Update: Police Death during No-Knock Raid, Suspect Fired as Door was Broken

Update: Police Death during No-Knock Raid, Suspect Fired as Door was Broken
Update: Police Death during No-Knock Raid, Suspect Fired as Door was Broken, Image from CBS58.com

U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- Some facts are now available about the Milwaukee Police raid that resulted in the death of Police Officer Rittner. The raid occured on February 6th, about 9:12 a.m., on the 2900 block of South 12th Street.  Several officers were wearing body cameras. The raid made use of a no-knock warrant.

The suspect, Jordan Fricke, has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide (940.01(1)(a), first degree recklessly endangering safety (941.30(1) , and maintaining a drug trafficking place 961.42(1).

Jordan Fricke did not have any past criminal record. He had some past traffic violations, the last of which was in 2014. According to jsonline.com, friends of Fricke claimed he had an active concealed carry permit.

The no-knock warrant claimed that Fricke had sold marijuana to a confidential informant on February 1. One sale for $20, one for $40.

The complaint says that officers surrounded the residence near 12th Street and Manitoba, and yelled “Police, search warrant” as the approached the door and started to break it down. Officer Rittner was the officer operating the ram who was breaking down the door.

According to fox6now.com,  Fricke said he was in bed, asleep, with his girlfriend, when the raid started.

In regards to the execution of the search warrant, the complaint says Fricke “admitted to being in bed with his girlfriend when he was awoken by a loud noise and yelling. The defendant several times claimed that he did not hear what was being yelled, but later did admit that when he entered his kitchen from the bedroom he heard someone yell “police” outside the kitchen door. He stated “he did not think it was actually the police attempting to enter his residence.”

”The interview goes on to say Fricke “armed himself with his AK 47 pistol and aimed at the center of the door, where a hole was made.” Fricke told police “he aimed at the hole, where he saw a person standing and shot.” When police crashed through the door, Fricke “claimed that this was the point at which he realized that it was the actual police.”

Fricke is said to have fired four times through the hole the police made in the door with the battering ram, using an AK-47 type pistol. One of the shots hit officer Rittner.

As the officers finished breaking down the door, Fricke said he realized they were police, raised his hands, and surrendered.

The search of Fricke’s house revealed some firearms, firearms parts, and a safe with $3,000. No drugs were mentioned. It was claimed that the equipment used in drug sales was found. From wisn.com:

A search of Fricke’s home turned up a Century Arms Zastava AK-47 semi-automatic pistol, eight other firearms, a Taser, weapons parts, a safe with $3,000 cash and equipment used in drug sales, the complaint said.

Michael L. Chernin is listed as Fricke’s attorney. The court found that Jordan Fricke did not qualify for a public defender, perhaps because of the $3,000 found at his residence.

Fox news reports the complaint says that Fricke admitted to selling some marijuana at some point and that he had assembled some rifles and sold them at gun shows.

It is not illegal under Wisconsin law to assemble rifles and sell them at gun shows. It may be illegal under federal law. The federal law is somewhat vague. It requires the person to be “in the business” of selling firearms to make a profit. Occasional sales are usually not sufficient to meet this burden. This charge would explain the presence of the BATFE officers at the raid.

An associate of Fricke’s, Marlon Tirado was reportedly at the residence as well. He is charged with intent to deliver THC and to maintain a drug trafficking place. Marlon Tirado has been released on a cash bond of $7,500. He has been ordered to have no verbal contact with Jordan Fricke.  Marlon Tirado has been judged indigent. A public defender will provide counsel.

Tirado had a number of traffic citations. Tirado plead guilty to possession of THC in 2017 and and 2016. Fines of $250 in 2016 and $1,872 in 2017 were paid.

The case illustrates the dangers of no-knock warrants. It seems likely Fricke would have surrendered to officers and peacefully allowed the search of the house if the officers had knocked peacefully and allowed him time to answer the door.  He quickly surrendered once he was convinced the intruders were actually police.

No illegal substances were found in the house, at least, none have been revealed thus far.

We do not know what “equipment used in drug sales” might have been. Scales and ziplock baggies are plausible items.

None of the guns are alleged to have been illegal. No fully automatic guns or sawed-off shotguns appear to have been found.

If illegal drugs had been found at the house, it is likely they would have been included in the complaint.

Was Fricke a small-time marijuana dealer? It may be so. Did he illegally sell guns? We do not know for certain. It is possible.

Was the no-knock raid dangerous and unwarranted?

It resulted in the death of Officer Rittner.

Did Fricke act legitimately under the Wisconsin Castle Doctrine law? That may be left up to a jury.  It may depend on whether the jury finds that Fricke was using the dwelling to further criminal activity.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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Rob Robinson

They were criminals, committing Treason, and they deserved to be shot. It’s just too bad he didn’t get more of them. I have no sympathy for Oathbreakers.


It is 100% acceptable to kill or injure crooked officers who breaks into someone’s home during the midnight. If I am on the jury, I will give not guilty verdicts as the defendant has acted in self-defense.


Raid took place at 9.12 AM. Far from ‘midnight.’


Not much sympathy for cops that get hurt or killed conducting a raid on a person’s house over a small amount of drugs. SWAT raids should be reserved for the worst of scenario’s, not minor drug busts.

Keith Howard

Sorry to the officer who lost his life but police really need to stand up against their bosses who are putting them in dangerous situations like that. Besides is it really worth a couple grand in tax dollars to nab a couple hundred bucks of weed? This officer died because the state wants to control a plant.


I wonder, since what was called “drug related” items were found, was anything else from the house confiscated by police as being part of “drug business ? How about the guns ? Were they legally owned ?
This sounds like a prime opportunity for the Police to get rich with confiscated goods. Don’t tell me it doesn’t happen.

The Revelator

Jeff, Calling for a beat down of someone is not respecting individual liberty either in case you were not aware.

Also, there are those of us who had GWD pegged long before you.


Dozens of lives ruined because a cop couldn’t handle a simple arrest regarding an 1/8 of plant matter.

Mr. Vincent

Exactly,That officer lost his life for $60 of marijuana. How’s that drug war working out folks?

Steven T

Well, I certainly agree with the point that this guy shouldn’t have had a raid on his house, and I certainly think all but the drug charge should be applied to the individual who decided they had enough evidence for that kind of warrant. If you are going to invade an individual’s home you need to be held criminally liable for any injury that occurs if they are mistaken. Also, blaming the police for abuse is misplaced. Ever act of police brutality was done under cover of the law, police don’t make laws, it won’t change until we hold accountable… Read more »


I bet that raid cost more than 20 bucks

Robert Zeurunkl

SO, the cops would likely raid my house too. Because scales and ziplock bags are a pretty normal part of an ammo reloading bench.

David Moore

or for people who do meal prep and weigh their food…

Douglas L Self

Or folks simply sorting parts (for computers and related equipment) need ziploc bags. As for scales, postage, or dietary, many reasons for a small non-trade scale. I don’t see the probable cause here.

Tony Capponi

This shows how dangerous no knock raids can be. What it also shows is how stupid this war on drugs is. The death of an officer of a stupid plant. That he may or may not have had with him at the time sad to hear someone died for this. Hopefully this will open people’s eyes to make a change.

Walter Goddard

The twisted notion from Democrats, that we are under “the influence of narcotics” when we get a “rush” for shooting at targets and blowing things up, is as close to home as I desire to get. Our Civil Liberties and the 1st and 2nd Amendments are already being attacked… They openly make excuses for privacy invasion in order to profit, and deny access for assembly to voice our legal civil rights. Just read the headlines to see, what’s between the lines, and coming down the road of progress next. First it was the dumbing down of America, and now it’s… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

Exactly. Ziplock bags here contain various calibers of brass in differing stages of prep. Scales to weigh powder.

Cops should spend more time looking for real crime. Betting they could kick in the door of any Wisconsin politician and find far more criminal activity.


Hahahahahahaha rot in piss Nazi.


Oh that’s intelligent.


There’s a fiery place in hell waiting for you, Michael.


Michael, You call people Nazi’s because they don’t buy the bullshit the liberals are spewing and wanting to take away the public’s means of defense so you Liberal fascist antifa assholes can pad yourselves and wear helmets and/or masks, while you gang up on people and beat them down because you don’t agree with them?
Seems to me that you ball less wonders are the Nazi’s!


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes! If that crooked officer values his life very seriously, he should find another line of work that does not initiate violence against lawful citizens. He got exactly what he deserved for acting tough and initiating violent acts against an innocent person.


No-knock warrents should be illegal. It’s stupid, brutal, and dangerous. It has resulted in a large number of different cases were the police murder a innocent person through bad information, bad warrants, and attacking the wrong addresses. It’s usually the home owner who pays the price for police poor judgement. Yelling police as you kick down a door is not proper identification. Anybody can do that. How many times have criminals in this country helled ‘police’ when breaking into somebody else’s house? I am sure in home invasions it’s pretty much going to be a standard tactic becuse it confuses… Read more »

Ronald Benisch

Agreed. While I support LE this was police over-reaction. You have a SUSPECT, ADMITTEDLY A STRONG SUSPECT, of being a minor drug dealer, with NO history of violent activity, so WHY would you serve a no knock warrant? That was unjustified. To me, it’s telling the suspect surrendered as soon as he verified it actually was the police. Somebody bursting into my house would also likely get shot. It’s horrible the officer died, but the most I could convict for under the circumstance as presented here would be involuntary manslaughter.


Maybe the cops should have given him a phone call 15 minutes before to give him time to wake up.

David Snell

Maybe the cops should have…knocked.

Douglas L Self

That’s the “Hut-Hut-Hut” steroid-fueled mentality all too common in today’s de facto occupying ARMY. Many of these buzz-cutt, bulldog-jowled, Rayban-wearing “heroes” appear to not have gotten enough “Trigger Time” in Kandahar or Fallujah. Too many lame excuse to barge in unannounced, under circumstances where a dazed and groggy resident can reasonably believe that his home is being invaded by CRIMINALS, where the stakes don’t even remotely justify it.


Too bad it was only one

Ted Larson

Only tyrannical police states have no knock “warrants”. I could see this sort of thing happening in the former Soviet Union, North Korea…….and unfortunately the modern USA. It’s unfortunate the man will be charged (and convicted) of murder for defending himself and others against tyrants.

Mark Are

Hopefully a JURY will nullify the charge. I know if I was on it it would at least get hung.


Behave like a Gestapo pig, die like one, I hope the defendant gets to claim self defense, and if no-knock raids were used for actual threats to the community, instead of allegedly selling a natural plant which is no threat whatsoever this wouldn’t happen. This is a gross misuse of public funding, and all of you out there that disagree with me need to look at the big picture, the founding fathers of this nation went to war against the crown for this type of heavy handed action against the people, and here we are the lying oath breaking system… Read more »


The crooked officer is a terrorist in the unjust no-knock drug raid. He played stupid games and won stupid prizes.


Where in the Constitution does give permission for these storm trouper antics to take place. I can think of no law that authorizes kicking someone’s door in and tear their house apart. I think a law suit with maximum amounts of money asked for is appropriate. I think I remember reading an amendment to the Constitution that says we are protected against illegal search and seizure How about that, the founders thought of that and were warning us it might happen. It must be more fun to make up laws as you go. I know the long gun next to… Read more »


Gotta have a Victim. It’s the ONLY way, to establish Probable Cause. No Victim = No Harm = No Probable Cause.

REALLY wish people would Wake the f*** Up.

This was straight up; Home Invasion, Criminal Trespass, Destruction of Private Property, Assault, Battery, Kidnapping, False Imprisonment, and last but not least, TERRORIST ATTACK (because it uses violence to achieve a political ideology).

Crotalus Maxximus

Unfortunately we the people elected the politicians and judges that declared this type of assault to be constitutional.
And vote as if your life depends on it because it will. Anyone living in Wisconsin must be sure to VOTE for Hagedorn NEXT APRIL 2 FOR THE WI SUPREME COURT! If another liberal gets in we are toast. ERIC HOLDER IS WORKING IN WI FOR THE ELECTION OF THE LEFTY NEUBAUER!

Mark Are

We (I) didn’t. “A ballot is just a substitute for a bullet. If your vote isn’t backed by a bullet, it is meaningless. Without the bullet, people could ignore the election outcome. Voting would be pointless. Democracy has violence at its very core!” ~Muir Matteson, “The Nonviolent Zone” “An election is a moral horror, as bad as a battle except for blood; a mud bath for every soul concerned in it.” ~ George Bernard Shaw “Free election of masters does not abolish the masters or the slaves.” Herbert Marcuse “Working within the system means to become a part of the… Read more »


No knock is bad,is hitler alive? And cops watch too many tv cop shows.i was pulled over 1 day never knew why but when the cop seen boxes of 45 colt ammo he went into maxium overdrive.another cop showed up that i know personally.told this gungho assho let me go.he did

Aliel The Heretic

I’m going to be honest with you if you don’t knock there is no way for the homeowner to differentiate between you and and home invader and therefore they would be justified in killing you

If you are a cop conducting a no-knock raid on unverified solicited information, I have no sympathy for you or your family if you die.

The drug war needs to be ended. if prohibition ended, market forces would put most drug dealers out of business.


We are seeing the exact opposite in states that have legalized marijuana where due to the regulations legitimate weed growers are selling on the illegitimate black market for larger profits. These libertarian arguments seem sound in principle but rarely garner the desired results.


Those are the desired results.

James Brown

Then get the gov out and stop regulating it. Let free citizens purchase the pot they want to buy without any gov interference. The real reason is all about money, if unregulated the gov won’t get their cut. Not much different than the mob.


Giving people freedom you should take it like an adult and understand bad things can happen. There’s a diminishing value when you look at the minuscule amount of bad vs all the good freedoms entail….. Which is the logic this country was founded.

jareth belanger

How is there a black market if ita legal and unregulated?

Black markets only exist when the government strangles the market. See illegal cigarettes in NY due to stupid high taxes

G Brack

That’s because the states that allow it have stupid high taxes and regulations. The legal sellers can’t compete with the sidewalk pharmaceutical salesmen because they don’t pay taxes or follow regulations. It really is rather simple. Less government = more businesses free from overbearing bureaucrats.


In states with legal weed it cost much more in despensarys then on the street. Where I live an 1/8 is $50-60 in a dispensary and on the street a 1/4 is $40-50 there’s no way legal growers are selling to the black market and making more than selling to the despensarys, but the government wants you to think that legal growers are selling to the black market so when they bust them they have a reason for it when they really don’t

Kevin T Moseley

This is absolute insanity. Over $60 worth of weed??? And they found no drugs in the house?? And how did the CI come to knock on the guys door in the first place, is he just randomly picking houses, knocking on the door and saying “dude, I heard I can get weed here”…? FFS, if I WAS a drug dealer, I wouldn’t respond well to that question from a total stranger. Maybe that’s why I’m not a drug dealer. So now we’ve got a dead cop, and a guy that IMO was acting in justified self defense who’s probably going… Read more »


I think the main point was lost in translation.
I argue no knock, I argue red flag confiscation of firearms as well as I argue illegal drug sales. Granted the loss of life is a waste for this little offence.
I’d comment on more but I only know what I have read here about the story so I will refrain.


When are they going to start precision striking with drones?


Former LEO. Personally I can’t see the reason for a no-knock warrant. Constitutional issues aside for the moment. What is the logic behind the no-knock entry. I think it must only be to prevent active resistance to the search warrant. The entry is done with maximum surprise, and overwhelming force. So here is the way I’d do it. First verify the reason for the warrant. Second verify the address and the person who is supposed to be in the house. Then establish a perimeter. Inform residents using phone or bull horn about the warrant and give them a chance to… Read more »

Jack Mac

Your logic is firm. For other agendas of the authorities, their logic may be appropriate.
We are not discussing taking out a machine gun nest. I do not believe that I would order a full frontal attack and hope that the soldiers would refuse any such an order. I want the motives of the ones would directed this and the judge’s who authorized it. Apparently the potential lose of life is not a significant factor in their planning.

Mark Are

Sorry, logic is not allowed in “law” enforcement anymore. Only reason for these kinds of raids is to instill fear in the slaves.


The reason for the no-knock raid is so the cops can dress up, grab all their toys, and pretend to be military special teams.

Hell, they allegedly knew that he had multiple firearms, including long guns. A no-knock raid in this situations is likely the riskiest. What would have been safer for all involved is pulling him over while out in his car. It would have been easier to surround the vehicle on a side street, there would be clear line of sight to the suspect, and he wouldn’t have direct access to long guns.


The primary “justification” presented for no-knock raids is to prevent the suspect from disposing of evidence during a siege.
I have read of a couple of cases where agents posing as city sewer workers got access to the sewer pipe leading from a residence. Then, when the raid turned into a siege, all the drugs and such that was flushed down the drains were recovered as evidence.

Jeff L

The reason for no- knock warrents is so the suspects don’t have time to destroy evidence. If the police are at the door talking to this guys girlfriend and she giving the din-do the guy is flushing drugs down the shitter. Now that being said- evidence given by CI’s should always be treated as highly suspect as they are usually receiving some type of compensation or special consideration by LE. $60 worth of pot on the tip of a CI is a BS reason to do a no knock. I support LE as much as they respect me. I support… Read more »


what a crock of shit!! a cop loses his life and a private citizen gets charged with murder over 60 bucks worth of pot!!! the government is absolutely out of control!



We’re seeing political appointees making decisions to serve warrants using prime-time-newsworthy tough-on-crime tactics, and sometimes it’s backfiring. This mirrors a similar case in Houston (IIRC) about 2 weeks ago.


Yeah, $60 of a harmless plant that is now legal in how many states ? Yep, they are definitely out of their minds, treating the “civilians” as if they are so much cannon fodder. I think all those cops on that detail should have refused to put their lives on the line for such a pitiful reason. Don’t they have more serious crime and criminals to go after without risking life and limb on an alleged nickle bag dealer ? But then, maybe that’s how they get their jollies. It must be one hell of a power trip for some… Read more »

Generic Name

You should check out the video of his first court appearance. Shirtless and wearing court provided body armor, rolled into court in a wheelchair he was obviously confused, in shock, almost catatonic and suspect he had been administered a high dose of sedatives. Kept bobbing his head, wasn’t focused on anything and didn’t say a word, doubt he even knew what was going on. His court appearance certainly had the look of a staged dog and pony show


If only more cops died for this war on drugs.$60 of pot? All those officers should get shot for their thuggery.


Every time I hear about an early morning raid or “no knock” warrant being served I ask one question “could the same end result be achieved by waiting and using a different tactic?”. In variably the answer I come up with is yes. As a retired LEO my first concern would always be preservation of life; officers and those who are being served the warrants and arrested. It seems as though that has taken a back seat to some other motivation.


I agree on all counts.


Two sales for a total of $60 worth of weed qualifies a no-knock warrant these days?
That’s about enough of the paramilitary police force bullshit. How is this legal or constitutional?
I don’t even feel bad for the cop. I feel bad for the victim of this overreach of power.

Wild Bill

, Could it be that some police departments have become the repressive standing armies that the fore fathers feared?

Joel Martin

Profit motive. They can’t let anyone dispose of any property that can be seized, and they fon’t want anyone getting rid of evidence that could lead to a more substatial seizure at a later date. Get rid of the profit motive then we will see if this type of raid is still routinely conducted.

Mark Are

Here is the sixth plank of the Communist Manifesto. See if this seems vaguely familiar with this situation. And then go read the 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 10th and see if they look familiar too.

Mark Are

Sorry, I meant Fourth Plank: CONFISCATION OF THE PROPERTY OF ALL EMIGRANTS AND REBELS. (The confiscation of property and persecution of those critical – “rebels” – of government policies and actions, frequently accomplished by prosecuting them in a courtroom drama on charges of violations of non-existing administrative or regulatory laws.)


So now scales, cups, baggies and spoons are drug paraphernalia? I suspect any one of us could also be charged “equipment used in drug sales”, and maybe this is aback door attempt to begin a gun confiscation test project. Well that just got a officer killed….This is getting out of hand. Police using “no knock” warrants for ridiculous reasons, warrants that were meant for extremely dangerous and elusive criminal organizations should never be abused in this manner. “No Knock” warrants are not meant for street level drug dealers or “red flag” gun confiscation. The prosecutor needs to reduce charges or… Read more »


I deal in coffee and tea, and have bags and scales and such. I also own a few firearms. I can imagine those clowns coming in to my place and “deciding” its all contraband.
Beyond time to end this “controlled substances” charade.

NOWHERE does the Constitutioin assign any power to the federal government to exersice any control or regulation over what we DO or DO NOT put into our bodies. So WHY all this stupid stuff contrary to that.

Get Out

Something smells of hog waste here, no drugs were found in a drug raid?

“The search of Fricke’s house revealed some firearms, firearms parts, and a safe with $3,000. No drugs were mentioned. It was claimed that the equipment used in drug sales was found.”


this is nazi gestopo tactics riped out of hitlers play book whats next gas chambers for pot smokers.our goverment is out of control.


Actually even the Nazis knocked on the door before gaining entry. “No-knock” warrants did not exist in Nazi Germany. There was a time when the use of deadly force was seen as a “last resort”, especially when used by “police officers”. If an officer drew his weapon, his superiors would make damn sure that he had a good reason for doing so. Drawing one’s weapon WAS seen as a “last resort”; doing so was seen as a serious “event” and not the minor matter event that it has turned into. The “change” in deadly force policy came with the militarization… Read more »

Christine S

Your comment was interesting before you began the “Israelization” diatribe of totally irrelevant comparisons. We are not facing near daily bus bombings, violent random stabbings of innocent people, suicide bombings of puzza parlors and tourist destinations.

Mark Are

It was not only interesting, it is the TRUTH. If “our” police are being trained to act like they are involved in bus bombings, violent random stabbings of innocent people, suicide bombings of puzza parlors and tourist destinations, by “retired” or active Israeli Mossad or other military assets from Israel, what else would you call it? I know, I know, any time someone says Israel it has to be as our best friend or else they are “anti Semite” Blah blah…

Mr. Vincent

The Drug War is what militarised our police force. The whole world has adopted many tactics from the Israelis from from individual close quarters combat to large scale tactics, not because they are majik but because they work. Our friends in Israel put up with small minded, violent people everyday and they have experience with what works. The fact that sometimes our police misuse some of these tactics has nothing to do with how or where they were developed. Stop being scared of the imaginary bad guys over there and learn to spot the bad guys over here. No matter… Read more »

Crotalus Maxximus

AGREED. I saw the video of Shaver getting murdered. That cop was aching to kill somebody.

Chris Mallory

“Not guilty on all charges.” That is the only way any American patriot would vote.

All warrants should be served by two cops in dress uniforms knocking on the door and waiting for it to be answered. The rights of the citizens are more important than the safety of government employees.

Vincent Brady

Swat teams for $60 in marijuana? A NO KNOCK WARRANT for $60.00? Poor judgement shown by law enforcement for breaking in doors for $60! Law enforcement should’ve just waited and grabbed him outside THEN gone back inside, easy peazy! There is more to this story than we are being told.

Carol B Combs



Shooter made 13 straw purchases in 4-5 months per a CI, and in December police responded to a shots fired call, he was found to have used self-defense, but had ecstasy and marijuana on person. He had recently petitioned to have his registered firearm back.

Pete Farris

Was this really worth a cop’s life?

Jim Wiseman

So, he gets to keep the $3,000 for a lawyer, since it disqualifies his eligibility for a public defender? I doubt it.


Common theme in no-knock raids – either an innocent civilian is killed or a cop is killed. Neither outcome is acceptable. QUIT conducting no-knock raids. There is NO justification for them.


Bad judgement by all participants.
Its past time to rethink no knock warrants and how they are issued. In this case I dont see the urgency to kick in the door.
And a man has the right to be safe and secure in his home unless a sworn statement given by witness of place and things to be searched.

Mark Are

Rights? What are those to our vaunted masters? Check out the Rutherford Institute and watch some of Constitutional Attorney John W Whiteheads videos. Our rights anymore are what “they” say they are. And they trample on them ALL the time.


He made 13 straw purchases in 4-5 months per a CI, and in December police responded to a shots fired call, he was found to have used self-defense, but had excstasy and marijuana on person. He petitioned to have his registered firearm back, in which the court date was this past Monday at 1:30pm…..Looks like they wanted a reason to not give him the registered one back. Crazy….

Pete Farris

How do you know this?


At least per various local news reports… I live a few miles away.

Mark Are

Sounds like a real “criminal” except for one thing..WHO was ever DAMAGED by one of his actions previous to the dead no knock storm trooper. NO VICTIM, NO CRIME. NO CRIME…NOT GUILTY your “honor”. It’s called jury nullification and it’s our last line of defense outside of major bloodshed.

Mark Are

“The no-knock warrant claimed that Fricke had sold marijuana to a confidential informant on February 1. One sale for $20, one for $40.” This is what happens when folks adhere to the most dangerous superstition on BOTH sides of the line. WHO is the AUTHORITY that has the RIGHT to violate the right to sell whatever we want as long as we are not damaging someone? And I don’t know of ANYTHING that you can sell that will damage someone by selling it. Can you? I know, I know so many of you will chirp in with the drug thing.… Read more »

James Russell Bailey

This raid was for publicity stunt, to pad the numbers and make the paperwork make everyone look good!

The cop is dead because of the tactics the police used.

I support police overwhelmingly, but this type of crap is starting to sour me in a big way. The cops are trying to save their asses for getting one of their own killed, because had they done things properly, according the Hoyle is it were, that officer would still be alive.

Like someone else said 60 bucks for a cop’s life, was it really worth it?

Jack Mac

It is commendable that the LEOs did not take the opportunity to carve notches on their guns for bagging a couple more citizens. This time.


Just the beginning Of the west coast anti-gun wave

Mark Are

Last I looked Milwaukee is in Wisconsin which is far from the west or east coast.


Sounds like their trying to gin up the charges to me. Based on what I’ve read in the article, if I sat on the jury I’d find the defendant not guilty of intentional homicide. All this for 2 alleged marijuana sales totaling $60; what a waste.

Mark Are

Having it happen for $10,000 in marijuana sales is a waste. I want to know what ever gave “them” the authority over what we smoke, drink, or eat? I know, it was US by adhering to the most dangerous superstition.


You seem to have a great deal of difficulty staying on topic. Perhaps you should not comment while high.

Mark Are

And your snide statement is “on topic”? Maybe you shouldn’t comment while you are low. You know down their licking their boots.


Beautiful !!!

Chris Mallory

They had to pass a Constitutional Amendment to ban booze. I can’t find the one they use to justify the War on The American People AKA The War on (some) Drugs.

2A Patriot

just a thought. but a couole of weeks ago when those 4 officers were shot during a raid in Houston the very first thing I thought was what if they had been executing a red flag warrant instead of a drug warrant? I’m starting to wonder if maybe some of these raids we are hearing about aren’t really drug warrants at all.

Carol B Combs


Willie Brown

Fewer people everyday care when cops die anymore. Police departments need to rethink their Us vs. Them mentality in regards to the general public, but there still isn’t enough incentive to do so yet. Not enough personal accountability for dirty cops, bad tactics, corrupt judges and the list goes on. Still too much money in the contrived War on Drugs etc. We all know the rule to never talk to cops and never open the door to them, but not much you can do when they storm trooper your house. Done nothing wrong, not even sell a measly 60 dollars… Read more »

Mark Are

Yes, the whole drug war is part of the law enforcement growth industry. After all the list of those that PROFIT from the war goes way beyond the so called dealer. Just think of asset forfeiture which is nothing but legalized theft from the slaves.

Jack Mac

Is anybody’s memory jolted by this police raid? Something is nagging me. Houston is popping up in my mind. Along with 29 machine gun armed FBI in Florida vaguely hovers. Oh well, nothing in the news, guess it is not important.

Mark Are

Yep, the reason for these is to TERRORIZE the population so that when they see these vaunted minions in their neighborhoods they will flee in terror or bow to their wishes.

Mike miller


These no knocks won’t stop until they’re prohibited by law or more cops get shot dead pulling these stupid stunts.


Mark Are

They are prohibited by law, but hey, “they” are above the law. What law are they prohibited by? Why that good ol’ piece of toilet paper (the way they use it) call the US Constitution. The 4th amendment in the bill of rights for one thing.

Jack Mac

More killing of private citizens (civilians to cops) will not likely stop anything.


“It was claimed that the equipment used in drug sales was found. ”

Which means they found a scale the home owner used for reloading. Spoken to multiple people who saw prosecutors pushing that bull when they were doing jury duty.

Pete Farris

My first reaction is “what is not equipment used in drug sales”? I keep lots of plastic bags of different sizes in my home. My wife and I use them for leftovers, recipe ingredients, etc. Maybe the SWAT teams should get their adrenaline rushes somewhere else other than no-knock warrants.


All my spare parts come in little plastic baggies. I have dozens of them in my parts box. If I take out a pin, I put it in a baggy, much easier to keep track of.


Yeah, maybe they should go screw the goat they keep in their garage for such purposes, instead of F’ing us civilians all the time. Maybe they should concentrate on where the unaccounted for $21TRILLION went, and all the other white collar crime, or who stuffed the towers full of nanothermite. Maybe they can find out where all the missing children go missing to every year, if they put their mind to it. I’m just thankful that my local LEO’s haven’t succumbed to this post 911 mindset, with the militarization of the police force and stuffing their parking lot with all… Read more »


They screamed police and search warrant all the way in the first door, on the up the stairs to the second door where the shot took place . His girl friend next to him heard police search warrant and he admiited he heard police but thought it was a rip off. While he has no job he soups up cars and drives a bmw x6. He is a staw buyer and sells guns to neighhood and local felons which besides selling weed funds his lifestyle. Once he shot through the second door to be breached he caught sight of helmeted… Read more »


Sounds like the words “police search warrant” are the only thing that need be uttered in order to legitimize a violent home invasion in the middle of the night.

If a couple of crackheads want to rob you and cut your head off, they only need to claim “Police, search warrant” and everybody has a duty to surrender and just hope for the best!


Raid took place at 9.12 AM. Hardly the ‘middle of the night.’


Don’t the authorities have any common sense? If the cops had all of this information about the shooter selling drugs and violating firearms laws, why not just arrest him when he left his home and execute a search warrant on the premises? Or, just go up to the door and knock, wait for him to answer the door, and then arrest him? You have a bunch of cops suddenly and unexpectedly yelling and break in the door in a place like Milwaukee, the cops have to expect to get shot at. Very poor judgment on behalf of the authorities! I… Read more »


Very well said.

Christine S

That would not be any fun.

Douglas L Self

Remember the Waco standoff over the Branch Davidians in 1993? What’s really amazing is that several times, prior to the initial engagement that resulted in the deaths of one ATF officer and two others wounded on 28 Feb 1993, Koresh had gone BY HIMSELF several times into town, with the facts that led to the disastrous attempted raid already known by the McLennan County Sheriff and the ATF and FBI. Koresh could have easily been arrested out in the open anytime prior to that fateful day! The most famous case, IMO, of clear incompetence by law enforcement and utter disregard… Read more »

G Brack

No knock raids should only ever be used in the event of a life or death situation. Anything else is just flexing on the populace. I have no sympathy for police shot during no knock raids. You aren’t fully awake for around 30 seconds, so even if you hear them yelling “police, search warrant” you might not understand what is going on. I would vote not guilty were I on that jury. They could have boxed him in after he left the house. They could have grabbed him just about anywhere with less risk. Bullshit power tripping is what this… Read more »


a no knock warrant means they kick down your door with out announcing there self’s those cops are full of shit becouse no knock means go in silent the whole police team that was there should be charged you kicked his door in on hear say bad bad bad will never stick and they cant put a murder charge on some one invading your home with out notice weed needs to be ligeal in all 50 or banned in 50 not pick a state thats some racist bull shit them cops should go to prison end of story they new… Read more »

The Green Watch Dog

If this perp was selling marijuana and in possession of any fire arm, even Grand Daddy’s vintage WWII rifle he is in violation of federal law! Low life coward shot and killed a law enforcement officer simply trying to do his job. Yellow belly peed in his paints when they confronted him with door open. If I was one of the arresting police officers, I would have dragged him to the back yard, sight unseen, and accidentally scuffed up his face in dog doo and the sticker patch.


Boot licker.


GRF You sure are talking tough, who are you trying to convince, oh right yourself. From what you have said previously you would have called 911 that you have on speed dial.

Wild Bill

@Tcat, Listen to him. I’d do this. I’d do that. Sounds like a teenager. Well, there are plenty of police department that he could join. Not that I’d want an ignorant thrall like him executing governmental authority, but his chance to prove himself is out there… just waiting for his boasting self.
Knock yourself out young fink. I can hardly wait to read about it.


Wild Bill LOL


How’s that polish taste?


The reason why weed dealers have guns because it is a criminal offence to have marijuana. How would you like it if crooked officers break into your home at midnight and shove their guns into your head?


You need a beat down. You obviously have no concept of an overstepping/tryanical government and no respect of individual liberty. I hereby label you as shit and we all appreciate your making yourself know.

Get Out

GWD’s a blowhard.

a person who blusters and boasts in an unpleasant way.

Mr. Vincent

No illegal substances found. Do you believe that someone is guilty just because an official ofthe government says so? How about due process? After reading some of your other posts, it seems to me that you really have no reason to be here other than to be a nasty little troll. Please mind your manners while you are here visiting with adults and don’t meddle with things that you clearly don’t understand.

Crotalus Maxximus

Officer Rittner was a Marine and served in combat missions during two tours to Iraq. Another casualty of the drug wars.
May he rest in peace and may God watch over his family for him.

Mark Are

He just wasn’t able to leave his military mindset back in Iraq. Such a shame he ever had one in the first place. Just think when they really start enforcing “red flag” laws. I bet more of those guys will end up in a box, due to THEIR CHOICE. Officer Rittner could have rode that one out and maybe stuck to being a PEACE OFFICER instead of a “LAW” enforcement officer.

Pete Farris

A homeowner in MD was already killed under “Red Flag” laws. No knock warrants should be reserved for only the most dangerous criminals. Unfortunately a lot more cops and homeowners and bystanders are likely to die or be permanently incapacitated under this no knock trend.

Mark Are

No knock trends belong in a communist tyrannical country…OH WAIT! Would all 10 planks being in force and effect determine that a country is communist. Well then…maybe we need to look closely at THAT. Especially the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 10th plank.