Marxist ‘Gun Controller’ Threatens to Kill as Facebook Continues Double Standards


Funny– you never seem to hear Shannon Watts or David Hogg complaining about these guys…

U.S.A. – -( A Washington “gun control activist” is facing federal charges after threatening to shoot sheriffs who have publicly pledged not to enforce citizen disarmament edicts. On Friday, posted one of its “Five Fast Facts” on the young, self-identified Marxist who “admitted to FBI and Secret Service investigators that he had every intention of carrying out the violence he talked about on social media.”

There’s no need to reword here what plenty of others have written about the “suspect” or about the I-1639 measure that triggered him.  For that reason, I also see no need to name him or post his mug shot. Instead, I’d like to use this space to make some observations I don’t see being widely discussed.

For starters, the guy’s “embrace death” url Facebook page and posts are still up — at this writing — and that’s unusual for a few reasons.

He’s posted real threats of violence, such as “f*****g republican terrorists i am going to kill every single one of them” and “I-1639 is law. sheriffs that are non compliant will be shot. by me.

With all the “shadowbanning” and suppression against “conservative” voices, that seems more than a bit of a double-standard.

Case in point, I had a Dec. 15 post reminding readers that it was Bill of Rights Day disallowed from sharing because it somehow violated “community standards.”

Don’t get me wrong: I hope this doesn’t somehow trigger Facebook to remove the page (and if they do, I saved a copy of it). Too often the social media company reaction is to close down pages of those involved in crimes—especially if heinous. The problem with that is, it makes readers dependent on official sources and the “mainstream press” for all information, and takes away the ability to gather information on our own. And it’s not exactly like “the authorities” and the DSM have established great reputations for unbiased completeness and accuracy.

Some self control-challenged loser having a meltdown where his anger boils over into threats of violence is not that much of an exception to the rule. We’ve talked in the past about “common sense gun safety advocates” who’ve gone off the deep end and shot people and surmised much of the distrust over you and me being armed is likely projection from people who know they can’t be trusted to restrain their baser impulses.

Another of the guy's posts, a “Marxist Meme” advocating shooting “the bourgeoisie,” recalls the “solidarity songs” from the (Bernie Sanders-affiliated) Democratic Socialists of America, with such inclusive lyrics as:

“Are you sleeping, Are you sleeping,
Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie,
And when the revolution comes,
We'll kill you all with knives and guns,
Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie.”

That makes the sharing on his Facebook page of graphics from the Socialist Rifle Association worth mentioning, especially considering the bipolar contradictions that group admits to in its bylaws:

“Our goal is to provide an alternate to the main stream, toxic, right-wing, and non-inclusive gun … “

Then read “Section Two: Grounds of Denial” if you really want to see what “non-inclusive” looks like. These are the domestic enemies the Founders warned us against.

There’s one other thing about the angry cybercommie that should be of interest: Take a look at all of his Facebook “friends.”

You can bet the Feds who arrested him have just to see if they can find other persons of interest – at least the ones who aren’t already working for them.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 33 thoughts on “Marxist ‘Gun Controller’ Threatens to Kill as Facebook Continues Double Standards

    1. I maintain a FB because that is how our church communicates all events and fundraisers for Youth Mission team for which I leader. Other than that, I use it to post tons of 2nd Amendment , Other Constitutional concerns and the Atrocities performed by the Gov and Legislators of the great Socialist State of NJ. I don’t use it for personal postings. For the more critical postings, I have yet to be censored. So for S and Giggles, I clicked on the two links to the FB account postings of this leftist from this article (below in brackets): “He’s posted real threats of violence, such as [“f*****g republican terrorists i am going to kill every single one of them”] and [“I-1639 is law. sheriffs that are non compliant will be shot. by me.”]

      I then proceeded to report these as violations of FB Community Standards relating to Violence and Threats. I received a quick response with the “as expected” BS from FB. Freaking hypocritical and bias BS!!!
      Thanks for your feedback

      Thanks for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the share you reported and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.

      Please let us know if you see anything else that concerns you. We want to keep Facebook safe and welcoming for everyone.

    2. New Mexico sheriffs in all but 3 counties are refusing to enforce the idiotic gun restrictions being passed by the Santa Fe sissy politicians and the counties in New Mexico, except for the same 3, are declaring themselves to be “2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties” to protect citizens’ Constitutional rights. It might just get “lit up” in New Mexico before it does in Washington State.

      1. My friend, I live in California. I can not tell you how good it feels knowing that there are great people out there still putting up a fight against these criminals that call themselves “politicians” and these BS Unconstitutional laws.

    3. Curious though. Doesn’t WA have a red flag law on the books? Seems like it actually might have helped in this case. Though I couldn’t find anything regarding its enjoyment in finding this guy. Just wondering.

      That said, they’re a clear violation of due process and I don’t support them.

    4. Thanks for the info, I’ve been out of circulation for a while. If, which I doubt, if this was in the news, i missed it. I only listen to somewhat conservative media outlets. Unfortunately fox has now chosen to dance like a puppet for their new anti American masters. So, it looks like most media now is filtered ABC CBS NBC npr cnn fox msnbc fakebook twatter skrewgle utube being known slaves of the masters that held out til the young cucks took over from their dad, now they are so eager to please their “friends and power group” they are becoming just another lefty outlet of propaganda.

      1. @ Joe:
        I too have been out of the loop for a while and was better off not being in it than being loopy. What I mean by “loopy” is my confusion about who is for what. I voted for President Trump because I thought he had the same or very similar convictions as what libs call “right wing nuts”. Far better to be a wingnut than an extreme lefty.
        Is it just me, or are Millenials going so extreme they propagate hate on the Internet and cause what we used to refer to as Flame Wars online where there used to be fairly calm and intelligent discussions? Just recently I was shocked by something that hurt me deeply because I am not an extreme person and do not spread hate on the Internet: When I tried to log on to my Twitter account a pop-up window said in very large font, “Your account has been TERMINATED”. I was stunned to see that I no longer had access to the Twitter account that I’d had for almost fifteen years. What did I do? I’ll never really know.
        Point is, F.B., Twitter, and the rest, are all controlled by (italicize) someone. Their main purpose (according to an interview with a former CEO of F.B.) is to find ways to grab the attention of users and to monopolize their time on our site (paraphrased). If users don’t conform and appear to be whistle-blowers, the sites simply TERMINATE their accounts.
        During elections, especially, I and others who are like-minded, found that our posts that supported any politician who opposed the Liberal party were being censored. Not that F.B. actually changed or omitted words in our posts. They simply didn’t allow our posts to be seen, or an error message would tell us that “something went wrong, please try again” and we were never able to publish those posts.
        I’m beginning to not trust any media but private parties posting real-life experiences of their own. Even then, those are few and far between.
        Wikileaks used to be one of my favored sources during the Trump vs Crazy Hilary election.
        Now I’m not sure who to believe about what. Most of the time even my intuition that used to be spot-on even fails me.

    5. As far as I can tell, that Spokane Sheriff saved his life. In Okanogan, Ferry, Chelan, and Douglas Counties (all the counties around his native Okanogan), the Commie to Good Ole Boy Ratio is about 1:30. All the Sheriff had to do is simply make it highly public, and it would take care of itself. You can bet on this; “Everyone in his family and circle jerk of friends is under scrutiny now.”

    6. Looked at some of this dipwads Facebook friends and interests and the biggest tie in is their love of marijuana. Stoned communists. Their collective will starve cuz they’ll all be to stoned to work.

    7. What this dimwit would be killer fails to realise is that the last Bloomie law got shoved down our throats here in Washington has only been used two times in the years since it took effect, also illegally: one case the guy was convicted, the other, last I knew, was pending. In both cases, the law was not used as a primary offense, but as an add on in an egregious caw involving other nefarious deeds. Prosecutors apparently decided this “offense” was needed “in the interest of justice”.
      Dimwit also has a short memory.. after that abominable 695 got shoved down our throats, every sheriff in Washington State except for two (you KNOW one of those counties, and could guess the other one in two or three tries) declared they would NOT enforce it (except a couple did say they might use it if deemed appropriate as an enhancement in a more involved case). WHERE was this clown back then? And it HAS NOT been enforced as written, either.

      I wonder why this same dirtbag has not decided he needs to enforce his version of vigilante justice against certain OTHER high public officials in this state who allowed those unconstituional (federal and state level) 695 and 1639 bills to even be placed on the ballot, and then not defy them outright from the beginning. But, we’ve got two marxist rulers whose goal seems to be the total subjugation of their subjects. Presicely why WE THE PEOPLE must not surrender our arms, as they would have done. Both need run up on charges of felony perjury for swearing their owth of office and not upholding it. But WHO will bell those two cats? Certainly our corrupt Supreme COurt, which decided to allow 1639 to go on the ballot despite multiple fundamental violations of our StateConstitution, not to mention the federal one, would never take up such a case, never mind find either of them guilty.

    8. I am a FFL dealer in a small town rural area and rely of FB for our posts. FB made me supply them with a copy of my FFL, business license, tax license, town licenses to get approved to be on FB and YET, they still ban me for 30 days at a time every time I put an AR on my page for sale for violating community standards and yet the standards say that as an authorized dealer I can do it? FB in my opinion along with others like you tube are violating our first amendment rights but allow many many other vile and obscene posts? I really wish that somehow FB could get a class action suit against them since they are now a publicly traded company?? They are a necessary evil!!

      1. The problem is that FB, Twitter et al were given some exemptions, by Congress, that some have viewed as giving them immunity from the Sherman Antitrust Laws. Congress can fix this or, in the alternative, the DOJ can file suit against these companies for violating Sherman and let the courts decide. In any case there needs to be a remedy to stop companies that have become monopolies from exercising free reign discrimination.

      2. JD, #1…Thanks for being a FFL dealer. #2 Your spot on about FB and along with others like twitter and all the fake news etc…we have been bashed over the head for being God fearing America loving patriots. I don’t have FB or Twitter or any of those things because I know the Devil is in their details so to speak. It’s creepy how they spy, manipulate your posts, etc.. etc…my heart goes out to people like you who need FB etc to run their business which is their livelihood. I pray the God gives you increase and wisdom to overcome these people that do this stuff.

      3. I believe FB is a very Unnecessary evil. There are a multitude of other ways to keep in touch with people. Just think back when your phones had to be plugged into the wall. Technology has changed so fast in the last few decades and many of us willingly jumped on the bandwagon, and now a lot of us are regretting it. I only use FB if I need to find someone, once found, communication is not done on FB. If I could, I would avoid FB like the plague.
        As far as the ridiculous anti gun laws being passed not only in Washington (where I live), but all over the country, perhaps an appeal directly to the president is needed. We must not, and cannot allow our 2nd ammendment rights to be treated as though they were written on toilet paper to be used to wipe the asses of our liars, oh sorry, I mean politicians!

    9. Better get ready, get prepared. These threats are real. The Eugene, OR PD took down the local ANTIFA thug at a school when he attempted to shoot them while being taken into custody. AT A SCHOOL, people!! The very type of incident those same Leftwing anarchists rail about over lawful citizens’ possession and ownership of firearms. They are the depth of hypocrisy, of lies, and propaganda. And now, they are arming themselves.
      We had better damned well take this serious. Find others of your like mind, because these cowards only get courageous when in numbers, in gangs. Maybe this scumbag is an exception. But even a moron can be a threat if armed, especially a madman. We must be ready to do what those of us who swore that Oath committed to, along with any American who will defend the Constitution, and his own.

    10. We all know this kind of threat is out there. How come we don’t see this on the major news channels? We all know what will happen if we surrender our arms: Socialism, communism, slavery for the masses In order for socialism or communism to succeed a nation must first be disarmed. Funny how socialist, communist, liberals, leftists, nazis and islamist are cordial as long as you go along with their agenda but are willing to murder us if we don’t go along with them. People have not changed. Evil starts with greed for power, money, self gratification, racism etc. For those of us who have children, we did not have to teach them how to lie, steal, cheat, throw a tantrum etc. People are inherently evil in nature. We teach our children right from wrong along with accountability for both. We filter the idea of what is right or wrong as defined by the WORD.
      People of the ilk that are mentioned in the above article, represent a good reason to be armed 24/7. There are many, many other good reasons to carry and most of us know most of them. Some of us have had to actually deal with them. Until the world becomes perfect there will always be evil people causing trouble and death. Therefore the righteous are compelled to bear arms that our families, friends, neighbors, the stranger on the street and ourselves may be safe.
      Yes, we have the police to protect us–maybe. The facts are that most mass shootings are done in 4 min. The average police response time is 9 min. The latest one I have heard of took more than 90 min. to close. Aurora. The guy got fired and he wound up killing several and wounding several more people before the police were able to stop him. Who is to say the nut case above would not have done the same or worse? If you want your family to live, you have to carry. That simple. Common sense. You can’t outrun a bullet. Arm up, carry on.

      1. @ Deplorable Bill:
        I’d love to know what you think about an article I saw online recently. The title of the article said something like “(the name of the state I can’t recall) passes a law for mandatory firearms training for middle school children”. The picture with that article portrayed kids in a shooting class, holding wooden guns – a little girl had one raised and ready to “fire”, and in the background of the photo was a man, apparently one of the dads of the kids in the shooting class. The way it looked to me at a glance, was that the little girl was about to shoot her father in the back. It was obvious to me that the writer of the article and the photographer were trying to pass on a subliminal horror.
        Aside from my anger at their attempt to sway the minds of readers before they even read the “facts” in the article (because who do you know on F.B. to actually read an entire article before jumping to conclusions and sharing an article in a raged attempt to take guns out of the hands of citizens, etc), I did read the article and found out that the law actually says that it would be mandatory for middle schools to OFFER the classes and that it is an elective (optional) for the middle school students.
        I like the idea of children learning how to use guns properly and think that the state (darn I still can’t recall which one!) is doing a great service to its citizens. If children knew more about guns and rifles, there most likely wouldn’t be as many accidental and purposeful shootings where innocent people get hurt or killed.
        What do you think about this? I am a supporter of the 2nd ammendment and everything else that is written in our Constitution and Bill Of Rights. Just saying.
        It really chaps my hyde when people (idiots) think that taking away the rights of good citizens will stop criminals from doing bad things to us.

    11. Refusal to name is a good way to avoid giving fame, but it also keeps people from knowing who to watch out for, if the guy is still alive, as is the case here, or from following developments in the case. A double edge.

      1. “Who to watch out for”? The average, run of the mill modern democrats are unequivocally domestic terrorists. All 65 million who voted for Hillary are terrorists and are the ones to be watched.

    12. This guy obviously had to be dealt with by the Deep State. He was just too out front. There are more like him who are not as out front who will surface, should the POTUS be reelected in 2020. A good, thought-provoking short story is on Matt Bracken’s site: PROFESSOR RAOUL X. If you want a good understanding of the Deep State agenda, this will do it. Continue to train and remain vigilant.

    13. DEMOCRATS ARE VIOLENT SOCIOPATHS! The left wing (Democrat Party) and those who would espouse these opinions has throughout our history been the party of violence. From all the attempts on presidents (except Hinckley who tried for love) and our congress in the 1950s–the toip of the Democrat party and these violent people are all linked to socialists, leftists and and communists–that is the power base of the Democrat Party. Now these same elected people voted to let live born baby’s suffer and die! Of course they want gun control–so the people worth controlled killing who cannot be reeducated by the party cannot defend themselves.They talked of this on PBS in the 1970s to set up camps and carry out these cleansings! You think this country is not dead? You had better look around and see who is running for office and who has been recently elected! As long as these key socialist and communist people are inside in the Democrat Party it is only a matter of time. It has happened elsewhere and our people are just people like every other country!

    14. This is another reason to own a handgun to protect yourself and ones family from maniacs like this nutcase. Funny, how the gun banners now want to use guns themselves to kill law abiding American gun owners and law enforcement., what will they think of next? They gather together in a jerk off circle and come up with the most unbelievable, idiotic ideas. All these gun banning cults and hunting banning cults are being run and funded by Bloomberg, Soros, the evil U.N., and america hating foreign governments. Support the NRA! Just imagine if the NRA had 10 or 20 million members, no gun banning bills would be passed. Remember this, these evil gun banners won’t stop until they have banned all guns, knives, archery equipment and camouflage clothing and all gun books.

    15. Trying to look at this from the outside looking in. Could it be that the LOEs (FBI, State Police, Sheriffs, etc.) already have this guy on their radar? Perhaps they are monitoring his FB account to gather more information about others that are supportive of this person? Could it be that he is a plant by LOEs (although they may have to navigate the entrapment waters if something is used later against them), just like child predator profiles? I am not a fan of FB, but they may be cooperating (unwillingly perhaps) with LOEs on this one and similar posters? Just a thought.

    16. Nonsense! Let that boy go and meet with all the County Sheriffs that he wants to. Oh, and my compliments to the editor that spelled “Bourgeoisie” correctly.

    17. “These are the domestic enemies the Founders warned us against.” You have no idea how happy I am to see this sentence in your article. I have been posting everywhere (including on ammoland), over the last 2 years, that “The modern democrat party are THE domestic enemies our Founders warned us about”. I have started to see this phrase pop up a lot lately. Warms my cockles to know that other folks are starting to see the undeniable truth.

      1. And “warm cockles,” although they sound naughty, are highly desirable! LOL

        I, too, have – at every opportunity – been posting warnings that identify socialists (Democrats, communists, progressives, Marxists, Leftists… or whatever the hell they call themselves this week) as domestic enemies of the US. THE precise critters we veterans (and law enforcement officers) swore a permanent oath of personal honor to defend this country against. Nice to see this article!

        1. Nothin’ like a good cockle chuckle!!! They’re out there, folks. More guys like this than one would expect. His shooting rampage would have been another reason (for some unexplained reason) for them to come up with more, comprehesive gun restrictions on the law-abiding. In the name of “common sense gun safety”.

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