GunFreedomRadio EP147 A Double Tap of 2019 SHOT Show, Originally Aired on 2.1.19

Gun Freedom Radio
Gun Freedom Radio

U.S.A.-( This is our second round of  “mystery” interviews from the 2019 SHOT Show – it’s a mystery because you never know WHO you will run into at the amazing National Shooting Sports Foundation, NSSF SHOT Show !

Hour #1 Guests:

  • Zeke Stout – the Host and celebrity judge for the competition series, “Master of Arms” on the Discovery Channel. Zeke is also an advocate for Hero Hunts, Inc founded by Joe & Kim Towers.
  • Joe Towers – a veteran of the US Coast Guard and served 26 years as a police officer, and Joe is the Founder of Hero Hunt, Inc designed to work with our line of duty injured military, police, fire and first responders. Our mission statement is, “Serving those who have served and sacrificed at home and abroad.” We take these men and women on hunting, shooting and fishing trips to get them back into the woods, on the water and trigger again. It’s not about the the event so much as spending time with like minded folks who have experienced similar circumstances and time to heal.
  • Austin Roberts – GunStreamer – the Founder of com and Contributus. GunStreamer is a user-generated video sharing platform focused on supporting free speech and 2nd Amendment-related content. Contributus is a crowd funding platform.
  • Rob Pincus – a professional trainer, author and consultant and VP of Avidity Arms. He is also on the Board of and Walk The Talk America (WTTA). Rob and his staff at I.C.E. Training Company provide services to military, law enforcement, private security and students interested in self-defense. Rob is the Developer of the Combat Focus® Shooting program, the most efficient defensive firearms training methodology available today.
  • Kevin Dixie -the owner-operator of No Other Choice Firearms Training (NOC) and the Founder of Aiming For The Truth, a 6-spoked approach to healing broken families and strengthening the community bonds of neighbors, to improve the lives of people in the cities and states of our nation. This program is focused on getting to the roots of the factors that are driving violence in our communities. Kevin has also developed and designed the first firearm that fights the lies of Gun Control, an H&K PV9 platform handgun titled “The Truth”.


Hour #2 Guests:

  • Lara Smith – is the National Spokesperson for the Liberal Gun Club, a national organization which seeks to ensure an educated, liberal voice in debates on gun control and the Second Amendment.
  • Mark Hanish – President, Global Commercial Sales & Marketing at AMMO INC USA  AMMO INCORPORATED™ is a technology leader and premier American ammunition manufacturer and marketer of performance-driven, high-quality and innovative ammunition products, in the sporting industry
  • Trey Miller – Ghost Tactical – a Marine Corps Veteran who started Ghost Tactical Productions in 2017.  He is a 2nd Amendment Activist whose mission is to preach the gospel of Concealed Carry, being self-reliant, training to be more proficient, and to be an everyday warrior in society. Trey is the host of a live show called Tactical Tuesday where he and his guests talk everything gun culture.  He is also the host of The Armed Citizen Podcast where he and his guests talk about what it means to be an armed citizen in today’s society.
  • Michael Sodini – WTTA – the founder of Walk The Talk America (WTTA). Michael is a 3rd generation firearm industry professional, and known by many as the “most un-gun, gun guy.” He is the President of Eagle Imports, Inc, that imports fine firearms from all over the world, such as the Bersa, Llama, Metro Arms, and Grand Power, and Avidity Arms firearm brands.

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