time-consuming.

          Even small groups of revolutionaries – and there would be a huge number of those small groups – would be capable of quite effective guerilla operations (especially against easily-identifiable liberal leaders).

          1. @Joe, So the plan is for small, tight lipped groups to conduct guerrilla ops against specific liberal leadership targets? Ok, but small groups are susceptible to law enforcement. So small groups would be branded mere criminals, and the federal government, federal bureaucracies, state governments, and state bureaucracies would institute more gun control to aid law enforcement.
            It would take a lot of undetected surveillance, communication, and coordination. The Fat Boy Institute has bragged that they have infiltrated every militia group in America, so they could not be currently existing groups.
            Individual liberal office holders are easily and quickly replaceable by appointment. I am not sure that targeting individual liberal leaders would be cost effective. Unless we could turn it into a national hobby … like maybe … a Pelosi and Schumer record book … and a Soros and Bloomberg record book … for archers!

            1. If you were not brainwashed or a coward, you would ignore gun control laws. They are un-Constitutional on their face. Any law not in 100% harmony with the Constitution is null & void. BUT, as you, like so many cowardly Americans do, wiggled away from doing your Constitutional Duty.
              I doubt you are a military veteran. I am a 67 year old disabled Viet Nam vet. I despise the yellow cowards that my American Brothers & Sisters have become. They tap on the phones they are addicted to. They snivel about their job and home. So self-absorbed.
              Yeah, the Founding Fathers never had to worry about a POS cell phone, but they did have jobs and homes and families. THEY sacrificed everything for freedom to posterity. Americans are cowards and will climb over others to be the first to turn in their guns. None of you cowards will fight to save yourselves. Heck, you won’t even confront the illegal aliens in the stores when you encounter them. Many of you refuse to vote. Voting is easy.
              We have anti-American communist democrats in government. We have hispanic gangs raping & murdering across the country. There are statues of Lenin, Che Guevarra, and Chavez in New York, Seattle, Los Angeles and in Miami.
              Americans are letting their country die because they are self-absorbed and yellow cowards. You get the country you deserve.

            2. Bill, you overlook the fact that every government that has fought against an insurgency has basically failed and lost. Tight-knit groups of operators who trust each other with their lives are NOT going to snitch each other out to the fibbies.

              Rather than thinking of all the ways that a thing can’t or won’t work, we need to think of all the ways we can make a thing work. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

            3. LOL I don’t think Craig understands your sense of humor, Bill.

              Hope I did not give you the impression that I considered small-scale ops the only option. You are quite correct about the enormity of the venture. But our challenge will be no worse, comparatively, than the original colonists faced against the premier world-power (Britain) in its day. More technologically-advanced, certainly, but not much difference in relative adversarial powers.

              And regardless of whether we constitute a force of 100,000 or 117,000,000… we patriots will be branded “mere criminals,” from the beginning. Comes with the territory, my friend. Hopefully, most law enforcement and military will know the truth, though.

    17. I keep reading articles such as this and remember back a few years when I was warning American’s and our elected officials of this. Believe me now? Also, research the locations of all the Muslim enclaves and mosque around the country. To a Military person or veteran, you’ll know exactly what your seeing. Keep your powder dry and watch your six(6).

    18. When your really think about it,the Russians etc. have not only in fueled America through their propaganda, but, have already infiltrated our ranks.any assault on our Constitution and bill of rights is an assault on america.what say now liberals,democrats, etc.

    19. The corrupt media and their dem owners will never get it, punishing the law abiding citizen will NEVER stop violent crime!
      Au Contraire, it will encourage even more! But unfortunately, you just can’t fix Stupid!!!

    20. Folks, things are absolutely, 100% OUT OF CONTROL and not going to get better anytime soon! The sick, mentally-twisted buffoons on the left will not stop with all of their anti-gun garbage until they demand gun seizure period…

      1. Fight them now or our Children and Grandchildren fight them later. All you have to do is look back over a 1000 years of history to see where this is going. Why wait? Time to turn off the PC and go on the offensive.

        1. Because the threshold for that act has not yet been met. We are not quite at the stage, constitutionally, for engaging and armed Insurrection against the existing government(s); ie, individual states, or the federal government.

          The two most obvious places for the Revolution to begin via the constitutional constraints, I would argue is in New York state, California, with an outside chance for either Illinois, Washington, or New Jersey.

          The breakpoint will be when the governors of those States issue either a proclamation via executive order, or the rubber stamps socialist States congress’s initiate legislation authorizing gun confiscation, which means going door-to-door.

          When, not if, that comes to pass, the Constitutional threshold for using Force against existing state and federal governments will have been met.

          1. Michigan is included especially since a democRAT was voted for governor and att Gen. – A woman at that, and like her previous woman predecessor Janet Granholm (D), she will destroy what the republican gov before her did – bring back jobs to MI.
            Add to that, Dearborn has the largest muslim/Lebanese population outside of Beirut. If anyone doesn’t see sleeper cells in that shi!hole then you need your head examined. I grew up in Dearborn when it was a segregated city. Now it is reaping the damage the democRATS allowed under their “watch” – more like asleep at the wheel.

      2. Up until 1 year ago I never owned a gun. I rolled my eyes to the “chant”, “….from my cold dead hands…” I always believed in and respected the 2nd Amendment. Nonetheless, owning a gun and knowing the God-given right to bear arms might be taken away because communists in both parties have their agenda of turning this country into a Venezuela-like 3rd world country has re-enforced the courage to join the fight.

        Perhaps what has been made most clear is the 2nd has nothing to do with hunting nor personal protection but to stand against tyranny within our government. We are witnessing the tyrannical politicians (both parties) attempt to disarm the “well regulated militia” – those who understand this fight. I do not know how (yet), don’t know when but should the demand occur I am ready to stand with my “brothers-in-arms” to defend this country from all too obvious enemies-from-within.

      3. will not stop with all of their anti-gun garbage until they demand gun seizure period…

        well, if they DO demand that, they will GET some “gun seizure” alright…… some guns will cause THEM to be having seizures. They will be so seized up they won’t be able to walk, talk, or even continue to spew their lies and treason.

    21. Brilliant, David. This is a long-neglected but critically important angle on the immigration debate. Our entire immigration system has been turned into a corrupt scam to import those who would join the ranks of the Left to subvert and destroy our Constitutional Republic. An additional big bonus to the Left: their imports are typically also rabid anti-Semites and anti-Israelis on whom they can count to support and legitimize their hatred of Israel, Jews, and anything Jewish.

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