Ruger Precision Rifle & Sightmark Riflescope Winner Announced!!

Greg Townsel Ruger Precision Rifle & Sightmark Riflescope Winner
Greg Townsel Ruger Precision Rifle & Sightmark Riflescope Winner

USA – -( Attention AmmoLand News readers, for most of you we have bad news… but for Greg Townsel of Alabama we have great news. He was the stupidly lucky winner of our recent giveaway of a Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5mm Creedmoor Rifle and a Sightmark 5-30×50 Pinnacle Riflescope.

“I received my gun today that I won in your drawing. It is amazing! Thank you to Ruger, Sightmark and all of you so much for doing what you do and standing up for our 2nd amendment rights. It will be hard to wipe this smile off my face for a while. Again thanks a million!! ~ Greg.”

Congratulations Greg, you deserve it for being such a loyal reader of our daily emails. And thank you to Ruger and Sightmark for all their support and for building great products.

Be sure and read our reviews of their gear

If you find you are taking this news really bad, we can offer you new found hope. AmmoLand News and Brownells have jumped in to fill the gap with a brand new giveaway that is even bigger, badder and more $$$ than the incredible Ruger SIghtmark package.

Every subscriber to the AmmoLand News daily email list has a new chance at winning a Brownells BRN-601 AR-15 Rifle & LMT M203 37mm “Grenade” Launcher. Yes!! A friggen “grenade” launcher!!!

Brownells BRN-601 Rifle & LMT M203 Launcher Giveaway
Brownells BRN-601 Rifle & LMT M203 Launcher Giveaway

The new giveaway entry dates run from February 15th, 2019 to April 1st, 2019 with the winner drawn on April 2nd, 2019. To enter, view our giveaway page found here and may the best reader win!

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Michael Jackson

Ausom Greg. I’m next!


Congrats Greg! That is a sweet setup.

Sean Ebra



Congrats Greg! I suggest a monopod and good bipod for it. I have the .308 and that rifle is a tack driver. Enjoy!


Congrats Greg….for winning My rifle!

Wild Bill


Robert Kernstein

Congrats Greg. Enjoy !


Nice win! Congratulations, Greg! Enjoy!

Mike Z

Lucky dog !!!!!!!!!


Congratulations Greg!