Red Flag Attacks, Obfuscation & Avoidance Techniques


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Red Flag Attacks, Obfuscation & Avoidance Techniques

Ft Collins, CO –-( Deadly “Red-Flag” laws, yes gun owners have already been killed by them:

As we all know, Democrats are working tirelessly to get “red-flag” laws passed at state and local levels, and they’ve been successful in states where voters have been foolish enough to elect them.

More are likely on the way.

As I’ve editorialized previously, with these laws, Democrats are converting American gun-owners into “second-class citizens,” who do not enjoy liberties and rights afforded other citizens.

Where these laws are passed, the Constitutional tenant of “due process,” the sacred right of every citizen, is suddenly withheld from citizens who choose to own guns.

Where red-flag laws are in force, an innocent American citizen can be severely punished, based on an arbitrary, unsubstantiated, anonymous whim, absent investigation, absent arrest, absent criminal accusation, absent conviction. Absent any opportunity to state his case, nor refute testimony against him, absent any professional mental-health evaluation, absent any species of “due process,” without any knowledge nor warning that his legally-owned guns are about to be forcibly confiscated, probably forever!

When uncorroborated accusations against you prove baseless and wrong, even deliberately dishonest, under red-flag laws your false accuser suffers no penalty.

Using the same phony rational, I wonder how long it will be before Democrat politicians, in like manner, demand the power to arbitrarily confiscate your car, dog, golf clubs, knives, computer, and anything else you legally own that could use as a weapon.

Opportunities for abuse of red-flag laws are painfully obvious, and a competent and righteous Supreme Court will soon declare them all unconstitutional, with any luck.

But, that may take years, and for one, I have no interest in being “the test case.”

Between then and now, some advice:

  • 1) Your status as a gun-owner/concealed-carrier needs to be a secret. Most relatives, co-workers, neighbors, even friends don’t need to know. Don’t talk about specific guns you may own, particularly military rifles. Maintain a low profile. Find other things to talk about.
  • 2) Guns you own need to be adequately secured, and always out of sight. Ammunition boxes, loose rounds of ammunition, gun magazines, and other literature, holsters, rifle magazines, accessories, etc. also need to be kept continuously out of sight. Casual visitors to your home, office or car should never see any of that.
  • 3) Get rid of gun-company/ammunition-company/pro-gun organization decals, patches, logo clothing, hats, bumper-stickers.
  • 4) Watch your language and general demeanor, in public and in private! Don’t do, nor say, things that are likely to be interpreted as threats. Don’t make threatening comments, even when directed at a third party who is not present.
  • 5) Don’t become involved in family, nor neighborhood, spats, particularly those involving marriage issues, child custody, etc. Be very good at minding your own business.
  • 6) Don’t invite people you don’t know into your home, including police officers (unless they have a warrant). With your door remaining closed and locked, you can talk with unknown/uninvited visitors through a microphone.
  • 7) Keep the subject of guns and gun issues out of the casual conversation. Talk about guns only with people you know well.
  • 8) Gun-organization literature, flyers, etc. need to be shredded, immediately after you finish reading them. Tear off address-labels on gun magazines and shred them too. You don’t want your residence address associated/connected with guns, nor gun-organizations.
  • 9) When carrying concealed, assure guns, magazine-carriers, etc. remain discretely out of sight. Open-carry, even where technically “legal,” is a really bad idea (except perhaps in extremely remote places).
  • 10) Don't make enemies. Be a polite, civil, pleasant, courteous person. Don't inject yourself into other people's business

American gun-owners have no friends among Democrat politicians, particularly those currently aspiring to be president, and they would all like nothing better than to make “examples” of some of us, wielding the illegitimate power of their new “red-flag” laws.

The sinister “knock-on-the-door-at-midnight” is coming for some.

Don’t be “that guy!”


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  • 45 thoughts on “Red Flag Attacks, Obfuscation & Avoidance Techniques

    1. Family & friends belittled me when I stood up for kids with HIV/AIDS going to public schools (there had to be common-sense restrictions on recess, but my kids weren’t having sex or sharing needles with them!), they have nearly annihilated me for often siding with police when suspects they’re trying to take into custody do not comply, when I thought it was OK for Disney Teen Idols to turn into Sex-Pot/ Almost-Porn-Star-Video-Queens FOUR moms STOPPED TALKING to ME, their HEADS exploded when I defended Alex Jones’ right to say whatever he wanted to on Social Media, and I won’t EVEN get started on how I feel about Alan Dershorwitz/ the RIGHTS of Parents to DECIDE WHAT DRUGS to PUT INTO THEIR KIDS/ WHAT SEX THEY SHOULD LEARN & WHEN/ & WHAT RELIGION THEY SHOULD BELIEVE… But THIS is OUR SECOND AMENDMENT! Endowed to US by OUR CREATOR. My question is THIS: Where are ALL OUR RELIGIOUS LEADERS? This is such a FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT~ It SECURES & ENSHRINES that WE ARE PERMITTED THE FREEDOM of RELIGION… And THEY KNOW THIS! This TERRIFIES ME. Why are they backing off of this? Thank~You!

    2. Fuck THIS. I’m not going to live like a hermit or a slave. Loud & proud gun owner and freedom-loving American here! Let THEM be on the fucking defensive, for chrissakes. This isn’t North Korea.

    3. MANY good points in the comments here!

      The process of draining the swamp at the ballot box is the ultimate answer to these problematic, unjust and unconstitutional “laws” but………………realize that in November it is NOT the time to set this solution in motion but rather in May or June or whatever month YOUR state holds the PRIMARY elections. This is when you choose the candidates that will appear on the November general ballot. Too often I hear statements like “None of these candidates are worth voting for.” But voter turnout at the primaries is generally dismal at best.

      Want to “drain the swamp”? Make your voice heard in the choice of candidates who will be in the general election!

      1. @RE, I agree. Pick an “not corrupted yet” primary election candidate, and throw a barbecue or street party to support them and raise money. If the “not corrupted yet” candidate wins the primary election over the party hack, then the party is stuck.
        Then you have to watch your guy to make sure that when he gets corrupted, you can pick a different “not corrupted yet” candidate. Our most powerful weapon in all of this is … FUN!

    4. I can see validity in both sides of the argument over whether to conceal your gun ownership or to serve as an example of responsible gun ownership. But I’ve always pretty much adhered to all the bullet points in the article purely as a matter of protection against theft. Any outside party who catches a glimpse of any clue whatsoever of your gun ownership can, whether inadvertently or deliberately, cause you to fail victim to burglary or, even worse, a direct confrontation in a home invasion. The whole thing amounts to one of my “Rules to Live By” and you’d probably do well to consider the same.

    5. So we should all go into the closet?

      Maybe if we made more noise, like the LGBTQLMNOP community has when they came out of the closet, we’d get what we want. There’s a much larger percentage of the population that is gun owning than is gender-confused.

      1. @JD, We should make more noise like the LBGQWXYZ community. We should do that as a group, and seek political power. As an individual, we should practice Opsec. But to be clear, I’m not telling you what to do. You go ahead and do what you you think is best.

    6. Our lawmakers support of red flag laws demonstrates their contempt of all American people. American people who support such laws demonstrates their disregard of rights. There is no reason to hide supporting our rights to arms. The enforcers of these laws consider everybody as armed and dangerous. They will act in accordance.

      As far as picking out individuals and families most likely to possess firearms, there are many sources. Examples will include carry permits (applications), hunting licenses, private security licenses, credit cards, medical records, rental applications, just naming a few. Remember all those FFL records durned in when business closes waiting computer scan. I doubt that NCIC is destroying firearm purchase information as it is suppose to.
      Mr. Farman’s suggestions can be applied to any subject to avoid confrontation and unwelcomed attention. I do not even have a military base pass sticker on my car. I will not avoid being known that I stand for my rights. I do not advertise that I will defend them, wanting to keep that a surprise. The same for any conceal weapon that I may have.

      Those of you who will stand by your rights, when your rights are violated then you will need defend or not. People not wanting to stand for rights are not our friends and should not be wanted as countrymen. They are their own enemy as well as ours.

    7. you should get your facts straight before you write something,here in PA. it wasn’t the communist who pushed red flag laws,it was our wonderful republican oarty who did it! the sneaked it thru very quietly,most people didn’t even know about it.these pricks are just as bad as the commies!

    8. Here’s a thought, does anyone remember Randy. Weaver and David Koresh? And how the government made up lies and false reports to go after them.

    9. This is very bad advice in general. I do not do anything that would encourage breaking into my car or home. I publicly support the US Constitution every chance I get. I challenge anti gunners about their plan to protect their families. Just called my (Ohio) state senator and representative about red flag laws. That is the way to prevent this situation.

      1. Brian, you need to appear at the state capitol when hearings are scheduled for this topic, and testify against the “Red Flag” proposal(s) being put forth by Lil’ Mikey DeWine. I told everyone I could NOT TO VOTE FOR HIM IN THE PRIMARY, but not many listened. We can defeat this dastardly grab at our Rights, but we must act with resolve and haste. We should be burning the phone lines out at the capitol.

        Bruce Beatty
        (I’m the guy that traveled the state, challenging illegal restrictions on CCW back in 2004-2005)

    10. Several friends and i were talking and wondering if this also covers archery equipment and crossbows. Any thoughts on this? Also, have any cities or states put restrictions on crossbows or archery equipment?

    11. Hiding and not talking is giving the antis exactly what the want. They want us ostracized, and thought of as subhuman, weak and submissive. No, I discuss our rights when the opportunity arises, and I do state I am a firearm owner. We need to “normalize” firearm ownership.

      When people do not understand and exercise their rights, those rights are as good as not having them. Again, exactly want the antis want. When we discuss our rights and show others that “normal” people do own and use firearms, they begin to understand. When I discuss firearm laws and explain the reality of those laws, they see the stupidity and ridiculousness of those laws without me even stating that they are that stupid and ridiculous.

      One other point, get them to the range. Everyone I have taught has always had fun learning to shoot. And currently this is the annual NRA take a new shooter to the range month. Let’s spread knowledge, fun, and firearm safety to the free world. Let’s make this a better nation.

      1. @Heed, True, but to remain effective when the appropriate moment comes, we need to mind our opsec, now. Bureaucrats are not the only ones desirous of our firearms.
        Oh, and nonreligious persons can and do commit sin, but to keep them happy, we call them malum en se.

        1. I strongly disagree, Bill. Maybe it’s my 2 decades of military service, but it is my belief that a STRONG OFFENSE IS THE BEST DEFENSE. We need to take the battle to those proposing such “laws”, not wait and be reactive. That is a certain recipe for defeat.

          Additionally, for we who have been in the trenches for years, what are we supposed to do? Come out in support of the “Moms’ Not Getting Any Action” groups?

          We are AMERICANS. We DO NOT run from a fight; we wade into the enemy and prevail!

        2. WB, one can only “sin”, if one believes it to be such. “Sinning” is a religious concept. However, even as one that does not believe in God and religion, I still have virtues, mores, and ethics, akin to what most religious people supposedly aspire to, but always seem to fail at. I do not commit any “malum en se”, that I take as a slur against those that are non-religious, implying that without religion we are “bad”. I have seen and read many evil acts committed by “religious” people. I was raised Methodist, and learned that God would only forgive if you truly meant it and tried to be a better person. I still live by that, but without the God-fearing part. I always try to be as good as I am able, without the concern of God’s wrath as the “stick” to make me be a better person. I don’t believe in an “afterlife” and that “bad” people will be punished after they die. That concept just seems stupid to me. I believe that concept was taught to make those not able to do anything about their plight to feel better about it. Apparently it was well-received, since it is still taught today.

          We generally have similar beliefs, but on the religious aspect and morality of those that are non-religious, we clearly are of strongly discordant beliefs.

    12. You are making a mistake in not calling out Republicans also who are on board for these Unconstitutional Red Flag Laws including President Trump.

      Lindsey Graham is writing a Red Flag Bill as we speak. Marco Rubio has already submitted a bill. Rep Mike Dewine, Governor Of Ohio is writing one. Republicans have stabbed us in the back for decades on gun control, including the NRA but seem to be ignored through the gun community.

      Reagan stabbed us in the back with the Hughes Act. The Bush’s have with 43 on the Patriot Act. Trump already has with the Bump stock that has no evidence it was EVER USED IN A CRIME.

      Why are we ignoring the Republicans who continue pass anti-2nd Amendment laws? We need to call them out in the primaries and get rid of the cancer that we are ignoring.

    13. Common sense and logic is what is needed, but when dealing with people, or in this case a law, without common sense and logic, you cannot win. However, acting like a criminal, which is what the author is advocating, when you have a Constitution right to do anything is just plain wrong. Why should we be so afraid of what we have a right to dos that we no longer exercise our rights? Isn’t this giving in to the antis and doing just what they want? Don’t open carry around people who you are afraid to offend? Bullshit! The author is advocating “living in fear” and being politically correct instead of openly exercising your Constitutional rights. No thanks, it’s thinking like this that has resulting in the problems of the 2nd Amendment and appeasing anti-gunners is not the way to succeed. This is just more P.C. crap and further “pussification” of America by so-called experts who need to grow a pair.

    14. Some people might be inclined to make such false reports against any and all politicians who vote for those laws. But bearing false witness is a) a sin and b) in some jurisdictions a crime depending on the manner in which it is done.

      1. Robert, I am non-religious, so I can’t sin. Secondly, the many of ERPOs are written so that the person making the complaint will not suffer any penalties. Thirdly, if you are afraid of that person, it is a “legitimate” reason to make the accusation. I am afraid of what these politicians will do. If they are willing to strip us of our constitutional rights, criminalize is, and unduly punish innocent people, they deserve everything they will get in return. However, we know that the judges would never agree to red flag them.

        I also wonder what the police would do if they didn’t find any firearms in the accused person’s home or on their property. Would they then arrest the person for obstruction of justice?

        Not only has at least one innocent person been killed by police serving an ERPO, but police have been injured and killed when going to the wrong address serving a “No Knock” warrant. How many more will be injured and killed serving these unconstitutional orders? Antis never care about innocent lives, but they like to tell us that they do.

          1. Jonathan, WTF is that supposed to mean? I am an Atheist. I do not and will not ever say that – even in the “After life”, in which I also do not believe and is a childish concept to appease the masses that don’t get justice in real life.

    15. While some amount of discretion is probably a good idea, a big problem with the anti-gunners is their lack of knowledge and preconceived image of gun owners, some of which comes from the media. They picture all gun owners as uneducated, uncaring, crass bullies. Normalizing gun ownership will diffuse the anti-gun movement. When these folks become more educated and also realize that their educated, normal, caring friends are gun owners, they will be less inclined to blindly believe the rhetoric they hear or to demonize all gun owners. I have coworkers who have known me for many years who were anti-gunners (big time) until they realized I was one…and not just me but other friends and coworkers of theirs. It had never occurred to them before. Suddenly, it called into question their preconceived ideas. They’re thinking, well, he’s a really nice guy, smart, and a family man…This isn’t what I pictured at all! And when you can talk them into a trip to the gun range, sometimes you see a complete turnaround. So, yeah, be somewhat discrete, but instead of hiding in the shadows, everyone should be taking steps to normalize gun ownership, and it will take the anti-gunners’ power away from them.

    16. One thing was left out of this article: If any of your representatives, in any form of government, proposes or votes for any of these “Red Flag Laws” then be absolutely sure to oppose them and work towards getting them unelected in the very next election they stand for. If you can, work towards getting them recalled and removed from their office. Stand up and be counted!

      Phil in TX

    17. You could have saved some time on the keyboard by just posting

      “Where these laws are passed, the Constitutional tenant of “due process,” the sacred right of every citizen, is suddenly withheld from citizens who choose to own guns.

      Where red-flag laws are in force, an innocent American citizen can be severely punished, based on an arbitrary, unsubstantiated, anonymous whim, absent investigation, absent arrest, absent criminal accusation, absent conviction. Absent any opportunity to state his case, nor refute testimony against him, absent any professional mental-health evaluation, absent any species of “due process,” without any knowledge nor warning that his legally-owned guns are about to be forcibly confiscated, probably forever!

      When uncorroborated accusations against you prove baseless and wrong, even deliberately dishonest, under red-flag laws your false accuser suffers no penalty.”

      See? How much simpler would that have been and in the process you wouldn’t come across like a scared little sheep wanting to hide in your mommies basement because the boogie man is going to get you. I say carry a 500 S&W on your belt in public so that every one sees it. It starts all kinds of conversations. But hey…cowardice was never one of my virtues.Patrick Henry stated it pretty well, but I paraphrase…give me liberty or I’ll give you death. SOMEONE with a shiny badge comes to my residence to steal my property, SOMEONE better bring more then a body bag for me. DUE PROCESS is DUE PROCESS and these red flag laws are FAR from due process. I’m too old to start hiding in a hole because of crap laws these morons pass.

      Thanks Donnie. We appreciate your candor and lack of brains when it come to the subject of DUE PROCESS. (Referring to the Orange Fuehrer who is more of a gun control dork then even Obama was.)

      You can contact me if you like and I will help with editing your next rant.

    18. This reminds me of a cartoon I watched when I was a kid and bugs bunny was king. A part in the cartoon.
      Bugs and yosimity Sam are running for mayor in some town.
      Both have speaking booths and rallying supporters.
      Bugs ” I speak softly but I carry a big stick!” He looks like teddy roosevelt.
      Sam’s rebuttal “Well I speak LOUDLY and I carry a BIGGER stick , and I use it to.
      Sam takes off running after bugs and beats him with the stick.
      Now sticks have become “assault sticks” and a ban is coming.

    19. Theses thought patterns clearly signify the essence of the relentless attack and struggle to UPHOLD the Constitution of the United States of America. . The context of this article takes a position of run and hide and stay silent. BEHOLD. A back door attack on the 1st Amendment…..shhhhhh, silence please.
      Be afraid. Be very AFRAID and be SILENT.


      Some will, especially those who do not embrace their RIGHTS. Many a fallen paved a path. A path for law Abiding Americans to walk upright within…….Many are still speechless. The words written herein of this article are a testament of ignorance with an attitude of cowardice. Best to take a stand, or stand for nothing and then FALL.
      Your Father is watching you too.

      1. Amen to that! Thats all I could think when reading this arricle and I for one, am not of the “run and hide” attitude. I mean that is literally what carrying and owning a gun is about! I invest in training, ammunition, and weapons, not track shoes to outrun the problem! And besides, isn’t this article doing literally everything its advocating against, by simply posting this for the world and all the suspicious, evil, anonymous, everyones, looking day and night for any excuse to take our guns, in it to read? According to the articles logic, the article itself is an open invitation to be subjected to a red flag law, in and of itself, simply because its advocating and explaining how the writer feels is the best way to avoid an illegal red flag law violation. Ha, red flag law “violation”… theres an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one!

    20. Life – Liberty – and the pursuit of Happiness! Most assuredly NOT self imposed “2nd class citizen” status. Following those 10 “suggestions” one is surrendering their RIGHTS, altering their lifestyle, and actually acting as a criminal rather than a U.S.Citizen with due process and the protection of the law, and, in reality, ostracizing oneself from society. Being timid, surrendering one’s freedom of speech, hiding in the shadows, being fearful of a slip of the tongue or your name and address appearing on a mailing label, is NOT representative of a lawful US Citizen living their life nor practicing their RIGHTS. Sadly, that is just what the left would like us to do. I for one will “Live proud – live free” and long live the Republic.

      1. Police seize over a thousand guns, piles of ammunition from Los Angeles home
         MARK OSBORNE,ABC News 14 hours ago

        A man in Los Angeles’ posh Holmby Hills neighborhood was hiding a stash of weapons large enough to outfit an army. The Los Angeles Police Department busted Girard Damien Saenz, 57, with as many as 1,000 weapons piled up in his home. Authorities also found massive stockpiles of ammunition. Saenz, who was living in the home alone, was booked. Additional charges may be added later, including federal charges, authorities said. He is being held on $50,000 bond.

        “I had never seen so many weapons in my career of 31 years,” said LAPD Lt. Chris Ramirez. “That’s such a big arsenal in a residence like this, in this type of neighborhood. It’s astounding.” Holmby Hills is bordered by the Beverly Hills and Bel Air neighborhoods and is home to the late Aaron Spelling’s massive $85 million mansion and the Playboy Mansion.

        Authorities seized more than 1,000 firearms from a Southern California home after getting an ANONYMOUS TIP regarding weapons in a posh area of Los Angeles. Officials removed all of the guns — hundreds of rifles, semiautomatics, handguns and even antique Civil War-era guns — and piled them up outside the man’s home. Officials spent the entire afternoon cataloging the humongous stash of firearms. Ramirez called the cache of weapons “beyond comprehension” in a press conference Wednesday.

        It was just his collection! That LAPD goon would have a stroke at my ranch!

    21. Most of your “Between then and now, some advice:” points are reasonable, and will help you protect yourself, but most of them are also doomed in the long run.

      If people don’t know that normal (ish), rational people have guns, they will start to dislike “those people” (this is called “tribalism”). So, your strategy of hiding who you are is good for you right now, and terrible for you and everyone else (especially your children!) in the future.

      No, let people know you have guns, talk about them, and people will realize that “those people” are actually OK. Ergo, #10, don’t make enemies, is good advice.

      That being said, inviting a police officer into your house is just stupid regardless. Try not to talk about anything they don’t need to know when one is around.

      1. Red flag laws are dangerous, and violate our due process. Hopefully these will be challenged and make their way to the Supreme Court where they can be done away with. However, the article basically tells us to live like Hermits, which is exactly what the left wants.

        They want to force gun owners into not sharing our passion for the 2a, or to educate other, or to possibly win over more people that would help us in our fight for our rights.

        It’s a double-edged sword, being vocally open will of course draw attention from those who wish to silence us, but a right not exercised is a right denied.

        I will keep wearing my pro-gun shirts, and I will keep driving tens of thousands of miles per year with my pro-gun stickers on my vehicle, and I will keep pro-gun paraphernalia in my office at work. I will not be forced into hiding.

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