Kamala Harris Vows to Ban AR-15s and Importing of Certain Firearms

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

NASHUA, N.H.-(Ammoland.com)-As reported on by AmmoLand, Kamala Harris has vowed to use executive action to expand background checks if elected President over Donald Trump, but the candidate went even further promising to use executive action to ban AR-15s and ban the import of certain semi-automatic guns.

At a campaign stop in New Hampshire, Harris said she plans to take executive action if Congress doesn't pass gun control and enact an “assault weapons” ban within her first 100 days in office.

“When we look at the issue of assault weapons, let's be very clear: Assault weapons are designed to kill a lot of people in a very short period time,” Harris told the crowd. “We cannot any longer afford to allow people to make this a partisan issue. Those guns, those assault weapons, do not discriminate and determine, OK, is the person pointing it at a Democrat or a Republican. This can no longer be a partisan issue.”

Erich Pratt, Executive Director for Gun Owners of America, pointed out to AmmoLand that Harris ignores all the defensive uses of AR-15 and AK-47 across the country. He and others view these rifles as a tool that help even the odds against criminal attackers.

“Senator Kamala Harris is not fit to be president if she thinks it’s okay to shred an important pillar in our Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment states that the right to keep and bear arms ‘shall not be infringed.' But Harris ignores the very clear wording of our Constitution,” Pratt said. “Moreover, the very AR-15 style firearms that she wants to ban have been extremely useful when used by Americans facing multiple attackers. Just last month, a Houston man used his AK-47 to protect his home and his life against five home invaders. If Harris were to get her way, that law-abiding gun owner would have been severely handicapped in his ability to defend himself.”

Harris would also use executive action to stop the import of rifles such as AK and AR variants. The prohibition on importing the guns would continue until the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives can determine if the ban should be made permanent.

Harris highlighted that the terrorist that attacked party goers at the Pulse night club in Florida used a gun manufactured by Sig Sauer. She also said the Las Vegas attacker used foreign-made rifles. Harris thinks these attacks justify putting multiple companies that import these rifles out of business.

The California Democrat blamed mass shooting on the 20 million semi-automatic rifles in circulation. She supported Sen. Dianne Feinstein's bill that would make it illegal to import, sell, or transfer most semi-automatic rifles. Feinstein introduced her “assault weapons” ban in January. The bill has stalled in committee.

Senate Democrats Unveil the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019
Senate Democrats Unveil the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019

The Firearm Industry Trade Association points out the fact that “AR-15-style rifles can look like military rifles, such as the M-16, but by law, they function like other semi-automatic civilian sporting firearms, as they fire only one round with each pull of the trigger.”

The NRA has accused Harris of running on failed policies. Harris, who claims to be a gun owner, has vowed to take on the NRA. Harris, like many other Democrats, has used the NRA as a target of their rage and to stir up their base.

Harris calls for gun control seems to be in response to Cory Booker's calls for a mandated federal firearms license for anyone who owns a gun. Booker’s plan has drawn criticism from across the political spectrum including from fellow Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke.

Willes K. Lee, President of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA), thinks the crowded field of 22 Democrats appears to be on a race to see who can pledge to pass the most repressive gun laws possible.

“The most fun this summer will be watching the laggers, in the socialist race for their nomination, trying to out-antigun their also-lagging peers to get on stage for the Dem debates,” Lee said. “This is ridiculous, unconstitutional, and dangerous proposal to spout from her mouth.”

Harris has stated these proposals are just the tip of the iceberg for her gun control platform. In the coming weeks, she will release more information about her plans on Firearms.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnews. John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%'ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at www.crumpy.com.

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    1. Hopefully a close advisor or someone will remind her what will happen should she become POTUS and continue to spew the words ban this gun and ban that gun? She’ll be known the world over as a best gun saleswoman within those first 100 days as POTUS. She’ll start another epic run on any and all types of guns, ammo and gun related components.
      IMOA these numbers are probably higher (550 – 600 million guns) than they think and it’s estimated there were 357 million firearms in the U.S. as of 2013. Obama helped drive up those numbers too. Harris could run those numbers up to over a billon guns in the hands of civilians.

    2. Did someone mention a hairy camel’s ass? I believe there’s one that use to do ‘the nasty’ wih SodomFriksko mayir Willie Brown back in the day.. Maybe someone’s got one of those ‘private’moments’ videos they’d be willing to share. Wasn’t Willie Brown married at the time? Seems like the camel’s ass was also married while she indulged in that specific sordid affair. . Hmmm. Bet there’s others as well.. We really do want to know our candidates, don’t we? Guvnir of the st of fornication Gabit Newscum was at least doing his ‘best friend’s’ ‘wife’ while he was the whore of a mayir of Soddy Ol’ Friksco. One could wonder why some folk link guvnir Newscum with the sexual transformation of the San Francisco National Guard Armory into something like, uhhh, howz about let’s call it ‘The Eastern Pacific Rimming Emporium of Low Values and Pornography, aka kink.com. Crazy business! Ah-h It’s a crazy business! Somewhat weirder than ‘The Legend of Buster Scruggs’.
      One thing’s for certain; there is a rich field of absolute Dirt to plow. Can’t say if whatever sprung up out of it would be at all wholesome

    3. I know the first and 2nd amendment well.why we have it too.
      But if we let this whore in we are screwed as all the rest of the liberal wannabe’s

    4. In all the comments posted here, not one person touched on the law as the Framers saw it as “necessary to the security of a free State…” If you removed the 2nd amendment, it would have no effect on the rule of law, but it looks like 99% of the so-called pro-gun community know little to nothing about the law.
      The intent of the 2nd amendment was to protect the People’s branch of government that the Founders recognized as our ultimate authority “to execute the Laws of the Union…” The Duty of the States to maintain “A well regulated Militia” is the nexus between having a Right, and enforcing the Right.
      Granted, almost no one, including so-called historians, know or comprehend the dynamic of Militia. It is out there for everyone to study, but there are only a very few of us who’ve devoted time to learning and understanding why Militia is vital to restore the Republic. As many times as I’ve explained this to pretend supporters of the 2nd, it goes in one ear and out the other. No one wants to perform a duty when they can sit back and watch a ball game, or complain about something.
      You won’t take the time to learn the truth of the Constitutional Militia, and why we actually have a 2nd amendment, what makes any of you think that you’re going to become a trained unit with the ability to fight off gun confiscation, or some other emergency if you refuse to do the simple task of performing your Duty now?

            1. Obfuscatious is not a derivation of obfuscation.
              If you meant that I obfuscated something, please let me know what that is.
              If there is something that you did not understand may I suggest these books on the subject;
              Thirteen Words
              Three Rights
              Constitutional Homeland Security
              The Sword and Sovereignty

            2. Nick, It can be because English is a malleable language. Based upon your one sentence paragraphs; abysmal punctuation; and decibel level of the laughter that you generate, you are no master of the written word.
              For your pedagogic benefit, I suggest the following three books:
              1. Practical English Handbook;
              2. The Goof-Proofer; and finally,
              3. How to Write a Damn Good Novel.

              To everyone else, please accept my apologies.

      1. Nick with all do respect, I think we all know about the roll and importance of the militia.

        In my opinion the reason the comments do not reflect the law is because we are all tired of some clown trying to take our guns away. The left ignores the law by the way.

        This is militia radio
        http://www.libertytreeradio.4mg.com mon-fri 4-6 pm cst

        1. There is no constitutional militia. Just a bunch of guys who know nothing about the subject causing problems.
          So your point is because we’re generally tired of a segment of the population ignoring the law, we should not have a discussion on how the law provides a solution, and how we should apply the law?

      2. Nick, you are a dolt and what WB said, you are an obfuscatory writer. You are so “wise” that you couldn’t comprehend what he was writing? You are so well-written and intelligent that your post is all an ad hominem attack on pro-rights people, of which you create idiotic stereo-types and straw men.

        You need everything in perfect prose? You might want to re-read your post, then. Your comment to WB can be said equally or more so about your writing (issues with grammar, including paragraphs, syntax, logic, reasoning, false stereo-types, putting words together in an attempt to make a sentence and show off your limited vocabulary and lack of knowledge and understanding of the subject matter on which you write, etc.).

        Based on your bs, you are probably an anti-rights moron posting bs trying to scold/shame those that believe in our inalienable rights on the basis that politicians have slowly infringed on our rights over the course of the history of our nation. You fail based on what you erroneously wrote about us. I don’t watch TV, nor “ball games”, nor sit back and “complain about something”, neither do those that post here. Most of us are active in at least one or more rights groups, contact our representatives regularly, attend meetings, educate those around us about our rights, teach others firearm safety and how to shoot, etc., and vote. Other than post bs, what have you done?

        1. Heed the call up, So is the English language as malleable as the Constitution?
          You attacked my writing, and my attack on the 2nd amendment community rather than what is historically and lawfully correct. How about commenting on the point that The Duty of the States to maintain “A well regulated Militia” is the nexus between having a Right, and enforcing the Right.
          The problem that I’ve found, and I’ve confirmed this with a couple of constitutional scholars is that once the Duty involved is stated the attacks begin. I must be wrong because I’m pointing out that you have a constitutional Duty to Keep and Bear Arms, and when I do so it contradicts the deliberately misleading “individual rights” theory. An issue Justice Scalia had to contend with in order to protect the case.
          “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.” – Carl Sagan

          1. @Nick T, Whatever would make you think that the U.S. Constitution is as ductile as the entire English language?
            Heed did not attack the Second Amendment community, … just you, then I joined in! And if you keep making these “internet education” statements, in nebulous terms about the Constitution, then you are inviting attack. It would be rude, not to accept.
            Por ejemplo: You write, “The intent of the 2nd amendment was to protect the People’s branch of government that the Founders recognized as our ultimate authority “to execute the Laws of the Union…” What do you consider the Peoples Branch of Government? To whom do the other branches of government belong? Do you see how analyzing the Constitution in ownership terms is unhelpful.
            Here is another, ” The Duty of the States to maintain “A well regulated Militia” is the nexus between having a Right, and enforcing the Right.” Really? Can’t we use the courts to enforce our Rights anymore? That is where we usually enforce our Constitutional Rights, since that important case in 1804, anyway.
            Nick, you don’t use the language or ideas of US Constitutional scholarship, and that makes me suspicious. By the way, who are the Constitutional scholars that you fail to name?

            1. Have you read any of the decisions that have come down from the 3rd and 9th circuits on issues such as “assault weapons”, and magazine capacity? In what court would you go to reconcile that the Right of the People to not only Keep, but also bear “assault weapons” is a constitutional mandate? The 2nd amendment community continually argues that the 2nd protects an “individual right” rather than for the purpose of protecting and enforcing the Duty, and therefore all Rights.
              What constitutional scholarship pretends to be so when they dismiss the fact that the People have the authority “to execute the Laws of the Union” as written in the Constitution and the Militia Act of 1792?
              I asked a question on the English language and the Constitution. How did you conclude that I was saying that the Constitution is “ductile”? Either the Constitution means exactly what it says, or it means nothing at all, and it states clearly that the Duty rests firmly in the hands of the People when they act as Militia.
              I recommended 4 books written by the same man who wrote the following articles. Perhaps you can read them and comment on why you think that the law is not what it specifically states.



            2. @Nick T, You throw down a bunch of illiterate crap, and when asked for a clearer statement, you make not one answer. All you did was assign work to me.
              Here goes: 1. Yes. 2.The S. CT. 3. Your next is a statement requiring no answer. 4. You write, ” What constitutional scholarship pretends to be so when they dismiss the fact … ” I do not know what you are asking. 5. I did not conclude, I was asking, and clearly ended with a question mark. Finally, You mention ” … a couple of constitutional scholars…” but offer us only the works of one. What is up with that?
              A good foundational work on Constitutional analysis is ” The process of Constitutional Decision Making” by Sanford Levenson (one of my favorites because I know him.) “Another is Constitutional Interpretation” By Craig Ducat and Harold Chase. Also “The Evolving Constitution” by J. K. Lieberman

            3. WildBill, I suggest that you re-read the books you suggested. Along with that understand that the Constitution starts “We the People”.
              We are the ultimate arbiters of the law, and so the Framers recognized and institutionalized the Grand Jury, the Petit Jury, and the Militia as the People’s authority.
              One more thing, Article IV, Section 4 has never been amended. You would think that so-called scholars would recognize this and stop using the term democracy.
              As we lose our rights, you will still be telling everyone you know what you’re talking about.

            4. Nick, you accuse WB of using the term Democracy, which he did not. Also, we live in a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy. Thirdly, you continue to poorly disguise your ignorance in flamboyant, meaningless statements, wherein you contradict yourself, apparently without realizing and clearly assume you are intelligent and that your mental acuity is superior to ours. Sadly, you post gibberish and haven’t a clue, i.e., “[t]he 2nd amendment community continually argues that the 2nd protects an ‘individual right’ rather than for the purpose of protecting and enforcing the Duty, and therefore all Rights.”

              “So is the English language as malleable as the Constitution?” Where did I state the Constitution is malleable? You are making that argument with your posts. Again you post falsehoods and straw men, stating I stated something that I clearly did not – evident by my post.

              Only part of my rebuttal to your post attacked your poor grammar, logic and reasoning, since that was your only rebuttal to WB, except for your ad hominem attacks. The rest of my post rebutted your straw men, falsehoods and stupidity, which you just ignored – with good reason, you are not capable of posting a rational rebuttal.

      3. @Nick…You do have a point, if I understand what you are saying correctly. I cannot comprehend why Trump has not already called out the Militia, as provided for in the Constitution, to REPEL INVASIONS. There are only a few militia members down at the border now, being the eyes and ears for the Border Patrol. There should be thousands from the border area already on the job, and thousands more on call from the further states. If Trump would activate them, they could be called in on a rotating basis, with job security, and paychecks from the US government. This would greatly help the BP, which is overwhelmed and stretched very thin at the moment, while illegals flood in at various border crossings, sometimes hundreds at a time. SunLand, New Mexico is one hot spot recently. Video was on the net a few weeks ago where a few militia notified BP, and several hundred, all at once, were apprehended as they tried to sneak in at night. They said that thousands had been stopped at that ONE PLACE during the past few months. While everyone’s attention is focused on the Caravan news, thousands upon thousands are sneaking in all along the 2200 mile border. You are right, Nick, too many Americans do not take their Militua Duty very seriously. And what ticks me off, is that those who do are RIDICULED by the lazy good for nothings you speak of. Right now, we are being over run. When the world sees how easy it is to crash Uncle Saps border, millions will follow. Then hundreds of millions. Then a BILLION ! Then, it will be way too late, as they have already drained our resources dry, and turned us into another turd world country. And then they will turn their attention to the gated communities, looking for that last can of beans.

        1. TheHolyCow, I know for a fact that there are a few who’ve tried to reach the president on the Militia issue. I’ve written to him, and to every board member of the NRA to bring this forward. I know that other’s have done the same, including the founder of a well known group.
          There is a lot of animosity towards those of us who understand that there must be a Duty in order to enforce the law. I had a very long discussion with an attorney and constitutional scholar who has written more on the subject than Selective Service. He found, as I have, that once you come to the Duty aspect, the excuses and the ridicule come out.
          Since I am a veteran, I’ve also contacted my governor and asked for a position in the militia as our State statutes require. I’ve also contacted every State representative and challenged them to an open debate on the topic.

    5. Why would anyone listen to that old hen from Kailfornication about ANYTHING to do with firearms? She obviously knows NOTHING about them, since she has no idea about gun safety basics. She can’t seem to keep her booger hook off the bang switch, especially on an AK variant with a magazine attached and the bolt closed.
      I wouldn’t want to be within 2000 meters of that idiot.

    6. Clamidia Harris is obviously been smoking to much dope. When she opens her big mouth I can only wonder if she’s going to smoke a blunt with her hoodlum friends, sick a dick, or spew more of her unintelligible verbiage she’s so used too saying. This woman has made it to the positions she’s in by lying on her back or on her knees. She’s a hypocrite and liar. She was supposed to be a person of laws as a prosecutor, CA attorney general, and now a senator. Her agenda is to destroy our country like all liberals. Liberals want their way and if the tink they will kill our constitution ….bad news they will loose….send Clamidia Harris back to her roots …. Jamaica.

    7. The sad thing that she, and even many NRA members don’t understand is that these sorts of ‘arms’ are precisely what the 2nd Amendment protects! It has nothing to do with sporting equipment except in as much as they may also be used as weapons. You may recall that the people who wrote the Bill of Rights had a spot of bother with out-of-control government and they were intelligent enough to realize that it could happen again, especially if we got lazy and complacent and ignorant. The 2nd Amendment isn’t just recognition of our right to be armed but also of our DUTY to be. If you enjoy the benefits of living in a free society how do you figure you have no responsibility to do whatever is necessary to protect them?

      1. R L, you couldn’t be more wrong. Most NRA members and others that believe in our inalienable rights do understand, that is why we are fighting against these things. If we weren’t “winning”, we would not have Constitutional Carry in over 16 states now, and “Shall Issue” in half the 50 states. There are only 8 states remaining that are anti-rights and Harris’ state is one of them. Each year our rights are becoming more liberal, we are getting our rights back, but it is a constant fight, and sometimes there are set-backs. We shall prevail or the nation will fall. I believe there are too many that believe in our rights for that to happen.

    8. The most glaring reasons she doesn’t have what is needed to be president is: experience, knowledge and patriotism. besides being a foreigner and just a plain stupid moron that has slept her way to where she is today. On top of that she wants to legalize prostitution and drugs, of course just to ease the pain of taking all our guns. She needs to stay heals up and go about her trip but leave us alone.

    9. “Harris highlighted that the terrorist that attacked party goers are the Pulse night club in Florida used a gun manufactured by Sig Sauer. She also said the Las Vegas attacker used foreign-made rifles.“

      She wants to ban imports? SIG MCXs and FNH AR style rifles are made in the US. ‘Heels up Harris’ is lying…..again.

    10. Kamala harris is a mentally unstable, psychotic, crazy ass bitch with pms who uses meth and masterbates too much! Who in the hell would ever vote for her is beyond me. Man, these democrats are going nuts over promoting the most bizarre and outlandish gun banning plans. They should all move to North Korea and feel right at home!! Hitler and Stalin would love kamala harris! And why do these politicians say that the AR-15 is just made for shooting a lot of people? Where did they come up with that idea? And if that were the case, why do the police have them? Are they going to shoot a lot of people? The gun banning cults and hunting banning cults are being funded by Bloomberg, Soros, the evil U.N., and America hating foreign governments! The the politicians try to compare America to England. In England, one is a subject (slave) to the crown and not a free citizen! Looking back to the 1880’s, if someone stole a horse, rustled cattle or robbed a train, once they were caught, they would be hanged! That still didn’t stop outlaws, they went out and did it anyways. But these type of politicians are just in it for the power and money and want to enslave all Americans!

      1. Who would vote for her? Remember, HIllary got votes…Obama too. I just hope enough of us see the total lunacy of voting for any of these people on the left.

        1. @Gentlemen. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t Kamala translate as “a bad ka”? Like guatemala ” a bad guate”. I’m not sure, but it seems to fit, whatever a ka might be. It is still ok to make jokes about politicians, right?

            1. @No Filter, I think that she has a date with Creepy Joe and his casting couch to get the VP position. It will bring new meaning to the phrase “Running Mate”!

          1. Hah! Wild Bill;
            I believe you’re on to something, but I think ‘ka’ may refer to one of those unstated grammatical contraction for ‘kaka’ (i.e., ‘caca’). Whadaya think? kakamala; the feminine form for ‘bad turd’?
            Sounds ‘right’ to me.

        2. It has to be that special brand of Kool Aid all Liberal, Communist, Democrats drink ! They all can’t be born that Dumb ! It does give one a new thought on abortion !!

          1. These stupid communist bitches and bastards spew their crap about gun control being for the purpose of making us safer… BULL-SHIT. Millions will die when the commie/Nazis try to take our guns and we fight back. Then, if the commie/Nazis do get the upper hand and strip us of our Constitutional rights, millions more will die under a repressive communist regime. Disease, starvation, poor living conditions and outright murder by these commie/Nazis will be rampant. These power mad, morally vacant morons will destroy America and her people. We must fight, with everything we have.

    11. Laws are nothing more than the opinion of a politician backed by the force of arms.

      Laws like the 1968 GCA and the Illinois FOID card law are examples of such law. We were fine before those laws and we will be fine after those laws are gone. We could have a positive effect on crime if we controlled our borders.

      This woman has gotten to were she is today by spreading her legs for anyone able to advance her career.

    12. Best picture ever of an anti-gunners unsafe weapons handling. Feinstein’s finger on trigger, drum mag intact, bolt closed and muzzle point at what?

      1. In Swinestein’s st., her even handling one of those ‘AW’s without it being registered to her, would be a 10 year FELONY !. Of course, her being an elitist pro-leftist, she would be EXEMPT from any such penalties.
        A few years ago, a pro commie chinese fornikatin’ st. politicRAT by name of Leland Yee was busted for bringing in (I believe it was SHIPPING CONTAINERS loaded with THOUSANDS of) FULL AUTO weapons from commie red China destined for CRIMINAL gangs in North America. Accurate info was/is difficult to come by. ‘Our’ politically connected, pro commie and NOTORIOUSLY ANTI-gun ‘LeeYee’ got a year or so in a ‘COUNTRY CLUB’
        detainment facility and THE WHOLE THING was ‘over with’ in short order. “Move it along, folks. Nothing to see here.” Every single one of ‘LeeYee’s’ ‘violations was a minimum TEN YEAR penalty and LeeYee got his butt caressed. One o’Swinestein’s ilk. EXEMPT ! Check it out. Maybe something to do with the obamnasty and erik holder working for the addled goobner jerrybrown? Naaah.

    13. The Korean community in Los Angeles was not burned or looted during the Rodney King riots They fought off looters with these firearms, Gun Owners of America has the full story on their website, I encourage everyone to join them, The NRA has been taken over by Hollywood and compromisers, GOA is the no comprise organization!.

    14. “Liberalism can be instituted with a vote ; it can only be eliminated with blood “
      I cannot remember who the author of that quote was, but that’s why the Left wants your guns.

    15. They can ban guns all they want but we live in an age of 3D printing, home machine shops, and a thriving black market.
      We will never be without guns. Arguing about the 2nd Amendment is a lead-up to what we really should be arguing about: How much more lawlessness are we going to tolerate?

    16. Folks, this is only the tip of the iceberg. These lib-tards want total domination. It’s necessary for them to target the 2nd Amendment because they’re going after the 1st Amendment, the electoral college, term limits and anything else that stands in their way. In the meantime, they’ll give any hedonistic perks to those that blindly follow their drivel.
      My dismay comes from the cowardly so-called conservatives that end up supporting this crap in bi-partisan initiatives. They are the real enemy because they are inside our wire.

      1. @Spurs, Just let the far left keep screaming their vulgar verbiage, and engaging in frenzied behavior. As for us, let us find and support the “not corrupted yet” candidate. It will take some quiet coordination, and effort, but I am confident that we can drain the legislative swamp.

    17. Kamala Harris is not going to do anything but run her damn mouth, like Cory Booker and all the rest. She has no chance of becoming president and never will!

      1. @American, The left has twenty-three in the race. Most know that they have no chance of winning. They can not, however, milk their supporters for campaign contributors for donations if they are not in a political contest.

    18. Like Spartacus and Pocahontas, Harris will say anything to get attention and Ammoland provides the forum.

      Harris on her feet will fail, just like she did on her back, after Willie Brown dumped her.

    19. In the face of such outrageous falsehoods and lies, we need to fight back with a campaign of facts, statistics, and graphic, cold truth. We need to discredit these propagandists, make them look like the wild-eyed zealots and fools they really are. Take the gloves off, because this is going to be a street fight. Some of you know what I mean. They’re the side that brings those tactics, so it’s about our self-defense and preservation, to me. That is key.

      1. My comment is awaiting review, again. Sure seems like a problem with First Amendment rights, and right here. I have never posted anything obscene, inflammatory, or non-factual, so it’s very strange, being censored. Anyone else?

        1. Many times I get the message that my comment will be posted after it is reviewed. Sometimes it does get posted, other times it disappears. Nothing is perfect. Quite often I get the impression that I get shadow banned, where only I get to see it. Who knows ?

    20. Here is the most fundamental question on the issue: do you trust a government that does not trust you? Those who advocate for outright bans on material objects have a nefarious intent. They are trying to take power from you. In America, the ultimate power rests in the People. Socialists, communists, progressives and yes, Virginia, National Socialists all understand this. They know they must disarm a free people in order to make them a subject people. Kamala has been willing to sell her soul and her body (to Willie Brown, among others) in order to advance her quest to destroy liberty. There really are communists in our country and in our government. They intend to fundamentally transform America. Some, like Obama were simply coffee house bolsheviks. All talk, no action. But some, like Komrade Kamala are a clear and present danger. Just look at the damage she did to gun owners in Kalifornia. If you don’t care now you shall be made to care.

    21. Folks this complete garbage will just never stop with the sad and pathetic, immoral and vile clowns on the left, the socialists, the marxists. They will just not stop with all of this – they want to seize our firearms so they can literally attempt to butcher our asses, no thanks, I for one will pass, no go, no $200.

    22. Ultimately, the Second Amendment is all about getting rid of shithead tyrants like Chlamydia Harris. The People have more weapons than her side does – so do the math you nasty mulatto slut and see how your proposed ‘ban’ will turn out.

    23. “The Firearm Industry Trade Association points out the fact that “AR-15-style rifles can look like military rifles, such as the M-16, but by law, they function like other semi-automatic civilian sporting firearms, as they fire only one round with each pull of the trigger.”
      Of course, so does a bump stock equipped rifle but that didn’t stop the President now did it?

        1. Hitlary was a known enemy of our rights. It was something of a surprise when it came from someone we thought was on the right side. So recognizing Trumps mistake, stab in our back, being dupped, whatever you want to call it, does not mean anyone here thinks Hitlary would have made a better president.

    24. Do these crazy women really believe that 20 million Americans will turn in their ARs and AKs? There will be a shooting revolution before patriotic Americans turn in their guns to the socialist degenerates. It appears that my wife has been correct all these years. liberalism is a mental illness that cannot be treated or cured. Now, more than ever, it is not a question of IF, but WHEN loyal/patriotic Americans take back the reins of government from the liberal trash.

      1. Wow she wants to start civil war number 2 in her first 100 days if elected. Another good reson to not even let her anywhere nesr the office of the presidency.

      2. More accurately, liberalism is a disease of the intellect, an intellectual disorder making rational thought difficult, rare or impossible.
        A common theme here seems to be a willingness to break out into a shooting war to restore our trampled rights. That is admirable, should it really come to that. But don’t vacate the battle field of the soft war, culture war being waged right now under our very noses. That is the first means the founding fathers gave us to ensure our rights don’t degrade. The 2nd Amendment was always meant to be the ultimate (i.e. last resort) freedom guarantee as a sort of anti-tyranny insurance. Not fighting this soft war through vigilance, engaging in the political process, informing yourself and those around you, activism, and at the very minimum, voting, is giving ground to the enemy.

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