Bernie Sanders has a Recently Bad Record on Gun Rights

Democrat Bernie Sanders Protests the NRA while Surrounded by Armed Guards
Democrat Bernie Sanders Protests the NRA while Surrounded by Armed Guards

Vermont/United States – -( Bernard Sanders has occupied a position on the left-wing fringe of American politics for over 30 years. However, he was, at times, a friend to those who lawfully and responsibly exercise their Second Amendment rights. That has changed, and Bernie has gone from a Second Amendment bro to just another extreme anti-Second Amendment zero.

Through the first half of the 1990s, Sanders actually stood with law-abiding gun owners for the most part. He opposed the Brady Act in 1993, and also backed instant background checks over waiting periods. He supported mandatory minimum sentences for the misuse of firearms in the commission of crimes. But on the same token, he not only backed the 1994 ban on modern multi-purpose semi-automatic firearms, he refused to support a 1996 repeal effort.

Perhaps nothing displayed his hot-and-cold attitude towards law-abiding gun owners more than his handling of the 1999 effort to effectively kill gun shows. He backed the 72-hour wait favored by Bill Clinton, opposed the NRA’s 24-hour alternative, then voted to kill the bill after the NRA’s alternative passed.

What do we make of this? When you look at the roll call on the final passage of the gun show bill in the House, the 280 “No” votes came from both strong Second Amendment supporters like Ron Paul, and anti-Second Amendment extremists like Carolyn McCarthy.

Sanders voted “No,” but was it because he decided the bill didn’t do enough to destroy gun shows?

In one sense, it doesn’t matter, since for Second Amendment supporters, no bill emerging out of Congress for Bill Clinton’s signature was the best outcome in the wake of the shooting at Columbine High School. I should add that it was one that was achieved via brilliant tactics and strategy on the part of NRA’s leadership.

Sanders would support the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act in both 2003 and 2005, as well as other minor measures, but he was turning away from law-abiding gun owners. He voted against concealed carry reciprocity multiple times. He supported “universal” background checks and again backed a ban on modern multi-purpose semi-automatic firearms.

For his 2016 presidential run, he completed his turn against Second Amendment supporters to suit his presidential ambitions. These days, his positions are indistinguishable from all but the most extreme of the anti-Second Amendment extremists. It’s a sad state – and while he denounces the NRA as being a “right wing” group, he was the one who started turning away from the millions of law-abiding gun owners who the NRA spoke for.

Like Kirsten Gillibrand and Bob Casey, Sanders himself is to blame for souring the relationship with law-abiding gun owners by betraying them for praise form the media. The NRA has long stood with pro-Second Amendment incumbents, often to the anger of members who supported primary challengers who were also pro-Second Amendment.

Sanders also has supported all sorts of restrictions on political advocacy via campaign finance reform. This is bad for a number of reasons that we have discussed here at Ammoland. I’ll put it bluntly: We rely on our First Amendment rights to defend our Second Amendment rights, and efforts to muzzle Second Amendment supporters should be scored the way a vote on banning guns should be scored.

Many have complained the NRA has become a partisan organization. However, the sagas of Bernie Sanders, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Bob Casey make it clear that the NRA may have been reacting to a series of betrayals – and that maybe if Democrats want NRA support, perhaps they should be voting against the anti-Second Amendment agenda of Michael Bloomberg and his fellow extremists.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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I think this just proves Bernie is in reality just another $%^#@ politician. He was pro-Second Amendment until enough anti-gun liberals retired or otherwise moved to Vermont. Then he either showed his true colors or, more, likely just modified his stand to get the votes of the former Massachusetts, NYC, New Jersey, and general northeastern libs.


Why does anyone care, much less write about, a Communist’s position on guns?

Wild Bill

@Joey, Practice! Libtard, retard, petard. There, I think that about does it.


Why does anyone care what Berne Sander’ position is on guns? He’s a Communist, fuck him.


DrWaner; So true, WildBill/Tomcat; It is no wonder spelling gets crossed up with all of the moderating that is done on my posts, To Cliffalling I’m not perfect and never said I was, get a real life Fnck Off, see if you can figure that out!!!!!!!!!

Wild Bill

@willyd, Not to worry. It took me until sixth grade to learn to spell my own last name! As to Cliffathing, I think he is more dingaling.


Guns are only worthy of the big important decision makers, you know, the ones that steal your hard earned money to make more for themselves….. Sounds a lot like the mafia… Get ready Amerika, when they can’t extort any money outta you, they’ll just put you on the payroll… Freedom ain’t free, but free stuff is everywhere, mostly yours. You didn’t build that, you just worked your whole life to give it to a baby killing, gun confiscating, socialist fascist wannabe…. God help us, and God let them be…… Gone

Timothy Votaw

Gone in the first wave…

Wild Bill

@TV, I hope that the DNC cheats him again. If they do cheat him, Bernie will be too old for a third try. Maybe his retirement hobby would be sabotaging the DNC.


Bernie is nothing more than a “COMMIE RAT BASTARD!” just like the rest of the politicians.

Wild Bill

@Hoss, No normal person wants to give up their good life, home and family to go to Washington, District of Corruption and serve their fellow Americansm virtuously and honestly. So only the scheming “COMMIE RAT BASTARDS” are left to be politicians.

Austin Miller III

@Wild Bill, unfortunately, that is exactly the problem. Who, in their right mind would volunteer to immerse themselves in such a vile, corrupt and obviously broken system? Only the ones we wouldn’t want to have in the first place. Really was hoping that our president would be able to clean some of that up so people with integrity would consider getting involved but so far I don’t see much change. We can walk away from most broken organizations (think NRA here) and find an alternative but when it is our government that is a different problem. We read it everywhere… Read more »


Senator Sanders being the loyal comrade that he is will say and do any thing to disarm the people. Being a fellow traveler, like his Uncle Joe Stalin, the state has to maintain total control of the population. Senator Sanders is loyal only to the Socialist ideal. Hopefully comrade Sanders will be confined to Vermont until he’s no longer a threat to the Republic. Best wishes for the good Senators early retirement.


Two words:

James Hodgkinson.

Michael J

Politicians think they need armed guards to protect themselves because they cannot remember who they lied to.


Socialist Sanders should be in a home drooling in a cup and wondering why the kids don’t visit. Maybe after he looses again he will retire. Hopefully, he will retire to a workers paradise such as Cuba. He gets out of line there, they will just take his teeth away from him. And no sponge baths. Just soaking up the Cuban rays in 100-degree heat swatting at flies with his copy of the Daily Worker. Oh yeah, No cataract surgery for Bernie, not covered under the universal health care for Cuba.

Tad Pole

If my Gun was Dangerous or Racists as everybody Claims there would be No Anti-Gun Politicians.
I am a Proud US Citizen and a Gun Owner. The biggest Enemy I See is the Demonrat’s who want to take My Guns, Free Speech and give FREE everything to Illegals. Nothing is Free, someone or something somewhere is Paying The Bill.


Molon labe: So true about for going armed protection, this is another great for Me and Screw You Politician kike almost all Demo-Rats!!!!!!!!


@willyd. Complete sentences tend to help. Ethnic slurs don’t tend to help.
I’m not sure if anyone ever said “A small mind is a terrible thing to waste.”
Enjoy your Heffalump and Woozle hunting.

Wild Bill

@Terd, that was no ethnic slur it was a misspelling, but if it were a slur that is his choice, not yours.


@ Wild Bill
This cliff has a habit of jumping on people without provocation. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone was as perfect as he thinks he is.


This guy is a marxist snowflake POG just like the rest of the imbecilic leftists! I bet his tummy hurts now!


Idiot! Typical Libtard tactic. Distort fact to prove a farcical view. Reread post and admit that term used was lazy finger syndrome and NOT a slur, you moron.


To defeat your enemy, you must understand them. What the keyboard commandos out there don’t seem to understand is that those who oppose our innate rights will take anything/everything you say or write and use it against you. Yes, people make mistakes, but when to don’t check your grammer, spelling, etc.; when you make threats of violence against others, you give the enemy the ammunition they need to win the fight. You “prove” to them that yes, you are in fact the violent, uneducated ” deplorable” they thought you were. Do any of you really think that these folks will… Read more »

Herb Usilton

I did not ever vote for this commie he is a do nothing dictator want to be

Molon labe

The law should be that any politician that opposes 2A, also foregos armed protection forever. What’s good for us, is good for them as well.

Francis Johnson

Well, technically, since politicians take the oath to support, and defend the Constitution. Once they break that oath, they have effectively quit their job. We the people need to hold the communist democrat, and rino pogues accountable!

Dan Fryling

This worthless putz has been sucking the life out of Vermont for decades.

Douglas Kuykendall

And they keep voting him back in

Charles smith

Yeah, a steady diet of weed will do that to you!

Green Mtn. Boy

On guns, Sanders said .”assault weapons are “weapons from the military” that should not be legal to purchase.” Ah the Burnmeister being disingenuous ,nothing new for the Marxist. Assault weapons those with the capability of full automatic fire,are very heavily regulated since 1934 NFA ,when the government violated the 2 nd. amendment as they were expressly forbidden from doing. What the Burnmeister is referring to is every day semi automatics which make up the majority of small arms in the U S today,be they handguns,rifles or shotguns. Perhaps in the cause of freedom and liberty in the republic it would… Read more »


Are there anymore patriots in Vermont than you? It seems inconceivable that intelligent people would keep voting for him, or is it the theory that if you do the same thing over and over there will be different results.


Look at commiefornia, soon not to be my residence, continually votes in pelosi, waters, et, al. This state is full of illegals and village idiots. It once was a pretty decent state, once!


Politicians who want to ban guns intend to do things that would get them shot, guaranteed.


Communists are not “left wing fringe” Harold but nice try. The old piece of filth is a hard Corp communist and whacko radical since his early days. Fucking “left wing fringe” my ass.
Why are you giving this scum press when they should be zipping him up in a plastic sack?

Clark Kent

I thought YOU were already zipped up in a plastic sack, considering you are brain dead….


Such a great judge of character in a short amount of time.